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Chapter 760 - Core Position

All the gossipers followed Team Tyranny’s movements closely. As for Team Hundred Blossom’s future? The gossipers would pay attention to this more momentous topic before turning around to take a look at the pitiful reality that had past. Even Team Hundred Blossom’s most loyal fans could only seethe with anger. Some could understand Zhang Jiale’s reasons for leaving and wished him well, but no one could understand Club Hundred Blossom’s string of transfers. The club’s decisions were faced with all sorts of harsh criticism.

Everyone was interested in the new Team Tyranny’s might and what new records the team could possibly achieve. For a moment, not many concerned themselves with a few follow-up questions. Team Hundred Blossom’s future was one such question. Another was that if two ace players joining the main roster of Team Tyranny, which of their current team members would be benched or leaving? Any one of Team Tyranny’s players was easily worthy of attention in the transfer market, but in light of the current circumstances, their existence appeared miniscule. The question of their future was also ignored.

Tyranny became the main topic for the rest of the week. Two sides formed. One side regarded Team Tyranny highly in the upcoming season, while the other side disagreed. The two sides argued without restraint. The optimistic side that supported Team Tyranny obviously did so because Team Tyranny had unprecedented strength on paper. The opposing side wasn’t as optimistic about the team’s future because of the age of their new ace players and the fundamental change that would certainly happen to the team. Everyone gave their own reasons. Smoke pervaded the air for a week. What made Ye Xiu and the others in Happy feel unfortunate was that this quarreling didn’t affect Team Tyranny’s players. Zhang Xinjie and Lin Jingyan were still diligently competing for wild bosses.

Chen Guo had initially been worried about Zhang Jiale also appearing. His situation was different from the other two though. Guild Blossom Valley was a competitor in the wild boss battles. He had no way of avoiding Team Hundred Blossoms in their competitive matches with each other. He would also have to face his former team with a professional attitude. However, in the game, his opponents were all fans. Facing them there was much more difficult than facing his team in an official match.

The ones with the most passion would always be the fans. The various teams and clubs continued with their work like Zhang Xinjie and Lin Jingyan. Several other transfers were completed this week, but none of them made as much of a splash as the news of Dazzling Hundred Blossoms and Zhang Jiale, so they didn’t receive much attention. This lasted up until the final day of the week. All of the wild bosses had been cleared away for the week. For the guild elites, it was a rare period of resting time for them. That day, an important transfer was announced: Team Blue Rain’s All Star Yu Feng joins Team Hundred Blossoms for 6 million.

When news of this transfer appeared, many old memories came back. A few were mentioned by some. Old analyses that no one had originally paid any attention to were quickly uncovered.

Yu Feng was most adept at playing the Berserker. He was an All Star and also reputed as the number one Berserker currently in the Alliance. Many also considered that his Berserker character, Brilliant Edge, was also number one too.

But was that really the case?

After this transfer, analyses that no one had paid any attention to were dug out again. It was only then did many Glory fans remember that Team Hundred Blossoms also had a Berserker character. Several years ago, it had been considered the number one Berserker. Its fame had once surpassed Brilliant Edge.

Team Hundred Blossoms wasn’t just some cheerleader team. They were powerhouses that had made it all the way to the finals three times. In comparison, their guild’s development in the game wasn’t as outstanding. It gave off the feeling of an unstable foundation. The team had also lost all three finals. Everyone couldn’t help but feel like the team was missing something.

In any case, three finals was considered an outstanding achievement, surpassed only by Team Excellent Era and Team Tiny Herb. Such a team wouldn’t only be supported by a single powerful character like Dazzling Hundred Blossoms.

Falling Scattered Flowers!

Previously known as the number one Berserker. Before season five, this character was known to everybody. Along with Dazzling Hundred Blossoms, the duo coupled strength and gentleness and pushed Team Hundred Blossoms to the top in season three. Unfortunately, they were defeated by One Autumn Leaf, giving Team Excellent Era their third championship title.

In season four, the golden generation sprung up in the Alliance. That year, most people paid attention to the astonishing talent of the new rookies, along with the finals between the rivals Team Tyranny and Team Excellent Era. The two flowers of Team Hundred Blossoms had been eliminated in the first round of the playoffs that season.

In season five, the flower duo returned in a swirl of petals and smashed their way through the regular season. Who would have thought that more than halfway through the season, Team Hundred Blossom’s All Star player, the man behind Falling Scattered Flowers, and the number one Berserker Sun Zheping sustained an unexpected hand injury. He could no longer continue playing. Zhang Jiale single-handedly held up the team and was able to carry Team Hundred Blossoms into the finals. In the end, he was defeated by the Magician, Wang Jiexi. 

