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Chapter 743 - Complete Defense

Xiao Shiqin!

Zhang Xinjie instantly thought of this name.

But why would he be with Ye Qiu? Zhang Xinjie felt a bit dizzy. No one could have anticipated this.

Zhang Xinjie didn’t want to believe his suspicion, but as he continued to watch the Mechanic and command his troops on this side, he couldn’t help but become more certain.

His countermeasures were being casually dissolved by the other side. Their defenses were being scattered.

Xiao Shiqin wasn’t better than Zhang Xinjie, but Zhang Xinjie had prioritized his defenses towards the left path, where Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng were located.

Zhang Xinjie now understood why the enemy split their troops. The enemy wasn’t trying to play any tricks. Both paths were solid and required his full attention to answer to. However, he was either emphasizing the defenses on the left path and not taking care of the right path, or emphasizing the defenses on the right path and not taking care of the left path.

“Retreat. Everyone on the left and right sides, retreat.” Zhang Xinjie could only retreat. He needed to be able to see both sides at the same time. Ye Qiu and Xiao Shiqin weren’t opponents that he could contend against by running back and forth between the left and right side.

As his troops withdrew, he had the team attacking the boss move away, so the enemy troops would move in a desired direction. By moving everyone together to the same place, he could give out orders to his troops in one go.

The situation was stabilized.

Zhang Xinjie let out a short sigh of relief. He wasn’t glad that his commands were on point, but rather that the troops being led weren’t just temporary troops. Tyrannical Ambition’s elite troops were superior to the four guild alliance’s troops. Relying on this advantage, Zhang Xinjie temporarily stabilized the situation. However, this didn’t mean the situation was in his favor.

In reality, Tyrannical Ambition was in a terrible spot. Zhang Xinjie’s original plans had been completely disrupted. The rearranging of his troops was proof of that.

“They actually stopped us?” Xiao Shiqin was very surprised. The enemy guild seemed to know exactly when to retreat and when to advance. Wasn’t their enemy commander a bit too skilled? Could it be…..

“Who’s leading Tyrannical Ambition?” Xiao Shiqin couldn’t help but ask.

“Zhang Xinjie, who else?” Ye Xiu replied.

Xiao Shiqin suddenly felt dizzy.

He had been busy these past few days dealing with his transfer to the Club and team’s circumstances. How could he know that there was such a storm taking place in the game? Tyrannical Ambition actually sent Zhang Xinjie out to personally take command. No wonder Ye Qiu wanted him to help out. If he didn’t help, Tyrannical Ambition wouldn’t be easy for Ye Qiu to deal with.

Who was Xiao Shiqin? After a few exchanges, he had a good estimate of both side’s strengths. In terms of strategy and tactics, both sides were equally matched, but in terms of average strength, Tyrannical Ambition’s elite troops were clearly a step higher than the four guild alliance’s. The reason why Tyrannical Ambition couldn’t respond, when they attacked from the left and right paths, was because Zhang Xinjie had purposefully been drawn to protect the side that Ye Qiu was on, so he hadn’t placed as much importance on the other side. Zhang Xinjie had probably realized it now though. He adjusted his troops and retreated promptly. Neither side would be able to win an advantage in just a short amount of time.

Their side had two Gods leading. By dividing up the work, their tactics would be more detailed and meticulous. However, Tyrannical Ambition’s troops were stronger than theirs. By using this advantage, Zhang Xinjie would be capable of holding them off.

If the two fought head to head, Xiao Shiqin felt like they would eventually win because he knew that he and Ye Qiu wouldn’t have their troops directly clash with the stronger Tyrannical Ambition. They would certainly utilize their greater flexibility in terms of tactics to force Zhang Xinjie into dire straits.

However, this problem was that this wasn’t a PK to the death. Both sides came for the boss. As long as Zhang Xinjie could maintain the current situation and kill the boss, victory would be decided.

Xiao Shiqin quickly saw through what Zhang Xinjie had intended by having Tyrannical Ambition retreat.

Everyone would be on the defense. Their goal was to stall for time.

Xiao Shiqin felt like winning would truly be difficult. Xiao Shiqin had a deep understanding of defensive tactics. He had come from a middle of the pack team, so he rarely took the initiative against stronger teams. Defend and counterattack. Strike only after the enemy has struck. These were the methods that Xiao Shiqin had relied on for so many years. However, he knew very well that the reason he employed these tactics was because his team’s circumstances forced him to. Zhang Xinjie was truly talented at defensive tactics. Perhaps it had to do with his personality. However, what made things conflicting was that Team Tyranny pursued fierce assaults and emphasized a strong offense. Attacking was the best defense. These words couldn’t suit Team Tyranny any better. As a result, Zhang Xinjie’s greatest strength was never fully utilized.

Even so, Zhang Xinjie’s talent for defensive tactics never faded. Xiao Shiqin looked at Zhang Xinjie’s defensive formation and immediately felt troubled.

