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Chapter 779 - Who’s Going Up to Slap Their Face?

At Happy Internet Cafe, all sorts of terrible insults were thrown around. Many of the Internet cafe customers wouldn’t stop. Chen Guo handled the situation calmly though. One reason was because she was mentally prepared. A second reason was because she understood the passion from the fans. If it had been her in the past, if some random Internet cafe claimed that their team would defeat Excellent Era and make it into the pro scene, she would definitely have laughed at their arrogance.

Chen Guo relied on putting herself in their shoes to mentally prepare herself. As a result, she faced the mock and ridicule coming her way with great interest. Many people’s talents would burst out at these moments. It was a curious occurrence.

The Internet cafe was packed since noon. Quite a few people even lined up, asking when a computer would be open. The Internet cafe employees could only helplessly shrug their shoulders. Free usage with no limit. They wouldn’t know when someone would leave. Order could still be kept though. Even though customers didn’t need to pay, they still needed to register before using a computer, so there was still an order to customers coming and going.

However, the majority of customers were here to stir trouble. How could they be eager to comply? Quite a few of the employees suffered numerous grievances. In the end, Chen Guo had to work hard to calm down her employees’ feelings.

Night fell. The Internet cafe was at its peak hours. Several people discovered that Happy Internet Cafe a promotion going on. Unfortunately, there were no seats open in Happy. Ma Chenyi acted as if his business couldn’t survive if Chen Guo kept up this promotion, but it wasn’t actually that exaggerated. If there wasn’t enough room for two Internet cafes on one street, one of them would have closed long ago. Both of their Internet cafes were close to Club Excellent Era, so their business was exceptionally good. Who didn’t have a computer at this day and age? But many were still willing to come to an Internet cafe with their friends to play or perhaps they met friends in the Internet cafe and frequently played together there. People could communicate online, but it was a different feeling, sitting together in real life.

Happy Internet Cafe was packed with no seats open. In the end, many people had to go to Grand Internet Cafe. There was nothing to worry about.

Tonight, even though there weren’t any seats left, many people still stayed around because it was rumored that this arrogant team would come out and spar with them. A good deal of Glory players had been holding back their anger all day, waiting to give this team a serious beating! After supper time passed, someone shouted: “Boss, when is your team coming out to spar with us? Do you have a precise time?”

“7:30!” Chen Guo said.

It wasn’t long until 7:30. Some watched the time go by second by second. When it was time, they immediately started shouting. Many players had heard the news and stopped by the Internet cafe to take a look. But when they saw the situation, they found it difficult to stay. It wasn’t convenient for them to watch!

Boss Chen was considerate though! Once the clock hit 7:30, she immediately had her employees take out the large screen projector. Frequent Happy Internet Cafe customers knew what was going on. Happy Internet Cafe really wasn’t afraid of others watching!  

When they saw this action, quite a few players started to lose confidence.

None of them believed that this team could actually beat Excellent Era, but it was hard to say if they could give this team any trouble, seeing that the other side appeared fearless. They really weren’t sure. Everyone here was just a normal player. After thinking about it, if the other side was actually so shameless as to make such a claim despite being unable to clean up random guys like them, then wouldn’t that be too embarrassing?

Chen Guo wasn’t trying to figure out their thoughts. After setting everything up, she smiled at the impatient bunch: “Are you guys ready?”

“Where’s your team?” The crowd looked around.

“In the Arena. Does it need to be face to face?” Chen Guo laughed.

Everyone listened, so it turns out the other side wouldn’t be appearing. They would only be online! An already unconfident guy used this pretext to make a fuss: “F*ck, they actually think they’re some big shot! This senior won’t stand for it!”

This person was the first to leave. After stomping out of the place, he sneaked back into the crowd to watch the upcoming show.

“Everyone’s here to play Glory. There’s no need to do anything offline! Many of the rounds in the Challenger League are played online.” Chen Guo said and pointed to the projection screen: “I’ve already set up all of this so that everyone can see. It can’t be that no one’s going to come, right? Weren’t you guys yelling all afternoon? You there….. You’re not coming?”

Chen Guo directly pointed out the person with the loudest voice. How could she not have an impression of anyone? She remembered them very clearly!

This old bro could feel his heart thump! He didn’t think that the other side would be so evil as to point him out. Just as he was about to make an excuse, the people who had been hollering with him were also evil. They saw that they hadn’t been picked and that they wouldn’t be getting embarrassed, so they started egging him on: “Go up, go up! What’s there to be afraid of! Go!”

