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Chapter 737 - Find Enemy Intelligence

Ye Xiu traded the materials obtained from Red Ribbon Janna to Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze. Then, he logged onto Lord Grim, hid in the Arena, organized the materials needed for the umbrella’s upgrade, and conducted one last inspection to check for anything he might have missed.

Ye Xiu had done this who knew how many times, but he never appeared impatient. He opened up the equipment editor, looked at the blueprints of the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella and the gathered materials, slowly studying each step.

Chen Guo carried all of the important materials. Although she followed along everyone else, she couldn’t help but feel nervous. She would often check her surroundings to see if there were any nearby hostilities. When she returned to the city, she immediately headed towards the Arena and found Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim. It was only when she finally traded the materials on her did she let out a sigh of relief.

Right when she traded the materials, a knock could be heard on the practice room door. Chen Guo stood up and opened the door. An employee stood outside: “Boss, there are people looking for you.”  

Chen Guo had already noticed the two standing behind her and went “Ah!”

Su Mucheng and Xiao Shiqin were unexpectedly standing there.

“Come on in! Come on in!” Chen Guo obviously knew how risky it was for these two stars to come into her Internet Cafe. Didn’t a disaster just happen last night? Today, the two came in with disguises, but if someone looked at them for awhile, they would still be exposed. Chen Guo hurriedly urged Su Mucheng into the room. She was about to rush outside and call out “Xiao Shiqin”, but in the end, she decided not to. Last night, Xiao Shiqin had left her a good impression. If it was Sun Xiang who had come instead, Chen Guo probably would have shouted out his name.

“You’re here?” Ye Xiu lifted his head and glanced at her. He didn’t seem surprised at her visit.

“This time, I’m completely on vacation!” Su Mucheng said.

“Hm? Little Xiao is here too.” Ye Xiu noticed Xiao Shiqin and felt somewhat surprised.

“I don’t have anything to do, so I came to look around.” Xiao Shiqin said.

“After joining a new team, instead of hurrying to unite the team, you immediately come over to scout for enemy intelligence. How dedicated of you.” Ye Xiu remarked.

“Ahem…..” Xiao Shiqin coughed in embarrassment. He had come over to visit partially for this reason. Ye Xiu’s team would be a formidable opponent for Excellent Era in the Challenger League. However, he had zero knowledge about their enemies. Xiao Shiqin couldn’t help  but feel uneasy. He always liked to form his strategies based around his opponents. It was easier to find information in the Alliance. Even if he had never fought against an opposing team before, that team would certainly have records facing other teams. Happy was a newly formed team though. How could there be any records on them?

He planned on strolling over to Happy, when he bumped into Su Mucheng. In the beginning, neither of them said what they were planning on doing. They just walked around together, when they noticed that that they seemed to be heading towards the same destination. The two looked at each other incredulously and that was how they ended up arriving here together.

“Everyone in the team has gone on vacation. Even if I tried to unite the team, there’s no one to unite!” Xiao Shiqin replied to the first half of Ye XIu’s words. He wasn’t wrong. After Excellent Era held the welcoming ceremony for Xiao Shiqin, everyone went on break. The players left early today either back to their homes or to travel around on vacation. Xiao Shiqin didn’t plan on staying in the Club for the summer, but he had just joined the new team, after all. It wouldn’t be too late to go on vacation after he spent a few days getting used to the environment.

As for whether or not he was here to scout out enemy intelligence, Xiao Shiqin didn’t say because that really was his reason for coming. An explanation would just be an excuse, so he might as well just leave at that!

“Everyone, don’t talk to him. Be careful not to leak out any information.” Ye Xiu grinned.

“Senior, you’re too blunt.” Xiao Shiqin coughed again.

“What are you up to?” Su Mucheng was still a member of Excellent Era, but she didn’t feel like an enemy at all. She went up to Ye Xiu and looked to see what he was doing.

Xiao Shiqin also wanted to go over and look, but he knew that he and Su Mucheng were different. After spending yesterday understanding Ye Qiu’s situation, Xiao Shiqin didn’t need to ask to know that Su Mucheng would most likely leave Excellent Era after fulfilling her contract this season. It seems like Yu Wenzhou and Huang Shaotian would once again be the only duo from the golden generation after the Challenger League was over.

“The Level 55 upgrade for the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella. Would you like to watch?” Ye Xiu answered Su Mucheng, while calling out to Xiao Shiqin: “Little Xiao, come and sit. I’m upgrading my Silver weapon.”

Silver weapon!

Xiao Shiqin raised his eyebrows. Yesterday night, Tao Xuan told him information about Ye Qiu’s situation, and the transforming Myriad Manifestations Umbrella was no secret.

“Oh, that Silver weapon? I’ve heard of it.” Xiao Shiqin replied. He was already thinking in his head: apart from that Silver weapon, what other weapons does Happy have?

