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Chapter 782 - Losing face alone isn’t as good as everyone losing face

The Internet cafe kept its silenced status. It was a persistent effect, starting from day one, when Team Happy was attacked on all sides by the crowd, to Easy Bro being launched into the air by Soft Mist’s Sky Strike.

The projector screen displayed a giant “Glory!” It looked repulsive in everyone’s eyes. Easy Bro felt ashamed.

But he refused to accept the result. He felt like he had the ability, but he somehow wasn’t able to fully display it. He thought it was most likely because his hands weren’t warmed up yet or perhaps because he had underestimated the opponent.

“Oh? Not bad. It looks like I’ll need to be serious.” Easy Bro hastily said, propping himself up.

There were no cheers of support from the crowd.

The crowd didn’t know what Easy Bro was thinking right now, but from what they saw, Easy Bro had been on the losing side the entire time. He was led around the nose up until his death. That should be because of a wide gap in skill, not an issue of being serious, no?

Anxious to win back his pride, Easy Bro immediately pressed ready again. He was even a bit worried that his opponent wouldn’t accept. Luckily for him, the other side was considerate of his feelings and immediately pressed ready as well. A new match began.

This time, I have to be serious.

Easy Bro reminded himself.

The battlefield appeared on the projector screen. The two characters quickly started fighting.

Dragon Tooth, Sky Strike, Falling Flower Palm, Circle Swing…..

Magic chasers filled the sky. The magical aura from Battle Spirit glowed with a golden light.

Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart, Dragon Breaks the Ranks, Rising Dragon Soars the Sky…..

Soft Mist became braver as the battle continued.

Easy Bro, on the other hand…… roll, roll, and another roll. Apart from a few skills used at the start of the battle, Easy Life seemed to only know to roll. This match seemed even more unsightly than the last match.

Finally, the projector screen displayed a huge “Glory!” The Internet cafe fell silent. Easy Bro pushed away the keyboard in disappointment. He got up and turned around. He saw everyone looking at him and opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but he didn’t know what to say. The opponent was supposed to be pretty good, but that good? 

Easy Bro was at a loss. He recalled how high-spirited he had been initially. Now he was hoping there was a hole for him to jump into.

The other seven experts also felt uneasy. Easy Bro had lost two matches in a row. No matter what the reason was, both losses had been pitiful. That itself said something. Whether it was a bad mistake by Easy Bro or luck from the opponent, it wasn’t likely for that to happen two times in a row, no? Moreover, Easy Bro himself had already stood up, meaning he was well aware of his own capabilities.

Even though the other experts weren’t willing to accept it, thinking themselves as the best, if they fought against one another, being able to win in such a dominating manner would be extremely difficult.

Easy Bro had stepped down. Who would take his place?

The seven players looked at one another. From the expressions they saw, all of them wanted to escape. Yes, none of them wanted to go up.

The onlooking crowd, which had invited these experts to come, were also speechless. They didn’t think Soft Mist would actually be so strong. They thought these eight famed experts would be enough to take her down. But Easy Bro lost just as badly as they had. How skilled was this Soft Mist?

The crowd was motionless. The eight experts as well as the players who invited them couldn’t show their faces. They huddled together and started muttering to each other. They couldn’t conceal how difficult Soft Mist proved to be for them. They could only face the obstacle and come up with a counterplan.

Chen Guo had seen everything. She was overjoyed! Hiding such strong emotions was difficult for Boss Chen. She quietly calmed herself down. After making sure she wouldn’t burst out into laughter as soon as she opened her mouth, she asked: “Is there anyone else who wants to come up?”

What an ordinary question! But to these guys, it was no different than a slap to their faces. Everyone saw that they had invited eight experts to come. As soon as one of them was beaten, the other seven cowered. How embarrassing!

Even so, the seven experts decided that they wouldn’t play anymore 1v1s. They didn’t want to be reduced to Easy Bro’s state. Easy Bro had originally been in high-spirits, but now he wasn’t saying a word, acting quiet and careful.

“Then that’ll be it for 1v1s!” Someone from the crowd finally said. It was clearly a way to avoid it, so the experts themselves wouldn’t say it. This type of excuse was a burden on the ones who invited them too.

“How about we just go directly with a team competition? I don’t think we’ve done in a team competition before.” The same person asked.

This was the solution that they came up with. Soft Mist was strong, too strong. She would crush all of them in a 1v1. In a group arena, it would be difficult to win with such a strong enemy leading. As a result, the only way to win back their pride was through the team competition. They were still suspecting that Team Happy only had this single expert holding up the team. In a team competition, a someone might be dragged into the dirt by those weaker!

