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Chapter 768 - Gathering (2)

It was only after Ye Xiu and Chen Guo saw An Wenyi’s message did they realize that out of everyone here, the only person who told them in advance around what time he would be arriving was An Wenyi.

Even though it wasn’t a big deal, it seemed like An Wenyi handled matters more thoughtfully than the others did.

“Then it looks like everyone will be here soon.” Chen Guo was a little excited. All of Team Happy’s members would finally be together in one place. Chen Guo felt like the door to a new world was finally opening up. The wheels of history were beginning to turn.

An Wenyi was currently on his way here, so he obviously wasn’t online. There were no bosses left to fight for the rest of this week anyways. Even if there were, An Wenyi’s presence would not have affected the overall situation.

Time passed in the blink of an eye and it was now 7:00PM. The group at Happy hadn’t eaten dinner yet. They were waiting for An Wenyi to arrive. However, An Wenyi said that he would be arriving at City H at 7:35PM. In addition to that, it would take him some time to reach Happy Internet Cafe. Chen Guo and the others from City H knew how much time it would take, so there was no rush. At around 8:00PM, everyone stopped playing. If everything went smoothly for An Wenyi, he should be arriving any shortly.

An Wenyi once again proved that he was a reliable person. He showed up at Happy Internet Cafe precisely when Chen Guo thought he would.

Wearing a pair of eyeglasses, the refined and elegant looking An Wenyi greeted everyone in the same manner. He didn’t give any special gestures to his boss or Ye Xiu. He also didn’t seem to have any particular reaction to Steamed Bun’s hyperactiveness or Mo Fan’s cold expression. 

“We’ve been waiting for you! Let’s go get dinner!” Chen Guo called out to An Wenyi as the host.

“Luo Ji and An Wenyi both arrived today. Let’s not go too far and eat something close by.” Chen Guo directed. There weren’t any particularly excellent restaurants nearby, and Chen Guo didn’t want to make them feel uneasy when they had just arrived.

Clearly no one cared though and swarmed out the door. They had to do it quickly because they had Su Mucheng hidden within their group.

It was actually very dangerous for Su Mucheng to be in Happy Internet Cafe. If the fans recognized her, it would be disastrous. She was the most well known idol of Excellent Era, second only to Ye Xiu. While Sun Xiang and Xiao Shiqin were well-received, they couldn’t compare to Su Mucheng’s steady foundation, which had been built up throughout the years.

Surrounding Su Mucheng, they left the Internet Cafe and followed Chen Guo to a restaurant that she had reserved.

Chen Guo didn’t irk away from picking the dishes. She took care of everything. Once the drinks came out, she started gathering everyone’s opinions.

“Drinking? Haha, someone’s about to embarrass himself.” Wei Chen shifted his gaze towards Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu said in deadly earnest: “I never drink.”

“I don’t either.” Qiao Yifan hastily added.

“Steamed Bun, you’re definitely a drinker.” Wei Chen patted Steamed Bun.

Steamed Bun became invigorated at being regarded as important.. He rolled up his sleeves as if he were ready to start a fight: “Sure, I’ll drink.”

“Who else?” Wei Chen held up the drink menu as he gazed at the remaining three. Those three just happened to be the ones, who just got here. They weren’t too familiar with everyone. Luo Ji looked at An Wenyi. An Wenyi looked him. They were waiting for someone else to speak up first. Then, Mo Fan, who no one was looking at, directly replied: “I’m not drinking.”

“What about you two?” Wei Chen didn’t care too much about him.

“Let’s just drink a bit together then!” An Wenyi said.

“I can’t drink too much. Five glasses max!” The mathematician Luo Ji knew precisely how much he could intake. He examined the beer glass size and gave a reply.

“Weak.” Wei Chen looked down in disdain. For that glass size, five glasses was just a bit over a bottle of beer. That capacity for liquor was truly too tragic. Even Ye Xiu seemed to have relaxed a bit, probably because he found someone around his tolerance level.

“We still have work to do tonight, so don’t drink too much. Everyone, pace yourself!” Wei Chen said. He called over the waiter: “Get me a case.”

The faces of all those present including Mo Fan and An Wenyi changed color. Everyone was clearly frightened by Wei Chen’s liquor capacity. Steamed Bun was already intimidated and shouted: “A case! That’s amazing, right? How many are in a case?”

“Yeah! Very amazing. That’s 24 bottles!” Ye Xiu laughed.

“24 bottles. You’re too amazing Old Wei!” Steamed Bun continued to yell in awe.

Wei Chen’s face suddenly turned deathly pale, but he pretended like it was no big deal: “What? A case has 24 bottles?”

“Haha, what did you think?” Ye Xiu laughed.

“Cough…… that’s nothing. How many are you guys drinking? If you’re not sure yet, you’re welcome to just take them from my case.” Wei Chen said to the three, who would be drinking.

Luo Ji was just about to nod his head, when Ye Xiu interrupted: “That’s no good. What if someone drinks a bit too much and you won’t have enough left for yourself?”

“Couldn’t I just get more if I don’t have enough?” Wei Chen said.

