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Chapter 813 - Air of a Professional

Battle Mage Soft Mist vs Qi Master Heavenly Rage. The first round of the group arena finally began.

As Team Happy’s most infamous character, how could Team Everlasting’s Qi Master not be wary of Soft Mist? Especially after seeing the new set of equipment on Soft Mist. The shadow of Leopold’s loss coiled around him.

However, Heavenly Rage’s opening move was very courageous. Although Qi Masters were Fighters, their close combat skills weren’t actually that outstanding. A Qi Master’s skill kit consisted mostly of mid-range attacks, but they didn’t have as long of a range as gunners. In any case, Qi Masters effectively had a longer range than Battle Mages. The first to make the first move should be the Qi Master.

Many of the Qi Master skills were AoE attacks, which were especially a threat on Riverside Veranda, which had land and water. The land portion consisted of the veranda, so the space was already quite limited. For a class with lots of AoE like Qi Masters, it was easy to force the opponent into the water.

Team Everlasting’s main classes generally had this advantage. It was just that in the individual competition, the Launcher and Warlock weren’t able to show this advantage.

The Qi Master was wary of Soft Mist. He didn’t dare give Soft Mist room to maneuver freely. As soon as Soft Mist stepped into his attack range, he launched his offense.

Heavenly Rage rolled his palms and a qi bullet shot out. Soft Mist easily dodged it. Heavenly Rage had already jumped into the air and pushed out with his two hands: AoE attack, Sky Piercing Strike!

A powerful stream of qi burst out from Heavenly Rage’s hands towards the veranda. The AoE coverage was extremely large. If Soft Mist continued to advance, the attack would certainly hit her. If she retreated backwards, she might just be able to escape, but to make this judgement, it would require her to have a very clear understanding of Heavenly Rage’s first attack. How could the purpose of a simple Qi Bullet just be to deal some damage?

Of course not.

That attack was only to restrict his opponent. It wasn’t to restrict Soft Mist’s movements, but to distract the player controlling Soft Mist. The purpose of the Qi Bullet was to hinder Tang Rou from noticing his Sky Piercing Strike. By the time she noticed this attack, it would be too late for her to dodge.

This was fairly simple trick. Even normal players understood that in PvP, it was best to keep the opponent in your line of sight so that you could observe the opponent’s movements. 

However, this Qi Bullet wasn’t enough to fluster Tang Rou and cause her to look away from her opponent’s movements. To put it plainly, this attack was a way for the Qi Master to probe out her skill.

To his surprise, such a shallow method was actually going to work!

Soft Mist seemed to misjudge the AoE coverage of the skill and continued to rush forward. In this case, Sky Piercing Strike would undoubtedly hit Soft Mist.

Pulling off such a simple maneuver caught him unprepared. His original plan was to follow up with another attack, after Soft Mist avoided this one, but the opponent was actually going to be hit, so he had to change up his plans.

Sky Piercing Strike covered that stretch of the veranda. The surrounding water rippled intensely from the shockwave.

After being hit by this attack, Soft Mist immediately rolled. She rolled so quickly and unexpectedly that Heavenly Rage’s following two attacks actually missed.

Soft Mist leaped up and stepped onto the railing on the edges of the veranda. She jumped again directly over the water and landed on the stretch on the other side.

In the blink of an eye, Soft Mist and Heavenly Rage now stood on the same stretch of the veranda!

The Qi Master was startled. Soft Mist didn’t misjudge that Sky Piercing Strike. Rather, she intentionally didn’t dodge it. She used the shock wave from the attack to give her a speed boost. Her roll then put her at a distance, where she could jump over the water and stand in the same line as Heavenly Rage.

The Qi Master didn’t dare let Soft Mist get close. Qi rippled from Heavenly Rage, who gathered that qi into a fist. He punched and the qi transformed into a dragon.

Qi Master skill: Dragon Wave.

The dragon could be controlled by the player. After sending out the qi dragon, the player could freely change its direction. Apart from attacking the opponent, it could be used to hit the user or a teammate. When it hit the user or the teammate, Dragon Wave wouldn’t deal damage. Instead, it would give a buff that increased the target’s fighting strength.

Right now, the Qi Master wasn’t planning on eating this qi dragon for himself. He threw it directly at Soft Mist.

Soft Mist lifted her spear, which glinted with cold light. Dust swept off her feet as she headed straight for Heavenly Rage.

Dragon Breaks the Ranks!

