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Chapter 78 – Forced Into Helplessness

The ten swaying players didn’t have time to recover when they saw a dozen Tyrannical Ambition players evilly come out from behind the trees and rush over. The Tyrannical Ambition players took the opportunity to conveniently throw a few Grenades and cast out some magic towards them without wasting time, and then continued to chase the Goblin Merchant. After all, that was their true target.

The dozen players swayed once again and turned depressed. Just when they recovered, Blue Brook Guild’s players whistled by.

“Trash! Truly trash.” Blue River relentlessly ridiculed these opponents. Afterwards, he led his group of people and shua shua shua shua also took the opportunity to conveniently slash a few times and cast some magic.

These pitiful dozen players were tossed around from all around. Their luck wasn’t good. They were bullied around. They were taken advantage of. They directly fell and died.

Plantago Seed was extremely furious. The BOSS hadn’t been stopped and his guild members were even taken advantage of. He directly sent Blue River a message: “You’re all beasts!!”

“You guys really are a bunch of trash. You couldn’t even stop the BOSS.” Blue River replied.

“You f*ckers were here all day and you guys couldn’t do anything.” Plantago Seed replied.

“We’re both in the same boat.” Blue River replied.

Afterwards, both sides were completely silent. Their hearts felt very heavy.

Ahead, the injuries the Goblin Merchant suffered grew more and more severe. Clearly, Tyrannical Ambition’s reinforcements were gradually trickling in. Every time Blue River and the others closed in, Tyrannical Ambition nimbly OTed, keeping them away. The Goblin Merchant’s advance wasn’t regular at all, making everyone feel extremely frustrated.

Blue River had originally hoped that Herb Garden’s interception would help them catch up. But who knew that Herb Garden’s players were complete trash? Helpless, he could only use his original plan.

“Two players in a team. Look for Tyrannical Ambition players and get rid of them!”

They basically couldn’t catch the Goblin Merchant. They would occasionally hit it once or twice, but this sort of hit was the same as helping Tyrannical Ambition output damage. They weren’t able to steal its aggro and were unable to take the initiative from beginning to end. If they kept wasting their time like this, then Tyrannical Ambition’s damage output would be enough. The BOSS could kill whoever it liked, but as long as someone from Tyrannical Ambition stayed alive, then it wasn’t possible to steal it away. Only if they were able to completely drive them out or kill them all out would they be able to steal it.

As a result, stealing the BOSS was quite difficult. If they arrived too late, there was no way to take back the damage on the BOSS, so the only solution would be to kill everyone that had attacked the BOSS. This turned into a big PK problem because the skill gap between players was very small. Killing players would always be more difficult than killing monsters. Moreover, there was no end to the trouble.

Blue Brook Guild didn’t worry about any later troubles. Directly fighting with Tyrannical Ambition and PKing with them to steal the BOSS were occurrences that they were already used to. To them, the more crucial point was that Tyrannical Ambition’s strength and their strength were about the same. As a result, if they fought them, then it would be a 50-50 fight.

But regardless of this, it was still better than silently watching. Blue Brook Guild had around twenty players at hand. At this moment, they split into around ten small two-member teams and spread throughout the forest. As soon as they saw a Tyrannical Ambition player, they would immediately hurry over.

In an instant, the Goblin Merchant was no longer the sole focus. All of the Tyrannical Ambition players were. The two-member teams that found them all cautiously closed in on their targets.

But chasing players wasn’t an easy task. Everyone’s levels and equipment were around the same. Their movement speed and endurance were also around the same. Chasing and chasing, Thundering Light suddenly said in the guild channel: “Huh? Where did that Goblin Merchant go? I can’t see it anymore.”

His message roused everyone. Everyone had only been focused on the target in front of them. But what about their end target? Was it still there? Once everyone took note of it, even those who could still see the Goblin Merchant, suddenly found that it was farther away.

“We’ve been duped……” Bound Boat recovered.

“This time’s BOSS, let’s give up!” Blue River gloomily announced.

The guild members didn’t utter a word. This sort of situation was rarely seen in their famous Blue Brook Guild. Fighting and then giving up midway? This sort of attitude usually only happened when a new dungeon and new BOSS was released. But now? It was just a Goblin Merchant. It was a small BOSS everyone knew thoroughly. Their opponents were also the extremely familiar Tyrannical Ambition. Their opponents only had a Lord Grim, yet they had unexpectedly given them such a difficult time and made them give up.

“Hey, why aren’t you guys chasing anymore?” Plantago Seed sent a message.

“It’s all yours.” Blue River said.

“What are you planning?” Plantago Seed doubted.

“Keep chasing and you’ll know.”

Because Plantago Seed and the others had just turned around from being in the front for an interception to chasing from behind, at this moment, they hadn’t yet experienced how Tyrannical Ambition used OT to control the Goblin Merchant’s move path. Their morale was still high!

However, this only lasted for a short moment. After Herb Garden chased for awhile, they were finally also all shocked by that sort of OT move path method. After trying left and right to no avail, Plantago Seed heavily announced; “Two players in a team. Start killing Tyrannical Ambition’s players.”

Although Blue Brook Guild’s players had already given up, they still casually followed them to watch the excitement. Seeing how Herb Garden did the same as them and split up to kill Tyrannical Ambition’s players, they all suddenly felt great!

“Tsk tsk tsk tsk.” The crowd was filled with these sort of sounds.

After five minutes, Plantago Seed sent Blue River a message: “You f*cker! Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Clearly, they had also discovered that they had been tricked.

“If I said it would you have believed me?” Blue River replied.

Plantago Seed muttered to himself and then replied seriously: “I definitely wouldn’t have.”

“Then that’s that.” Blue River said.

“What do we do now? Are you guys going to give up?” Plantago Seed.

“Yeah.” Blue River said.

“I……. I don’t really believe you.” Plantago Seed said.

“You f*cker…….” Blue River said helplessly.

Herb Garden’s players once again gathered together dejectedly for awhile. Blue Brook Guild wasn’t far from them. The one that were very far from them was the Goblin Merchant.

Of those other assortment of guilds and players, the ones with skill had already seen that Herb Garden and Blue Brook Guild had given up. These two big guilds had skill and were organized too. Yet they hadn’t fared well at all. So what could these second-rate guilds and other random players do?

At this moment, if everyone united together, there might still be a chance. But who would lead them?

Plantago Seed grew restless. He moved in front of Blue River and directly said: “If we can’t kill it, how can we just let Tyrannical Ambition easily take it! If we all unite together, it doesn’t matter who takes the first kill, in any case, it better not be Tyrannical Ambition’s name.”

“It’s just a Goblin Merchant. Is there any point in making such a big scene?” Blue River said.

Plantago Seed thought. There really was no point. This was the smallest wild BOSS. If Tyrannical Ambition won over it, it didn’t mean anything. There was still a long road ahead of them.

“You’re always unwilling to!” Plantago Seed said.

“Then you go ahead. It’s not like I’m stopping you.” Blue River said.

“F*cker, using so much effort won’t do a lot of good. I’m not going to do it on my own!” Plantago Seed said.

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