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Chapter 780 - Search search search for an expert!

There were quite a few rowdy players, but not everyone. There were still a few rational ones. Just like this one here. Even though it wasn’t a perfect victory for the other side again, it wasn’t much better. But since he wasn’t trying to slap the other side’s face, he wouldn’t feel embarrassed for losing. He wasn’t the type of person, who felt like he was unrivalled under the heavens. Losing a few rounds in the Arena was very normal!

After losing a round, this person still wanted another. Chen Guo didn’t object. The challenger pressed ready and Tang Rou started the match. She went all out like before and the challenger lost again.

“Amazing! Too amazing!” The challenger praised sincerely, making the others in the crowd feel incredibly uncomfortable. But what could they do? This person didn’t have the same mindset as them. What could they criticize him for? He lost two rounds and then praised Team Happy. That wasn’t what they wanted to see! They wanted to expose Team Happy’s feebleness and show that even a three year old kid could mash the keyboard and win. Even though that obviously wasn’t possible, they could still dream.

“Is this guy someone they set up?” There was always someone shameless in the crowd, who would think about things from the most detestable perspective. Some people even supported this idea and nodded their heads: “It must be!”

Chen Guo started asking again: “Is there anyone else? Is there anyone else? What’s going on? Where’d your enthusiasm during the daytime go?”

Chen Guo said questioningly, but everyone could hear the ridicule in her voice. Her look of honesty didn’t agree with her words, making it seem all the more vengeful.

“How many people are in your team? What’s the point if it’s always an individual competition? Can your team play a group arena or team competition?” Someone suddenly asked. This brother’s head was turning. He suddenly thought: what if Team Happy only had a single expert to scare everyone? If that was the case, then if they played a group arena or team competition, wouldn’t that expose the other side’s trick?

When he asked these questions, several others immediately understood his intent. They started getting excited again. They didn’t wait for Chen Guo to reply and started chiming in: “Yeah! Can’t we play a group arena or a team competition? It’s more fun with more people!”

“Sure!” Chen Guo grinned.

Everyone heard her answer and their hearts fell. Sh*t. It looks like the fox isn’t exploiting the tiger’s might. They’re the real deal!

“Group arena or team competition. You can guys can pick.” Chen Guo said.

They had already reached this step; they couldn’t back out now. Everyone began looking at each other. They had gathered at this Internet Cafe for a single reason. Most of them didn’t know each other, so they wouldn’t know each other’s skill level in Glory. They needed to form a team, but no one knew who to pick. Finally, someone stood out: “I’ll go!”

“Then I’ll go too!”

“I’ll go as well!”

As soon as one person stood out, others soon followed. In the blink of an eye, three people volunteered themselves forward. It was just enough people for a group arena round.

“Three people? Group arena?” Chen Guo said and sent a text on her cellphone. The Arena room quickly changed to a group arena format. Following Soft Mist, a Brawler Steamed Bun Invasion and a Warlock Windward Formation stepped onto stage.

As soon as they saw the lineup, many of them immediately thought: “Not good.”

Soft Mist was put first. She had practically achieved perfect victories against those two challengers, which meant she would be around full health against the third. It would a 1v3! Soft Mist’s skill level was quite high. If their team couldn’t get past her, they wouldn’t have any way of exposing the people behind her! How good was their side? Probably better than the last two challengers, right? Could they take down Soft Mist?

Unwittingly, no one was thinking about whether they could win the match, but rather if those three could even beat Soft Mist.

Their predictions came true. Sure enough, all three challengers lost to Soft Mist. These three were indeed better than the last two, but the three could only take off half of Soft Mist’s health. If this continued, Soft Mist would have no problems with a 1v6.

It was a 1v3. Even if they didn’t want to believe it, she must be an expert. In the normal player circle, having half health remaining in a 1v3 would only happen when an experienced player fought against beginners. The gap between them could clearly be seen. Since Happy Internet Cafe dared to make such an arrogant claim, it seemed like they had indeed prepared well. Trying to challenge them was truly too naive.

When Chen Guo asked if anyone was up for a team competition, no one uttered a sound. In the end, someone asked if they could fight someone else other than Soft Mist.

