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Chapter 800 - Not Easy to Report

After Qiu Fei finished talking, he turned around and left the game studio. Chen Yehui lay underneath the desk. He didn’t recover for a long time.

What just happened?

Did I just…… get punched?

It was an actual slap to the face. It wasn’t some insult thrown online, but a punch to the face. Chen Yehui had trouble wrapping his head around it. This wasn’t the game. Why was there still fighting? Did he somehow transcend worlds?

Chen Yehui wasn’t the only stunned. There were other employees at the game studio! Everyone had seen Qiu Fei punch their senior to the ground. Everyone stared in shock. A minute passed since Qiu Fei left. It was only then did they realize: wasn’t their boss still lying under the table?

He’s not dead right?

Everyone hastily got up. They immediately circled around and then saw their boss get up from underneath the table with difficulty.

Someone close to him supported him up. Chen Yehui was just barely standing. He lifted his head up. The surrounding people stifled a laugh.

The legendary sausage mouth! They had finally seen it themselves with their own eyes. When the mouth swelled up after being hit, it really looked like he had two sausages hanging on his face.

Laughing at this moment wasn’t appropriate though. Everyone tried their hardest to endure it. Those, who couldn’t hang on, gave an excuse saying they needed to get some water or grab a stool to temporarily leave.

Chen Yehui was helped onto a stool. He refused any water poured out for him with a wave of his hands. The studio was quiet. No one said anything. They were all trusted subordinates of Chen Yehui. If not, Chen Yehui wouldn’t have denounced Ye Qiu in front of them, but it was because of this very reason that Chen Yehui was punched in the face by Qiu Fei. This matter wouldn’t be easy to handle.

Even if he reported him, Qiu Fei had only punched him. Although hitting someone wasn’t right, from the club’s perspective, it wasn’t morally wrong in that situation. Chen Yehui wasn’t injured or crippled. His lips had swelled to two sausages now, but it would heal after a few days.

On the other hand, he had talked all sorts of trash about Ye Qiu. From the club’s perspective, this was definitely a grave error.

Even if the higher-ups like the manager and the boss had the same thoughts as Chen Yehui, none of them would voice it like Chen Yehui had.

In reality, the club wasn’t afraid to offend any players. The club was afraid of offending fans. Ye Qiu had contributed greatly to Excellent Era’s success. The club wanted to reduce his influence, but directly denouncing him like Chen Yehui had definitely wasn’t a viable option. Even if Ye Qiu really had been a malignant tumor to the team, when the club kicked him out, they would still praise him and send him off with their blessings. The club would only cross the line if even the fans spurned him too.

Was Ye Qiu that type? Definitely not.

Even though there were many voices of condemnation towards Ye Qiu recently, that was just because of the current situation. The fans had acted on their own. Excellent Era could only reveal their knowledge of the situation to the public. For example, Ye Qiu had formed Team Happy; Ye Qiu was Lord Grim; Ye Qiu had refused their invitation to return. All of this had been true.

The club intended on stirring up trouble, but they could only fan the flames. They revealed actions that the fans wouldn’t understand and support and let the fans decide for themselves. How could they directly slander Ye Qiu and let the fans choose? If they did that, it would result in the opposite of what they desired.

Club Excellent Era’s attitude towards Ye Qiu was like this both internally and externally. Chen Yehui had overstepped his bounds, slandering Ye Qiu in an attempt to win over Qiu Fei. If the club investigated the matter, the club wouldn’t attach much importance to Qiu Fei’s punch, but his unadorned stance towards Ye Qiu.

The higher ups could talk about their true thoughts privately amongst themselves, but if you go out and start blabbering, aren’t you being too unreliable?

Chen Yehui’s brain wasn’t only fixed onto Glory. As someone holding an important position in the club, he had to worry about his career too. Analyzing the pros and cons of a situation was a necessary skill.

He had no way of launching an investigation into the matter because it was his provocation to begin with. He had misjudged Qiu Fei’s attitude and employed such an unreliable method. There wasn’t even enough time for him to cover up the incident. How could he dare to blow up the incident and report it?

He wouldn’t forget that punch though. As the matter stood, he couldn’t take revenge at the moment, but he could grasp at a weakness he found in the future. If not, how could the saying “settle accounts after autumn” exist?

What should he do to pass through this current obstacle?

Would Qiu Fei report him?

Yes, logically speaking, it was also entirely possible.

Qiu Fei truly respected Ye Qiu. As for the club? Even though the higher-ups hated Ye Qiu on the inside, they could only express their respect and gratitude towards him on the surface. As a result, the higher-ups might have the same thoughts as him, but someone who wantonly condemned Ye Qiu would actually be outed as a pest.

But if that happened, Chen Yehui wasn’t worried.

