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Chapter 806 - Equipment Finalized

Team Heavenly Swords was indeed wealthy. Relying on money, they were actually able to purchase 20 pieces of Silver equipment. Their five characters equipped them all. Not a single one was hidden, but because of their classes, the equipment was not evenly distributed among each character. In the end, their Berserker Loulan Slash had 5, their Battle Mage Homeward Bound also had 5, their Grappler Night Tide had 4, their Cleric Thousand Falling Leaves had 4, and their Elementalist Ocean Ahead only had 2.

Relatively speaking, 2 or 5 Silver pieces of equipment on a character wasn’t a lot. In Glory, characters could equip a total of 12 pieces of equipment. Loulan Slash and Homeward Bound had the most Silver equipment in the team, but it was still only five. It wasn’t even halfway to a full set.

This type of Silver equipment coverage was considered lacking in the current pro scene. According to last season’s statistics, the average number of Silver equipment on a character was 5.23. Team Heavenly Swords only had a maximum of five on each character, let alone six other characters not having even a single piece.

Team Heavenly Swords wasn’t the only team lacking Silver equipment. In reality, for a new team in the Alliance, obtaining 20 Silver equipment was already very impressive. Silver equipment was not something that could be bought simply with money.

Take Team Heavenly Sword’s 20 Silver equipment. Lou Guanning let Ye Xiu take a look. Ye Xiu knew that these weren’t considered top quality goods in the pro scene.

During the process of creating a Silver equipment, there would be many that would fail to meet expectations. These pieces of equipment would still be used to continue to perfect them. After perfecting them, the earlier unsatisfactory prototypes would be removed. These prototypes might be given to characters in the team that needed equipment or sold to other teams. It depended on how each team wanted to do business.

Ye Xiu did not ask where Team Heavenly Swords obtained these pieces of equipment. Lou Guanning had laid the equipment out for him to see, implying that he agreed to let Ye Xiu borrow them temporarily.


20 Silver equipment.

3 weapons, 12 armor, and 5 accessories.

Ye Xiu checked the stats on each one and got a rough idea of how he should distribute them.

“Apart from the Grappler glove, lend the others to me!” Ye Xiu said.  

There was a Battle Mage, Cleric, and Grappler weapon.

Team Happy had a Battle Mage and Cleric, so those could not be missed. For the Grappler glove, Steamed Bun’s Brawler could also use it, but gloves didn’t suit Brawlers. Gloves were specialized weapons for Grapplers, so to a Brawler, a Silver glove might not be as good as an Orange claw.

Of the 20 Silver equipment, Ye Xiu wanted to borrow 19 of them. It would be a lie to say that Lou Guanning didn’t hesitate to lend them out, but in the end, he trusted Ye Xiu. As a result, these equipment were lent to Ye Xiu just like that.

But Lou Guanning said that they still needed to use them during practice, so they would give them to Happy on Friday before their match.

“This….. Could you lend them to us a day before to give us time to familiarize ourselves with them?” Ye Xiu negotiated with Lou Guanning. Equipment undoubtedly affected a character’s strength. A character with different equipment would feel different to play on. Thus, it was best to practice using the equipment that would be worn in matches. That was why when a player switched to a new club and received a new character, he needed to get used to the character.

When Happy borrowed these pieces of equipment, the strength of their character’s would increase, but if the player wasn’t used to it and couldn’t play properly, that would be disastrous. Ye Xiu wanted everyone to try out the equipment first. If the equipment wasn’t suitable, it would be better to wear their original equipment. No matter how powerful a character was, a player needed to be able to use their equipment to the fullest potential. If the player couldn’t even utilize their equipment, even a God-level character wouldn’t be of help.

Lou Guanning didn’t need Ye Xiu to explain this type of logic to him. He had already agreed to lend them the equipment. If he insisted on lending the equipment to them at the final moment, he would seem too selfish and insincere. As a result, Lou Guanning happily replied, concluding this matter by saying that it was a must. 

After making this decision, Lou Guanning did not wait for Ye Xiu to say anything and asked: “There’s only this many Silver equipment. What about Orange equipment? Do you guys need anything?”

“Yeah…… if we could get a full set for each character, we would be most thankful.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay…..” Lou Guanning felt a bit speechless. He had lent out Silver equipment though, how could Orange equipment compare to that? Speaking of which, Lou Guanning was a little curious. What made Ye Xiu feel like he needed to borrow equipment?

“Right, who’s your opponent?” Lou Guanning asked.

“Team Everlasting.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh! That’s the team that was relegated two years ago, right?” Loulan Slash had an impression of this team.

“Yeah.” Ye Xiu said.