Soft Mist didn’t dodge. She actually decided to contest with Dragon Wave head on.

That’s completely unreasonable…...

Team Everlasting’s Qi Master thought to himself at this moment.

Not dodging Dragon Wave was too crazy. Dragon Wave did not only deal damage. When it hit the opponent, it would also weaken the opponent’s attack power and attack speed!

Yes, the instant that Dragon Wave struck Soft Mist, the debuff was applied. However, Dragon Breaks the Ranks continued to head towards him.

Heavenly Rage immediately sprinted away.

After being hit by Dragon Wave, the might and speed of Dragon Breaks the Ranks fell significantly. Heavenly Rage immediately jumped twice just outside of its range. At this moment,, Soft Mist didn’t stop attack. Her spear suddenly grew in length, transforming into a dragon that pounced towards Heavenly Rage.

Rising Dragon Soars the Sky!

After Dragon Breaks the Ranks, she connected it with another high-level skill, Rising Dragon Soars the Sky. There didn’t seem to be a pause at all. What type of hand speed was that? How did she time that? The instant Dragon Breaks the Ranks completed, she had to also complete the actions required for Rising Dragon Soars the Sky in order to connect those two attacks seamlessly. If she completed the actions slightly late, it would have come out later. If she was slightly early, the attack wouldn’t come out, unless she cancelled Dragon Breaks the Rank first  

“Not bad!”

Even Ye Xiu was impressed by it. He obviously wasn’t surprised at the difficulty of the maneuver. Rather, it was clear progress for Tang Rou. Ye Xiu never had any doubts about Tang Rou’s hand speed. Her biggest obstacle was turning her absolute hand speed into effective hand speed as well as working on her precision and timing.

Soft Mist had just obtained a complete new set of equipment. Her stats were vastly different, and she only had a day to familiarize herself with it. And after being hit by Dragon Wave, her stats changed again, yet Tang Rou was still able to grasp the timing and pull this combo off. If this wasn’t just luck, then Tang Rou’s sensitivity towards her character and mastery over her class had reached new heights.

At such a distance, even with the debuff from Dragon Wave, Heavenly Rage could not dodge this attack.

Just when everyone could already picture the explosion from Rising Dragon Soars the Sky, the attack suddenly stopped.

Force cancel!

Only Tang Rou could stop the skill.

After being devoured by Rising Dragon Soars the Sky and left in the air, even Heavenly Rage had a hard time believing it, when he saw Soft Mist retract her spear.

“What’s going on?” Chen Guo was dumbfounded. She thought Soft Mist had made an error. However, Rising Dragon Soars the Sky had perfectly hit her opponent. What could she be doing to accidentally cancel her attack?

She had been too worried. She looked over at Ye Xiu, who was still smiling. His expression was filled with happiness.

Rising Dragon was canceled, but Soft Mist didn’t stop attacking. Under Dragon Wave’s debuff, Soft Mist stepped forward. She struck out with Sky Strike to knock Heavenly Rage even higher into the air. Then, Tyrant’s Destruction, Double Stab, Sky Strike, Chasers…..

Chen Guo finally understood.

Rising Dragon Soars the Sky had a long ending lag. For Soft Mist, she wouldn’t be able to connect any other attacks after using it. As a result, she abandoned Rising Dragon and cancelled it. Even though she would lose a large portion of the damage from it, she could still utilize this skill’s grab effect to restrict Heavenly Rage. The following combo clearly allowed her to deal more damage than the loss from Rising Dragon. Moreover, she also maintained her advantage after using the combo, while getting rid of the Dragon Wave debuff. If she had completed Rising Dragon, it would have certainly felt good, but she would not have been able to do anything more. Her battle with Heavenly Rage would reset, but she would also have the debuff from Dragon Wave.

In just an instant, Tang Rou instantly determined that it was better not to finish Rising Dragon and cancelled the skill. Chen Guo realized that Tang Rou was becoming more and more like a pro player. Her decision-making had already surpassed her understanding.


Seeing Tang Rou, Chen Guo couldn’t help but be envious. She also wanted to be god at Glory. Unfortunately for her, that wasn’t a possibility. She could only place her hopes and dreams onto the team. Seeing Tang Rou’s growth, she could also appreciate Ye Xiu’s joy.  

We have to win!

Chen Guo clenched her fists. She really wanted to see these people and their characters stand on stage. No……she wanted to see them as champions!

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