“Team competition? No problem!” Chen Guo replied delightedly. Everyone’s expressions immediately dimmed. Chen Guo wasn’t pretending or acting haughty, but she wasn’t being quiet about it either. Seeing her usual attitude, it looked like no one in the entire team would be much worse than Soft Mist!

But they had already requested it. It wasn’t possible to back down now. Easy Bro declined. He had ample reason to refuse. Of the remaining seven, one of them wouldn’t have to appear on stage. As a result, all seven immediately became modest. Too bad for the one Cleric among them though. Being modest wouldn’t affect him at all. As the only healer among the eight experts, he had choice but to participate in the team competition.

The talking back and forth took five minutes. In the end, six people were decided upon. According to the official tournament rules, five players would start the match and a sixth player would be a reserve player. The room switched to a team competition format.

Team Happy’s side: Soft Mist, Steamed Bun Invasion, Windward Formation, One Inch Ash, Little Cold Hands. The reserve player…… the reserve player still wasn’t here. Everyone was waiting. But after their six experts pressed ready, the match started. Team Happy didn’t even want a reserve player.

5v6….. Even though the sixth player wouldn’t appear until he was subbed in, the advantage was still enormous. Was Team Happy really that confident?

The crowd was in an uproar. The battle had begun. For team competition between normal players, tactics weren’t much of a thing. And the easiest mistake to make was that everyone felt like they were correct and everyone else was stupid. When everything was going smoothly, it wasn’t a big deal. But as soon as they were in a predicament, raging was highly probable.

After about a minute and a half, the raging had already started.

“Grappler, where the f*ck are you going? Do you not know what target the healer first means?” The first expert to take the lead, cursed the Grappler among his team. He thought the Grappler not attacking the healer first was extremely stupid.

“Are you f*cking blind? The healer is being protected. If I could get through them alone, why the f*ck would you guys even be here? Elementalist, give me cover!” The Grappler explained himself, while shifting the topic to the Elementalist.

“F*ck, you’re not even giving me cover so I can cast anything and you want me to give you f*cking cover? Have you seen me cast anything yet? Do you guys know how to play the game?” The Elementalist was quite aggressive. He directly blamed the entire team. The crowd at Happy Internet Cafe had spent a lot of effort to find these experts and now they were being criticized for not knowing how to play.

“You actually f*cking think we don’t know how to play? As if you know how. Who’s ever seen a mage just stand there and cast spells. You might as well be a dog!” Someone immediately fired back.

“Can’t you be nicer? You think I want to just stand there? The other side’s not letting me move.” The Elementalist explained himself.

No one could watch the match seriously anymore. All they could hear were the curses and insults being thrown around by those experts. To summarize it: “You’re stupid! He’s stupid! Apart from me, everyone’s stupid!”

Everyone wanted to cry, when they saw this scene. Could they take advantage of the team competition? They knew it was a dream now. The team competition didn’t go any better than the individual competition. And seeing these experts blaming each other because of the situation made everyone’s image of them completely shatter. The expert, who lucked out and didn’t have to go on stage, rejoiced inwardly. It was good thing that he shamelessly refused to fight. If there were any Glory players on Mars, they would all message him, showing their disdain.

“Calm down! Calm down! Calm down!” Someone in the team was shouting, but all he received was four cold humphs. At this point, anyone who said anything would be looked down on by the others.

One of the five players finally fell. The reserve player automatically entered the field, but it didn’t change the situation in any way. Without any suspense, the six experts turned into corpses. As for their opponents? Let alone anyone dead, they couldn’t even look at how much health had been lost. In the team competition, the conditions for a perfect victory weren’t no loss in health, but no deaths. In this battle, Team Happy had earned a perfect victory.

“F*ck this sh*t!”

As soon as the battle ended, one of the experts got up. His face showed an expression of “it’s not my fault, but my idiot teammates”. He turned around and left.

The original plan was to expose Team Happy’s weak members and have the weak legs of the team drag them down. But everyone of their team members felt like their other teammates were the ones dragging them down.

The first expert to get up didn’t say anything and rushed out of Happy Internet Cafe. The remaining few were furious! All of them glared at each other. Easy Bro snickered on the side. The words “sharing your happiness is much better than enjoying your happiness by your own” were too true. Losing face alone truly isn’t as gratifying as everyone losing face together!

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