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Chapter 74 – Understanding Information

12 o’clock- not all of the Level 20 and up players, but most of them, were clearing dungeons. It was the new server’s third day. Everyone continued their crazy training state of mind. As for players Level 20 and below, having not left the beginner village yet, Frost Forest was completely unrelated to them.

When the Goblin Merchant was discovered, who found it first or how many players had discovered it, no one knew. In short, now that Tyrannical Ambition received the info, they immediately notified all of the guild members. Those who weren’t in a dungeon hurried over. Those who were in a dungeon increased their pace. Naturally, Ye Xiu was notified too.

“The Goblin Merchant has spawned. Let’s speed up. I need to hurry over there.” Ye Xiu led the party and increased their pace.

Seven Fields and the others were envious, but they didn’t waste time. With Ye Xiu’s powerful leading, they advanced quickly and overthrew the Frost Thain in 28 minutes. After leaving the dungeon, Ye Xiu contacted Endless Night. They had also already left the dungeon. At this moment, they were heading over to the Goblin Merchant. After asking for its location, Lord Grim immediately rushed over as fast as he could. Seven Fields and the others wanted to watch the exciting battle and Ye Xiu didn’t block them.

The dungeon resided in the Frost Forest jungle. The vast unimportant areas outside the dungeon were leveling areas. Along the way, Ye Xiu saw quite a few also running in the same direction as Lord Grim. After all, Frost Forest was unlike from Boneyard because this place was more populated. For wild BOSSes, the Three Great Guilds were never the only guilds there. Quite a few guilds also actively participated in this event. Moreover, there was no lack of opportunities. After all, the Three Great Guilds constantly held each other back. Ye Xiu wasn’t the only one who took advantage of this situation.

“I see you.” While running, he suddenly received a message. Ye Xiu looked and saw that it was Endless Night. He glanced around left and right and sure enough, he found that guy.

Endless Night sent an invite over. After Lord Grim left the dungeon, he had already left Seven Field’s party. Ye Xiu accepted the invite and joined the party. Evidently, this was Tyrannical Ambition’s main party. The party leader was their guild leader Cold Night.

“Welcome, Lord Grim.” Endless Night typed out in the party channel and sent a clapping emoticon.

The string of players below copied him and also clapped. Ye Xiu didn’t hesitate and returned a cupped-fist emoticon to show his respect.

The two sides linked up and used voice to communicate.

“There are a lot of people!” Ye Xiu said.

“Yeah. The Three Great Guilds aren’t the only ones here this time. There are a lot of players who came here to get in on the action.”

“Besides Herb Garden and Blue Brook Guild, what other guilds are relatively strong?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Excellent Dynasty, Samsara, Misty Castle, Void Walk, Blossom Valley, Howling Heights, 301……”

“Okay okay okay……” Ye Xiu found that Endless Night had tendency to never stop talking.

“It’s just that there are too many powers with the strength to kill the Goblin Merchant.” Endless Night said.

“With such a complicated situation, Lord Grim, what do you think is the most important point?” Guild leader Cold Night asked.

“Aggro.” Ye Xiu hit the nail on the head, “Whichever side can stabilize the Goblin’s aggro will be able to take the initiative.”

“But you have to know, whoever pulls the Goblin’s aggro will also pull every other player’s aggro too.” Cold Night said.

“So the person who pulls the aggro can’t be the only one.” Ye Xiu said.

“Can’t be the only one?”

“Right, form a full DPS party. The damage output has to be able to completely restrain the BOSS and guarantee that at anytime and anywhere, if any person hears the command, they can immediately OT!” Ye Xiu said.

“Exactly how much do you like full DPS parties?” Endless Night ridiculed.

“Won’t a lot of players die?” Cold Night said.

“If you completely use the jungle, then there might not be a lot of deaths.” Ye Xiu said.

“How exactly are we supposed to do this?” Cold Night asked.

“Give me five Level 20s and up with Purple weapons to output damage. No problem?” Ye Xiu said.

“No problem. Everyone in this party has a Purple weapon.” Cold Night said.

“I have an Orange weapon.” Endless Night showed off.

“Cleric, behave yourself.” Ye Xiu said.

“What classes do you want?” Cold Night asked.

“All long-ranged would be the best.” Ye Xiu said.

“I’ll call people…..” Cold Night said. Clearly, his party didn’t have five long-ranged classes.

“They’ll be here soon.” Cold Night informed.

“Weapon info.”

“Wait a moment.” Cold Night went to gather their weapon info. He then sent them one by one. Gunners were completely long-ranged classes. Besides them, Mages and Spellblades possessed a certain amount of long-ranged strength. Of the five players that Cold Night gathered, three were Gunners: a Sharpshooter, a Launcher, and a Spitfire. The other two were an Elementalist and a Spellblade. Their weapons were all Purple and ones that their class were proficient in. After glancing over them, Ye Xiu asked: “Their skill levels?”

Cold Night ran over again and asked them. In a moment, he gathered the five player’s skill choices and levels to him.

“Do you still have a……”

“Brother, please tell me everything at once. Please!!!” Cold Night’s cheeks streamed with tears. He was the guild leader. Running back and forth like a secretary, what was this!

“I mainly want to understand these five’s ability to output damage.” Ye Xiu said.

“If you told me earlier, then wouldn’t letting you see their player profiles be good enough?” Cold Night cried.

“Their ability to output damage isn’t the same as their damage numbers. What special effects do the weapons have? Did the equipment add any additional skills? How much damage do their skills do? Does the player profile have these?” Ye Xiu said.

“Brother, I was wrong……” Cold Night’s cheeks streamed with tears and went to ask again.

After understanding the equipment, Ye Xiu said: “Okay, I’ve understood these. Is there still anything on the player profile that I can see?”

“No need, right?” Cold Night wasn’t sure if this was a rhetorical question or a question he should answer, so he had not choice but to answer it.

“You five players hurry up and get into position!” Ye Xiu said.

“You’re leading this party to do damage. What about us?” Cold Night asked.

“Our party is for pulling the aggro. You guys are the damage……” Ye Xiu said.

Cold Night teared up. It looked like he was a noob! What to do, what to do?

“Look, it’s the Goblin Merchant!!” Ye Xiu took in the information along the way. Everyone in front of him never stopped until they finally reached their destination. And when they looked, they saw a scene filled with noise and excitement. Players were everywhere, shouting to capture the Goblin Merchant.

This Goblin Merchant was also green-skinned from head to toe, but his appearance didn’t look as crafty as the Goblins in the dungeons. It looked very simple and honest. It carried a massive backpack on its back and vigorously ran in the forest. From time to time, it would fish out something from its backpack and threw it.

Firecracker, Grenade, Molotov Cocktail, Brick, Wine Bottle…….

Anything was possible.

It hadn’t been that long since the first players discovered the Goblin Merchant. At least, they still hadn’t surrounded it yet. The Goblin Merchant that was leading around the parties muttered words in a language that no one understood.

After throwing a Molotov Cocktail, the scene transformed into a sea of fire. And the Goblin Merchant lightly and quickly leaped off a tree stump.

A sword light flashed and streaked across the dusky forest. The sword wind swept up the dried up leaves on the ground, which fluttered up in a straight line. The Goblin was accurately slashed in mid-air and fell to the ground.

Blade Master Skill: Sword Draw.

A player came out from behind the tree: Blue River.

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