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Chapter 762 - Revenge

The fourth week passed fairly peacefully. Although rumors spread of who would take Deng Fusheng’s place, Team Tiny Herb didn’t make any moves. Of course, that was only to the outsiders. In reality, no outsider would know what was really happening within the team. The media did not get a heads up on any of the previous important transfers. They were caught off guard every time.

This time, they could finally see some first signs of a development. Every Knight player watched closely. Even the slightest sway of a blade of grass appeared in the news. Many of the players being talked about had no choice but to come out and deny the allegations. This was the trouble brought about by getting wind of a piece of information ahead of time. With so much disturbance sprouting from all sorts of places, something unexpected just might leak out.

“Who do you think Team Tiny Herb will look for to replace Deng Fusheng?”

How could those at Happy Internet Cafe not notice the gossip spreading around. Wei Chen idled around in the game and asked for Ye Xiu’s opinion out of boredom.

“Xu Bin!” Ye Xiu replied without thinking, “He’s also a very steady and patient player. He’s very similar to Deng Fusheng in that aspect. He could very easily ease into Deng Fusheng’s position in Tiny Herb. If he is signed over, there’s no one more suitable for Tiny Herb.”

“If even you can see that, the transfer probably won’t be easy.” Wei Chen spoke with a hint of sarcasm. 

“This type of successor is always the hardest to find. Everyone’s watching. How can they not hurry and take the opportunity to bring the hammer down?” Ye Xiu said.

It was as if reality wanted to prove that Ye Xiu was never wrong. After having so many rumors fly around, the dust finally settled. Team 301’s Knight Xu Bin announced that he would be joining Team Tiny Herb. This transfer was a trade. In order to obtain Xu Bin, Team Tiny Herb traded one of their own All Star players. The player for their Grappler, Flying Drops: Li Yihui.

Team Tiny Herb and Team Blue Rain were the only two teams in recent years to have three All Star players in a single team. However, everything had now been thrown into disorder this summer.

Yu Feng had left Team Blue Rain. On Team Tiny Herb, Deng Fusheng retired and Li Yihui had been let go. Although the new Xu Bin would very likely become an All Star this upcoming season, Team Tiny Herb would only have two All Stars until that happened.

The two teams were looking to cut their losses, searching for any breakthroughs this summer transfer window. In the beginning, the two teams remained quiet. Their first movements weakened the team’s strength. No one felt like these two powerhouses would just resign themselves to their losses. In the following few days, these two would most likely make huge moves. The gossip generals once again responded instantly, analyzing the future plans of these two teams. They ignored the needs of other teams and focused solely on their own team if they had the choice to pick whoever they wanted freely.

On the fifth week, the announcement of an enormous purchase offer made everyone’s glasses fall off. The important transfer wasn’t from Team Blue Rain or Team Tiny Herb, but the reigning champions, Team Samsara.

Champion teams rarely made any huge changes. They generally sought out small fixes. Team Samsara’s offer was to patch up one of their weaknesses. After Team Tiny Herb’s Li Yihui was traded for Xu Bin, Team Samsara offered a price of 8 million for the currently unused Grappler: Flying Drops.

Team Tiny Herb had yet to find a replacement for their loss and someone had put their hands in the pot. Their fans had a hard time enduring it. They pointed their fingers at Samsara and started throwing slander at them. It was an official purchase though. There was nothing wrong with what they did. In the end, the Tiny Herb fans could only say stuff like ‘don’t get carried away’.

The fans of both teams argued back and forth. The two teams haggled. In the end, Flying Drops was sold over to Team Samsara for a price of 9.5 million.

Tiny Herb’s fans shut their mouths in astonishment, which naturally drew mocking remarks from Samsara’s, but what could they do? The fans didn’t understand the Club’s intentions. Encountering a mishap and being slapped in the face was nothing new. After all, the clubs would never publicly reveal their plans. Even if the team had initially planned on selling Flying Drops, another team yelling out a price wasn’t a part of the plan. Why else did the initial offer of 8 million turn into 9.5 million? If the team wanted others to know of their intentions, Team Samsara probably wouldn’t have been able to quote a price of 8 million.

Flying Drops was also an All Star level Grappler. Samsara’s Grappler Lu Boyuan performed exceptionally well in the playoffs last season. The addition of an All Star character would perfectly complement the team’s needs.

As for Team Tiny Herb, what did they plan on doing by getting rid of both Li Yuhui and Flying Drops? No one understood. What Tiny Herb or Blue Rain would do next was a question on everyone’s minds.

Halfway through the fifth week, July ended and August began.

During this period of time, Happy Internet Cafe’s business was doing well. Their wild boss hunts in the Heavenly Domain were going quite smoothly as well. Rumors and gossip continued to fly about everyday. Along with having the opportunity to spend time with her idol, Chen Guo was having the summer of her life. It was the first day of August. When she woke up, she thought today would be just like any other day , but she discovered that she was actually the last one to arrive. The mood in the practice room was grave.

“Did something new happen?” This was Chen Guo’s first reaction. She immediately ran to the computer to check.

“Boss, it’s time to register.” Ye Xiu said. 

