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Chapter 808 - The Feeling of Superiority of a Pro Team

After this introduction, the original cheerful mood had disappeared and Captain He An’s mouth hung wide open. For a moment, he didn’t know what to say. He obviously knew what a huge embarrassment this was.

Fortunately, he had only flaunted with body language and not with words, so it was easier to salvage the situation. He An coughed lightly, adjusted his appearance, and calmly greeted Ye Xiu. 

“Hi, have a seat!” Ye Xiu smiled, but didn’t say too much.

Everyone took a seat. Chen Guo spoke first. She didn’t make any excessive small talk and directly went to the point: “What business do you two have with us?”

“Haha.” He An laughed. Facing Ye Xiu, he had retracted his previous aura of superiority. But when facing Chen Guo, a trace of disapproval and disdain flashed across his face. He just happened to let the other side see. He clearly didn’t think much of a grassroots owner like Chen Guo.

“God Ye Qiu, are you really part of Team Happy?” This guy actually ignored Chen Guo and directly started talking with Ye Xiu.

What’s up with this guy?!

Chen Guo often had to interact with other people. How could she not be able to discern what he thought of her through his body language? He An’s undisguised contempt made her furious. However, He An was very polite to Ye Xiu. Chen Gou really wanted to flip a table for the other side to think it over, but she could only quietly endure it.

“Yeah.” Ye Xiu replied bluntly to the other side’s question.

“What a shame.” He An slapped his leg.

“Oh? Why do you say that?” Ye Xiu already knew the answer, but seeing how He An was treating them like bugs, he could guess what He An was going to say.

Sure enough, he said in an arrogant tone: “For someone of your skill, staying in a place like this is truly a pity!”

“Hey, what did you say?” If Chen Guo could still endure it, she wasn’t Chen Guo.

He An just laughed. His expression indicated that someone of his status didn’t need to heed the words of someone of low status. He ignored Chen Guo and said to Ye Xiu: “This season’s Challenger League is different than the past. With a giant like Excellent Era, it really is quite troublesome. In times like these, shouldn’t we consider putting our strength together?”

“Oh? What are you saying?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I’ve been paying attention to your recent performance. There are few players who are quite good. I believe all of them have been coached by you, but please forgive me for speaking bluntly, your players have the skill, but your characters are too lacking, no?”

“Then what are your thoughts?” Ye Xiu asked.

“This is the reason for us coming today. Even though our Team Everlasting isn’t considered a strong team, our resources are still much greater than Happy’s. If our two sides join hands, it would be as if a tiger had grown wings, a win-win situation for both sides. Competitive Glory is like horse racing and auto racing. Having a good rider or a good vehicle isn’t good enough. Both a good rider and a good vehicle must be present. God Ye Qiu, you’re being held back by your characters! Why not join our Team Everlasting? Over here, we can definitely provide resources far surpassing what Happy can provide. If you want to topple Excellent Era, this is a necessary move!”

He An was a talented person. His pitch was excellent in voice and in expression. Even Chen Guo was nervous after listening to it because his words were very logical. Chen Guo could not provide the team with too many resources. Everything required Ye Xiu to manage from the ground up. It would be much more convenient if he directly joined a team.

The format of the Challenger League could not prevent teams from running over to recruit people from the opposing team. Once she thought about the other team’s background as a pro team, Chen Guo couldn’t help but feel lacking in confidence. For a moment, she forgot her anger.

“Ha ha, you’re too right.” Ye Xiu nodded his head. His high praise gave Chen Guo a fright. He An was already smiling exuberantly. He gave a glance to his partner, implying: “Look, just what I expected.”

But Ye Xiu continued: “But in order for a tiger to grow wings, why not have your Team Everlasting join our Team Happy?”

“Hahaha, of course…… yes…… hm? God, you’re not joking?” He An quickly responded. Fortunately, he realized what had been said midway and was stumped.

“In either case, a tiger would still be growing wings, no?” Ye Xiu smiled.

“Yes, like a tiger growing wings! Hurry and join our Team Happy!” Chen Guo regained her composure faster than He An. She was actually able to stifle a laugh and speak in a serious tone!

He An’s expression turned ugly. At this point, there was really no point in talking any further. The other side had already expressed his refusal in a mocking manner at that. He An couldn’t understand. With Team Happy’s current circumstances, did he really think the team had much of a future?

