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Chapter 781 - Easy Bro

He was called Easy Bro because his character’s name was Easy Life. Adding a “Bro” to the name represented everyone’s approval and respect for him. Chen Guo actually did recognize this name. As a part of the Glory community in City H’s Internet cafes, Easy Life was quite famous. City H’s Internet cafes would occasionally organize Glory tournaments. This was how Easy Life became famous. Flying Cloud Internet Cafe was naturally the Internet cafe, which he frequented.

In the past, Chen Guo would have certainly admired this kind of expert. But things were different now. One of Glory’s Gods had hung around Chen Guo for so long now. It would be stranger if Chen Guo was still frightened by an expert at this level. 

“Easy Life, right? I’ve heard of him.” Chen Guo nodded her head, after listening to his introduction.

It was a rather dull response, which made Easy Bro feel quite disappointed. How could he know that in the world that Boss Chen now lived in, it was already nice of her not to look down on him?

“The atmosphere is pretty good!” Easy Bro wasn’t in a hurry to shift to the main topic. He looked around and commented on Chen Guo’s Happy Internet Cafe.

“It’s not bad.” Chen Guo replied.

“I heard there are a few skilled experts here. How about you call them out for everyone to get to know?” Easy Bro said. In the time it took him to say these few words, the other seven experts had gathered over to his side. If their expressions weren’t arrogant, they were arrogant. All of them acted as if they were unrivaled under the heavens.

“Mm, everyone, take a seat!” Chen Guo said.

“What? You’re not going to let us meet them first?” Easy Bro said.

“Is there a need to do that?” Chen Guo didn’t understand.

There really was no need for that. In any case, who was better or worse would be decided in the game. Whether or not they met in real life wouldn’t decide anything. Not meeting was logical for this reason, but what was so hard about meeting each other? Team Happy had never showed themselves these past few days. These people were constantly plotting how to embarrass Team Happy, so they had all kinds of weird and clever thoughts. They naturally liked to think about possible conspiracy theories. As a result, the more that team Happy refused to show their faces to everyone, the more they wanted to see them. No matter what, they always raised this question.

But Chen Guo refused to relent. There was nothing they could do about it. The eight experts weren’t here to chat around. Someone had already found seats for them.

These past few days, the Internet cafe stopped bothering to put away the projector setup. As soon as the eight experts found seats, Chen Guo messaged Ye Xiu and the others and went over to spectate.

The faceslapping group was very confident about this time’s attack and glared at Chen Guo provocatively. Easy Bro was still showing off his free and easy attitude. He looked at Chen Guo and smiled: “How are we playing this?”

“Anything you like. When you enter the room, just say whatever method you choose.” Chen Guo announced the room ID to everyone. Soon, spectators swarmed to the room. The eight experts logged into the game with their account cards and entered the room.

Tang Rou’s Soft Mist was once again the lead for Team Happy. Someone immediately whispered something to Easy Bro, which Easy Bro responded with a disapproving look. He smiled at Chen Guo: “Then how about a 1v1?” This guy seemed to pay particularly close attention to Chen Guo’s attitude.

“Do as you wish.” Chen Guo said.

“Then I’ll go first?” Easy Bro called out to the other seven experts. These eight experts weren’t really friends with each other. They just knew each other’s names or perhaps met each other at a competition or an event. Even though they had been pulled into the same car together, none of them believed to be worse than the others. Liking each other was out of the question. Easy Bro was more talkative than the others and considered himself to be the leader. The other seven didn’t like it. Seeing that he wanted to fight first and move the spotlight onto him, the other seven had a few objections. Easy Bro was merely stating his intent though. He wasn’t up for any discussion. After giving them a heads up, he pressed ready. Tang Rou was decisive! The two immediately entered the playing field.


When the two characters appeared on the opposite corners of the arena, the spectators already let out gasps of surprise. Easy Bro was a Blade Master. His equipment was rather eye-catching. In the eyes of normal players, his equipment was enough to arouse envy. Everyone looked at his equipment. Thoughts of “he deserves his reputation” floated into their minds, and they exclaimed in admiration in response.

These gasps of surprise naturally made Easy Bro very happy.

“Ahem!” He cleared his throat. Just when he was about to say something, he saw something on his screen move. Soft Mist had already started charging towards him.

Dragon Breaks the Ranks!

Tang Rou started with a powerful high-level skill. Soft Mist thrust her battle spear straight towards Easy Bro with astonishing might.

