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Chapter 811 - Character Advantage

It was just one attack, so it obviously wouldn’t instantly kill Shoot Here, but Qiao Yifan’s position established a huge advantage for him. Facing a Ghostblade in a duel, no pro player would allow themselves be affected by so many ghost boundaries at the same time. Qiao Yifan cleverly used this map to lure his opponent into a trap, instantly deciding victory.

Shoot Here tried his best, but in the second round of the individual competition, Qiao Yifan swiftly won.

This shift in tides was too quick…...

The face slappers were still absorbed in the previous round’s victory and looking down on Team Happy disdainfully. When the second round began, their contempt was still  concentrated on One Inch Ash, but before they could fully adjust themselves, the tides of battle shifted and One Inch Ash took down his opponent. Everyone was left speechless.

The spectators were speechless. Team Everlasting also felt like their face had been slapped.

They had chosen this map in order to bully their green opponents. Who would have thought that their opponents would be the one to use this map to bully them? This loss not only resulted in a loss of points, but a loss of face too!

The system didn’t care about anyone’s feelings. Once the match concluded, the third round of the individual competition immediately began.

The map chosen for this third round was still Riverside Corridor.

Team Everlasting had clearly done their research on this map. Using the same map for every round in the individual competition clearly showed their intent to eradicate Team Happy for good. Their decision came with belittlement. Team Everlasting thought that Team Happy wouldn’t be able to utilize the map’s characteristics in just two or three rounds.

But after the second round, the players on Team Everlasting were no longer calm, but it was too late to regret it now. The maps could not be changed midway.

The third person to come out from Team Everlasting was their team’s Warlock: Leopold.

“Be careful.” The player for the Warlock Leopold was warned repeatedly.

Team Everlasting had acknowledged Team Happy’s skill level from the start. From their action of going over to their front steps to talk, the degree of their acknowledgement wasn’t low. They felt like the players on Team Happy would be an addition to their strength. Their attention hadn’t been fixed on just God Ye Qiu.

During the period of time when Team Happy accepted challenges, Soft Mist appeared the most, then Steamed Bun Invasion, then Windward Formation.

Team Everlasting looked highly upon all three of them. With Team Happy as their opponents, they also attached the most importance to these three. They had even come up with plans to counter them. This was just their attitude towards competition though. While Team Everlasting recognized the strength of these three players, and were not afraid. If they really were afraid, He An would not have acted so lofty when he came to Happy.

Team Everlasting had meticulously chosen their maps and their player order. In terms of strategy, Team Everlasting took Team Happy quite seriously.

But in the individual competition, it was already 1-1. Their victory was against Steamed Bun Invasion, who they had been wary of, but their loss was against One Inch Ash, who they had ignored.

Did Team Happy have anyone else like One Inch Ash? Team Everlasting suddenly felt at a loss. How could they dare to be careless in the third round?

Leopold stood at the competitor spot. At the same, Team Happy’s next competitor appeared as well.

Another Warlock. Windward Formation.

The third round would be a contest between two characters of the same class, putting an even greater emphasis on the player’s skill.

Team Everlasting released a sigh of relief when they saw their opponent. Windward Formation wasn’t unknown, at least. Moreover, in a battle between two characters of the same class, apart from the player’s skill level, the character’s strength would also be a significant deciding factor.

Team Everlasting was very confident here.

It was already extraordinary for an Internet cafe grassroots team to have players of such caliber. How strong could their characters be? Could their equipment be better than ours? Could their characters have more skill points than ours?

Team Everlasting smiled. Their warning to be careful didn’t seem necessary now.

The spectators didn’t know about Team Everlasting’s confidence. After being slapped in the face, they appeared even more cautious than Team Everlasting. Their contempt towards Team Happy continued, but before the outcome was determined, they couldn’t spit out anymore slander.

The match soon started.  

Despite being confident, Team Everlasting’s player still showed caution. On the contrary, on Team Happy’s side, Windward Formation looked very carefree, heading straight for Leopold.

