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Chapter 825 - City H News Station

Happy won!

This match didn’t receive an incredible amount of attention, but it didn’t receive too little either. But in any case, it was the one match that the media did notice.

After all, one side was currently the talk of the town, while the other side was a former pro team. The strength of both sides was noteworthy. No matter how famous Team Excellent Era was, just fighting against normal players wouldn’t receive much attention.

In the match between Team Happy and Team Everlasting, if Team Everlasting had won, the news reports might have simply written over it with a single stroke, but with Team Happy winning 8.5 to 1, that was certainly something worth writing about.

Esports Home, the most reputable eSports media platform. Glory was currently the most popular eSport right now, so news on Glory would undoubtedly be their most important focus. Eighty percent of their paper, which released twice a week, consisted of Glory related news. Every city with a major Glory team had an eSports news station. A few top teams even had their own special reporters that followed the teams around, establishing a good relationship between them to be that team’s sole interviewer.

City H was Team Excellent Era’s home city. It could even be said that the news station located there was their oldest one. It was also where the first sole interviewer for a team came, but as Team Excellent Era gradually declined, the City H news station declined as well. It had only been busy last season because of Team Excellent Era’s miraculously disgusting record, which had become such a good topic to report on. After being busy all of last season, City H’s Esports Home news station discovered that it was as if they had overdosed.

Because Team Excellent Era had actually been relegated!

That was admittedly a huge topic, but after reporting it, even for a powerhouse like Team Excellent Era, a relegated team wouldn’t receive much attention in a paper dedicated to the Pro League.  

City H’s news station would become marginalized into an awkward spot.

During the summer, when the various teams were trading players and equipment, the Esports Home also prepared for the new season. 

The first step was to adjust the number of employees at City H’s news station.

City H only had Team Excellent Era. After being relegated, it wasn’t necessary for so many dedicated employees to be there. As a result, the employees of City H’s news station were sent out to different areas. Didn’t the Alliance have newly added teams too?

In the end, only two people remained in City H’s news station. If it wasn’t because they were certain that Team Excellent Era would return to the Alliance and their purchase of Xiao Shiqin and Life Extinguisher, City H’s news station might have even closed down.

Leaving just two employees couldn’t be considered much. They were just there to be prepared when the time came. The end of the Challenger League would have some topics to report about. With Team Excellent Era this year, there would be more to talk about than usual, but for the reporters, they had been with Team Excellent Era when they reigned over the Glory scene and were even familiar with the big names of the various teams. Now, they had suddenly dropped to such a position, where they needed to follow the Challenger League. They didn’t feel any better than those relegated players.

Cao Guangcheng was currently responsible for City H’s Esports Home news station. He was also formerly the interviewer who followed Team Excellent Era. During Team Excellent Era’s reign, he had undoubtedly been Esports Home’s most famous reporter. Every year, he would have who knew how many lead stories on the front page.

But in the blink of an eye, he had become a phoenix without feathers. With Team Excellent Era relegated, a famous reporter like him also fell to an awkward spot. He could also do work with other teams, but as the team’s reporter, his network couldn’t be ignored. All of Cao Guangcheng’s relationships lay in Team Excellent Era. If he ran to another team, he might not be able to outcompete his fellow reporters. Cao Guangcheng knew that many were already laughing at him behind his back! After all, there would be no lack of people who had been jealous of his fame for so many years.

In the annual summer Esports Home conference, Cao Guangcheng had heard quite a few insidious greetings, but he could only hold back his anger! The current powerhouses already had their own established team reporters. If he switched teams, he would be sent to a new team. A team with the goal of not getting relegated could only have so much to talk about. When the time came, that team might even get relegated and he would once again fall with them. The cycle would continue and he might never be able to return to his former glory.   

Cao Guangcheng had a good understanding of his situation, so when Team Excellent Era was relegated, he didn’t hurry to find another path. After all, this was still Team Excellent Era! Their relegation was considered a miracle. No one doubted that Team Excellent Era would return to the pro scene next year. Moreover, even after being relegated, the team was able to trade for Xiao Shiqin and Life Extinguisher. Such a trade was rarely seen during the summer transfer window.

Cao Guangheng stayed, waiting to return to the Alliance together with Team Excellent Era. However, for this season, his days would be unfortunately leisurely.

Speaking of which, when he was usually busy and had to stay up to finish his report, he would always curse his profession for being so exhausting. Now that he was suddenly idle, he was reminiscing about those busy days. He missed those days so much that he was even losing sleep…...

