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Chapter 805 - A Little Frivolous

Team Everlasting.

Team Everlasting became a pro team when they joined the Pro League in Season 5. They had stayed for three years before being eliminated from the league. For three years, 15th was the best ranking they had achieved, so they had never been an outstanding team. 

But when they were placed in the Challenger League, they were enough to triumph over all. The resulting champions of the Challenger League were monopolized by these types of teams every year. 

Even though they didn’t have any God in their team, they managed to mingle around in the professional circle for three years, so at least they were qualified pro players. Although there weren’t many Silver equipment for their characters, they had some. They were much stronger than Team Happy, who only had two petty Silver weapons. Furthermore, apart from the Silver equipment, every other equipment was Orange. This was something Happy couldn’t compare with. Team Happy’s characters still had crappy Purple equipment, which weren’t up to standard placed in the pro scene.

It was only because of Excellent Era this year. Otherwise, such team would be the final boss, like how they were in the past. Team Happy was far from lucky finding them only in the second round. Perhaps only people like Ye Xiu would bring up Excellent Era to compare. 

However, they couldn’t underestimate Team Everlasting’s strength. This round wouldn’t be easy.

“At least we can get some equipment. Even though we can’t get Silver equipment, we can get Orange equipment somehow.” Chen Guo spoke. As for the method, she had already come up with one. There was only one way to collect a full set of equipment in a short time - using money!

Silver equipment might not be purchasable, but Orange equipment was different. This was something that circulated around normal players, so this matter was achievable if one were willing to spend  money. 

“Mm,” Ye Xiu seemed to agree with Chen Guo’s opinion and nodded. “Does anyone have any friends or relatives that could lend us some Orange equipment?” 

“Huh?” Chen Guo was stunned. She never thought that they would be borrowing the equipment. Borrowing equipment for a match? Why did it feel extremely dodgy and frivolous?

“Do you have any friends that can lend us some?” Ye Xiu asked Chen Guo. 

“I…… don’t……” Chen Guo stammered. After thinking about it for a bit,, Chen Guo realised that she didn’t have any. It wasn’t as if she didn’t have any friends, it was because none of her close friends had any Orange equipment. For strong professional teams, Orange equipment was only used to fill in the gaps, but for the majority of players in the game, it was very rare. It couldn’t be helped. They were in two different leagues, so how they viewed things would be different, too. 

“I’ll see if Loulan Slash has any!” Ye Xiu said and actually took action. He called for Loulan Slash on QQ. “Comrade Lou, do you have any equipment we can borrow?”

Loulan Slash was now an official pro player, so his name would be revealed to the public. His full name was Lou Guanning. He was both Team Heavenly Sword’s boss and captain. After the first two rounds of the season, Team Heavenly Swords received lots of criticism. People believed that Team Heavenly Swords was merely the toy of a rich person. Normal players only played Glory online. However, the temperament of rich people would be different. They could just spend money to create a team and send themselves into the pro scene to play.  

But wouldn’t this method bring humiliation onto themselves? Did they really think money was all powerful?

Many players mocked them in such a manner. This was because judging from the two matches, Team Heavenly Sword’s performance was kind of terrible. They only got one point and was ranked last in the team ranking. 

Lou Guanning was frustrated about it! After Ye Xiu’s lesson, they had adjusted their mindset. Their goal was no longer exaggerated and unrealistic. But the current drop in expectations was too great. Putting the ranking aside, it was even hard to gain one point. It just so happened that no one had a clue or idea for a solution.

The five members of Heavenly Swords gathered together for their Monday meeting in order to discuss about how they should digest the pain they received in the past two weeks. After the introduction to the meeting, all five became silent. Lou Guanning had nothing to say himself, so he got bored and logged onto QQ. The moment he logged on, he saw God messaging him. 

“Borrowing equipment? What equipment?” Lou Guanning replied with no spirit. 

“Pro equipment! Our opponent next round is a bit troublesome.” Ye Xiu replied. 

“Every opponent we are up against is troublesome.” Lou Guanning said absent-mindedly. Evidently, he didn’t think much about Ye Xiu’s words, so he carelessly chatted with Ye Xiu to pass the time. 

“I saw your match. The first step is always the hardest!” Ye Xiu said. 

“We have made mental preparations, but we never knew it would be this difficult.” Lou Guanning replied. 

“Your first two opponents were quite strong. That’s a fact.” Ye Xiu said. 

Team Heavenly Sword’s first opponent was Team Samsara. This had been set up intentionally this season. Sure enough, Team Heavenly Sword was annihilated. As for their second match, they faced off against Team Misty Rain. 

Even though Team Misty Rain was never counted as a powerhouse, they were able to eliminate Team Tyranny and become one of the top four last season. It would be easy for them to deal with a team that have just joined the league. 