The faceslappers really wanted to say something. Their hands hovered over their keyboards, but none of them typed out anything.  

Team Everlasting’s Warlock took no notice. He continued with his original plan. Suddenly, he felt the sky darken above him. He looked up and saw dark clouds covering him.

Chaotic Rain!

He was startled. Leopold escaped outside of its range, while looking in that direction. Sure enough, it was a spell casted by Windward Formation.

“This….. Impossible……” The Warlock player looked at where he had just escaped from. Rain poured down from those dark clouds.

The attack had come, but he had been caught completely off guard because in his eyes, the two sides weren’t even in range yet!

When he looked at Windward Formation, he confirmed that Windward Formation had been outside of his attack range.

But Windward Formation had already cast a spell. Does that mean his cast range is three units more than mine?

Cast range was an extremely valuable stat for mages. A greater cast range meant more distance. More distance meant more time to take the initiative, but in terms of cast range, his Leopold actually lost to Windward Formation? Didn’t that mean Leopold’s equipment was inferior to Windward Formation’s?


Team Everlasting’s Warlock player was dumbfounded. He didn’t want to believe it. The equipment on these grassroot characters was actually better than the equipment that they had refined since their beginnings in the pro scene?

The distance was a bit far, so he couldn’t see Windward Formation’s equipment. After Windward Formation used Chaotic Rain, he followed up with another attack. The corridor was narrow, so after a few consecutive curses, Leopold had nowhere left to run. Windward Formation had formed a Curse Arrow too. At this moment, if he didn’t want to receive damage, he only one had choice: fight back!

Team Everlasting’s Warlock hastily made a move. Leopold also formed a Curse Arrow. This skill could be charged. The longer the charge time, the stronger it became. Windward Formation didn’t seem to want to waste time though. He charged it for a bit and fired it. Team Everlasting’s Warlock timed it well and determined that his charge time wasn’t any shorter than Windward Formation’s before firing his own arrow.

The two Curse Arrows collided, passing through the corridor and landed in the water. That dark energy seemed to be splitting space itself. The resulting collision made it impossible for Team Everlasting’s Warlock to see Windward Formation. A thought flashed through his mind and he immediately cast a new skill.

Warlock skill: Death’s Door!

Leopold’s cast range didn’t allow for him to directly attack Windward Formation. However, Death’s Door had its own attack range of 18 units, so he didn’t need to place it directly on top of his opponent. Taking advantage of the chaotic explosion formed by the two Curse Arrows, he started casting this powerful skill to attack his opponent, but because of the difference in cast range and because of his position in the corner, he would only be able to take a beating, unable to return fire.

This high-level skill was complex and had a long cast time. After Team Everlasting’s player finished the appropriate actions, Leopold waved his staff and prepared the curse. Suddenly, he heard a bang. In front of him, a black revolving door came out from a tear in space. Dark energy spread as it revolved and grabbed Leopold.

At this distance, it was too late to dodge. Leopold’s own Death’s Door was interrupted. He was grabbed by the dark energy and pulled into the door. The door engulfed him and Leopold’s image turned faint. Death’s Door did instant burst damage. Not just Team Everlasting’s Warlock, but when everyone in Team Everlasting saw his health, their faces turned pale.

That damage was way too high!

How many skill points did that Windward Formation put into Death’s Door?

The value in Death’s Door didn’t lie in its high damage. For pro players, its AoE crowd control effects were more favorable. Even though there was only one target at this moment, the crowd control still existed. After being sucked into the door, Leopold could not be controlled. The collision between the two Curse Arrows had ended. The energy collision dissipated as Windward Formation continued to wave his staff.

Corrosion, Soul Strike, Soul Slice, Engulf, Surrender Life…...

Curses and attacks were released one after the other. Ever since Leopold had been grabbed by Death’s Door, the damage received never ceased. When the effects of Death’s Door ended, Leopold fell into the water.


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