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Chapter 749 - All Inclusive

“Hmph, you don’t understand sh*t!” Wei Chen regarded Ye Xiu’s comment with disdain. Everyone else raised their eyebrows. Calling Ye Xiu, Glory’s Encyclopedia, as not understanding sh*t was truly shameless!

“Powerful skills have long cooldowns and cast times. They have low coverage in a match.” Ye Xiu said, using gaming jargon one after the other. Coverage pointed to how many times a skill could be used within a certain time period. Apart from passives and a few continuous actives with high coverage, the vast majority of skills depended on the cooldown, team tactics, and the player’s style. A high level skill like Death’s Door was just as Ye Xiu said. Its long cooldown alone determined its low coverage.

“Tch, coverage? What’s that? Efficiency is what’s important. Death’s Door is always cast to seize an opportunity. Do you know how many benefits an extra skill point into it can bring?” Wei Chen said. 

“A real match might not leave you that kind of opportunity.” Ye Xiu said.

“Opportunity is created.” Wei Chen said.

“Tsk tsk.” Ye Xiu turned his head to look at everyone else: “Look, this is a classic example of Team Blue Rain’s style.”

Su Mucheng giggled. Tang Rou and Steamed Bun were somewhat at a loss. Chen Guo wrinkled her eyebrows. Qiao Yifan was a bit puzzled at first, but he quickly understood.

Correct. This was a classic example of Team Blue Rain’s style. Their team captain, Yu Wenzhou, was skilled at using tactics to create opportunities. Huang Shaotian was skilled at seizing opportunities. And now, Team Blue Rain’s former team captain reflected this style, when adding a skill point bonus to his Silver weapon, pursuing a one hit one kill opportunity.

“Then what do you think a skill point should be added to?” Wei Chen asked.

“Have you ever considered learning a new mage skill? That way, you can create more variations in your play.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, you mean like Teleport?” Wei Chen said. Teleport was a high level Elementalist skill. Battle Mages, Summoners, and Witches couldn’t learn this skill on their own, but a weapon’s skill point bonus could allow them to learn it. Of course, it could only stay at the lowest level. Teleport was a skill highly favored by mage classes. As a result, it was the first skill Wei Chen thought of. However, how could Wei Chen not have thought of something as commonly done as that? He shook his head in response: “I don’t think that suits me.”

“Oh, if that’s the case. You win.” Ye Xiu said.

“Bullsh*t. You think senior doesn’t understand?” Wei Chen scowled.

Since Silver equipment was created to fit the player, the player’s playstyle was obviously of the utmost importance. Blending in other people’s thoughts or imitating another weapon would still result in beautiful Silver equipment, but it was hard to say if the player could fully bring out its potential. Wei Chen clearly understood this concept. He didn’t admire this mainstream design and stuck to his own.

But soon afterwards, Wei Chen suddenly froze and let out an astonished expression. He stared at Ye Xiu: “Wait a second. Are you telling me that you can add a skill onto each of your Silver weapon’s transformations?

“Haha, what do you think?”

“F*ck! How stupid! How many transformations does your thing have?” Wei Chen cried out. Even Chen Guo and the others shivered at Wei Chen’s words. If a skill could be added to every transformation, not only could Ye Xiu’s unspecialized use all 120 pre-job advancement skills, but also a few high level skills. Although these high level skills would only be at level one, their might at level one far surpassed the might of low level skills with several points invested. Everyone already knew about the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella’s characteristic feature and power, but they didn’t know it was still hiding such an Easter egg. It could even let him learn several new skills.

“Before level 50, the umbrella could transform into a shield, a spear, a sword, a tachi, a rifle, a mechanic box, a magic staff, an Eastern-style staff, and a cane --- nine transformations. But after adding new Heavenly Domain materials at level 55, I’m still researching whether a new form can be added.” Ye Xiu said.

“So you’re saying that your weapon can level up at least nine skills.” Wei Chen said.

“So far.”

“That’s…… ridiculous……” For a moment, Wei Chen didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t describe his feelings with words. In this instant, he felt like his Death’s Hand was puny. The Myriad Manifestations Umbrella was all inclusive. What type of person could think of such an idea and actually create it?

“I’ll take my time!” Ye Xiu was quite calm.

“Research it well and have several hundred transformations. Wouldn’t you be able to learn all the skills then? That’s a true all-class unspecialized!” Wei Chen said.

