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Chapter 818 - Red Blood!

Wave Wheel Slash was a Spellblade grab skill. The Spellblade controlled the fluctuations from the sword to seal the opponent. Grabs could not be blocked. Trying to block it was equivalent to trapping yourself in your opponent’s move. 

He An hadn’t hoped for this attack to hit Lord Grim. He just wanted to interrupt his opponent’s combo, so he could readjust his position.

He raised his sword above his head, but hit nothing. Go Forth still completed his roll into a crouching position, but…… where was Lord Grim?

“Above you…..” The same dishonest Team Everlasting player once again warned him. He An hastily adjusted Go Forth’s viewpoint, while also looking up himself.

Pow! Pow! Pow!

Striker skill: Eagle Stamp.

Lord Grim had been standing on top of his sword. He stamped three times and jumped to the side, escaping from Go Forth’s view again and leaving footprints on Go Forth’s face.

The Team Everlasting players were also speechless.

They could also tell that He An was already flustered. He An heard the warning and actually lifted his own head. That was obviously an instinctive reaction, but it shouldn’t be one for a pro player. A pro player should have thought that the warning was for an enemy attack and find some way to respond.

But He An actually looked up towards the ceiling. He was clearly lost.

He An was a mess, but Ye Xiu wasn’t. After Eagle Step, Lord Grim didn’t wait to land on the ground. Instead, he unsheathed his sword and descended with Falling Light Blade. It was quick follow-up from Eagle Stamp, but He An finally reacted and hastily rolled to the side to dodge. Halfway through his roll, Go Forth crashed into the veranda railing. The narrow veranda didn’t give him enough room to complete a full roll. When Falling Light Blade descended, Lord Grim was also blocked by the railing, but the shockwave still sent Go Forth tumbling into a corner. He An immediately tried to tech it, but he was blocked by the railing again. He couldn’t roll and get up. He became like a ball, bouncing around in the corner…..

The other Team Everlasting players shut their eyes.

They couldn’t watch anymore…… losing’s fine, but could you at least lose in a less childish manner? What are you doing? Looking up into the sky, crashing into the wall, and then repeatedly rubbing against the wall, did your brain short circuit?

He An’s situation couldn’t be described as cutting a sorry figure. It was practically a comedy at this point, but after thinking about it carefully, Lord Grim didn’t seem like he was intentionally toying with He An. Forcing the opponent into the veranda meant he was taking advantage of the veranda’s narrow terrain to restrict his opponent’s movements. He An ignored this point and went blindly towards the railing, before ending up in this situation.

The face slappers and Team Everlasting fans were depressed. Those standing on Team Happy’s side found it hilarious on the other hand.

After being blocked by the railing, He An’s tech failed. Lord Grim chased after his trapped opponent and attacked fiercely.

There’s no way out!

He An looked left and right. There was only one choice. Seeing an opening, he immediately jumped. It was difficult for him to jump through, so he had to crouch in midair. It didn’t stop him from turning around at the same time. Finally, he decided to jump off the railing and into water.

Splash! Go Forth dove into the water. Another splash. Lord Grim didn’t hesitate and pursued closely after him. When Lord Grim got into the water, he gave Go Forth a kick too.

He An had been chased so closely. Go Forth failed to show any signs of hope, but because they were in the water, all of their movements were slower, so Go Forth’s health dropped slower.

Go Forth struggled in the water. The spectators all closed their eyes…..

This was a battle in the water? It was more like a fish meeting a great white shark and running for his life. When everyone saw Go Forth, they felt like it was because Lord Grim wasn’t giving him any choice but to run.

That wasn’t true. He An couldn’t find any openings among Lord Grim’s attacks, so he tried to create some distance between them. By winning space, he would win time to attack. Unfortunately, he kept on failing. Lord Grim stayed stuck to him, but because he stayed on the defensive, his actions just seemed like he was trying to run for his life.

Left, no good. Right, no good. Up, no good. Down, no good…...

Battling in the water allowed much more space to move in than battling on land. However, no matter what He An tried, Lord Grim would always stop him. The damage dealt by Lord Grim wasn’t much, but a lot of attacks hit him. Go Forth’s health gradually fell until it was about to hit red blood.

Players weren’t bosses. When a character’s health hit red blood, it wouldn’t become Enraged. Red blood would actually increase the pressure on the player even more. Berserkers were the only exception. As their health fell, their battle strength would increase. From time to time, Berserkers would make a comeback when they hit red blood.

