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Chapter 794 - Another Player Switch

“What are you looking at?” Wei Chen moved closer to look at Ye Xiu’s screen. He was starting to suspect that he wasn’t watching the match. Why else did he look so distracted? The skill level of those two were shocking when thrown into the normal player crowd, but as seniors of the pro scene, it wasn’t that stunning!

But when he went over, Ye Xiu really was looking at the match.

Maybe it was because he was astonished at how Tang Rou’s situation wasn’t looking good? Wei Chen had also noticed it. Wasn’t that what he wanted to talk about? Of the three opponents fought today, both Ye Xiu and Wei Chen could tell that the first opponent wasn’t bad. He just performed poorly. The second opponent was evenly matched with Tang Rou, but Tang Rou performed better and also won that round. As for this round…..

Wei Chen turned his head back to look at his screen and commented: “Do you think this Demon Fighter is a different person?”

The players felt so because the difference between this round and the previous round was too great. It was actually more difficult for Ye Xiu and Wei Chen to be certain because they could see that the Demon Fighter from the previous round was actually quite skilled.

“He’s different.” Ye Xiu was quite certain, “The person from the first and second round are the same person. The current one is a different person.”  

“What’s your reasoning behind that?” Wei Chen was puzzled. No matter how experienced he was, without actually being there, how could he guess that Li Rui had been distracted by his thoughts?

“I don’t know.” Ye Xiu shook his head, but he was still watching the current round: “But I recognize this one here!”  

“You recognize him? Who?” Wei Chen was astonished.

Chen Guo was pleasantly surprised. To Chen Guo, being able to fight evenly with Tang Rou was already incredible enough. If they encountered anyone skilled, they could try recruit him or her. This was one reason why Chen Guo arranged this exhibition match. Now that they had run into someone skilled, who Ye Xiu even recognized, it was too perfect!

“Who? From where? How old? How do you know him?” Chen Guo asked a string of questions. 

Ye Xiu shook his head. He didn’t immediately reply and continued to watch the match seriously. Chen Guo was surprised. From Ye Xiu’s behavior, this opponent might not be someone who could easily be recruited?

On stage, the fight between the two players was approaching the end.

The same opportunity, the same skill, but in the end, it was Qiu Fei who hit Soft Mist with Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart. At that instant, Tang Rou’s hand speed had surpassed Qiu Fei’s, and Soft Mist started the attack earlier. While that was an advantage, it didn’t decide everything. Qiu Fei may have been slightly slower, but his angle was more precise and efficient. Qiu Fei’s greater familiarity with the skill revealed itself. He may have started slower, but his attack’s path was more efficient, allowing him to strike first.

This attack determined the outcome of the fight. Qiu Fei did not make a mistake. EVen though Tang Rou tried hard, she was unable to escape. Soft Mist finally fell.


These two eye-catching words flashed onto the screen. The spectators stared blankly. It was only until a few seconds later did they erupt. A flood of messages instantly jumped out into chat. In this instant, everyone in Happy could deeply feel that they truly were the villains.

Only a few praised Qiu Fei’s performance. The vast majority of the crowd were cheering at Happy’s downfall. The face slappers had been waiting too long for this moment. They had almost given up, thinking that Team Happy might really require pro players to take down. Quite a few were burning incense and praying for Happy to run into Excellent Era in the first round.

Who would have thought that they wouldn’t need to wait until that day came? Someone had stood out and taken down Team Happy today.  

The crowd completely forgot about the nature of competition. Losing and winning was very normal. No matter how strong a team or a player was, no one had a 100% win rate. After beating Soft Mist, the spectators felt like Happy could no longer recover as if this loss would result in their complete collapse.

The content of the ridicule was brilliant. Compared to the common insults, the trash talk experts among the crowd were absolutely at a professional level. Tang Rou, who lost the previous round, raised her head to look at everyone. Her eyes were filled with regret. However, she was no longer a noob, who would refuse to accept the results and immediately try again like she did when she lost to Ye Xiu. Glory was entirely skill-based. There was a reason for every win and loss. And Tang Rou could evaluate her opponent’s strength, especially since her opponent used a Battle Mage too. She could identify her opponent’s methods. Who was better or worse couldn’t be determined with just a few matches. At the All Star Weekend, Tang Rou had taken Team Samsara’s Du Ming by surprise and won a few matches, but did that mean her skill level was higher than Du Ming’s?