However, Team Heavenly Sword had a good start in the first match. They had won the first round in the individual competition and received their first point ever. This helped increase their momentum and boost their morale. But soon, they were brought back to their original shape and returned to the situation of their first match. They failed to win any of the following nine points. 

The victory of winning the first point from the single match was completely forgotten due to their miserable mood. But Ye Xiu just had to bring up that match at this moment. “Didn’t you guys win a round? It shows that it’s not because of your skills, but because you’re not used to it. The feeling of fighting in a professional match is different from fighting with players in the regular arena, right?” 

“Different indeed.” Lou Guanning admitted. 

“Feeling a bit nervous is unavoidable, it will get better when you grow used to it. Everyone experiences this stage.” Ye Xiu said. 

“Were you nervous when you fought in your first match?” Lou Guanning asked.

“Of course.” Ye Xiu said. 

“But your performance was still so good.” Lou Guanning was pretty clear about Ye Xiu’s record. 

“Mm…… That was because everybody’s human, so I reckon my opponents were more nervous than me.” Ye Xiu said. 

“Haha……” Lou Guanning didn’t reply, but actually laughed out loud. The other four immediately gazed at him with puzzlement. Their eyes carried all sorts of blame, expressing how could he possibly laugh at a time like this? He wasn’t focused at all!

“It’s God!” Lou Guanning turned his computer’s screen around for the other four to see their conversation. 

The four knew who Lou Guanning meant as “God”. Countless of people were called “God” in the professional circle, but for the people in Team Heavenly Swords, if one simply said “God”, they definitely meant Ye Qiu. 

In the chat, Ye Xiu didn’t say any comforting or encouraging words, he merely pointed out their current problem. Even though he didn’t give them any helpful solutions, they learned that this was something every pro player would have to experience. They were just like everyone else. There were no exceptions. Just because there was no exception, it made it seem as if they didn’t need to feel crestfallen about it. 

The mood unexpectedly turned better. Lou Guanning finally realised that Ye Xiu didn’t find him to talk about this matter. He hastily went back to the original topic on his own initiative. “God, you mentioned that you needed to borrow equipment?”

“Pro equipment, as pro as it can be!” Ye Xiu said. 

“Are you telling me that you would like to borrow our current Silver equipment?” Lou Guanning asked.

“If I can, I wouldn’t mind!” Ye Xiu said. 

Lou Guanning almost planted his face into the table, he was stupefied before replying. “Would the rules allow us to?”

“As far as I know, there are no terms prohibiting it.” Ye Xiu said. 

“Outside of the transfer window, it is prohibited to transfer characters, but I think equipment can be.” Evidently, Lou Guanning had done his research. 

“Mm, speaking of this, where did you get your Silver equipment from?” Ye Xiu gossiped.

“I bought it!” 

“How secretive.” Ye Xiu said. 

“Thanks for the compliment.”

“Then quickly give it to me to use.” Ye Xiu didn’t have any reservations. At the start, he didn’t plan to borrow their Silver equipment. He only thought that if they had any Orange equipment in their guild’s storeage, he could borrow and return it after this match. But Lou Guanning brought up this topic himself, and Ye Xiu thought that the proposal wasn’t bad, so he happily accepted it. 

Chen Guo, who watched beside him, was stupefied. Ye Xiu was just borrowing equipment! But now he managed to get Silver equipment, without having any reservations at all! She didn’t know if Team Heavenly Swords would lend them the equipment or not. 

Chen Guo was kind of looking forward to it. They wasn’t any competition between the two teams, and their competition dates weren’t the same. It wouldn’t affect Team Heavenly Swords too much if they lended their equipment, unless Team Heavenly Swords was a faceslapping group who felt uncomfortable towards Team Happy and wanted Team Happy to be tormented. But Team Heavenly Swords was not only not a faceslapping group, they were quite close. To lend their equipment at this time…… seemed, quite possible?

Chen Guo was a bit excited, she waited with Ye Xiu for the reply while she spoke with excitement. “Hey…… If it’s like this, can you find other pro teams to borrow equipment from? You know all of them!” 

“I do know them, but not their boss.” Ye Xiu said. 

Chen Guo understood at once. Lou Guanning was both the player and boss, so he was able to make the decision. As for other teams, the pro players obviously didn’t have such power, so making such a request would be difficult for them. 

In actual fact, wasn’t it the same for Team Heavenly Swords? When Lou Guanning told the other four what Ye Xiu had said, they were at a complete loss. They weren’t mentally prepared for such request! By rights, judging from with their relationship and that there weren’t any conflicts, there wouldn’t be a problem in lending them the equipment. But…… why did it feel a little frivolous? 

Borrowing equipment to play a match…… Did they just make history in the pro scene.

“What classes do you guys have?” Lou Guanning finally started to take practical action. 

“Don’t mind about that, just give us everything! Lord Grim could wear what’s left over.” Ye Xiu replied. 

Lou Guanning’s face was covered in tears at once. Unspecialised was truly great!

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