It wasn’t like he had no confidence in winning. After all, he had God Ye Qiu on his side too. He worried that by the time they managed to break through Zhang Xinjie’s defenses, the boss might already be dead.

Tsk! How should he go about doing this!

Studying tactics was Xiao Shiqin’s specialty. He had relied on tactics to obtain victory these past few years. He immediately began thinking of possible countermeasures. After about two seconds, he suddenly realized that something wasn’t right.

Why did he need to try so hard?

His goal was to observe Ye Qiu’s team and measure each player’s skill level. Why was he so concerned about winning the boss? As long as he didn’t command his assigned troops too poorly, it would be fine. Figuring out a countermeasure should be left for Ye Qiu to mull over. Why was he overthinking things?

Xiao Shiqin reminded himself fiercely. Afterwards, he searched for Steamed Bun. At the same time, he realized that Zhang Xinjie had put himself an advantageous situation. Splitting their troops into two made it difficult for him to observe Ye Qiu’s people. However, Tyrannical Ambition grouped together and moved everyone to one place making it convenient for him to obtain more information.

Right, obtain information!

Xiao Shiqin confirmed his point of view. Zhang Xinjie had created a good opportunity for him to obtain information! His defenses distributed every class into appropriate locations, so all angles could be covered. Some players were placed in fixed locations, while others constantly moved, providing assistance where needed.

Hm? That’s not right. That side has an opening. Hurry up and attack over there!

Ah, it’s been filled up. Zhang Xinjie was worthy of his reputation. The Tyrannical Ambition players over there probably weren’t paying too much attention to their positions and had made a slight mistake.

Hm? That side! Tyrannical Ambition retreated a bit too far. Their side could take advantage and push forward. They were a bit far though and might not make it in time. The troops on Ye Qiu’s side should go. They were closer.

Xiao Shiqin wanted to message Ye Qiu, but just when he typed out the words, he suddenly stopped and felt like crying.

What’s going on with me? Why am I still studying on how to break Zhang Xinjie’s defenses! His habit of looking at the enemy side’s tactics and forming his own tactics was like a conditioned reflex now.

Information. Pay attention to finding information.

Xiao Shiqin thought to himself as he noticed Ye Qiu order two teams to move. Ye Qiu’s Let There Be Light led the way towards the location, where Tyrannical Ambition had pulled back slightly too far.

They were a bit too far too…. Zhang Xinjie has probably noticed it by now?

Sure enough!

Xiao Shiqin watched that side attentively. The opening was suddenly patched up. Zhang Xinjie clearly hadn’t been trying to set up a trap. After all, despite being elite troops, those elite players were still far from being at a professional level. Even more so, tactics required practice to carry out. Zhang Xinjie arranged his troops, taking these normal player’s skill levels into consideration. However, it was still extremely hard to avoid mistakes. Zhang Xinjie could correct these mistakes though. Two openings appeared, but were quickly fixed.

The situation went just as Xiao Shiqin predicted. Both sides were in a deadlock. Although their side held the initiative, Zhang Xinjie had intentionally put his side on the defensive in order to stall for more time.

Xiao Shiqin glanced at Ye Qiu’s expression. Ye Qiu didn’t seem to be worried at all though. “Could he have some way of breaking through? How come I can’t see any?” Xiao Shiqin, who put it as his priority to collect enemy information, accidentally started to think about tactics again. 

On Tyrannical Ambition’s side, Zhang Xinjie was quite satisfied with the current situation. Jiang You reported to him at this moment: Samsara’s elite troops have arrived.

“Mm, got it.” Zhang Xinjie nodded his head. Another guild joining the struggle for the boss was within his expectations and he had already prepared for it. This wouldn’t break their deadlock.

Samsara had naturally sent out their two elite groups. Their team had become the new champions and shone boundlessly. However, their guild couldn’t match their team’s achievements. Disappointment filled the guild. The guild leader Three Paths Six Realms had trouble upkeeping his honor.

He called over the second elite group leader to his side. This person hadn’t been a part of the guild for very long and couldn’t be a core member of the guild yet. However, this person was skilled and a very talented commander. Unfortunately, Ye Qiu and Zhang Xinjie were their opponents. Three Paths Six Realms really wanted to cry. He was pretty much trying to give medicine to a dead horse at this point.

This second group leader saw the current situation and said excitedly to Three Paths Six Realms: “Those two guilds are fighting fiercely. This is our chance!”

“Oh? What do you mean?” Three Paths Six Realms asked humbly. Don’t look at how this person had been promoted to the second group leader position. The two weren’t familiar, when discussing serious matters.

“Tyrannical Ambition is completely on the defensive. They are clearly struggling to stand up to the other side’s pressure. If we suddenly attack, we’ll instantly break through. Then, we can surround the boss and move the boss away, while attacking it. Those two sides seem to have exhausted their strength already. Even a God leading them won’t be enough.”

“It can’t be as easy as you say though, can it?” Three Realms Six Paths said.

“If we don’t try, how will we know?” The second group leader appeared extremely confident.

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