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Chapter 761 - Some Stay, Some Leave

Yu Feng’s interview received a lot of attention. The media didn’t want to mess things up for a headline article. A live interview and a plausible reason made it trustworthy information.

Yu Feng’s decision was controversial, but most people could understand his decision.

Fame, money, status…….

No matter what one pursued, it would usually be one of these, whether that was in the competitive scene or life as a whole. In the Glory competitive scene, fame and glory reigned supreme. Every pro player pursued these two things. However, this didn’t mean everyone was willing to give up everything in their pursuit for glory.

Some could step back for a higher status, or for higher pay.

If Yu Feng wanted fame and glory, remaining in Team Blue Rain would be better than joining Team Hundred Blossoms. However, Yu Feng clearly placed more importance on his position in the team. As a currently rising All Star, his reason for transferring was completely understandable. No ambitious player would be satisfied with being stuck as the number three player on the team. Those who felt more intensely about their position might even think that they were underappreciated. Leaving was naturally unavoidable for them.

It was because of this reason that Team Tyranny’s strength on paper felt inconceivable. Because they were in the declining years of their career, their desire to be the champions exceeded everything else. Lin Jingyan and Zhang Jiale were their former team’s ace players. For them, choosing retirement might be a better option than retreating to become the ace player of a middle tier team.

After Yu Feng’s interview, Hundred Blossoms began making publicity statements for the new season. During the past few days, they had to shoulder way too much slander, yet they never responded with any PR. With this transfer, their PR would appear stronger. Hundred Blossoms also knew about the previous successive transfers. Just saying a few words probably wouldn’t be enough to calm their fans down. Only an actual move could make their words prove to be effective and carry weight.

Even so, many fans still didn’t understand why Dazzling Hundred Blossoms needed to be sold, but after Team Hundred Blossoms utilized media outlets to give a few statements, they finally understood the reason a little more.

Team Hundred Blossoms selling Dazzling Hundred Blossoms didn’t mean that they were abandoning the Spitfire class. Next season, Zou Yuan would continue to receive the club’s support. This time, their support would be a lot more intimate. The team wouldn’t force Zou Yuan to adapt to Dazzling Hundred Blossoms. Instead, they would create a brand new Spitfire character that fit Zou Yuan’s playstyle better.

A character was supposed to be a service to the team, not an obstacle. A powerful God-level character could greatly increase a team’s strength, but to a certain degree, it also inhibit a team’s structure, reducing flexibility and many other possibilities. Team Hundred Blossoms wished to get rid of such a roadblock, allowing the team rebuild and walk a path much more suitable with their current situation.

In front of the media, the spokesperson for Team Hundred Blossoms spoke frankly with assurance. His logical statement won the support of many fans.

Fact number one. There were no outstanding Spitfire players to inherit Dazzling Hundred Blossoms.

Zhang Jiale was willing to sacrifice everything to become a champion. No matter what Team Hundred Blossoms could have done, they wouldn’t be able to compete with Team Tyranny’s overwhelming force of four ace players. Zhang Jiale was already determined to join this team with the greatest chance at winning the championships. This was fact number two.

Facing these two facts, what was the point in holding onto Dazzling Hundred Blossoms? If it remained on the team, it would just sit there and collect dust. If they sold it for 16 million, the money would be used as a resource for their development in the future. From one perspective, the character would be serving the team one final time.

This topic lasted from the end of the third week, and all the way to the fourth week. The wild bosses refreshed. The elite players were busy once again. Many of them were feeling anxious after being teased with several successive transfers. Everyone was waiting to see which big transfer would happen this week.

What happened this week had been foreshadowed long ago, unlike the past three weeks with surprising transfers one after the other.

The contract for Team Tiny Herb’s vice captain, Deng Fusheng had ended last season. After a considering his options for a period of time, he eventually decided not to renew his contract with Team Tiny Herb. At the same time, he refused all offers from other teams and announced his retirement.

Deng Fusheng had been a pro player for six years. However, he wasn’t a God who had been brilliant as a rookie. He had been a drifter for the first three years. He switched teams three times in three years. This didn’t affect his mindset though. No matter which team he played for, he was always very diligent. Finally, he was noticed by a top team. In season six, the newly-crowned champion Team Tiny Herb sent him an invitation to join them. The following year, he and Team Tiny Herb won their second championship and became a championship team two years in a row.

