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Chapter 783 - Not on the Same Level

Apart from the one person who waved his sleeve and left, the remaining experts were still raging at their idiot teammates. None of them would give in. The players, who had invited these experts, looked at each other, unsure what to do. Chen Guo walked over, laughing: “It’s just a game. Losing is normal. How about another match?”

“Another? I’m leaving!” Another player got up and left. After the match was over, an opportunity to get away was taken by someone else. Copying him felt too cheap, but the other experts couldn’t come up with any excuses to escape for awhile. But when Chen Guo walked over and spoke, someone immediately used the topic to run. From the way he walked, it seemed as if he were afraid of someone suddenly jumping out and blocking him.

Chen Guo wouldn’t block him. On the other hand, the players, who had invited this expert, should be the ones trying to stop him according to proper etiquette. But proper etiquette depended on the situation! Usually, if the guest was about to leave, you should stop the guest from leaving. But in the current situation, the guest had been harmed! If they stopped the guest, the guest might think that they were intentionally trying to embarrass him!

When this person left, he also said “I’m not playing anymore”, giving the others an easy opportunity to continue with the topic.

“He doesn’t want to play? Then I’ll be going too.” Another person got up. The other five fought to be the first to speak: “I’m going too.” These experts were on the same page at this moment.

The experts left together. The players who had invited the experts were originally quite arrogant as foxes exploiting the tigers’ might, but as soon as they saw the situation go bad, they didn’t dare stick out and be noticed by others. All of them kept silent with their tails behind their legs. They were waiting to sneakily leave when no one was looking!

This time, Team Happy demonstrated that true gold fears no fire. Easy Bro and the other seven experts might not be too famous in the entire Glory scene, but in City H, especially in the City H Internet cafe community, their names resounded loud and clear. But they stepped onto the field arrogantly and left covered in dirt. Moreover, their losses to Team Happy didn’t seem any better than the other random challengers. These experts were also crushed in a devastating manner. Team Happy’s strength was still unable to be measured. 

“Is there anyone else who wants to try?” Chen Guo’s mood was quite good as she happily asked. Following afterwards, the only ones who tried were the ones, who weren’t trying to humiliate Team Happy and were simply curious. Chen Guo didn’t know, but her expression right now was a signal to many.

If she had an indifferent expression, then it would make others feel like Team Happy’s strength was bottomless. However, after beating a few experts, she clearly looked excited. As a result, their evaluation of Team Happy couldn’t help but lower a bit.

Chen Guo really hadn’t thought about this. She had been with Ye Xiu for awhile now. Her scope had indeed broadened quite significantly. However, she wasn’t a God herself. Ye Xiu definitely wouldn’t feel anything special after beating these opponents, but that wasn’t the case for Chen Guo. She had once regarded these opponents as experts, so her mood was extremely good, seeing them lose.

After a few players challenged Team Happy to a friendly match, the day was about over. The Internet cafe was still free, but Ye Xiu and the others needed to sleep. Chen Guo couldn’t watch over the Internet cafe 24/7. She went upstairs to look for everyone and explained how arrogant these eight experts had been, when they came in, and how disappointed they were, when they left. Chen Guo didn’t like standing guard downstairs all day. It didn’t fit with her personality.

For the following two days, Happy Internet Cafe calmed down quite a bit. The Internet cafe was still crowded as ever because of the promotion, but the sounds of people jeering at Team Happy for not knowing their place had died down. There were still some though. Even though the team’s performance these past few days showed their strength, it was still delusional to think that they could take down Excellent Era. After all, Exellent Era had three All Star players. On paper, compared to the other pro teams, only Team Tyranny was above them. 

It was just that now the incoming customers could only use Excellent Era to say anything. They didn’t dare jump up themselves to do anything. As for finding experts…… they were looking, but they didn’t dare make any definitive statements.

Online, Happy’s fame gradually began to spread. The Internet cafe was free to use. No one really paid much attention to that. What everyone did pay attention to was that Team Happy had been challenged for an entire week, but hadn’t lost a single match. It seemed like their strength truly wasn’t just talk.