“Good luck!” Lou Guanning’s Team Heavenly Swords had only 1 point. The team sat at the bottom of the Alliance. He couldn’t really be looking down on relegated teams. Even more so when considering the fact that Team Everlasting had survived in the Alliance for three years. Lou Guanning felt like this team might have even more Silver equipment than his own patched together team. He just didn’t know if this team was the same as before after being outside of the Alliance for two years.

“Wasn’t I the one who came here to wish you luck?” Ye Xiu replied back with a smiley face.

“Which classes do you need? I’ll help you take a look.” Lou Guanning was quite a hero.

The equipment was settled after a few minutes…...

Relying on the power of money, Team Heavenly Swords was truly quite impressive. They had accumulated numerous pieces of orange equipment. A full set for each player in a team was not a problem. Even if their guild didn’t have any, anyone in their team could have their equipment peeled away! In any case, it was just borrowing.

“Done!” Ye Xiu let out a sigh of relief, after finalizing all of the equipment with Lou Guanning.

“We….. can’t keep borrowing the entire way through, right?” Chen Guo was speechless.

“Yeah, when we face Excellent Era, we’re going to need more. Once we enter the pro scene, we might not even be able to borrow any.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then for now, is this enough?” Chen Guo asked.

“Let’s get a read on our opponents first before trying to decide anything!” Ye XIu said and immediately searched for information on Team Everlasting.

As a team that had been in the Alliance for three years, there was plenty of official match recordings to look through. Some of those were a bit outdated though and might not be as valuable now. Fortunately, Team Everlasting had reached the finals of the Challenger League last season. Once the Challenger League reached the later stages and the offline matches started, the Alliance would also do some marketing. Some teams might even be streamed online. A team that had reached the finals would certainly have a lot of data accumulated. Ye Xiu searched around and found quite a lot of information. He began taking a look.

Wei Chen didn’t need to be called over. He had come to Ye Xiu. The two studied the material and quietly discussed it with each other. All of the VODs on Team Everlasting were watched.

After dinner, everyone gathered together. Ye Xiu was planning on saying a few words about Team Everlasting.

The living room in their residence was arranged in the same way as their practice room at Happy Internet Cafe. Everyone was familiar with the orientation. The projector screen rolled down, and clips of Team Everlasting’s matches in the Challenger League began playing.

“These are Team Everlasting’s six main classes: Spellblade, Elementalist, Qi Master, Warlock, Cleric, and Launcher.” After what seemed like a short trailer showcasing their classes, Ye Xiu introduced each of the six characters that appeared, which comprised of Team Everlasting’s main roster.

“What are your thoughts on this team composition?” Ye XIu wasn’t going to tell them everything. These rookies needed to learn how to think for themselves. They couldn’t keep relying on Ye Xiu and Wei Chen.

“They don’t have a single completely melee class. All of them have strong long-ranged AoE skills. For a dungeon, this type of team composition is quite good for a One Wave Rush strategy……” An Wenyi replied. He was more familiar with Glory than Tang Rou and Steamed Bun. He had strong observational skills too. He could easily see things as simple as this.  

Ye Xiu nodded his head: “That’s their team’s specialty. They like clumped-up fights. Last season, the core attacker of their team was this player.”

Ye Xiu said. Another clip was played. In this clip, everyone in the team coordinated with the Spellblade to attack.

“Next, these types of map coverage attacks are clearly something that they practice. I’ll let you guys see it for yourself. In a bit, I’ll explain it in more detail. This type of attack is most likely what we’ll need to be ready to face.” Ye Xiu said. This time, the opponents were different. A pro team would develop their own unique style. At this moment, undergoing practice specifically to counter it was the most effective for the rookies.

On the projector screen, the battle continued. As Ye Xiu said before, he did not immediately start to analyze it. When this part of the video stopped, he chose a random part in the middle and played it, while asking everyone: “Do you guys have any thoughts?”

“Over here…… the core doesn’t seem to be the Spellblade?” Qiao Yifan had the most experience in the competitive scene out of all the youths here. It was just that in Team Tiny Herb, he had a habit of being cautious with everything he said. However, after being with Team Happy for so long, especially playing with everyone every day, he realized how improper a lot of their ways were, so he gradually began having more courage to speak his opinions.

“Who is the core then?” Ye Xiu asked.

Qiao Yifan immediately felt like he had said too much and felt too scared to answer. But seeing how Ye Xiu wasn’t looking at him with reproach, he finally mustered up the courage: “Is it…… the Launcher?” He still wasn’t confident.

“Yes, that’s correct.” Ye Xiu nodded his head, “The Launcher is leading the attack here. Tactics are flexible to some extent. If a tactic is so rigid that only a single core could execute it, that would be too easy for the opponent to beat.”

Just the comment “that’s correct” made QIao Yifan feel excited. Just when he was about to say something more, someone suddenly said: “That Team Samsara. Aren’t they being led by a just a single core?”

Everyone was astonished hearing this voice because it belonged to Mo Fan!

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