Easy Bro simply smiled.

“Is there a need to be in such a hurry?” Easy Bro freely and easily remarked. His swiped his mouse and his character Easy Life sidestepped it. A powerful skill like Dragon Breaks the Ranks didn’t pose any threat in Easy Bro’s eyes. This kind of playstyle was very beginner-like. And these guys were saying she was good?

Easy Bro was starting to have doubts. The instant that Soft Mist swept past Easy Bro, he tapped his keyboard and swiped his mouse. Easy Life leaped into the air and released a sword light: Sword Draw.

Easy Bro was ambitious with this move. He had already started his next follow-ups. But Soft Mist suddenly halted. She twisted her body and faced the incoming attack with her own: Tyrant’s Destruction.

Both skills attacked in an arc. However, the spear was longer than the sword, so the arc radius was longer. Easy Bro had already started preparing a follow-up, when he realized that the other side had returned the blow. He quickly thought to Guard against it, but it was too late.

His Sword Draw came out first though. It was also faster than Tyrant’s Destruction, so it reached Soft Mist first. Sword Draw didn’t have higher priority than the Battle Mage’s Tyrant’s Destruction, so it couldn’t interrupt it. The sword light hit Soft Mist, but Soft MIst’s spear also hit Easy Life.  

A trade!

That seemed to be the result of the trade. Neither attacks dealt too much damage, but not too little either. Neither side gained any advantage from it though.

That was just damage though.

What about the skill effects?

Soft Mist was forced back two steps from the Sword Slash, but Easy Life was knocked into the air by the Tyrant’s Destruction. The spear struck his legs, causing him to tumble backwards with his legs up and head down.


Easy Life ate dirt. The attack had flipped him upside down too quickly. A pro player would have been able to stabilize himself. Easy Bro was embarrassed. He knew what to do, but he couldn’t complete the correct actions, so his character hit the ground face first.

This flip was obviously very ugly looking, especially with it being displayed on the big projector screen. Even if Easy Bro couldn’t see what the scene looked like because of his first-person perspective, he could see the projector screen. His character’s head was planted into the ground. Such an ugly appearance could be seen by everyone.

Easy Bro was furious! In his eyes, the other side had used a dirty method and traded with him irrationally. It might look unsightly, but in terms of the results, wasn’t there not much of a difference? The flip only made it seem like he was in a disadvantageous situation.

“Despicable!” Easy Bro denounced angrily. He mainly wanted to refute what just happened. He quick recovered and prepared to roll away, when the spectators cried out.

The spectators were looking from a bird’s eye perspective and could see the battle in full view. Easy Life was still rolling on the ground, when Soft Mist strode over. She still seemed a bit far away, when she thrust her spear. But with the next step, her spear just happened to hit Easy Bro at the perfect distance.

Easy Life was launched into the air and started tumbling again. His head once again face planted into the ground. This time, even if he had the reaction speed, it wouldn’t have made a difference. Circle Swing was a high priority grab skill.

This time, he was clearly at a disadvantage. Easy Bro started to panic. As he got up, he put up a Guard. The spectators could once again see the situation more clearly though. When Easy Life got up, Soft Mist intentionally appeared behind him. Easy Life’s sword was placed in front of him, preparing to block incoming attacks, but there was no one there.

Easy Bro realized that the situation wasn’t good and immediately turned his body. The spear had already reached him though. It had to be said that Easy Bro really was quite skilled for a normal player. Just being able to turn around and try to jump away was fairly impressive awareness. Unfortunately, Soft Mist was faster. Soft Mist used Sky Strike, launching Easy Life even higher into the air.

The Internet cafe was silent.

It was already the fifth night of absolute silence this week. Everyone originally thought that they could slap Team Happy’s face, but what’s going on with Easy Bro? He seems to be losing?

Easy Bro didn’t know what was going on either. He felt like he couldn’t do anything. He kept trying things, but he had already completely fallen into the opponent’s pace.

“Not bad.” On the second floor, Ye Xiu and the others were also using the projector to watch the match! After seeing Tang Rou hold the advantage, Ye Xiu nodded his head and commented: “This person today is pretty decent, but Little Tang is very good at utilizing her advantage. She’s completely controlled him. She’s improved a lot recently, especially her precision.”

“Not bad, not bad.” Wei Chen also praised. Tang Rou remained unmoved. She continued to let out fierce attacks until Easy Life lay dead on the ground.

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