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Chapter 784 - New Heights

Excellent Era fans were unable to restrain their anger. Whether it was because of the mock and ridicule from the outside world, or the failure to take down Team Happy.

News spread rapidly. Guild Excellent Dynasty had numerous players. A few had noticed this event, but because they weren’t in City H, they didn’t pay too much attention to it. Who would have thought the matter would get worse and worse? In the end, it became a hot topic. Under the push from players, who rejoiced at Excellent Era’s misfortune, a small unknown character like Team Happy became described as the nemesis of Excellent Era.

How could fans bear to see this? How could this kind of team be a threat to Excellent Era? But the problem was that this team truly did have some skill. Excellent Era fans, who couldn’t sit idly and watch, ran over to slap their faces, but ended up running back with bloody noses instead.  

They couldn’t sit still and watch!

The guild was a gathering place for the team’s fans. Apart from supporting the team through wild bosses, they could be considered the leaders for fans. At this moment, quite a few voices from the fans had reached Guild Excellent Dynasty. After all, the guild contained the true experts among Excellent Era fans. Thus, Excellent Era fans requested the guild to send out experts and eliminate Team Happy.

Excellent Dynasty’s normal players were eager to give it a try. They felt like it was their moment to shine, but when the news reached Excellent Dynasty’s core group, the elites of the elites, everyone fell silent. When their guild leader Chen Yehui heard the news, tears were already streaming down his cheeks.

Happy is so arrogant! I know! I’m standing at the window, looking at them!

Coming out with a promotion for free usage, attracting attention, creating the challenge, and then withstanding the ridicule from Excellent Era fans.

In fact, Chen Yehui, who was located right across street from Happy, had heard the news much earlier than most of the guild players. When he went out to eat at night one day, he even sneakily left to take a look at all the commotion going on at Happy Internet Cafe. Then, he saw the so-called expert turn into dough against Soft Mist and the disappointed Excellent Era fans.

That day, Chen Yehui’s heart thumped. He realized that, if this matter continued, it would likely reach him! Chen Yehui didn’t want that to happen, but he couldn’t stop it from happening at all. Hope that Team Happy would be defeated before then? What a joke! Chen Yehui knew very well how strong that team was! Let alone, these guys trying to take them down, even if Guild Excellent Dynasty formed at team of their best players to challenge them, they would still lose terribly. Ye Qiu was keeping watch! He had even heard news of some of the other players on the team: Team Blue Rain’s former captain, a rookie from Team Tiny Herb. How could in-game level players hope to beat these kinds of people?

Chen Yehui had looked for the Club manager Cui Li about this matter to see if they should stop Happy from continuing this trend.

Cui Li obviously didn’t want to see Happy shadowing over Excellent Era, but what could he do? Happy Internet Cafe providing free service was a way to attract eyes and provoke people. Their team truly did have the strength to back up their statement. The challengers trying to take them down kept trying again and again, but never succeeded. That was the root problem.

“Could we…… maybe send people over to put out their flames?” Chen Yehui cautiously suggested a proposal.

“Send people over? Send who? Your people?” Cui Li asked.

“My people probably aren’t good enough.” Chen Yehui laughed bitterly.

“I obviously know that your people aren’t good enough. If not, I would have sent them over a long time ago, but if we send pro players over, have you ever thought that…… what if, I’m saying what if, they also lose, what can we do then? It would affect the team’s confidence and morale. Are you willing to take responsibility if something like that happens?” Cui Li asked.

“That…..” Chen Yehui didn’t dare bear that responsibility.

“So not only can we not send our pro players over, we have to stop them from going. If they truly have strong feelings for this matter, then it would be a good thing for them to release those feelings when they actually encounter Team Happy. Later, I’ll contact everyone, prohibiting them from challenging Happy in private. Team Happy isn’t simple. You and I know very well how strong Ye Qiu is. How do you know if this isn’t a scheme that Ye Qiu intentionally set down, hoping we would lose our calm and throw us into disorder? Winning against them is what should happen. But if we lose, even once or luck, it would be a huge boost of confidence for them and a huge blow to us. Ye Qiu maybe provoking us to mess up our state of mind. We cannot fall into that trap. I’m going to go call them now.” Cui Li analyzed, while talking to Chen Yehui. The more he talked, the more worried he became. He immediately started calling afterwards.

Happy was a very hot topic on the web, right now. Excellent Era would only be in the Challenger League next season, so they didn’t need to prepare as early as the other teams. They were still on vacation and weren’t in the Club. It was possible that a pro player would notice all the commotion and run over to challenge them out of anger. That pro player might fall to Ye Qiu’s scheme!