“Little Zhao, tss…..” Chen Yehui finally spoke, but it was extremely painful to open his mouth. Apart from the swelling, his lips had been cut in many areas.

“Senior……” Little Zhao was a quick-witted fellow. When he heard his name called, he immediately went over.

“Go chase after him and see where that kid ran off to.” Chen Yehui said.

“Chase him and then what?” Little Zhao asked.

“See where he went and then report back to me.” Chen Yehui said. It was like he was typing out his words in chat. Every time he spoke, his lips hurt.

“Okay.” Little Zhao nodded his head and then ran off.

Not long afterwards, Little Zhao messaged back. Qiu Fei didn’t go anywhere. He went back to the training camp and was using the computer in the practice room.

“He didn’t talk to anyone?” Chen Yehui asked.

“No.” Little Zhao replied.

“That’s fine. Come back!” Chen Yehui let out a sigh of relief. It seems like after punching him, Qiu Fei was too lazy to bother with anything else. Teens were still too pure. How could they have as many thoughts as Chen Yehui.

“You punk. You just wait…..” Chen Yehui gnashed his teeth. He never liked him and now he deeply hated him. Even so, Chen Yehui didn’t dare to stir up any trouble using this incident. What he needed to consider was how should he explain his swollen lips to others?

Excellent Era had formed a team to slap Happy’s face, but it resulted in Chen Yehui being punched in real life. Not only did he need to erase these results, even in the game, Excellent Era had failed. Chen Yehui would need to at least report this failure to Cui Li.

“I know. I saw it.” Cui Li bluntly said. In the end, he added: “The boss saw it too.”  


“I’m saying the way you organized it had issues! How can you allow people who lost to keep fighting and losing? We can’t achieve the faceslapping result we want. If it weren’t for those losses, defeating Soft Mist after that one match would have been a perfect conclusion.” Cui Li said.

Chen Yehui obviously knew what he was talking about. Li Rui lost two matches in a row. Then, Qiu Fei went up and beat Soft Mist under the context that there had been a switch of players. If Soft Mist couldn’t continue fighting, that victory would have been enough. Unfortunately, Soft Mist won against Qiu Fei in the next match, diluting his victory. The face slappers couldn’t use this victory to back up their arguments because it could easily be countered.

“Good for you though. When you needed to follow the rules, you didn’t follow them. When you shouldn’t have followed the rules, you followed them.” Cui Li continued.

When he shouldn’t have followed the rules referred to when Li Rui beat Steamed Bun Invasion and then kept switching accounts only to be toyed around with by that Warlock, Windward Formation. All the matches had been extremely close, frustrating Li Rui to death.  

Li Rui!

Chen Yehui discovered that everything had gone wrong because of Li Rui. Li Rui started the mess by losing to Soft Mist and then switching accounts, refusing to give up. Then, he squandered it again, when he beat Steamed Bun Invasion, demanding the other side to switch players. Then, he switched, switched, and switched again.  

That b*stard!

Chen Yehui never had a good impression of Li Rui before either. Now he was even more furious. At this moment, Cui Li asked: “Did you arrange for those Battle Mages to keep on coming out on stage again and again?” 

Chen Yehui hastily said. Excellent Era had looked unsightly there.   

Chen Yehui never had a good impression of Li Rui. Now he was even more furious. At this moment, Cui Li asked: “Did you arrange for those Battle Mages to keep on coming out on stage again and again?” 

“No!” Chen Yehui hastily said. Excellent Era had been toyed with. With so many Battle Mages coming out, the crowd could probably guess that it was someone switching between alternate accounts, let alone Cui Li. He and Chen Yehui had picked which trainees to use. Of the six picked, Qiu Fei and Li Rui were the only two Battle Mages.

“It was Li Rui. He kept trying to redeem himself, so he kept on trying again and again.” Chen Yehui hastily explained. He didn’t like Li Rui, but if he hit a person who was already down, he would be seen as using Li Rui as a scapegoat. Cui Li’s impression of him might turn bad as a result.

“What a mess. Then what was that in the beginning?” Cui Li asked.

Chen Yehui told the truth. Cui Li listened and was very unsatisfied with Li Rui’s conduct: “That Li Rui is too reckless.”

Chen Yehui did not answer.

“Little Qiu is not bad.” Cui Li said for the third time today. This time, he wasn’t talking about Qiu Fei’s performance on stage. If there was some special reason for his praise, then it would indicate his acknowledgement of him.

Chen Yehui heard the praise from Cui Li and was startled. He suddenly hated how he hadn’t pushed the blame onto Qiu Fei instead, when he had needed to explain himself.

But when he thought about it again, so many people knew! Confusing black and white would be too arrogant.

Seeing Qiu Fei suddenly be recognized was too unpleasant. He inadvertently touched his lips. F*ck, they’re bleeding again…...

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