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Chapter 832 - The Alliance in Chaos

Chen Guo obviously wouldn’t get any local papers that reported on Team Blue Rain, so she only had an issue of the Esports Home. As for City H, the local papers would report eSports and even Glory news, but Chen Guo was too lazy to go out and buy them. Even if she bought them, she would be too lazy to read them.

It was similar to how the local papers for Team Blue Rain would just be praising the team. In City H, the local papers would just be praising Team Excellent Era instead.

Once Team Excellent Era was relegated last season, the team practically stopped being covered by national papers, but in the City H local papers, Team Excellent Era would always be talked about in the eSports section. Team Excellent Era was described with having an air of suffering patiently, but still firmly set on getting their revenge.

Chen Guo had initially thought about how Team Happy was a City H team too. Would Team Happy be covered by the local media?

During their period of infamy, Chen Guo had bought a City H evening paper. When she skimmed over it, Team Happy had been introduced, but they were treated like a joke and a disgrace…...

In the eyes of the City H local papers, Team Excellent Era was City H’s flag in Glory. You’re just some upstart Internet cafe team and you claim that you’re going to topple Team Excellent Era? To them, Team Happy was a traitor within their ranks.

Chen Guo had been furious at the time. She threw it into the trash can. From then on, she refused to buy any local evening papers and would only look at unbiased news sources that didn’t discriminate against any team.

In this week’s issue, Chen Guo didn’t see any content related to Team Happy, making her somewhat disappointed. As for all the hype in the pro scene, Chen Guo wasn’t as passionate about it anymore now that she no longer supported a pro team. From time to time, she would dream about Team Happy reaching the pro scene and becoming a part of the wind and rain covered in the news. She couldn’t help but feel moved during those moments.

“What? We have to wait for next week’s issue?” With no news related to them, Chen Guo threw this week’s issue onto the table.

“Tot put it more precisely, it would be the next next issue. The Friday issue comes out before our match.” Ye Xiu corrected Chen Guo, while grabbing the newspaper off the table.

“F*ck, let me see.” Wei Chen wanted to see it too, but he was farther away. When he reached over, Ye Xiu had already snatched it up, so he glared at Ye Xiu disapprovingly.

Ye Xiu didn’t look at him. He took a page out and gave it to Wei Chen. Wei Chen looked over it and threw it back: “F*ck, this senior doesn’t watch Interstellar Journey!”

Interstellar Journey was currently the most popular RTS game around. It also had a pro scene, but it wasn’t nearly as popular as Glory. It did have a fair amount of fans though, so the eSports section also did some coverage it. Ye Xiu had given Wei Chen a non-Glory page. Other eSport games like Fighting God, Interstellar Journey, etc. were squeezed onto this page. Everything Wei Chen didn’t want to see was on there.

“Ah, Interstellar Journey! I can play that. Let me see!” Steamed Bun Invasion happily picked up the page that Wei Chen had thrown away as if it were trash. This guy had played many different games before. Tang Rou was new to gaming. She only knew how to play Glory. It could be said that his talent partially stemmed from his experience from all the other games he had played. It looked like Interstellar Journey was one such game.

“It seems like this season’s quite chaotic!” Ye Xiu skimmed over the news and then flipped to page with the Glory Alliance point rankings.

Only three matches had been played, so the relative ranking between the teams weren’t too different from before, but because a total of ten points could be obtained for each match, after three rounds, the difference in points between each grouping was quite obvious. 

The powerhouses were still as strong as ever. Team Samsara and Team Blue Rain continued their outstanding performance from the previous, and because of the Four Heavenly Kings of Team Tyranny, their dominating strength placed them at the very front of the point rankings. Apart from these three teams, Team Wind Howl had also managed to start off strong. Tang Hao’s addition to the team, as well, the rookie Zhao Yuzhe’s steady performance, and their old guard Fang Rui’s dirtiness made Team Wind Howl appear very strong. Compared to the other big names in the leading group, it was their first in the history of the team.

After them, Team Tiny Herb, Team Misty Rain, and Team Void had good records too, but they weren’t as outstanding as the aforementioned teams.

The others were in the middle or were pacing back and forth between relegations. The one team that made people the most conflicted was Team Hundred Blossoms.

After three rounds, Team Hundred Blossom’s Dual Blossoms had returned, but their performance disgraced the name of the original Dual Blossoms that had consisted of Zhang Jiale and Sun Zheping.

Yu Feng wasn’t in form with his new Berserker, Falling Scattered Flowers.

After Dazzling Hundred Blossoms was sold, Zou Yuan obtained a new Spitfire character: Blooming Blossoms. As the core of the team, Team Hundred Blossoms easily created a new set of powerful equipment for it, similar to how Team Blue Rain equipped Flowing Cloud. Blooming Blossoms’ strength wasn’t weak, but Zou Yuan still hadn’t left his slump from last season. This was quite disappointing for many fans of Team Hundred Blossoms. 