Especially Sun Xiang. If that guy saw the news, he might immediately put on his suit to go to battle.

Cui Li thought about this and felt like the other side might really be aiming for Sun Xiang! Cui Li immediately called Sun Xiang and warned him repeatedly. Sun Xiang had been with the team for more than half a year. As the manager, how could he not know what type of personality he had? He did a basic analysis in a way that Sun Xiang liked to hear. In the end, he felt like the results were good.

After Sun Xiang, he contacted the other pro players one after the other. Cui Li hesitated on the last name on the list: Su Mucheng.

Su Mucheng was an All Star, but when Cui Li contacted the players on the team, he put her last. It could be seen that her position in Excellent Era was on the edge. This wasn’t strange. Since they knew she would leaving next season, it wasn’t weird to make her existence in the team weaker this season. They couldn’t make her a core member, clearly knowing that she would leave next season. That would make improving the team much more difficult next year. As the Club’s manager, who considered the future, he couldn’t only look at the present.

“Su Mucheng isn’t over there, right?” Cui Li quietly thought to himself, accidentally thinking of the truth. After thinking about it for a bit, he still gave the call. No matter the case, Su Mucheng was still a member of Excellent Era at the moment.  

“Hello?” The phone was quickly answered.

“Mucheng ah, where are you?” Cui Li asked.

“Happy Internet Cafe!” Su Mucheng said.

“Cough…….” Cui Li coughed. You’re there, but can’t you hide that fact? So blunt and towards your manager too, are you not taking things seriously?

Cui Li cursed silently, but he still needed to say what he intended to say. After some thinking, he squeezed out: “Is your vacation going well?”

“It’s going well. What’s up?” Su Mucheng said.

“Nothing really. It’s almost time for the team to gather. I was afraid that you’d gone far, so I called to remind you.” Cui Li said.

“Oh! I’m not far. I’m just across street! If you need me for anything, I can come back at any time.” Su Mucheng said.

“Then I won’t bother you any longer…… I’ll contact you again when I set the date for the team to gather.” Cui Li said.  

“Okay, bye.”


Cui Li hung up the phone. He couldn’t describe his feelings. He obviously wasn’t happy, but he wasn’t really angry either. He felt like he was hanging in midair. He didn’t even know how he should vent his feelings.

He might as well not tell Su Mucheng what he said to the others. It was already quite good that she wasn’t helping Team Happy. 

Chen Yehui seeked out Cui Li for help. The result was that the pro players were prohibited from helping. Thus, there was nothing Chen Yehui could do about Happy’s situation. That side had a God. No matter who you looked for in the game, no one would be able to take him down! Chen Yehui might as well not bother with it. He could only hope for a miracle, even if aliens from outer space suddenly came down to beat Happy, it would at least put a stop this show!

Unfortunately, no aliens from outer space came to attack earth. Team Happy continued making a commotion. Those Excellent Era fans, who didn’t know the truth, thought that Guild Excellent Dynasty was an especially grand existence. The experts sent out by the guild would be enough to destroy Team Happy. These experts finally arrived at the door.

Chen Yehui heard the clamor from Excellent Era fans and felt like dying. Sending people out wasn’t anything big, but all it would do was fan the enemy flames. Fans! You’re helping the enemy, you know?

Chen Yehui was conflicted! He thought of throwing together a team to call out Ye Qiu. That would be one way of paying back the fans. Just when he thought about this, he felt a sudden sense of inspiration. Chen Yehui had many years of battle experience. He had to find Cu Li first to discuss it though.

After asking Cui Li for advice, the two schemed together. Cui Li even asked for their boss Tao Xuan’s opinion. In the end, they came to a decision: that’s what they would do.

As a result, while Excellent Era fans hoped for the guild to hurry and bring out elite experts to destroy Team Happy, the guild finally stood out. The guild leader, Chen Yehui, replied with complicated feelings towards the fans. He rejected their request to dispatch experts to send to Team Happy because Lord Grim was Team Excellent Era’s former captain and legend, Ye Qiu. Guild Excellent Dynasty didn’t have the heart to go to war with their beloved and respected God…....

Everyone was dumbstruck.

Lord Grim really is Ye Qiu? This time, it wasn’t a rumor. An official statement from Guild Excellent Dynasty could be considered as a statement from Team Excellent Era. This could be considered as an example of the phrase: don’t pass judgement on a person’s life until the lid is on the coffin.

Ye Qiu had formed a team that would be fighting to the death with Team Excellent Era in the Challenger League?

The fires of this event burned to new heights.

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