“Another case?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Are you not happy about something?” Wei Chen asked.

“Haha!” Ye Xiu laughed.

“Ha, your sister!” Wei Chen knew that Ye Xiu had seen through his facade, so he didn’t try and insisting on it. He said resentfully: “Where I live, one case only has 12 bottles. Why are things so different in City H?”

Everyone understood that Wei Chen was making a joke and erupted into laughter. Wei Chen was able to keep the same expression on him. He lit up a cigarette and took the opportunity to tell everyone stories about his past.

When the case of beer came, no one called out Wei Chen to drink it all himself. The three girls, Ye Xiu, and Qiao Yifan drank a little for symbolic purposes. Mo Fan refused it with an astute “No.” though. The rest left for the other four. Despite it being four people, Luo Ji’s five glasses didn’t really account for too much. Mathematicians were logical people. Five glasses of beer wasn’t no bottle of beer. It was just a very small amount.

As a result, the majority of the beer was decimated by Wei Chen, Steamed Bun, and An Wenyi. These three averaged around six bottles of beer. It wasn’t too much, but the effects of alcohol were beginning to show. Wei Chen and Steamed Bun clearly started talking a lot more. An Wenyi was still as quiet as ever. It was as if he hadn’t drank six bottles of beer. 

“Wow, Little An! You’re still fine?” Wei Chen was also surprised.

“No, anymore and I’ll definitely get drunk.” An Wenyi said, but no one believed him. From what everyone saw, Wei Chen and Steamed Bun would be getting drunk first.

“Not bad! You’ve got a good future ahead of you!” Wei Chen sighed.

“There’s no more. There’s no more.” Steamed Bun poured out the last of a bottle of beer and rubbed his perfectly round belly.

“More?” Wei Chen tried to show his superiority again. Although he turned his shout for a case of beer into a joke, he really had intended on a small case of 12 beers. Wei Chen wouldn’t get so drunk that everyone could laugh at him. Twelve beers was obviously within his capabilities. Right now, he had drank around six beers, so another case was potentially still possible.

“Maybe next time? We’ll have plenty of opportunities to do so in the future. Luo Ji’s already fallen asleep.” An Wenyi said.  

Wei Chen glanced at Luo Ji, who was lying on the table. He was speechless. This mathematician was truly honest and sincere. When he said five glasses, he wasn’t saying any more than five glasses and he would be drunk, but he would directly get drunk after five glasses. Luo Ji lay on the table, completely gone. 

“Okay, next time. We can drink again once these losers are gone.” Wei Chen said.

“Don’t corrupt these young minds. Don’t you know that it’s better not to drink for pro players?” Ye Xiu said.

Wei Chen was surprised. After a short pause and a puff of smoke, he nodded his head: “You’re right.” He looked towards An Wenyi and his expression turned solemn: “You guys still have a future. How nice. Don’t drink too much in the future.” After finishing his glass, he didn’t call out to Steamed Bun or An Wenyi. He stood up and said to everyone: “Let’s go back.”

“Wake Luo Ji up.” Chen Guo said.  

“Get up, you useless person!” Steamed Bun whacked Luo Ji on the head.  

“Steamed Bun, don’t act so recklessly. His brain is a national treasure!” Ye Xiu hastily stopped Steamed Bun.

“National treasure?” Steamed Bun was confused.

“Mathematician!” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh?” Steamed Bun seemed to understand. Luo Ji woke up with a daze because of the whack though. He had drunk the least, but was the most drunk. His eyes were still red after the short nap.

“Can you walk?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I can.” Luo Ji said.

“Steamed Bun, support him.” Ye Xiu said.

“What a piece of trash. Sigh. Why does my little bro have to be such trash?” Steamed Bun sighed with sadness. He dragged Luo Ji up: “Can you stand?”

“I don’t need your help. I can walk!” Luo Ji struggled.

They ate dinner late, so it was quite late by the time they left. All the bosses this week had been killed, so there wasn’t anything urgent to do in the game. Luo Ji and An Wenyi had just gotten here, so they might as well head over to their living place together.

Their living place was two stories with six bedrooms for twelve people. Everything had been arranged for two people per room. Wei Chen and the others lived here. Ye Xiu and Chen Guo had actually never stayed a night here before. When they went to take a look, the four people already living there had each taken a room for themselves. None of them shared a room with another. 

An Wenyi and Luo Ji looked as if they would take the remaining two rooms for themselves, but Chen Guo stopped them: “I don’t think it’s good to occupy them all. It’s not too late to put people together later, but what if a girl were to come?”

Everyone heard her words. That was reasonable! They actually had a girl on the team already. She just wasn’t living with them for now.

“Mm. Then, Luo Ji go to Steamed Bun’s room. Little An and Qiao Yifan in a room. I usually smoke, so once Ye Xiu comes over we’ll room together.” Wei Chen arranged everything.

“Mm, that’s a good arrangement. Should we try it out for tonight?” Chen Guo turned around to ask the others, who hadn’t even stayed a night before. Everything in those six rooms had already been tidied up for them.

“Sounds good!” Ye Xiu didn’t care.

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