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Chapter 796 - Battle Mage Duel

Dragon Tooth!

Ye Xiu had Soft Mist use Dragon Tooth to meet his opponent’s attack.

Qiu Fei did another micro movement. His Demon Fighter shifted slightly and Dragon Tooth brushed past his body. Demon Fighter’s spear looked as if it was about to strike Soft Mist, when Soft Mist twisted her body and her spear swept across horizontally along with her movement.

Ding! The two spears collided with each other. Ye Xiu did not want to waste his Dragon Tooth in order to dodge. Instead, he twisted to shift directions, turning his Dragon Tooth into a block. (TL Note: Guard->Block)

Blocks had numerous uses. It was a basic technique that all pro players needed to firmly grasp. It was most used in fights between the same class. In fights between the same class, both sides had the same skill options and similar stats, so their attack priorities were naturally about the same. As a result, blocks were very dependable.

However, Battle Mages were an exception. Experienced pro players would try not to block opponent attacks. 

Because blocks relied on an attack’s priority to reduce the opponent attack. According to the system, if an attack was blocked, it would still count as a hit. The attack simply hit the opponent’s weapon, so it would not deal much damage.  

Even so, it satisfied the requirements for a chaser to spawn.

Magic chasers were a Battle Mage’s main method of attack and provided a buff. A Battle Mage without a chaser was no different from an elderly tiger with no teeth.

In addition, the Battle Mage awakening skill, Battle Spirit, relied on combos to stack. An attack being blocked would still count as a hit, so the combo count would also increase by one.

Blocking several attacks in a row looked super cool, but if the opponent was a Battle Mage, it was the same as waiting for the opponent to activate Battle Spirit and engulf you in chasers!  

Facing Battle Mages, controlling the creation of chasers was very important, so blocking should generally not be used when possible.  

But on the flip side, as a Battle Mage, creating chasers was very important and blocking an attack was a good way to obtain chasers. Blocking an attack and an attack being blocked were both considered as hits for both sides.

Because of this class characteristic, every Battle Mage would emphasize blocking practice. Every Battle Mage player was an expert at blocking.

The two Battle Mages battling needed chasers. At the same time, neither side wanted the other side to generate chasers, making the battle much more complicated.

Ye Xiu used Dragon Tooth as a block. Qiu Fei had also used a skill that could generate a chaser. After the block, both Battle Mages had a magic chaser floating around their bodies.

Soft Mist had a white neutral chaser from the Dragon Tooth. Demon Mist had a pale blue ice chaser from Double Stab.

Before the two chasers could completely form, the two fighters jumped backwards away from each other. Closely following afterwards, their chasers flew out from their bodies.


As if the two chasers had agreed on the path beforehand, the chasers crashed into each other. With a light ding and without any flashy visual effects, there was a slight magic fluctuation before the two chasers disappeared. This type of collision also counted as hit. As a result, the two Battle Mages each gained a buff according to their chaser’s effects.

A light blue aura emanated from Demon Fighter, freezing the surrounding air like an armor made of ice. Ice chasers gave a defense buff to the user.

As for Soft Mist, the white aura only emanated from her two feet. It looked as if she were standing on a cloud. Neutral chasers gave a movement speed buff to the user.

The difference between the two chasers suddenly became the breaking point of the match. When Soft Mist rushed forward, her speed had clearly increased significantly. Demon Fighter’s defense buff put him on the defensive. He did not gain any advantage until an attack hit.

Buffs given by chasers lasted 20 seconds. How could Ye Xiu waste this opportunity? Utilizing his superior movement speed, he moved nimbly into a position to use Sky Strike.

Demon Fighter was at a disadvantage in terms of movement speed compared to Soft Mist, so he had no way of dodging it. Qiu Fei immediately thrust his spear in order to block the attack. However, Soft Mist’s spear suddenly twisted and completed an N. Demon Fighter failed to block the attack and he was launched into the air.

“Your decision-making still isn’t good enough. You see me use Dragon Tooth, yet you give me a chaser for free. You could have cancelled your Double Stab there. Why are you in such a rush?” Ye Xiu said.

The previous exchange of skills hadn’t been necessary. Even though Soft Mist had blocked the attack, Qiu Fei had used Double Stab, which attacked in two stages. In between the two stabs, the spear had to be retracted. How else could there be a second stab? At that moment, Qiu Fei could have cancelled his skill. If he timed it well enough, he could have retracted it in the middle of the first attack, so Dragon Tooth wouldn’t block it. Then, he could have followed with the second stage and completed the attack.