“God.” He An shouted. His tone became tougher. In his eyes, Team Everlasting was the stronger side. Coming over on their own accord to talk about matters was already a sign of respect. So what if you’re a God? You’ve never heard of the saying, a featherless phoenix is no better than a chicken? Without a powerful character, you’re not a God.

He An felt like he had given the other side an opportunity, but not only did the other side not treasure it, he mocked them. He couldn’t bear it. He shouted solemnly and his tone turned heavy: “I hope that you’ll carefully consider this opportunity. You’d better not regret it.”

“Honestly, that’s what I should be saying to you.” Ye Xiu replied.  

“You!” He An was furious. Ye Qiu was worthy of his title as one of the Gods. However, did he really think that his status was enough for Team Everlasting to bow down? Isn’t that too arrogant?

Who would have thought that Ye Xiu would look at him seriously: “I’m not joking. I’m very serious. Carefully consider it!”

“After next week, you’ll be regretting today’s decision.” He An continued to say.

“After next week, you can still continue to consider today’s proposal.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“We’re leaving!” He An got up and called out to his team’s captain.

This poor captain. Apart from introducing God Ye Qiu to He An, he didn’t seem to be of any use. He had come over to recruit, but he didn’t think it would end so quickly. The captain got up helplessly and followed after He An. From beginning to end, he wasn’t even able to introduce himself.

“Take care! We won’t be seeing you out!” Chen Guo was feeling great! She didn’t forget to give the other side another kick. When He An heard her words, he turned his head around, gave a glare, and humphed. His sense of superiority and contempt was still there. However this time, he had included Ye Xiu into it. He didn’t feel like he had done anything wrong. He felt like Ye Xiu valued himself too highly and actually ignored his win-win proposal.

“You’ll regret it.” He An finally threw out. When he said “you’, he always referred to Ye Xiu alone and not anyone else. From start to finish, he never took Chen Guo seriously.

He An and that captain left just like that. Chen Guo let out a sigh of relief and was beaming with joy when she looked at Ye Xiu. She really liked today’s Ye Xiu. It was too unexpected.

“Boss, what’s with that expression?” Ye Xiu felt his blood run cold, seeing Chen Guo’s sweet smile.  

“You made a fool of that arrogant guy. That was too beautiful!” Chen Guo expressed.

“Oh? I did?” Ye Xiu said.

“You’re still pretending!” Chen Guo gave Ye Xiu a punch.

“No, no. I was being serious.” Ye Xiu said.

“Serious about what?” Chen Guo didn’t understand.

“I was really hoping that they would consider joining Team Happy.” Ye Xiu said.

“How could that be possible?” Chen Guo cried out.

Yes. Even though that guy’s condescending gaze disgusted Chen Guo, she had to admit that, in the Challenger League, a pro team had the qualifications to be arrogant. He was even quite polite to Ye Xiu in the beginning. It was only when Ye Xiu started mocking him did he become impolite. That type of team join Team Happy? Chen Guo wouldn’t dare to think of it even in her dreams.

“Nothing is impossible.” Ye XIu said and headed out.

“Hey hey, what do you mean? Speak clearly!” Chen Guo chased after him.

When they returned to their gaming house, Chen Guo obviously told everyone about their encounter with Team Everlasting.

“So, we definitely can’t lose. If we lose, we’ll be laughed at.” Chen Guo tried to boost everyone’s morale. 

“If we lose, everything will be over. Who cares if we’re laughed at?” Wei Chen followed up. Chen Guo’s encouragement was clearly a bit amiss. For those participating in the Challenger League, not losing was much more important than not losing face.

“In short, keep working hard everyone.” Ye Xiu’s closing statement was very brief.

In the following few days, both teams practiced hard. This week, Ye Xiu and the others didn’t bother fighting for wild bosses. Tang Rou and Steamed Bun also now understood why pro players were so busy preparing for their matches every week. There was too much to prepare if they wanted to win a match.

In the show business, there was the saying “Ten years of practice for one minute on stage”. Didn’t this apply to Glory pro players too? Winning and performing was inseparable from hard work and bitter practice.

On Thursday, Loulan Slash delivered the equipment that Ye Xiu had picked. Ye Xiu had purchased a batch of equipment from the in-game market and gaming studios. Everyone’s character improved tremendously. Today’s work would be to familiarize themselves with their upgraded characters.

In the game, the conflict between Team Happy and Team Everlasting produced quite a few waves. Team Everlasting originally had fans. Team Happy was being closely followed. This Challenger League match was given as much attention as a match in the Pro League.

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