Right now, Excellent Era’s greatest advantage over Happy was their characters. A newly formed team wouldn’t be able to catch up to their level in a short amount of time. However, this newly formed team had God Ye Qiu in it. He had started playing professionally since the very start of the Alliance and had seen everything there is to see in Glory. It wouldn’t be unusual if he had some knowledge of how to create Silver equipment. Tao Xuan had personally told him that he wouldn’t be surprised if Ye Qiu could create One Autumn Leaf’s set of Silver equipment.

Ye Qiu had used One Autumn Leaf for his entire professional career. One Autumn Leaf’s relationships with Ye Qiu went even farther back than its relationships with Excellent Era. Team Happy just happened to have a Battle Mage too. Tao Xuan didn’t need to explain the implications.

Xiao Shiqin wanted to see if anyone else in the team had a Silver weapon. Of course, he didn’t count on Ye Qiu answering that question direction, but there might perhaps be hints.

But in the end, all he got was: yeah, that one.

That wasn’t the answer Xiao Shiqin was looking for because he already knew that!

Xiao Shiqin didn’t plan on watching Ye Qiu. The details of Ye Qiu’s Silver weapon was certainly a secret. Letting him take a look was already giving him face. Going over to watch the process was too impolite. The other side would certainly kick him out. In an official Club, the research department had a sign saying “Unsolicited visitors are not welcome”. He wouldn’t even be allowed in the room.

Xiao Shiqin wouldn’t actually listen to Ye Qiu’s words and take a seat! He wasn’t here to wait for the other side to tell him anything. He couldn’t hope for Ye Qiu to tell him: Little Xiao! Our characters are like this and like this. These are our Silver equipment. Go back and figure out how to deal with us!

Xiao Shiqin walked around like he had nothing to do. There were three people in front of him, playing the game: Tang Rou, Steamed Bun, Qiao Yifan.

Xiao Shiqin glanced at their screens. He might not actually be able to see anything, but he could maybe see their reactions?

Sure enough, there was a reaction! Xiao Shiqin glanced around. The person he walked past turned his head and looked at him. That person leaned forward as if he wanted to jump into the screen, blocking Xiao Shiqin’s line of sight.

“What are you looking at!” Steamed Bun asked accusingly.

“I….. I wasn’t looking at anything! I’m just walking around.” Xiao Shiqin was startled. He thought the other side would react, but he didn’t think he would make such a big reaction.

“What secret could this Brawler be hiding?” Xiao Shiqin thought to himself. At the same time, he moved back in embarrassment.

What could that Steamed Bun be hiding?

Not just Xiao Shiqin, but even Chen Guo was thinking of this question! If there was actually anything that couldn’t be seen, she would have blocked Xiao Shiqin before he got there or she might have simply blocked the door, not allowing any visitors. But they didn’t have any secrets to hide, so Chen Guo didn’t mind. Ye Xiu had just said a few teasing words. As for telling Xiao Shiqin about his Silver weapon, Ye Xiu was reminding him: don’t come over here.

Xiao Shiqin understood. He didn’t follow Su Mucheng. He had only taken a few steps though and Steamed Bun reacted in such a way. Everyone was puzzled just like Xiao Shiqin.

Steamed Bun continued to glare at Xiao Shiqin, making Xiao Shiqin feel like he couldn’t just blindly look around. As a result, Xiao Shiqin listened to Ye Xiu and sat down on the sofa.

With Ye Qiu in the team, the Battle Mage’s equipment wouldn’t be an issue. But this Brawler might really be hiding something. That Wei Chen was Team Blue Rain’s former captain and the original owner of Swoksaar. As a result, Wei Chen might have a similar relationship with Swoksaar like Ye Qiu’s relationship with One Autumn Leaf. Silver equipment for Warlock might not be an issue either.

And Su Mucheng. Tao Xuan had already put it plainly. If they couldn’t keep Su Mucheng, Dancing Rain would most likely be brought away as well and join Team Happy.

Wait…… it would still be a year before Su Mucheng would be joining Team Happy. And by that time, the results would be out. Either Excellent Era or Happy would remain. Su Mucheng could not be a part of Team Happy during the Challenger League. He had thought too far ahead.

And the last one…...

Xiao Shiqin’s gaze fell on Qiao Yifan. Tao Xuan had attached a lot of importance to this youth. Xiao Shiqin had tried to understand this youth too. From the public statements, Qiao Yifan had been registered to Team Tiny Herb last season as an Assassin! But at All Stars, he had used a Ghostblade to challenge Li Xuan. And from what he saw just before, Qiao Yifan was clearly playing on a Ghostblade.

What’s going on? Xiao Shiqin found a hint. Could Ye Qiu have won over Qiao Yifan a long time ago and persuaded him to switch from an Assassin to a Ghostblade? Could Ye Qiu already have Ghostblade equipment prepared as well? At this moment, he suddenly saw Qiao Yifan get up and walk towards him.

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