He An wasn’t thinking about this. His Go Forth wasn’t a Berserker. His health continued to fall due to Lord Grim’s attacks. He was about to hit red blood, but his situation hadn’t changed in the slightest. From He An’s point of view, unspecialized attacks were completely unpredictable. He was trying his hardest to predict the next move out of all the possible low-level skills available, but it was to no avail. His processing ability wasn’t fast enough. He really couldn’t do anything.

He An had never felt so powerless before.

He was Team Everlasting’s ace player and core. His position as the Club manager wasn’t just for show either. He had played Glory for many years now. He had deep knowledge and experience of the game, but the reality was that he didn’t have any experience in the pro scene. After Team Everlasting was relegated two seasons ago, the team scouted him out and added him to the team, replacing Team Everlasting’s former captain, Hong Liang, who had left the team. He became Team Everlasting’s new Spellblade core.

The Spellblade character Sidingken used to be the team’s strongest character, but in order to relieve the pressure from being relegated, Sidingken was sold. This was the tragedy of small teams. All sorts of predicaments awaited for them as soon as they were relegated. Team Everlasting had three years to build up their foundation though. After Sidingken was sold, they quickly created Go Forth for He An.

He An was filled with ambition. He always felt like he was just lacking an opportunity. He considered himself a classic example of having talent, but no opportunity. Being favored by a relegated team had been an opportunity he had been waiting for. Through his knowledge and experience, he even earned himself the position of club manager. Team Everlasting had indeed found a very capable talent.

He An had been looking forward to Team Everlasting returning to the scene. He wanted everyone in Glory to know that a treasure had been ignored by everyone all along! It was his time to shine.

Unfortunately, the team lost in the finals of the Challenger League last season. Before they could walk out from the shadows of their loss, another bomb exploded, shattering the hearts of everyone who wanted to make it through the Challenger League into the pro scene.

Glory Pro League Season 8, Team Excellent Era had been miraculously relegated, becoming their opponents next season in the Challenger League.

This piece of news made everyone preparing for next season’s Challenger League fall into despair. Unrest arose among the various teams. Too many people weren’t willing to waste their time in the Challenger League because in their eyes, it was pointless. This year’s champions would be Team Excellent Era. Competing in the Challenger League this year would mean needing to compete in next year’s Challenger League as well. That would be two years. How many two years did an eSports career have? Many were willing to search for other paths to tread on rather than waste their lives here. Because in their eyes, no matter how distant their other paths were, there was at least hope, but there was not even a sliver of hope against Excellent Era.

Team Everlasting lost a few players because of this reason. He An stayed though. Wu Chen, who became Team Everlasting’s captain last season, also stayed. The team finally found a few other players to join. There were still a few players willing to give the Challenger League a try. After all, getting the first step into the pro scene was not an easy task for the vast majority of players.

Team Everlasting set sail. They didn’t have any confidence against Excellent Era, but they could still hope for a miracle.

But now, they had only reached the second step of their journey, and they were put into such an embarrassing situation already. Hopes, dreams, awaited miracles……. Everything suddenly came crashing down on He An the moment he hit red blood.

He wasn’t willing to lose in this way!

With this sudden realization, He An’s hands suddenly turned nimble and his mind cleared. How well a player performed on stage was affected by the player’s mental state. This was the so-called player condition. At this moment, He An awakened and displayed his peak performance.

Block, Wave Slash Wheel, Ice Wave Sword!

Three skills in a row. Defense, control, counterattack. He An stringed together this sequence of moves. Ice Wave Formation sent out a wave of ice. In the water, the attack spread even further as it wrapped around Lord Grim. He An’s movements were extremely quick. Go Forth had already started his next move and was in the middle of casting Electric Wave Formation.

Bang bang bang!

Lord Grim fired three Anti-Tank Missiles in different directions.

The first and second missile moved to the left and right, spurring on the waves. Only a pro player proficient in water battles would notice that these waves would affect the movement path of Ice Wave Sword. These two missiles rocked the waves, reducing Ice Wave Sword’s speed, while also pushing Lord Grim away. The third missile headed in the reverse direction.

Using this skill, Lord Grim brilliantly dodged this sudden Ice Wave Sword.

Electric Wave Formation!

But He An finished his cast too. A ball of electricity formed in the water.

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