He had time to sleep, but he couldn’t sleep. Cao Guangcheng felt a little depressed towards this lifestyle that he led.

Saturday morning.

Cao Guangcheng opened his eyes. He looked at the time and subconsciously began wondering if today was Team Excellent Era’s home or away match. After realizing what he was doing, he laughed bitterly. The third round of the Pro League was about to start. He still wasn’t used to Team Excellent Era not being in the Alliance. He didn’t need to follow their team!

Helpless, Cao Guangcheng got up and left his bedroom to go to the bathroom.  

Their news station was really just them living in City H and being closeby to interview the team on a moment’s notice. The company would provide the reporters with an apartment. Their everyday life consisted of going over to interview the team and then writing a draft. They didn’t need to a specific office location. If you insisted on it, then his his bedroom and living room could be considered his workplace.

When Cao Guangcheng went out of his bedroom, he passed by the living room and saw the other person, Chang Xian, staying in City H with him. He was currently on his laptop, busy typing.

Compared to Cao Guangcheng requesting to stay, Chang Xian had been told to stay. This young man was a new graduate last year. After being hired by Esports Home, he was directly sent to City H’s news station, a location with many Glory fans. Unfortunately, City H’s Team Excellent Era had been relegated and he was set aside as a new hire. This summer, headquarters didn’t change their mind, and he stayed there with Cao Guangcheng. However, Chang Xian didn’t have as many thoughts as Cao Guangcheng. He readily prepared for work with youthful energy. He looked as if he were going to write a long report on the Challenger League. To Cao Guangcheng, it was quite funny.

Challenger League? What’s there to write about?

Cao Guangcheng, who had written news stories on four finals, had trouble lowering himself to following the Challenger League. Because of this he was quite thankful for having a young guy like Chang Xian. He at least had a partner!

Seeing Chang Xian busily working early in the morning, Cao Guangcheng couldn’t help but be curious about what this fellow was writing so busily about. Didn’t a round of the Challenger League just finish yesterday?

Before he could get closer, Chang Xian saw him from the reflection of his monitor and hastily got up to give him a greeting: “Morning, brother Cao! You’re up!”

“Mm, what are you up to?” Cao Guangcheng had noticed that Chang Xian had quite a few web pages opened up as if he were organizing something.

“Oh! Last night in the Challenger League, Team Happy beat Team Everlasting!” Chang Xian excitedly said.

He hasn’t seen the world yet!

Cao Guangcheng muttered to himself,  but calmly said: “Really?”

“Brother Cao, don’t you think we should interview Happy? From what I’ve heard, Ye Qiu should be a part of Team Happy, right?” Chang Xian said.

Cao Guangcheng smiled. This brother knows a hundred times more than you about that. I obviously know that Ye Qiu is in Team Happy, but you asking for an interview was a joke. Who was that? Ye Qiu! In the entire Glory scene, he was the media’s number one enemy! He was the only public figure in the Alliance with special privileges. No one in the media could reach him even if they wanted to.

Cao Guangcheng was Team Excellent Era’s reporter, but he had only been able to get an interview with the captain three times!

Three times!

Cao Guangcheng had been with Team Excellent for eight years, yet he had only been able to get a total of three interviews across those eight years. Another team reporter might meet their team’s captain more than that every week. Even more depressing was that those three interviews had been through f*cking QQ…...

Yes, up until now, Cao Guangcheng had never even seen Ye Qiu in person. It was something he had always felt depressed about.

Thinking of this, Cao Guangcheng felt grief and indignation again. Seeing Chang Xian in high spirits, Cao Guangcheng felt like he needed to show this young guy how deep the waters were in this industry. Young people nowadays thought that interviewing Zhou Zekai was difficult! F*ck. Have you guys ever followed the team eight years, never seen the team’s ace player in person, and only got three interviews with him on QQ?

“Little Chang, that’s a good news point. Team Happy is a popular team right now. We can trail them. Let’s go. I’m optimistic about your future!” Cao Guangcheng said.

“Yay!” Chang Xian immediately began packing up his equipment. After packing up, he turned his head to say: “Brother Cao, you’re not going?”

“Oh, I won’t go. You should try going by yourself. Train your ability to work independently! If Team Happy is actually able to go through the entire way, won’t they be your resource? You have to grab onto them well!” Cao Guangcheng said.

“Okay. Then I’ll be heading out, brother Cao.” Chang Xian called out.

“Be careful! I’ll be waiting for your draft!” Cao Guangcheng said.

“Okay!” Chang Xian nodded his head enthusiastically.

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