Sun Zheping was unable to completely recover from his hand injury. At the end of the season, he quietly left the pro scene. The situation that Team Hundred Blossoms faced that day was similar to the one after Zhang Jiale’s retirement: at that time, besides Sun Zheping, there were no outstanding Berserkers to take his place.

The number one Berserker Falling Scattered Flowers faded from memory just like that. As luck would have it, in season six, a new star was born in Team Blue Rain. Besides Yu Wenzhou and Huang Shaotian, an outstanding Berserker, Yu Feng, contributed to their championship victory. At the same time, Team Blue Rain created a powerful Berserker character: Brilliant Edge.

The championship light shone down on Yu Feng and Brilliant Edge. The silent Falling Scattered Flowers was quickly forgotten.

In season seven, although Team Hundred Blossoms made it to the playoffs, it had nothing to do with Falling Scattered Flowers. This former brilliance couldn’t be fully brought out because of a player’s mediocrity. In addition, as Dazzling Hundred Blossom’s most important partner, there were times where he couldn’t keep up with Zhang Jiale’s pace, causing numerous embarrassing moments that brought shame to the godly character. That year, Team Blue Rain’s Yu Feng improved rapidly. Brilliant Edge became more complete. Yu Feng and Brilliant Edge became All Stars, officially replacing Falling Scattered Flowers as Glory’s number one Berserker.

In season eight, Zhang Jiale suddenly retired and Team Hundred Blossoms turned into a mess. They had an outstanding rookie though. However, he was a Brawler, not one of the two flowers. That year, Falling Scattered Flowers didn’t even appear on stage. His position was given to Tang Hao and his Brawler, Delilo. The former number one Berserker had fallen to such a state, but who would notice? Everyone was worried about Dazzling Hundred Blossoms.

Up until today when Yu Feng’s transfer was announced, these old memories suddenly popped up. In particular, the fans, who had supported Team Hundred Blossoms for many years, suddenly remembered that their team had such a powerful character.

The subject of discussion began to revolve around Team Hundred Blossoms. It was very obvious why they wanted to purchase Yu Feng, but did they need to sell off Dazzling Hundred Blossoms? The price was six million. Let alone Tang Hao’s transfer being ten million, even without that transfer, Team Hundred Blossoms could still afford it. If they grabbed Yu Feng and found a new Spitfire player to restart the flower duo, how great would that be?

Many players didn’t understand. When Yu Feng received an interview, his answer slightly revealed the reason. The interview wouldn’t just be for the Hundred Blossoms fans, nor would it only be about Team Hundred Blossoms. In the interview, the reporter asked why Yu Feng chose to leave Team Blue Rain. Did the team give up on him or was it his own choice?

Ever since the start of the summer transfer window, the media was the most blessed and the most pained. They were blessed because of the numerous exciting transfers, that gave them much to write about. Painful because no heads up  would be given for these exciting transfers. The transfer news just suddenly popped up out of nowhere, catching the media unprepared. Interviewers needed to prepare, but in order to be the first to get the news, the media was put in a difficult spot.

But what could they do? The first to get an interview with Yu Feng racked their brains to find topics. Why did Yu Feng choose to leave? This first question was not related to Team Hundred Blossoms. They weren’t worried about not getting an answer for those questions though. They were conducting an interview with Team Hundred Blossoms at the same time! 

Yu Feng had chosen to leave Team Blue Rain on his own volition. In fact, Team Blue Rain didn’t really want to let go of their All Star player that they had poured resources into. As for Yu Feng’s reason for leaving, although he sort of hid his answer, his meaning came across.


This was why Yu Feng chose to leave Team Blue Rain.

Team Blue Rain wouldn’t give him a salary any lower than Team Hundred Blossoms would. Team Blue Rain had a better record than the current Team Hundred Blossoms. The only thing that Team Blue Rain couldn’t give to Yu Feng was a core position.

Despite being an All Star player and being considered the number one Berserker, in Team Blue Rain, he was always number three, and no matter how hard he tried, the two spots ahead of him were too far out of reach.

Yu Feng wanted to be the absolute core of a team. Team Blue Rain could not give that to him, so he finally decided to transfer.

Team Hundred Blossoms just happened to need a core player. They cleared away their former strengths and planned on completely rebuilding the team. Yu Feng would undoubtedly become their new core, along with the former number one Berserker, Falling Scattered Flowers.

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