Deng Fusheng was undoubtedly a very lucky player. Many incredible players gave their all only to achieve nothing. He had come from a middle-tier team and then rode Team Tiny Herb’s championship train to win a championship title. Who knew what magic was at work for that to happen?

Deng Fusheng was very content with his career. He understood that his talent was limited. Getting a position in a team like Tiny Herb was already pushing his limit. Not only did he get a position, but he even became the team’s vice captain, became an All Star player, and even won a championship with the team. He never fired back at those mocking remarks. He happily accepted their words when they called him lucky and never mentioned how much work he had put in.

Deng Fusheng wasn’t young. He had obtained everything he could have wanted from Team Tiny Herb. When Team Tiny Herb needed some fresh blood, he chose to give up his position. Deng Fusheng didn’t have any thoughts towards offers from other teams. He was content with what he had achieved and didn’t feel like he could get anything more from continuing to play the game.

Deng Fusheng’s retirement passed peacefully.

Because he was a very ordinary person. His achievements caused many to be jealous, but besides that, there was nothing to criticize him for. As for those sayings about his good luck, Wang Jiexi once returned fire, which he seldom did: if being lucky is a bad thing, I’d love to be lucky.

Deng Fusheng’s retirement wasn’t sudden. Most players would renew their contract half a year before they even expired. Deng Fusheng hadn’t renew his though, which indicated that he wanted to ponder his future. At his age, retirement was a conclusion that many easily jumped to.

And now he made his decision. Team Tiny Herb took the lead to show their sadness at his departure. They, of course, gave him their blessings for his future. At the same time, they announced a friendly exhibition match for Deng Fusheng that would take place during the break. This exhibition match would be held as thanks for all that Deng Fusheng had contributed to the team. As for the other teams that Deng Fusheng had once been a part of, they also stood up to say a few words. They recalled Deng Fusheng’s situation in the team and praised him. Even his former opponents put in a few good words.

His departure was sad, but also filled with warmth. The sparks flying around because of these past three weeks died down for this old general’s retirement.

Every summer, there would be huge noise over the transfers. At the same time, there was always an old general who retired. Last year, Zhang Jiale’s retirement was undoubtedly a huge event. It was also very sudden and controversial too. It wasn’t as warm or sorrowful as the retirement for most players. This summer, the transfer market was filled with things to see. Deng Fusheng’s retirement added a different feel. Of the retired players this summer, Deng Fusheng would probably be the most important to step down.

There was the passion of those who wanted to continue their struggle and the sorrow of those who no longer wanted to continue.

Deng Fusheng left the scene very peacefully. He didn’t create any miracles, nor was he any legend. However, he still left his mark in the Alliance. Deng Fusheng would begin his new life. The competitive scene would not be shaken because of the recent startling transfers, nor the retirement of a player though.

After Deng Fusheng retired, everyone quickly discussed who Team Tiny Herb would get to take his spot. For a powerhouse championship team like Tiny Herb, any transfer would be noticed by the Alliance.

Besides Deng Fusheng, the best Knight was undoubtedly Team 301’s Xu Bin. Many even considered Xu Bin better than Deng Fusheng. Xu Bin just didn’t look as good because his team wasn’t a championship one.

Xu Bin was the number one guess, but there were many other choices too. Compared to Spitfires, Knights were much more abundant in Glory. It had to do with the class. Knights were main tanks in the game and tanks were considered much more difficult to play than DPS or healer classes.

Glory didn’t completely depend on the Iron Triangle of a tank, a healer, and a damage dealer. However, tanks being an extremely difficult role had never changed.

Playing as a Knight was a show of confidence in one’s skill. Those who couldn’t play the class would have a hard time finding a spot in any party. This class was one that spawned experts. As a result, those who stood out from those experts and became pro players were especially outstanding. This was why many felt that Deng Fusheng was extremely lucky.

After Deng Fusheng’s departure, gossip immediately bounced about. Everyone was guessing what Team Tiny Herb might have in mind.

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