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Chapter 814 - Team Everlasting’s Ace

The improvement of Tang Rou’s technical ability and her judgement of making a tradeoff between the damage from a powerful move and the opportunity to gain the upperhand all displayed the air of a professional. Never mind Team Everlasting, even Ye Xiu was surprised at Tang Rou’s decision making.

The players’ moods had changed by now. Soft Mist was as resolute as ever, but Team Everlasting’s Heavenly Rage was starting to feel the pressure.

A high end move like Vanishing Step wasn’t something that Tang Rou could use, but even with a normal Juggle, Team Everlasting’s Qi Master failed to regain the advantage twice!

After their belief in having field and character advantage was shattered, their belief in their player superiority had finally been shattered as well.

Eventually, Heavenly Rage managed to grasp the third chance to escape from the Juggle!

But he was still in a disadvantageous position. Soft Mist’s attacks were unrelenting, not giving Heavenly Rage a chance to struggle free.

In the exchange, the health of both sides were continuously decreasing, but it was obvious that Heavenly Rage’s health was falling faster. He managed to find a few chances to counterattack and deal some damage to Soft Mist, but it wasn’t much. His counterattacks had no effect on the overall situation, and that was probably why his opponent wasn’t very concerned about them.

Team Everlasting’s player became more and more impatient, unable to calm himself as the battle progressed. Eventually, he left an opening that Tang Rou mercilessly exploited, using a combo that blasted him against one of the pillars of the veranda.

Absolute advantage!

But she didn’t let her guard down. Soft Mist’s fierce offense never wavered throughout the battle, even when her victory was certain, she didn’t show a hint of faltering.

Heavenly Rage finally fell.

Defeat wasn’t a result that they couldn’t accept. The problem was that Soft Mist had only lost less than a fourth of her health in this match. There seemed to be an unbridgeable gap between the two players...

Was it really unbridgeable?

Not necessarily. Skill was an intangible concept, unlike health which could be calculated. The difference in health of the two didn’t necessarily represent the difference in skill, but it revealed the difference in performance during the match.

This difference silenced all the spectating faceslappers once more. They had no chance to unleash their mockery ever since the second individual competition. Holding it in for so long was painful. And now, Soft Mist was gearing up to face her second opponent, Team Everlasting’s elementalist, in the group arena with more than three quarters of her health left. If she lost this match, how would they be able to mock her? They had to think carefully about what to say! After all, she had already beaten one opponent, losing to the second wasn’t uncommon.

Yet, before they could think of how to mock her, the situation on the battlefield was already becoming clear. Soft Mist somehow still had the advantage.

She wouldn’t win again, would she?

Everyone looked on with shock.

Team Everlasting had sent out an Elementalist, which Soft Mist had already managed to close in on. Compared to Qi Masters, Elementalists were garbage at close combat. Now, his health was draining away like someone had pulled the plug on it. When he finally managed to shake her loose, his health was already at the same level as Soft Mist’s! He had entered the arena with a twenty five percent health advantage and now that advantage  had vanished.

Though he managed to escape from an undesirable situation, he didn’t get any chance to rest. Soft Mist charged fiercely towards him. Two mage classes with very different styles clashed. First the Elementalist would kite the Battle Mage around, chipping at her health, then the Battle Mage would close in and tear through the Elementalist with her close combat advantage.

But this time, the Elementalist didn’t manage to find another chance to escape from her grasp. Erupting with a final round of vicious attacks, Soft Mist defeated the Elementalist with a fifth of her health to spare, and geared up to face Team Everlasting’s third player.

The spectators had nothing to say, but those who had hope and supported Happy started to cheer wildly.

At first, they wouldn’t dare discard their composure for this. Though they thought Team Happy was interesting, and wanted to see what they could do, they were like the faceslappers, not believing that Team Happy truly had the power to go up against Team Excellent Era.

This was undebatable. Never mind outsiders, even those within Team Happy, Ye Xiu and Wei Chen and the others, they admitted it. If they really faced off against Team Excellent Era the way they were now, their chances were extremely low.

