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Chapter 820 - They’re Actually in the Lead?

The Team Competition between Team Happy and Team Everlasting was finally about to commence. Everlasting still had the choice of map and for the time in the match it wasn’t River Veranda.

Flagged Flame Springs.

In the training yard under the setting sun, multicolored banners fluttered in the wind. These flags weren’t just there for decor, each one was a singpost. Where there was a flag, there was either the eye of a spring or a pit of fire. These areas weren’t areas that you could step lightly. Because of these flags, there was a lot more to consider when fighting on this map. Those who hadn’t undergone special training for it would be in trouble. The reason for picking this map was because Team Everlasting wanted to continue using their opponent’s inexperience to their advantage.

In the public chat, Team Everlasting’s true fans were still persistently cheering for their team.

Those who came to shame Happy still had hope, but decided to act a lot more inconspicuously. Some had even left the room.

There were people leaving, but there were also people entering. The room numbers for the Challenger League were made public, and you could easily find the number for each team in the match schedule.

No one took notice of the few characters who had just entered the room, and these characters didn’t do anything to draw attention either. They entered the spectator stands and glanced at the current points. What they saw shocked them.

Club Excellent Era, meeting room.

Just after watching Team Excellent Era crush their opponents 9.5 to nil, Excellent Era’s CEO Tao Xuan and manager Cui Li directed their characters from the room they were in into Happy and Everlasting’s room.

When they saw who Happy had drawn, they had laughed. They wouldn’t deny that with Ye Qiu in Happy, the team would be strong, but with just the second round of the Challenger League they managed to draw a former Pro League team. Look’s like they didn’t have Fortune’s favor.

Tao Xuan wasn’t obsessed with personally dealing with Ye Qiu and Happy. So long as Happy was eliminated, no matter how it happened or who did it, he would automatically feel better. Now, Happy had been abandoned by fortune, Tao Xuan felt like this was a great thing.

But being the head of the club and the manager, Tao Xuan and Cui Li still stayed with their own team, as per their obligations, though they knew Excellent Era would have no trouble.

As soon as the match ended, the two congratulated their team members and went to see how Happy would be made a joke.

As the Challenger League official arena, there would naturally be something to keep score. The two used Cui Li’s character to go into the room and look at the current score. The two shook their heads, blinking in surprise.

4.5 to 1.

Team Happy 4.5, Team Everlasting 1.

They hadn’t misread it or seen it in reverse. Team Happy was in the lead with an absolute advantage. If they won the following team competition, then they would only need to get two points in the next round to assure their victory.

Tao Xuan and Cui Li exchanged glances and the match on the screen started. Cui Li immediately switched his omniscient view to Team Happy’s character, and suddenly shouted out in surprise, “That’s not possible!”

“What?” Tao Xuan had been distracted by his own thoughts, but quickly returned to reality at Cui Li’s hollering. Hastily looking at what Cui Li was pointing at onscreen, he froze in shock as well.

What made them so shocked was the equipment that Team Happy had equipped.

The quality of the equipment wasn’t something that would scare the two heads of Excellent Era. But the problem was that Team Happy should be very poor and lacking in materials, so where on earth did they get all these pieces of equipment from, especially the Silver ones?

For the omniscient view given to spectators, they didn’t need to close in on a character to see their equipment. They could see just by clicking on the character they wanted to view. The properties of Silver equipment were hidden, but the Silver letters couldn’t be anything but real. Of course, there was garbage among Silver equipment, but bringing them to the battlefield meant it was the real deal.

“One, two, three…” Cui Li clicked into the five characters on Happy’s side, starting to count the equipment. His tone changed as the number increased, all the way until seventeen, before it finally stopped. For a pro team, it wasn’t much, but since this was Happy, it was enough to stun Tao Xuan and Cui Li.

Having finished counting, Cui Li turned to look at his boss, seeing the incomprehension and disbelief he felt reflected on Tao Xuan’s face.

How long had it been since Team Happy had started working towards this? They actually had managed to procure seventeen pieces of Silver equipment already? Truly a stunning number.

Tao Xuan and Cui Li were intimately familiar with how pro teams worked. Suddenly procuring seventeen pieces of Silver equipment wasn’t easy. The two paused to process this. The two sides had already started fighting, but neither of them cared.

“Call Chen Yehui and get him over here,” Tao Xuan suddenly ordered.

