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Chapter 833 - Control

“Even if it’s sound, it’ll also depend on if you have the materials to make it.” Ye Xiu said.

“We’ll have enough.” Lou Guanning was quite confident. In the Heavenly Domain, their wild boss hunting was becoming more and more prosperous each day. They had a stable harvest. In the normal servers, Guild Heavenly Justice had established their power a long time ago throughout all ten servers, so their competitiveness was high. What’s more, there may only be one Heavenly Domain, but there were ten normal servers. Even though wild bosses refreshed every week, the total output from the normal servers was ten times greater than that of the Heavenly Domain. In terms of the number of accumulated materials, there were much more normal server materials than Heavenly Domain materials.

Guild Heavenly Justice wasn’t founded just on a whim. They had started accumulating materials in the normal servers early on. If God Ye Qiu had a mature concept in mind, there wouldn’t be an unnecessary consumption of materials. Producing a piece of Silver equipment at such a low price was no different from a pie dropping from the heavens.

“Okay then. I’ll help take a look for you guys. If you have enough materials, my side needs materials too. Help us out too!” Ye Xiu said.

“That’s not a problem!” Lou Guanning happily replied. This trade wouldn’t be a bottomless pit. If they could create a piece of Silver equipment in one attempt, that sort of capital was nothing for a guild like theirs. Ye Xiu had to work on his Myriad Manifestations Umbrella alone, which was why it had been so difficult. If it had been a Club, with already completed blueprints, producing it would only take a few minutes.

After Lou Guanning reached an agreement with Ye Xiu, he bid goodbye in high spirits. He once again experienced the advantages of being on good terms with God Ye Qiu. This wasn’t something money could do for him. If he could get it with money, Lou Guanning also hoped that his side would have such an all-around talent.

Ye Xiu once again borrowed equipment from Heavenly Justice and distributed them to everyone. Everyone had the same equipment that they had last week. Following afterwards, they would need to start getting used to their new equipment.

That night went by quietly. The next day, they did some adjustment practice before the match. Team Happy would now be officially starting their fourth match, so Ye Xiu no longer needed to walk everyone through the practice routine by the hand. Everyone had already grasped the routine and would finish it every day on their own accord.

Eight o’clock that night, the second round of their second match officially began. For this round, Team Happy would have their home game. Thus, the maps would be chosen by Team Happy.

In Team Everlasting’s practice room, their boss personally showed up to supervise the match. Everyone had solemn expressions. After the end of the previous round, Team Everlasting’s boss had given a bottomline to the players: if Team Everlasting was eliminated in the second round, the team would have difficulty surviving.

After all, Team Everlasting wasn’t just some grassroots team formed by normal players. In those grassroot teams, it was just a bunch of good friends getting together to have some fun. Pay didn’t need to be considered, but for Team Everlasting, apart from the players, the Club also had other employees. The wages for these employees as well as the bills for electricity, water, etc. wasn’t a small expenditure. Despite Team Excellent Era residing in the Challenger League and their hopes of breaking through to the pro scene was miniscule, as long as they could hold on until the offline matches, they would be able to survive the entire season.

Once the offline competition started, the Challenger League matches would be streamed, and there would be advertisements and sponsors for the matches. The participating teams would earn a portion of that money. Even though it wasn’t nearly as profitable as the Pro League, with the help of this revenue, Team Everlasting could still survive the season. As for those grassroot teams, if they could actually reach this stage, it could be considered as a fair amount of money.

As the offline matches continued and teams began to get eliminated, the bonuses would continue to increase. For Team Everlasting, which had come from the pro scene, even if they couldn’t beat the final boss, Team Excellent Era, they thought that as long as they didn’t meat Team Excellent Era or any other former pro team in the early rounds, they would easily be able to walk into that elimination stage. But now, they were only at the second round and they were close to being eliminated. It was way too early. Team Everlasting’s boss didn’t have the money to support the team for another season without any revenue.

Team Everlasting’s boss notified the team about this matter. The current Team Everlasting had a mindset of desperately fighting for survival. With a life and death crisis approaching, every player practiced extremely diligently. This week, their practice quality was very high. After a final period of adjustment before this match, the moment that would decide their fate had finally arrived.

How would Team Happy arrange their line up? What maps would they choose?

Team Everlasting studied Team Happy day and night. Each player in Team Happy was studied carefully and repeatedly. They formulated their strategy according to the strengths of these players and their guesses towards Team Happy’s line-up.