These people also had some misgivings about Team Happy’s strength and hadn’t formed much of an attachment to Team Happy, so they had to be careful with their support. They wouldn’t publically yell and cheer about it, because there were a bunch of spectators just waiting to see Happy humiliated! This small section of supporters lacked confidence and couldn’t tie themselves to Happy’s name. They didn’t want their support to be treated like a joke if Team Happy actually lost.

But now, Soft Mist had consecutively beat down two people and entered the third match with one fifth of her health remaining. This sort of advantage was very hard to turn around. Seeing a definite victory for Team Happy, these supporters finally dared to express their passion and energy, cheering encouragements for Team Happy.

This support was even more disgusting than eating a fly to the faceslappers, but they had no way of retorting. Team Everlasting’s last player would have to beat Tang Rou and then win against another two consecutive matches in order to take back the group competition. There was no need to elaborate on how hard that would be.

Team Everlasting’s mood was even worse.

“What the hell is this!!” He An, who remained calm upon losing two individual competitions, could no longer stay quiet after two people were beaten by Soft Mist.

He could accept one defeat, but having one player beat two of theirs was a major loss that he couldn’t take.

The Qi Master and Elementalist that lost these two rounds hung their heads in shame, feeling disheartened. Hearing He An’s words, the Qi Master raised his head, opening his mouth to speak, but then heard He An continuing. “Is this Soft Mist really that strong?”

The Elementalist player also raised his head, but stayed silent after exchanging a glance with the Qi Master player.

He An didn’t continue to speak because he had to prepare for battle.

Team Everlasting’s core character, Spellblade Go Forth, was currently He An’s character.

That meant He An’s position in the team wasn’t just as an ordinary team member, but as Team Everlasting’s ace.

With his character now in the arena, He An didn’t have the time to lecture the two players who had been defeated. He had to go back and turn the tides, as the ace player.

One versus three?

He An sneered.  It was probable that the only one who believed that Team Everlasting could win back the group arena was himself! Because the tide of the match was now in his complete control and he had utter confidence in himself. The superiority he displayed at that time wasn’t baseless. Speaking of strength, he, the player who was also the manager, was the best in the current Team Everlasting. As their core player, his character naturally possessed the best equipment as well.

Go Forth had eight pieces of silver equipment. Team Everlasting only had 32 pieces of silver equipment in total, and ten characters. Among them, their ace Go Forth possessed one fourth of their silver equipment. Maybe it was because of this treatment that this character became the ace, or maybe it was because this character became the ace that it received such treatment. Either way, it was a positive loop. Go Forth was Team Everlasting’s strongest character, and they had never abandoned this core character even after being eliminated from the Pro League.

His character was immensely powerful and he had confidence in himself. One versus three? That was exactly what He An thought to do.

Go Forth appeared in one of the corners of Riverside Veranda. Three, two, one, match begin.

Despite having only a fifth of her health left, Soft Mist was as direct as ever. As soon as the countdown was over, she was already streaking down the path she took in both the previous rounds. As for Go Forth, he immediately turned and jumped into the water upon the fall of the countdown.

Home game advantage?

Character advantage?

Player superiority?

All of Team Everlasting’s advantages seemed to have been shattered by Happy, but now He An was planning to reinstate them and show everyone that Happy was nothing but cannon fodder compared to Team Everlasting.

Being different from the others, He An’s choice of action made Tang Rou’s charge lose meaning. With the current distance between them, she had no idea where He An’s Go Forth was. She could only slow down, carefully keeping an eye on her surroundings as she advanced.

Tang Rou didn’t impatiently try to find her opponent; she had to make sure her character was safe first.

But having scoured half the map, Tang Rou still didn’t find her target. If it wasn’t for the omniscient view the spectators had, this sort of running and hiding would be boring, but with their omniscient view, the spectators knew that Go Forth was settled under a part of the veranda. If Tang Rou only kept notice of the water’s surface while on the veranda, she wouldn’t be able to find him unless she entered the water as well.

Tang Rou didn’t seem to have such plans. Soft Mist was still moving along the veranda, but step by step, she entered Go Forth’s attack range.

He An was patient and didn’t press on the moment Soft Mist came into range.

A little closer… just a little closer...

Seeing the distance between them become more appropriate, the Sllver weapon in Go Forth’s hand, Aqua Lightning Lightsaber, began to flash.

The Spellblade’s signature move, Wave Formation, activate!

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