Team Hundred Blossoms was currently in 17th place. They were just two steps away from entering the relegation zone. A three-time championship contender to have declined to such a state was way too sorrowful. No one knew if Team Hundred Blossoms would be able to get back up from this.

“Okay, it’s time for practice.” Ye Xiu only cared about the final point rankings reported on the paper and then put the paper aside.

But Chen Guo knew very well that it wasn’t that Ye Xiu didn’t care. It was just that the analysis done by the author wasn’t any use to him. After leaving Team Excellent Era last year, Ye Xiu practically watched every single match that was played in the Pro League and even organized them all into a file. The new season was the same. Early in the morning last Sunday, Chen Guo had gone to get a drink of water, when she noticed Ye Xiu sitting in front of the computer, quietly watching the third round of matches that had just finished Saturday night.

Ye Xiu wasn’t currently in the pro scene, but Chen Guo was certain that he still knew the pro scene inside and out like before.  

Everyone on Team Happy needed to practice everyday. This week’s practice was more specialized than it had been  the past few weeks. With an 8.5 to 1 lead, Team Happy still didn’t dare to be negligent. Having direct experience fighting with Team Everlasting, Ye Xiu organized more focused practice this week. This week, they would be facing Team Everlasting with a home field advantage. Ye Xiu wasn’t planning on setting their goal at just winning two points.

With a huge 8.5 to 1 lead, you could say that you wouldn’t be careless, but subconsciously, it was hard to completely rid yourself of those thoughts. In this situation, if you set your goal at only winning two points, you might indulge yourself in laziness. In a single-elimination tournament, there was no room for negligence.

Three days soon passed. In the blink of an eye, Thursday came. Ye Xiu asked Team Heavenly Swords to borrow their equipment temporarily.

“God….. I don’t think we can keep doing this.” Lou Guanning lent the equipment to Ye Xiu, but he couldn’t help but voice his complaint.

After all, Team Heavenly Swords was still participating in the Pro League too. Lending equipment in this way would certainly affect them too. Once or twice didn’t matter too much. In any case, Team Heavenly Swords didn’t have any ambitious goals for this season, but doing this repeatedly would only magnify the effects. 

Team Happy played in the Challenger League every Friday, so they borrowed the equipment on Thursday to get used to the equipment, but by taking these equipment away, Team Heavenly Swords lost two days of practice. Team Heavenly Swords had their match on Saturday too. Even if the equipment was returned on Friday, they only had half of Saturday left to get their practice in. Before a match, no team would conduct any intense practice. Adjusting their mind set was what was more important. Two days of practice without equipment would add up and impact Team Heavenly Sword’s practice.

Lou Guanning was certain that God understood this reasoning, so he didn’t think God would be so indiscreet, but Ye Xiu borrowed the equipment so naturally and calmly. Lou Guanning couldn’t help but complain, hoping to remind him.

“Mm, I know. It’s just because of special circumstances this time. If not, we wouldn’t have inconvenienced you. We have to do our best to get our own equipment too!” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh? God, you have ideas for Silver equipment?” Lou Guanning was suddenly interested. This was an important resource! For a new team like Team Heavenly Swords, they lacked this resource. They had to start their research on Silver equipment from scratch. Their wastage of rare materials was very large. If there was a reliable method to produce Silver equipment and create one in a single try, then he would naturally be interested in it.

Lou Guanning knew that no one would give him this sort of information without good reason. He had tried trading with Clubs before, but which Club would easily sell this information? If they had to sell, they would just sell equipment. Unless they could no longer keep the team operating, no one would even think about selling their creation methods. Lou Guanning had gone full circle, but was only able to purchase either the outdated or unnecessary equipment from other teams. He obviously hoped to have a reliable long-term method. As soon as he heard that God had this kind of resource, his eyes lit up.  

“I have a few ideas, but I’m still in the process of organizing my thoughts.” Ye Xiu replied.

Lou Guanning was excited: “Then…… are there any suitable ideas for us to use?”

“That…… I’ll have to think about that in the future. Right now, I’m mainly focusing on our team’s current classes.” Ye Xiu said.

“Please God! If there’s anything suitable for us, please come to us. The price will be easy to negotiate.” Lou Guanning said. He had the money, but the problem was that no one was willing to sell! If the other side didn’t want to sell, but you insisted on buying, then the price would just be raised sky high. No matter how rich Lou Guanning was, he didn’t want to spend so much money without good returns. A character could equip a total of thirteen pieces of equipment, including the weapon. If he had to throw away his money for everything, his pocket wouldn’t be able to take it.

As a result, Lou Guanning first bought twenty pieces of equipment. The rest would depend on the situation. As soon as he heard that this God, who he had a very good relationship with, might be creating equipment, of course Lou Guanning would be excited.

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