Chen Guo happily agreed. In the end, Steamed Bun Invasion came out. Everyone was finally completely convinced: they alone couldn’t overturn Happy Internet Cafe. Happy had at least come prepared and wouldn’t be humiliated so easily. 

That night, only players, who weren’t looking to stir trouble, gave it a try, and ended up praising Team Happy. In the end, those more extreme players were left in silence. The previous few, who were talented at insults, had already disappeared.

Chen Guo saw crowd die down and asked “Is there anyone else?” three times. After seeing that there was no response, she had her employees put away the projector. At the end, she said to everyone: “You’re welcome to come again tomorrow.”

The crowd was furious! Without an expert, what was the point in coming again tomorrow?

For them, they parted the place on bad terms tonight. The crowd all left at practically the same time. They failed to meet their goal, so what was the point in staying? They weren’t here to take advantage of the free usage, but because of their dislike for Happy Internet Cafe.

After leaving the Internet cafe, talents from the crowd started cursing again. But no matter how much they cursed, they had to admit that Happy Internet Cafe had found impressive players.These people couldn’t bear it though. For a moment, everyone began talking about what experts they knew and how skilled these experts were, pointing out how could they crush eight Soft Mists.

No one took any notice of the brags. The more serious ones truly wanted to see if they could find any experts to challenge Happy Internet Cafe. They hated to see such shamelessness and arrogance!

In the end, they narrowed it down to a few dependable experts. The more reliable players left their contact info and prepared to contact these experts, asking them to come over and take down Happy Internet Cafe.

The next day, Happy Internet Cafe was as crowded as the previous day. The crowd of unruly players had been pushed back yesterday, but there were still no lack of them today. What happened the second day and the first day were extraordinarily similar. There were players mocking and ridiculing Happy Internet Cafe’s team from early in the morning. Chen Guo continued to handle the situation calmly, telling them they could spar the team at night.

At night, the unruly crowd excitedly tried to take down the team, but were trashed instead. They once again left dejectedly. After exiting the Internet cafe, they cursed together and started thinking of experts, who could squish those experts with a single finger.

Third day, fourth day…….

The majority of players came arrogantly and left dejectedly. By the fifth day, news of Happy Internet Cafe’s team had spread online, attracting widespread attention. A team right across street from Club Excellent Era, planning on making their way through the Challenger League into the pro scene, was quite amusing.

But in the very beginning, everyone including the posters treated it as a joke. Everyone was laughing at this unknown Internet cafe for using such a stupid method to promote themselves. Did they not know that offending so many Glory fans would actually end up hurting their business? Did they actually think their infamy would make their business prosper? Did they not care about their reputation?

Everyone laughed, while waiting for Happy to be slapped in the face!

But one day, two days, three days, four days passed. On the fifth day, more and more people couldn’t stand it anymore: this Team Happy really did have some skill. Some were already making guesses. Could this be Excellent Era’s work? After all, Excellent Era wouldn’t receive as much attention in the Challenger League. Hyping their team up in this way could be considered a method.

While others were arguing online, some decent players finally showed up on the fifth day. The crowd had been losers for the past several days. In the end, after much discussion, they were able to contact a real expert.

Speaking of which, it was that easy to find people in the scene. On the first, second, and third day, these people were all normal players, who didn’t know each other. But after searching for experts together and holding meetings, they became close. These experts had seen the rumors online and now that people had come looking for them, they felt like they should come out take care of things.

You’re looking. We’re looking. We come together and look together. At around seven in Happy Internet Cafe, eight rumored experts came. They even had two more than what was needed to play a team competition.

These eight experts felt like even though they couldn’t compare to pro players, they were still big figures in the Glory community! As soon as they announced their IDs, everyone paid their respects. The players who invited them were running around like servants, completely forgetting how they had left Happy Internet Cafe crestfallen these past few days. One of them saw Chen Guo and immediately went over to issue a challenge.

The eight experts had been told about this Internet cafe’s boss. Their eyes lit up. A beauty!

One of them immediately rushed forward and followed after the person, who went looking for Chen Guo. They reached there together. That person gave him a glance and gave an introduction: “This is Flying Cloud Internet Cafe’s Easy Bro. I’m sure you’ve heard of him before, boss.”

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