Being a manager that understood his boss, Cui Li was very much competent. Hearing this order, he immediately realized his boss’ intentions. He quickly got his phone and dialed Chen Yehui’s number, giving him the orders that his boss had yet to speak as well.

Chen Yehui was also watching Happy’s match! But unlike Tao Xuan and Cui Li, he hadn’t gone to Excellent Era’s match to show his regard for the team. From the beginning, he was in Happy and Everlasting’s room, spectating. Standing among the faceslappers, Chen Yehui was moved by how many people seemed to understand his feelings.

Who would’ve guessed that his emotions would get shoved right back into his face with the other people who understood him. Their cheering for Happy to lose hadn’t appeared again since the first round.

Chen Yehui had long since clicked on Happy’s characters to see their stats, and naturally received quite a shock. He hadn’t heard a sound or whisper of all this Silver equipment, but being a part of the in-game guild, Chen Yehui also fought to steal bosses and knew how well Lord Grim’s little alliance was doing.

But, even though they managed to steal so many bosses, they had to split the profits between five parties. With this, each party’s profits weren’t very impressive. With just what they had gained recently, it was enough to procure all this Silver equipment?

Chen Yehui was shaking his head as he looked through the materials. Then, he received a call from Cui Li who asked him to bring the reports on what wild bosses they had managed to steal.

Hearing this, Chen Yehui knew what this was all about. This was exactly what he was looking for. After hastily finding everything that he needed, he sped over to Club Excellent Era’s meeting room.

Club Excellent Era’s training room.

Though it was an online match, they were a team and they had to be conscious of that, so they couldn’t let just anyone grab a laptop and go to their own corner of their building to play. For matches, pro players had to be together.

But this was just a Challenger League match with a team that was far as can be from professional, so Excellent Era didn’t have to be too serious about it. Victory wasn’t something to make them happy, it was expected.

As soon as their match was over, the members of Team Excellent Era all left the training room. There wasn’t much that they needed to go over for this match, but after returning to their own rooms, everyone opened up their laptops and logged into Glory, grabbing an account and speeding off to the room they knew to go to in the Challenger League arena as if they had planned it together.

4.5 to 1?

Team Happy was in the lead?

Everyone was shocked, and even a little uneasy.

Team Happy… didn’t seem to be that weak of an opponent.

Among this unease, there was also someone who was very happy. Su Mucheng used her account to gracefully type out a “You can do it, Happy!” in the public chat.

Just five inconspicuous words, but this was the first direct sound of support that Happy had gained. Those who were on Happy’s side were mostly just here to see others humiliated and didn’t have any real feelings for Happy. Even if they yelled out encouragements for Happy, it was just to make some others disgusted.

And now, the sudden encouragement given by Su Mucheng’s character was very eye catching. Those who just came here to witness the walk of shame were all passionate people. With Su Mucheng’s words, the spectating faceslappers suddenly became reckless.

Not waiting for them to retort, Su Mucheng’s character quickly fired a “Happy for the win!”

Following the two sentences, they appeared again and again interchangingly. Su Mucheng hadn’t even used the hand speed that she was currently showing off in the match just now. The entire chat window was instantly flooded with her encouragements.

“Unacceptable!!!” The spectating faceslappers couldn’t hold it in anymore, starting to counter with their own retorts, but Su Mucheng had long since shifted her attention onto the match. She closed the public chat channel. There wouldn’t be anything important to see there anyways. The interactions between the players was shown in another window in the match.

But after scrutinizing the situation of the battle, Su Mucheng wasn’t as cheerful as before. On the other hand, the other members of Excellent Era breathed out sighs of relief. Though they didn’t know how Happy had gained such a lead, they didn’t seem to be that scary in the team competition?

In the meeting room, Tao Xuan and Cui Li calmed upon realizing the situation in the match. Chen Yehui had rushed to the meeting room in a hurry with the documents, but after stepping inside he heard his boss greet him with a calm, “You’re here?” Chen Yehui was a little lost, unsure where to put down the documents.

Cui Li reached out and took the documents after Chen Yehui sent him a questioning gaze and started to flip through. Chen Yehui didn’t have anything else to do, so he turned his attention to the competition being played on the projector.

Though they didn’t have the technical skills of pro players, they did spend their time in the pro circle so they had the judgement of pro players. It wasn’t long before Chen Yehui understood who had the upper hand in the match, instantly understanding why his boss seemed to be in good spirits.

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