Tang Rou understood this reasoning very well. So when she lost, she didn’t make excuses. Although she was unwilling to admit it, she had to concede: “Today’s opponet is very good.”  

“Yes.” Ye Xiu nodded his head and got up, “Let me try.”  

“You?” Everyone was astonished. Up until now, there was no record of Ye Xiu ever appearing! It made those who opposed Excellent Era use this fact as an argument: you’ve been challenging them for so long and you guys can’t even force out the boss! And you still want to slap their faces?

And now, Ye Xiu took the initiative to come out.

“Do you want to use my account?” Tang Rou saw Ye Xiu heading over to her and guessed his intent.

“Yeah, they didn’t switch out, right?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I don’t think so.” Tang Rou looked at the stage. That Battle Mage was still standing there, not saying anything as if waiting for them to switch players.

“Directly start.” Ye Xiu said. Tang Rou pressed ready and got up to give her seat to Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu sat down and quickly typed: “Again.”

The other side didn’t reply, but pressed ready. When the spectators saw that the two were going to fight again, they immediately started jeering at Soft Mist. They weren’t leaving themselves an escape route. If Soft Mist won, what would they do?

Li Rui was the most depressed among everyone.

The opportunity he had been waiting for had been snatched away by Qiu Fei. Was that his fate? Qiu Fei had been favored by Ye Qiu as One Autumn Leaf’s successor. But when the team made a chance and Ye Qiu left. His position became awkward. But why did fortune favor him this time? Why did he snatch away this opportunity too?

Li Rui completely forgot that this opportunity had originally been given to him twice, but he failed to seize it. He only felt jealousy for Qiu Fei’s victory right now.

But no matter how much resentment he harbored. It would not change reality. The most eye-catching opportunity had been seized by Qiu Fei. His only option was to perform outstandingly in the following confrontations and attract attention that way. Should he switch accounts again though? He had done okay on Silent Night. If he didn’t switch accounts, it would be hard to get the same “it’s a different person” result. It would be more reliable if he switched accounts.

Li Rui was still racking his brain, when Soft Mist already pressed ready, saying “Again.”

Chen Yehui immediately said: “Ignore them. Wait for them to switch!”

Chen Yehui understood very well! Qiu Fei was more skilled, but only to a limited extent. He couldn’t crush Soft Mist like he could against normal players. So if he played another round, it was possible that Qiu Fei might lose.

They were here to embarrass Team Happy. If only a single player fought all the matches, but only won a single match, it wouldn’t make a big impact. But they had only lost two matches so far and they had cleanly taken down Soft Mist. Looking at the crowd’s reactions, the crowd looked highly upon this victory. It wasn’t a lucky victory that had only come out after a hundred crushing losses.

Speaking of which, Chen Yehui had to thank Li Rui’s coverup. Luckily, Silent Night lost so badly the first round. If not, the crowd wouldn’t have thought that the players had been switched. If the first round had been an even battle, if Qiu Fei won this round, the effects wouldn’t have been so spectacular. Two evenly-matched opponents going back and forth wouldn’t be considered a slap in the face, no?

The face slap had been hugely successful, but if Qiu Fei challenged Soft Mist again and lost, the face slap effect wouldn’t be as complete. As a result, when Chen Yehui saw the opponent press ready, he thought that the other side had thought of this. How could he fall for that trap? He immediately told Qiu Fei to ignore it. However, Qiu Fei had already pressed ready. The owner of the room was Team Happy, so how could the fight not start immediately?

“Sigh!” Chen Yehui slapped his leg. It was such a perfect opportunity. Why was Qiu Fei so stupid?  

Chen Yehui was annoyed, but he needed to rely on Qiu Fei not losing. He put aside his envy towards Qiu Fei and cheered him on: “Little Qiu, good luck!”

“Mm.” Qiu Fei replied. The match began. On the other side of the field, the image of Soft Mist gradually became clear. 

Is she going to attack first again? Qiu Fei didn’t have as many thoughts as Li Rui. He was purely focused on guessing what Soft Mist would do. In the previous three rounds, Soft Mist had taken the initiative. Qiu Fei had to be wary as soon as the fight started.

Who would have thought that this time, Soft Mist did not move and instead said: “Is that you, Qiu Fei?” 

This is….. Qiu Fei heard the other side’s voice and stared blankly into space.  

Ye Qiu? Is he really at Happy? Is he really planning on forming his own team and fighting against Excellent Era in the Challenger League?

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