Qiu Fei, whose character had been launched into the air, immediately realized it too. So I can do that there….. I really was too hasty.

Qiu Fei grinded his teeth. He turned his character in midair, but he couldn’t see any sign of Soft Mist.  

Vanishing Step!

This was a high-leveled technique used to combo in the air. Against normal players, using such a high-leveled technique was superfluous. Very few normal players could steady their characters while in the air. As for pro players, in order to counter this, they invented Vanishing Step.

Qiu Fei still wasn’t too good with this technique. It was because this technique required vast amounts of experience. Without a few years of accumulated experience, it would be very difficult to pull off.

Even if he couldn’t pull it off himself, that didn’t mean he was helpless against it. There was no such thing in Glory as an invincible technique. Qiu Fei spun around twice, but still couldn’t locate Soft Mist. During this time, he ate two attacks. After these two attacks, Qiu Fei decisively made a move. Demon Fighter stopped turning around in an attempt to see Soft Mist and used Tyrant’s Destruction as if he knew her location.

Sure enough, Soft Mist was inside Tyrant’s Destruction’s range. Whether this attack was blocked or dodged, Soft Mist would be forced to move away from Demon Fighter. Vanishing Step required the user to be within a certain range. This attack completely dismantled Vanishing Step.

“Not bad. You can find my location after just the second attack.” Ye Xiu said again.

After escaping, Qiu Fei was on guard. Sure enough, Soft Mist rushed towards him. Qiu Fei immediately rolled without thinking and let out a Falling Flower Palm. Soft Mist leaped backwards and used Double Stab at the same time. Qiu Fei did not dodge it. He had Demon Fighter use Sky Strike to trade attacks and launch Soft Mist into the air.

Their attacks traded. Soft Mist was knocked into the air. Demon Fighter may have been hit by Double Stab, but Double Stab did not have a brief stun effect like Dragon Tooth. He took the damage and chased after Soft Mist to attack. Suddenly, a blue light flashed in front of him. An ice chaser had smashed into him.


Elemental chasers not only dealt more damage than neutral chasers, but they also brought a debuff to the enemy. Ice chasers would slow the target. The probability of the slow and the effects depended on the skill level. Qiu Fei could not tell how many skill points had been put into Soft Mist’s Ice Chaser, but when he checked his character’s debuff status, he saw that the slow had been triggered. 

There’s still enough time!

Qiu Fei measured the distance between Demon Fighter and Soft Mist. He felt like even with the slow, there was still enough time to attack Soft Mist while she was still in hitstun. He immediately attacked, but his spear moved slower than he had expected. His attack unexpectedly missed.

Not good!

Qiu Fei suddenly realized that he had made an error in judgement. Then, he saw Soft Mist turn her body and send over her spear. Like a sharp sword, the spear swung down onto Qiu Fei’s Demon Fighter, nailing him to the ground. Battle Mage skill: Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart.

This attack had little startup lag and little ending lag. When the skill was completed, Soft Mist was still in the air! Ye Xiu’s voice floated down: “Did you miscount my combo count?”


Qiu Fei had realized it too. This was his mistake. He had miscounted Soft Mist’s combo count.  

For a Battle Mage, the benefits of a high combo count wasn’t just from Battle Spirit. The damage and effects of a chaser could also be strengthened through a higher combo count. The higher the combo count, the stronger a chaser. The passive buff from a chaser was fixed though. Only a higher skill level would change it. Without knowing the Battle Mage’s combo count, the power of the chaser could not be determined accurately. Qiu Fei had just committed this mistake.

When Soft Mist landed on the ground, Demon Fighter had just gotten up. He immediately charged towards Soft Mist and the two Battle Mages began clashing again.

The spectators watched in awe. It currently looked like Demon Fighter was slightly on the disadvantage, but he wasn’t getting crushed. At every crucial moment, Demon Fighter seemed to be able to counterattack.

At Club Excellent Era’s studio, Li Rui and the other trainees were stunned.

Finally, one of them turned their heads to look at Li Rui. His expression was doubtful and puzzled. He asked, unsure: “Brother Li, isn’t this…… a coaching match?”

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