“Register?” Chen Guo was puzzled.

“Register for the Challenger League!” Ye Xiu said. 

“OH!” Chen Guo suddenly understood. The registration period for next season’s Challenger League began on the first day of August. During this month, a team could sign up for the Challenger League, as long as the team fulfilled the requirement of having six players. The winner of the Challenger League would win the right to join the Alliance and officially become a professional team.

All their work over the past few months had all been for this very day. To think she had forgotten! Chen Guo felt ashamed.

“Then we’re just going to register like this?” Chen Guo looked at the others in the room, “It’s just going to be who we have now?”

“There’s also Little Hands and Cold Light. Ah, no it’s Little Cold Hands and Concealed Light.” Steamed Bun reminded Chen Guo.

Chen Guo thought about it for a second before nodding her head. She didn’t bother explaining to Steamed Bun that she said who we have now not who we have here, but when she nodded her head, she also asked: “What about Deception?”

“That guy still lacks discipline!” Ye Xiu sighed.

“In all the times that you’ve discipline him, have you ever told him who you were?” Chen Guo asked.

“I did occasionally.” Ye Xiu said.

“Occasionally……” Chen Guo wanted to cry, so you’re saying Deception died for nothing countless times!

“But dying so many times, if he isn’t stupid, he should know that I’m the one behind it.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why exactly do you keep on killing him for?” Chen Guo asked.

“He has no future in scrap picking, so he should go play for us!” Ye Xiu waved his hands.

“What type of logic is that?” Chen Guo wiped her forehead.

“Once his interest in scrap picking disappears completely, he will be more likely to consider my proposal, no?”

“So you’re saying you’re not certain.” Chen Guo said.

“Well yeah, it’s not like we’re close friends or anything.” Ye Xiu said.


“Now I see that this youngster has quite the willpower!” Ye Xiu looked at his monitor and sighed.

Tang Rou stuck her head into the conversation: “From the recent statistics provided by Little An, that guy has started showing up less and less.”

“Could I have killed him too much and made him so depressed that he’s thinking of deleting his account?” Ye Xiu said.

“You’ve ruined a good seed.” Chen Guo grieved.

“It’s also possible that he’s figured out your schedule, so he avoids you guys like how you guys avoid Zhang Xinjie.” Wei Chen said.

“It’s us, not you guys. You’ve killed him many times too.” Ye Xiu corrected Wei Chen first before nodding his head: “That’s also very likely. It seems like we need to ask for help!”

“Ask for help? ‘Chen Guo asked.

Soon afterwards, Ye Xiu opened up QQ and clicked on one of the many pro player group chats. He sent out a big horn emoji and started shouting wildly: “Zhang Xinjie, Zhang Xinjie, Old Lin, Old Lin, if you’re here, say here.”

Amidst the eyes of a bunch of pro players, Zhang Xinjie and Lin Jingyan wiped the sweat off their forehead through emojis.

Chen Guo watched with excitement! All of them were huge names in Glory. They were using the same sweat-wipe and black line emojis like ordinary people. It appeared very funny.

“PM.” Ye Xiu said.

“Breaking news! There’s breaking news!!” Someone shouted. Chen Guo saw that it was Team Void’s Li Xu, a merciless Assassin. Who would have thought that he was a gossiper?

Ye Xiu ignored his groundless screeching. Zhang Xinjie messaged Ye Xiu: “What’s up?”

“Where’s Old Lin?” Ye Xiu asked.

“He’s with me. Is there something you need?”

“I need some help.” Ye Xiu said.

“What help?”

“Help killing a person.” Ye Xiu said.

He hastily added: “In the game! Don’t think too much!”

Chen Guo wiped some sweat away. Did he really need to say that? Zhang Xinjie was a serious person, but would he go so far as to think Ye Xiu actually meant “kill a person in real life.”

“Who?” Zhang Xinjie ignored Ye Xiu’s comment and continued.

“He’s sometimes called Deception, sometimes called Not White, sometimes called White Not. He’s a scrap picker.” Ye Xiu said.

“What did he do to offend you?” Zhang  Xinjie asked.

“He’s a scrap picker. He stole my stuff. That’s a very serious crime!” Ye Xiu said.

“Do you really need to go so far? You even know what his alternate accounts are! You must have killed him several times already!” Zhang Xinjie said.

“How narrow-minded of you! You guys are taking advantage of me while I’m away to win a championship title. You guys have offended me too. Just wait for me to come back! I’ll destroy you guys!” Ye Xiu said.

“Speak after you pass through the Challenger League before talking!” Zhang Xinjie had already closed the chat window.

“Help me kill him!” Ye Xiu urged.

“If I see him.” Zhang Xinjie continued to be serious. If he saw him, he’d kill him. If not, he wouldn’t go out of his way.

“What did Ye Qiu want?” Lin Jingyan asked.

“He says there’s a scrap picker who stole his stuff. He wants us to kill him if we see him.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“Oh, then if we see him, we’ll kill him!” Lin Jingyan replied. It was a small matter. For these two Gods, it was as simple as moving their hands. If someone begged you to lift up your hands a bit, why should you refuse?

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