“Are you dreaming?” Ye Xiu obviously regarded it as a joke. At that time, Su Muqiu had put in all his efforts to get the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella to possess nine transformations. His original design comprised six classes, but he was able to add in another three transformations. Additional transformations weren’t just for more skills. Different weapons of the same class had different characteristics. Every weapon had both physical and magic attack stats. For example, Death’s Hand was a staff. It had two hundred more points in magic attack than physical attack. It was clearly suited for mage classes. For Night Walker classes, the mage class would be a Warlock. Warlock skills mainly dealt magic damage, so a staff would obviously be more powerful. If he used dual swords, he could still use Warlock skills, but dual swords emphasized physical damage. His spells would be significantly less effective.

Not only did the many transformations of the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella provide new skills, it also increased the strength of certain skills. When dealing physical damage, a physical weapon should be used. When dealing magic damage, a magic weapon should be used. That was Su Muqiu’s original intention for creating more transformations. However, his conditions back then were limited. In the end, he was only able to design three more transformations. Strictly speaking, only the spear and staff represented two Mage weapons with physical or magic emphases. Two of the other forms, the shield and mechanic box, weren’t even weapons.

Nowadays, the Heavenly Domain had more options for materials. Ye Xiu naturally began researching how to complete Su Muqiu’s original aspirations, which had been restricted by his circumstances. The Myriad Manifestation Umbrella’s evolution was still far from the end!

After taking a look at the completed Level 70 Death’s Hand, Ye Xiu and the others logged out of the game. Wei Chen took back his Windward Formation and began showing off his might in the Arena. When he saw everyone get up, he didn’t understand: “Where are you guys going?”  

“Sleep. In the future, we’ll start work at night.” Ye Xiu said.

Today was the second day of the new week. Zhang Xinjie once again ran to the game early in the morning to hunt bosses. Ye Xiu reckoned that this guy would be doing this the entire summer. He called out to Loulan Slash and the other guild leaders. They would start employing the time difference strategy. Those in the troops, who could freely arrange their time, went to sleep. They would start work once Zhang Xinjie went to bed at night. They would be able to avoid Zhang Xinjie for at least eight hours in this way.

“It’ll be two months at most. Sorry for troubling everyone!” Ye Xiu said.

“I’ve decided! I’ll be spending my vacation at Happy!” Su Mucheng declared.

“Great, great! Welcome, welcome.” Chen Guo approved. She didn’t give Ye Xiu any time to say anything and welcomed her cordially.

At this moment, Zhang Xinjie was also reorganizing. Tyrannical Ambition had good results yesterday, but they suffered defeats one after the other today. The previous battle in particular frightened everyone. All Star players kept popping up. Fortunately, he confirmed with Xiao Shiqin that it was just by chance. In the end, for group battles, people like Xiao Shiqin worried Zhang Xinjie the most.

With knowledge that Xiao Shiqin wouldn’t appear again, Zhang Xinjie felt much more at ease. He didn’t need to do anything to placate the guild members. Failing to snatch the boss two times in a row was a common occurrence for any guild. It wouldn’t injure their morale in any way.

They were actually the ones concerned about vice captain Zhang!

A few of them had seen Zhang Xinjie make a phone call and noticed his calm expression return. They were secretly guessing if he was calling someone from the team to come over. That wasn’t the case though. After news of another boss spawning came, Zhang Xinjie gathered everyone together and set out like usual. He didn’t introduce any new person or plan.

However, this time, the boss hunt went smoothly. Zhang Xinjie’s most troublesome opponent, Ye Qiu and the four guild alliance, never appeared. It made Zhang Xinjie feel like there might some sort of hidden scheme being plotted, so he kept his vigilance up. However, Ye Qiu never came. Soon afterwards, he received a notification from the guild, reporting that most of Ye Qiu’s forces weren’t online, including the four guild leaders.

Zhang Xinjie didn’t understand at first, up until night came. Right when Zhang Xinjie was about to go to bed, reports came about movements from the four guild alliance. Zhang Xinjie stared blankly for a bit, but immediately felt at ease. The other side was putting knowledge of his private habits to use! Only someone like Ye Qiu, who understood Zhang Xinjie well, could accomplish it. Normal players might not be able to utilize such a method.

After clearing up the other side’s plans, Zhang Xinjie dismissed it with a laugh. He would rest, when he needed to rest, and log off, when he need to log off. He quite liked Ye Qiu’s plan. Ye Qiu found him troublesome and wanted to avoid him. He wanted to avoid Ye Qiu if possible too. The other side took the initiative to avoid him. Zhang Xinjie wasn’t going to chase after Ye Qiu and compete. There was only so much time in one day. Both needed to rest. A time difference was quite nice.

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