The preparation phase of the match began. For this time’s life and death battle, there were actually fewer spectators than before. The vast majority of the crowd this time consisted of actual Team Everlasting fans who wanted to cheer for their team in this crucial moment. As for those waiting to watch Team Happy burn, coming to this match didn’t make much sense. With an 8.5 to 1 lead, was a comeback going to be so easy? With the face slappers not coming, those with a slight interest in Team Happy wouldn’t come either. Most of those who came to watch Team Happy were there to watch the face slappers choke and laugh at them. If the face slappers weren’t coming, they weren’t going to come either. As for the others, the point difference was too wide, so they were too lazy to come out and watch too. This once again proved how the current tournament format could potentially kill the suspense of a match too early, reducing the next round to be of little interest.

The only ones who wouldn’t think in this way would be the two participating teams and Team Everlasting’s fans.

In the preparation phase, Team Everlasting’s fans tried their hardest to support their team. Chen Guo was very easily absorbed into this type of mentality and accidentally started to sympathize with these fans. Team Everlasting would certainly be defeated by them. There would be no miracle. Chen Guo was incomparably confident about this point.

In the preparation stage, the two sides arranged their lineups and the home side chose the maps. After everything was finished, the match officially began.

When the map was announced for the first match of the individual competition, Team Everlasting’s side suddenly exploded into an uproar.

Map: Ring.

Yes, Ring. In the game’s Arena, it was the most commonly used map, but in the pro scene, very few chose this map.

This map was very simple and made matters easier, but it could be considered as a huge waste of the home game advantage. The home game advantage came from the maps. Choosing a map that the team was familiar with and often practiced in would strengthen a team, but Ring? It was a flat rectangular platform without any sort of terrain.

Choosing this map was equivalent to throwing away their home game advantage. This choice left Team Everlasting perplexed, but the match had already started. The starting players leapt into the competitor position. Team Happy - Steamed Bun Invasion. Team Everlasting, Dawn Rifle.

The first players to go on stage were the same tow as in the first round. However, in the first round, Team Everlasting had wanted to show the other side their might. However, in the second round, their thoughts were now that they could not lose. They had to win this point no matter what.

As a result, Team Everlasting’s captain Wu Chen, their most reliable player with three years of professional experience, once again came out.

Dawn Rifle stood on the competitor spot. Wu Chen sucked in a deep breath of air and watched the clock countdown: 3, 2, 1. Start!  


As soon as the match loaded in, Wu Chen attacked. The Ring was a small map without anywhere to hide. The cannon on Dawn Rifle’s shoulder boomed and an artillery shell flew towards Steamed Bun Invasion.

Wu Chen did not underestimate Steamed Bun Invasion. Even though he won the first round against him with ease, winning because of such a strange reason made him puzzled. From the other data on Steamed Bun Invasion, as well as from their team competition, Steamed Bun Invasion didn’t seem to be a stupid player!

All out!

The current Wu Chen completely forgot about Steamed Bun Invasion’s embarrassing performance in the first round and only thought about defeating his opponent.

Steamed Bun responded nimbly. Attacking him from such a distance wouldn’t pose a threat to him. Steamed Bun Invasion twisted and dodged past the artillery shell. That was just the overture though. Wu Chen’s following attacks continued to arrive. On a simple map like the Ring, even Steamed Bun wouldn’t get lost. While dodging these attacks, Steamed Bun Invasion gradually grew closer to Dawn Rifle.

In a fight against a long-ranged class like a Launcher, the health on both sides would rarely closely follow the other. While the distance between them was far, the Launcher could continuously suppress and deal damage to the opponent, but as soon as the opponent successfully closed in, a large chunk of the Launcher’s health would usually instantly disappear.

The health of the two characters would often fall through these trades. The final victory depended on which side made the most of their situation when they held the dominant position. Apart from technical skill and decision-making, a certain level of calculating prowess was needed. For someone like Steamed Bun, that wouldn’t be easy. In an even playing field, Steamed Bun Invasion eventually fell in the end after a few exchanges.

Steamed Bun’s technical skill was no worse than Wu Chen’s. His loss could mainly be attributed to his lack of control over the situation. The health on the two sides continued to drop through their exchanges, but Wu Chen actually had a grasp on the pace of it. Steamed Bun was just charging in recklessly and missed many opportunities.

“Oh oh oh oh!!!” With the first round of the individual competition won, the Team Everlasting fans among the crowd surged. Even in Team Everlasting’s practice room, everyone had smiles on their faces. Even though winning one point didn’t make much of an impact on their overall situation, a good beginning made them feel like luck may be in their favor.

The second round. Map - Indigo Temple. Team Happy - Windward Formation.

When they saw this name, Team Everlasting’s heart jumped. Everyone looked at their chosen player and their expressions became very complicated.

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