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Chapter 76 – Controlling the BOSS’s Move Path

In the forest, Blue River practically only saw the Goblin Merchant, with his butt out, carrying a massive backpack and chasing Lord Grim’s figure. The rest of Tyrannical Ambition’s players had unexpectedly all scattered into the woods, becoming sniper guerillas.

This Goblin Merchant, when facing normal players, wouldn’t it bounce around and freely and easily throw items out of his backpack? Why was it having such a hard time chasing Lord Grim? When it threw a grenade, Lord Grim had actually hit it back in midair, making it explode onto its head. It really was stupid. What timed grenade? You were using a trigger type!

Although it was like this, to hit the grenade in midair back to the Goblin Merchant’s head, Lord Grim wasn’t only quick, his microing was extremely precise too!

Blue River madly chased after it while sighing with sorrow.

After all, Lord Grim was both attacking and leading the Goblin Merchant away. He couldn’t be moving at his fastest speed. Blue River and the others quickly caught up. Behind his Blue Brook Guild, a crowd of other players also steadily kept pace behind them as if they were wolves.

How could Blue River not know that those guys behind his butt were despicable? But the Blood Gunner incident taught them a bloody lesson. If he hesitated and didn’t move forward, then Tyrannical Ambition would take the advantage.

“Thousand Creations, go around to the front and block him.” Blue River said.

“Why me?” Thousand Creations was depressed.

“You’re a Battle Mage; if you don’t go who will?” With the Chaser’s additional effects, Battle Mages were faster than others by a grade.

“There’s still Little Sea!” Thousand Creations was talking about another Battle Mage, Little Sea.

“Your skill is better.” Blue River wasn’t afraid to hurt Little Sea. Everyone recognized Thousand Creation’s skill.

“In that guy’s eyes, my little skill is nothing.” Thousand Creations said.

“How many times have you fought with him?” Blue River said.

“I don’t believe you can’t see his terrifying skill!” Thousand Creations said.

“Okay! There’s nothing to block anyways, we’ve already caught up.” Thundering Light ridiculed. While these two guys argued, the Goblin Merchant had already entered their range. Thundering Light stepped forward and used Raging Flames.

It wasn’t easy for the mage to hit the target. He first had to be familiar with the magic’s release time and determine the target’s movement direction and speed to predict its future position. Thundering Light was an expert and wasn’t lacking in this area. Raging Flames covered a wide area, so it was a bit easier to hit. He accurately chose the area three bodies in front of the Goblin Merchant and casted his magic, releasing it there.

“Spitfire!” At this moment, Ye Xiu sent a message to the party.

The party channel was completely clean. They were afraid of affecting Ye Xiu’s leading. When the Spitfire saw the message, without saying another word, he fired a Light-element bullet. The Light-element bullet flickered and sent out a pa pa sound, instantly hitting the Goblin Merchant’s body.

Light scattered around the Goblin Merchant’s body. It trembled from head to toe. After the short distraction, it suddenly changed directions towards the left side of the forest and ran.

“F*CKER!!” Thundering Light was dumbstruck. His magic had already finished casting and he thought that he would see the Goblin Merchant fly up into the air. This would have been the perfect opportunity to let them fight over it for at least two seconds. Who knew that the Goblin Merchant would suddenly changed directions and aggro onto a different target. Having changed direction, that Raging Flames rose up but only hit air.

“Do you have any skill? Can you play? You let it OT at a key moment, you idiot!!” Thundering Light stomped furiously and shouted angrily at the tree in that direction.

“So noisy.” A Brawler from Blue Brook Guild said this and threw a Brick at the Goblin Merchant. Although a thrown Brick would have its effect reduced by half, it was thrown at the back of the Goblin’s head, so its chance to Dizzy increased by half too. As a result, the chance to Dizzy was quite high and would stall it for a bit of time.

Who knew that a gun sound would ring out while this flying Brick was in midair. With a bang, the Brick was broken into pieces and a pile of brick dust fell down. The Brawler was also dumbstruck.

“F*CKER!!!” The Brawler shouted, “Am I cursed? Am I dreaming? Tyrannical Ambition has this sort of expert?”

No one answered him. The players with good eyes had seen that the weird thing in Lord Grim’s hand had puffed out gun smoke.

“Pay attention to Lord Grim’s weapon.” Blue River said to everyone, “It’s weird.”


“No……” Blue River couldn’t think of the word at this moment.

“Capture the Goblin Merchant before talking!” Someone said.

Although both had failed to stall the Goblin Merchant, the distance between Blue Brook Guild and the Goblin merchant still closed. Who would have thought that when the Goblin Merchant ran to that tree, the one to appear wasn’t a Spitfire, but a Grappler. The Grappler grabbed the Goblin Merchant and threw it towards Lord Grim.

Grapplers were specialists in grabbing and each grab had different effects. This Fling threw it faster and farther than Lord Grim’s usual Fling. Blue Brook Guild once again went on a pointless trip and everyone was seething with anger. At that side, Lord Grim had already welcomed it and after two or three attacks, he reestablished the Goblin Merchant’s aggro onto himself. He did another Circle Swing and Fling. In the blink of an eye, the distance between the Goblin Merchant and Blue Brook Guild widened once again.

“Wait a moment.” Bound Boat figured something out.

“That OT just before might not have been an accident. It was something they arranged. It was intentional.” Bound Boat said.

“What are you saying?” Everyone was frightened.

“They want to use this sort of method to actively control the Goblin’s move path.

“Is that sort of method even possible?” Everyone was at a loss.

“The facts are in front of you.” Bound Boat said.

“It’s Lord Grim. It’s all because of his leading.” Blue River said.

“What do we do?” Someone asked.

“Disperse into groups of two and attack everyone of them!” Blue River said.

“That’d make us easy pickings!” Bound Boat was a little worried about the players behind them.

“Those trash won’t change the situation.” Blue River said.

“How come we haven’t seen anyone from Herb Garden?” Bound Boat said.

“That trash Plantago Seed is hiding again. We have to be cautious of this. Why aren’t our players here yet!” Blue River was worried. Their Blue Brook Guild wasn’t just these dozen or so people!

“Herb Garden’s players are here!” Bound Boat suddenly put out these words.

Blue River looked forward, as expected, a crowd of players lay in the forest in front of them. Although the names on top of their heads weren’t clear, Blue River had had many dealings with them and instantly determined that they were Herb Garden names.

“They’re going around to flank them.” Bound Boat said.

“That trash Plantago Seed, he definitely received info from a traitor.” Blue River disdained.

“When they go block Lord Grim’s path, take advantage of the situation to steal the BOSS back.” Bound Boat said.

“FORWARD!” Blue River roared.

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