This old bro was furious! He now had a better understanding of the phrase “the shot hits the bird that pokes its head out”. But since he had been picked out, it would be too shameful to back out. Anything he said would be treated as an excuse. How could he lose face?


No choice. I’ll have to brace myself and do it!

“I’ll go, I’ll go.” This brother finally stood out. He didn’t dare to make any claims though. He first tried to play things down: “This little brother isn’t very good. My equipment isn’t good either. I’ll be a warm up!”


“Ha ha, it’s just a spar. It doesn’t matter if you’re good or bad. There’s no such thing as not being allowed to play because you’re bad.” Chen Guo remarked.

This older bro felt like Chen Guo’s words sounded very reasonable and pleasing. For the first time, he returned a thanks and then asked: “Which room?”

The Arena room had obviously been created already. Chen Guo and Ye Xiu were in contact with each other! The projector screen showed the battle from a spectator view. Everyone soon saw which character the team put out: Battle Mage, Soft Mist.

Soft Mist was actually quite famous, but that was only in the upper circles in the game. She was bound together with Ye Xiu, so the Club guilds kept an eye on her too. For normal players, the name Soft Mist didn’t ring a bell.

Chen Guo didn’t know if there were any Club guild members among the crowd, but it didn’t seem like there was any reaction. Once that old bro’s character entered the room, the two began fighting. Numerous people had been waiting all day for this face-slapping moment to come. They watched the fight attentively and the Internet cafe became abnormally quiet. Only the sounds of battle could be heard, the sound of flesh getting butchered…… this old bro was being torn apart by this Battle Mage! He lost shortly afterwards. He lost so badly that no one could say anything. It was a perfect victory. The old bro failed to even touch the other side.

Happy Internet Cafe was silent.

They were waiting for the face-slapping moment, but it turned out that it was their face instead! Their skill level wasn’t high enough. In the end, the loudest of them was picked to come out. As expected, the face slapper was sliced up by the other side’s spear. A perfect victory was a slap to their face. Slap slap.

“It seems I’m not good enough. Who’s coming next?” This old bro stood up. He was a classic example of someone who could only talk big. He despised Team Happy’s intentions, but when it was time for him to come out, he couldn’t back it up. If he was actually an expert, even if he couldn’t beat Tang Rou, it wouldn’t have ended in a perfect victory for her. This guy was truly lacking.

The Internet cafe instantly became quiet again. To be honest, they couldn’t tell how good the other Battle Mage was from the previous fight! All they could tell was that she at least wasn’t weak. No one had any confidence in beating her! The attempt at slapping the other side’s face became the reverse. It was best if someone else did it. It was better to be careful!

The previously loud crowd had been given a chance to embarrass the other side, but now they suddenly cowered. They still felt like Team happy was shameless, but they weren’t good enough to expose the other side’s facade. They could only wave their flags and shout battle cries, hoping some God would descend upon those fools. But right now, everyone was looking at one another. It seemed like everyone was just a flagbearer!

“Is that it?” Chen Guo was delighted, making everyone feel extremely unhappy. They were furious, but they couldn’t say anything back! If the other side said “Oh, then you go up!”, what could you do? You couldn’t say “I’m not a good player, but I have good eyes.” You would just be talking big! It was no different from getting your face slapped.

“I’ll try!” Someone finally came out. Everyone was excited. At this moment, if someone dared to jump out, he must be an expert with a lot of confidence, right?

Everyone excitedly watched this person enter the room. They looked at his equipment. It wasn’t anything glamorous though. Then, they saw the fight. Mm, this person was a bit better than the other guy, but….. It was just a bit better. Not long afterwards, he fell. It wasn’t a perfect victory for the other side at least.

Everyone was speechless. After being slapped in the face several times in a row, their faces had lost all color! But the issue was that they didn’t have the ability to do anything about it and even complained that the guy who jumped out overestimated himself. One person was enough to be a warm up. Being whipped by the other side was equivalent to everyone being whipped. Everyone was together! Do you not understand?

But they discovered that this guy truly didn’t understand! After losing, he didn’t seemed embarrassed at all. He felt it was very natural: “Wow, wow. Can I try again?”

Everyone suddenly understood. It seemed like this person wasn’t here to jeer at the other side. He was actually here to practice with the team!

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