However, there were sounds of hype as well. There should be. A part of Chen Guo’s reason for doing this kind of promotion was for hype. In any case, they would need to face Excellent Era sooner or later. It would be better to jump out earlier and become the villain from the start. Even though they would certainly face ridicule all along the way, Chen Guo didn’t think that they wouldn’t be able to get any fans whatsoever. Excellent Era wasn't so amazing that they could hide the sky with one hand! City H didn’t only consist of Excellent Era fans. Excellent Era had the home terrain advantage, but so did Happy. If they were noticed from the start, players could follow Happy’s journey the entire way through. They would definitely win a few fans over. But under the circumstances of the Challenger League, stealing away Excellent Era’s fans was too difficult. As a result, Chen Guo was decisive. She directly challenged Excellent Era as opponents and didn’t attempt to win their fans. She wanted the neutral ones.

Chen Guo didn’t have a scientific statistic for the exact number of neutral fans, but as an owner of an Internet cafe, she interacted with Glory players more than normal people. Not everyone in City H liked Excellent Era. She was certain of this.

Following the defeat of Easy Bro and co., Team Happy’s fame in City H spread. The new week began. The players, who wanted to beat Team Happy, still hadn’t found any experts, but experts were coming over on their own now.

The experts, who came on their own, immediately gathered the attention of all the Glory players in the Internet cafe as soon as they told their IDs. Unfortunately, the results were always the same. No one could pass Tang Rou in a 1v1. Tang Rou had been better than a normal player since the start. Now that she was more experienced and underwent training, she no longer made beginner mistakes. For normal players, there was no difference in trying to beat her and trying to beat a pro player. In fact, a pro player might not take things seriously and accidentally lose. But with Tang Rou’s personality, no matter the situation, she would go all out. Lose? There was no reason to lose!

Experts challenged Happy wave after wave. The skill level of these experts were higher with every wave. Easy Bro and the other seven experts might be famous in City H, but they became famous through activities hosted by City H Internet cafes; they placed high in these local tournaments and gained attention that way. Inside this local community, they might be recognized, but outside? Who were they?

Players like Easy Bro weren’t even as famous as Deception in the Glory scene.

Deception relied on his own skill to make a name for himself in the game. If you talked about scrap pickers and didn’t know about the name Deception, you probably didn’t know anything about scrap picking.

Players who became famous through their skill alone like Deception were true top experts in the game.

These experts were certainly on another level than Easy Bro. It was clear that players at Easy Bro’s level weren’t good enough. Those eight experts didn’t produce any responses from Soft Mist or Steamed Bun Invasion.

Soft Mist’s and Steamed Bun Invasion’s fame couldn’t compare with Lord Grim’s fame but they were bound together with Lord Grim. The uppermost circle in Glory knew of this background. This uppermost circle consisted of the Club guilds; the top experts in the game.

Those eight experts weren’t at that level, so they didn’t know the background of these two, but as Team Happy’s fame spread online and the skill level of experts coming to challenge them increased, Team Happy’s background was finally revealed.

The reveal came online. Someone pointed out that Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion were from the tenth server. They were always together with Lord Grim, the most famous character in the game at the moment. While Lord Grim was in the tenth server, he summoned the wind and called storms. As soon as this information came out, Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion were tossed to the side. The famous Lord Grim was immediately picked out. Who was Lord Grim? Ye Qiu! This rumor had been around for a long time, but no one could prove it. Lord Grim never said it either, so those who wanted to believe it, believed it, while those who didn’t want to believe it, didn’t believe it. But there was no doubt that Lord Grim was incredibly skilled! Clearing the Heavenly Domain challenges at Level 50 was more than enough to convince everyone!

Soon, others began to sneer: City H’s skill level was so poor. They had been challenging the team for so long, yet they couldn’t even pass through the underlings. How long would it take until they saw the final boss?

The people who said these words obviously weren’t Excellent Era fans. They were probably still rejoicing at Excellent Era’s relegation! Now that they saw a rival had appeared for Excellent Era, despite being astonished at their arrogance, they still cheered and supported this Team Happy or whatever.

They didn’t actually like Happy, but rather detested Excellent Era and their fans.

This made Excellent Era’s fans even angrier. They didn’t need to be City H player to challenge Team Happy! In any case, the match took place online, so technically anyone could participate!

The player group wanting to take down Team Happy grew enormously. There were still experts, who came through the door, and others from the game. Despite the increasing number of challenges being made, the results were still the same: defeat.

The gap was simply too big!

With Tang Rou’s skill level and competitiveness, the only way she would lose to these players was if her Internet disconnected for a minute. With her standing on the field alive all the time, those who didn’t support Excellent Era attacked: you want to meet the final boss, yet you can’t even beat the first monster that appears on the screen! Excellent Era, be scared!

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