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Chapter 75 – Losing the Fight for the Monster

Indeed, Blue River was a rare expert. This Sword Draw was accurate and precise. The sword arrived before the person and landed a beautiful Aerial Attack on the Goblin Merchant. If this was Seven Fields, it’d be difficult for him to do this move.

Blue River followed up with a Triple Slash. This was an attack and movement Blade Master Skill. Just before the Goblin Merchant hit the ground, his character swiftly slid forward and shua shua shua three sword lights and three marks of blood flew through the air.

Upward Slash! Blue River slashed again with his sword, ready to knock the Goblin Merchant into the air. When suddenly, an eccentric battle lance flew by. Blue River saw this weird battle lance and his heart tightened. He shot a glance and sure enough, it was Lord Grim.

One sword and one lance headed towards the Goblin Merchant together. The sword was fast, the lance was long, which would arrive first?

Was it me? Blue River felt that the uppercut he made with his sword arrived at the same time as Lord Grim’s stab. But by the time the Goblin ate his attack, it had already risen higher up into the air.

The battle lance stabbed forth. The Goblin Merchant was immediately drawn across a semi-circle and was thrown onto the ground next to Lord Grim.

Circle Swing.

Both of their skills hit the Goblin Merchant. Regretfully, Lord Grim used a seizing skill. By the time the Goblin Merchant was shaken off, he was already in front of Blue River, blocking his path.

Lord Grim’s face was in front of him, but his character’s face was always so empty. Blue River didn’t know what Lord Grim’s mood was, but he knew that he himself was very calm. Without hesitating, he sweeped across with his blade, slicing towards Lord Grim.

Lord Grim leaped backwards, dodging the attack. Mid-leap, he was positioned behind the Goblin Merchant. Suddenly, a Sky Strike hit the Goblin Merchant. Immediately following, a Falling Flower Palm exploded onto the Goblin Merchant’s body.

The Goblin Merchant went flying, smashing towards Blue River.

Too quick!

At this moment, personally fighting against Lord Grim, Blue River finally experienced how fast this guy’s operation was. Just before, when he used a Sky Strike, did he even finish jumping backwards? He actually hit the Goblin Merchant so precisely in midair? The following Falling Flower Palm was even more ridiculous. Was the Goblin Merchant really already in the air when he used it? If it really was still collapsed onto the ground, Falling Flower Palm didn’t have an On the Ground effect.

On the Ground was a type of attack in Glory. It was a Pursuit attack targeting the opponent on the ground. Falling Flower Palm was a straight-line skill and wouldn’t be able to hit a target on the ground. He first used a Sky Strike in order to let the Goblin Merchant into a mid-air state. Only then would the Falling Flower Palm hit it.

In Blue River’s eyes, he only felt that Lord Grim’s backwards leap, Sky Strike, into Falling Flower Palm was inconceivably quick. He couldn’t even tell if he had hit the Sky Strike or the Flower Palm, when the Goblin Merchant had already flew towards him.

All in all, Blue River’s strength wasn’t ordinary either. He immediately guarded when the Goblin Merchant smashed into him. The Goblin knocked against his sword blade and Blue River slid backwards a step, but in the end, Blue River wasn’t knocked down by the strike.

His main goal wasn’t to fight Lord Grim, but rather to steal the Goblin Merchant!

Blue River’s train of thought was exceptionally clear. It was just that he didn’t have a skill like Circle Swing that could throw the Goblin to the side and increase the distance between the Goblin and Lord Grim. Blue River could only increase his damage output to establish the Goblin Merchant’s aggro onto himself and let it come to him.

Rise and fall, Falling Light Blade.

Unfortunately, the current Battle Master was a class without any On the Ground skills.

In the end, right when he leaped up and slammed towards the ground, before he could pull out his sword, a sword light sweeped out towards him. The speed was too quick for Blue River and the attack was filled with tyranny. Blue River saw blood blossom out from his head as he was hit in midair and flew backwards. He only had one thought in his head: impossible!

He clearly saw that when Lord Grim used Sword Draw, he didn’t switch weapons in his inventory. He directly pulled out a sword from the handle of that eccentric battle lance. After the sword light flashed, it disappeared. Blue River looked again and saw that Lord Grim didn’t have a sword in his hand. Did his eyes imagine it?

Blue River believed that he didn’t. But he couldn’t understand what had just happened in that instant.

Blue River didn’t tumble. When he landed on the ground, he immediately rolled forward and used Quick Recover to avoid falling to the ground. At this moment, the distance between himself and the Goblin Merchant increased once again. Blue River impatiently ran forward.


Another boom rang out and Blue River was thrown into the air.

F*ck! Blue River cursed secretly. This was his own mistake this time. He only focused on getting close to the Goblin Merchant and forgot that the BOSS would release a shockwave when it got up. Otherwise, the BOSS would stay on the ground, unable to get up.

The shockwave hit Blue River into the air, but he once again used Quick Recover to avoid falling to the ground. He looked and saw that Lord Grim skillfully jumped to avoid the shockwave and had already rushed up to the Goblin Merchant. He directly used Fling and threw the Goblin farther away. Over there, numerous Tyrannical Ambition players swarmed around it.

In the short fight over the BOSS, Blue River lost.

But he knew that this was far from over. Everyone on the field, including their Blue Brook Guild, definitely wouldn’t let Tyrannical Ambition casually kill off the Goblin Merchant.

“Have you arrived yet?” Ye Xiu controlled Lord Grim to rush towards the Tyrannical Ambition group. After slashing a few times to stabilize the aggro onto the Goblin Merchant, he asked this question.

“Almost here.” Cold Night was even more anxious than Ye Xiu. This Goblin Merchant had already been pulled.

A large crowd of players had already rushed towards that area. However, the Goblin Merchant was currently in Tyrannical Ambition’s hands. Many hesitated for a bit. They didn’t to just give up on the BOSS and hoped that someone stood out and rushed forward. After all, in their hearts, none of them wanted to directly clash with Tyrannical Ambition.

Of course, not all of the players were afraid of Tyrannical Ambition. Blue Brook Guild’s players weren’t scared at all.

The Blood Gunner incident was still vividly in their minds. The reason that matters turned bad was because the three guilds hesitated. They were all afraid of going forward and being attacked from behind. This time, Blue River was exceptionally decisive. Without even thinking, he took the lead and rushed up. More than a dozen Blue Brook Guild experts followed closely behind him and equally matched the current group of Tyrannical Ambition players.

“Scatter!” Ye Xiu commanded. Cold Night and the others followed his orders and scattered in every direction. The Goblin Merchant was once again struck flying by Falling Flower Palm. That Spitfire and Elementalist were in the left and right position. Most of their figures were hidden behind a tree. When their skills were off cooldown, they suddenly stuck their heads out and attacked the Goblin Merchant. Cold Night led a group of close-combat experts, but didn’t go up to surround it. They only paid attention to its move path. From time to time, when this Goblin Merchant passed by a tree, a player would suddenly pop out and punch or slash at the BOSS.

Blue River was dumbstruck, he had never seen anyone fight the BOSS like this before.

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