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Chapter 79 – Changing Spring

The hunting for the Goblin Merchant started off exciting, but ended peacefully.

Once Blue Brook Guild and Herb Garden gave up, the other guilds with skill all got a clue and decided to not waste any more time. The remaining random players still didn’t understand the situation and refused to give up. They ended up assisting Tyrannical Ambition in outputting damage. Finally, when Tyrannical Ambition was announced as the Goblin Merchant’s first killers, Blue Brook Guild and Herb Garden were extremely tranquil.

To be tagged as a guild, it meant that the members of the first kill didn’t consist of members from outside the guild. However, Lord Grim had only recently left Blue Brook Guild and five days hadn’t passed yet, so he couldn’t join Tyrannical Ambition. Clearly, when the BOSS fell, he left the party and naturally wouldn’t appear on the leaderboards, keeping Tyrannical Ambition pure.

Blue River despised this point because they all understood clearly that Lord Grim contributions to Tyrannical Ambition killing off the Goblin Merchant were very large. Blue River believed that that usage of OT to control the BOSS’s move path was simply not possible for Tyrannical Ambition’s own players to have come up. This was because if it wasn’t possible for their Blue Brook Guild to have come up with such a plan, then without a doubt, the similar-leveled Tyrannical Ambition definitely wasn’t capable either. They completely relied on Lord Grim’s leading.

Blue River had already thoroughly believed that Lord Grim’s strength was on a completely different level than theirs. He was a great expert that surpassed normal players like them. With such a strength, how could he be a nobody? Which expert created this low-level account? Blue River obviously couldn’t put Lord Grim as a new player. This sort of valiant leading meant that he had to have incredible knowledge of the game. It wasn’t possible for him to be a new player.

“Brother.” Blue River opened up his friends list and calmly sent a message to Lord Grim: “How long do you think it’ll take for you to reach Level 23?”

“Everyone cares so much about this issue!” Ye Xiu replied.

Blue River wasn’t surprised. The reason everyone cared about this problem so much was simple. At Level 23, he could enter the Boneyard dungeon. Everyone was waiting for him to level up and then invite him to set a new record! Today, Tyrannical Ambition stole the Goblin Merchant and had gotten a taste of success. They must have also recognized this great expert’s value.

“I don’t know either. Keep playing and we’ll see!” Ye Xiu replied.

“You have to ask us for the Boneyard dungeon!!!” Blue River said.

“Let’s discuss this later!” Ye Xiu didn’t answer it.

Blue River was desperate. He had already predicted that these great guilds would fight desperately for Lord Grim in order to break and maintain records in the tenth server. Because he had seen Lord Grim’s calmness and intellect for himself, he was afraid that Lord Grim had become an expensive mercenary. He didn’t have much confidence in controlling this situation!

Blue River kept thinking and temporarily logged out of the game. He inserted a different card logging in as the high-leveled Blue Bridge Spring Snow.

At this time, in the Heavenly Domain, all of the players were bustling about and actively using their renewed dungeon entries. But once Blue Bridge Spring Snow went online, he still attracted a lot of the guild’s attention. This was one of the guild’s Five Great Experts. Moreover, wasn’t he supposed to be in the tenth server? Why did he suddenly run here?

The first one to send a message to Blue River was Blue Brook Guild’s leader: Changing Spring.

The message was very simple, ? ? ? ? , four big question marks.

“Busy?” Blue River asked.

“Dungeon” meaning that he was currently in a dungeon.

“Let’s talk after you’re out.” Blue River said.

“Urgent (?)”

“It’s not urgent, but I need to talk with you.”


Changing Spring’s messages were always this concise. But this definitely wasn’t because he had few words to say, he was simply too lazy to type it out. This guy’s hand speed was extremely fierce. He was also obsessed over it. He intentionally did a few useless movements to increase his hand speed and also didn’t want to waste movements on chatting.

His most famous moment was when someone raged at Changing Spring in the world channel. In the end, Changing Spring was clearly online but he never responded. For a great guild leader like him, this sort of action wasn’t proper. Even if he was too lazy to argue with the guy, he was still the guild leader. Being raged on by someone on the world channel made the entire guild feel like they were losing their dignity! The guild members looked for him to respond, but Changing Spring said he had already responded. Everyone was depressed! Later, when they opened the world channel and looked carefully, they unexpectedly found it.

In the heap of messages in the world channel, Changing Spring responded with a total of three letters: GFY. (TL: GFY = Go F*ck Yourself)

The entire guild kneeled and bowed up and down in worship! From then on “GFY” became Blue Brook Guild’s unsurpassed reply to other people’s rage at them. They continued to use it to this day.

Blue River had gotten used to Old Spring’s style. He didn’t say anything else and waited.

After ten minutes passes, Changing Spring sent a message: “Where”

“Mount Brook City.”

Mount Brook City was one of the big cities in the Heavenly Domain. Because the name had the word “Brook” in it, Blue Brook Guild stationed their guild there.

After a short while, Changing Spring hurried over. The two players met. Changing Spring didn’t leave anything out: “Did something happen?”

“A great expert appeared in the tenth server.” Blue River said.

“How good?” Changing Spring was amazed. Blue River had impatiently ran back to report to him just because of this expert?

“I can’t tell how good he is.” Blue River said.

“What class?”

“He still hasn’t changed classes.” Blue River said.

“Hasn’t changed classes?”

“Yeah, he’s learned skill from many different classes. It’s as if he’s playing unspecialized.” Blue River said.

Changing Spring laughed: “If he’s unspecialized, then of course his early levels are strong. His advantage in the number of skills he has is too prominent. But later on, without the damage from mid to high level skills, he won’t be able to keep up. He also needs too many weapons. The heavy weight would impact his speed. Moreover, once he reached Level 50, there’s no way to play anymore. Who still plays unspecialized?”

“I also thought this when I first saw him. But this guy’s strength isn’t here. I admit to the skills advantage in the early levels, but from this guy’s playing speed to theorycrafting to leading to coordination, they’re all extremely strong.” Blue River said.

“To play unspecialized in this day and age, of course this guy has a comprehensive knowledge of the game. But…….” Changing Spring said this and also felt that this sort of explanation was too far-fetched. Someone with just a comprehensive knowledge of the game wouldn’t move Blue River like this.

“Currently, in the tenth server, he took three first kills in the beginner village. Because of his participation in the Frost Forest dungeon, our party set the new record. Because of his participation in the Goblin Merchant hunt, the first kill was grabbed by Tyrannical Ambition. The Blood Gunner first kill…… He brought a party of random players and stole it right from under the Three Great Guild’s eyes.” Blue River felt these accomplishments were already sufficient in convincing him.

“He’s played with us? And also helped Tyrannical Ambition? And then stole the Blood Gunner away right from under the Three Great Guild’s eyes? Which side is he from?” Changing Spring didn’t understand.

“He’s not from any side. I’ve tried to rope him in, but he’s not interested. From what I can see, this guy wants to be hired like this. He’ll raise the prices extremely high and then earn a fortune.” Blue River said.

“This guy’s…… a little strange. What’s his name?”

“Lord Grim.”

“Lord Grim? Is there an expert with such a name in this server?” Changing Spring was at a loss.

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