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Chapter 735 - He’s Back

This isn’t good!

Zhang Xinjie immediately thought, when he realized what had happened.

Taking the boss away from Blue Brook Guild and taking away the boss from Ye Qiu’s troops were two completely different concepts. Ye Qiu’s defensive formation wouldn’t be in any way lacking compared to Zhang Xinjie’s. Zhang Xinjie’s defensive formation was broken through in the end, but he didn’t have the same resources that Ye Qiu had, when he did so.

For example, that small elite team! Zhang Xinjie saw their performance. Let alone inside Tyrannical Ambition’s reserve troops, even their elite troops didn’t have such skilled players. There was also that Blade Master, who Enraged the boss. That Blade Master’s skill astonished Zhang Xinjie.

Zhang Xinjie saw through that Blade Master’s intentions at that time, but he had no way of stopping him. This was because of that Blade Master’s individual skill.

Zhang Xinjie currently didn’t have a small elite team. Without oppressive experts, he had no way of opening up the enemy defenses nor could he Enrage the boss.

Wait for the boss to automatically become Enraged?

Red Ribbon Janna’s Enrage was truly terrifying. Even with warning, the player must escape thirty units away from the boss to survive. But once the boss automatically became Enraged, it would be nearly impossible to turn the tides because that meant the boss had less than 10% health left. It was practically impossible to snatch back the boss’s aggro before the boss died. The only way would be to annihilate the leading team. Ye Xiu was commanding the leading team. How could he let that happen so easily?

Zhang Xinjie wasn’t hopeful, but he still tried his best. He didn’t dare act slowly like before. Tyrannical Ambition split into numerous smaller teams and attacked repeatedly.  However, the ones who didn’t budge were the four guild alliance’s troops. Ye Xiu constantly filled in any openings.

Time passed minute by minute, second by second. Tyrannical Ambition’s efforts weren’t without results. They chased after the boss closely and their long-ranged classes could already reach the boss. Thus, they attacked the boss as well as enemy players. However, it seemed as if this was as far as they could advance. Ye Xiu was trying to pull the boss away. The two sides clashed, utilizing various tactics. As for Samsara, Seaside, and Blue Brook Guild, these three guilds were practically the same as air. Their players had drowned amid the other two side’s troops and scattered into bits and pieces.


They couldn’t find any allies nor could they coordinate in any way. It was every man for himself to survive. Kill the boss? Noone in Blue Brook Guild was thinking about that at the moment!

Blue River could be considered as skilled among normal players. He was still alive. After all, Blue Brook Guild wasn’t the main target.

Their circumstances were unsalvageable. Name after name turned gray on the group list. Blue River had already told everyone to retreat.

Each player could only rely on himself to retreat though. No one had the energy to help anyone else.

Blue River still wanted to find Ye Xiu’s Enlightened Lord and whack him a few times. This could only remain a thought though. Not only was it difficult to find any particular character in this huge battle, even if he did, did he have the capability to actually hit Enlightened Lord?

Probably not….. Blue River thought with sorrow. For now, he just hoped he could hurry up and leave!

Blue River charged forward, when someone from the side rushed in.

Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud had returned!

Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite and the closest main city weren’t far apart. Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud revived and came back. His stats weren’t complete and he may have lost a piece of equipment, but his battle spirit was as high as ever.

That Blade Master danced nimbly with his sword like a sprinkling rain. Blue River quickly noticed him.

“Is that you, Little Lu?” Blue River was surprised and hastily messaged him.

“I’m here for revenge!” Lu Hanwen replied. His sword didn’t stop.

Blue River’s spirit suddenly rose again. Little Lu had such willpower. I should go help him! With this in mind, he moved towards the direction of that brilliant swordplay. 

His path of carnage over to Flowing Cloud’s side didn’t seem very heroic. He wasn’t as graceful nor as unstoppable as Lu Hanwen.

“Wow! Leader! What a coincidence!” Lu Hanwen noticed Blue River and exclaimed in surprise.

“What coincidence!” Blue River didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I came looking for you, okay? He said, while throwing an invite to Flowing Cloud. He also checked his group. There were originally a hundred, now only 42 remained. The others weren’t gone because they left the group, rather they automatically left after dying.

“Where’s Ye Qiu!” Lu Hanwen asked Blue River after joining the group.

Blue River hadn’t been paying attention before, but since Lu Hanwen asked, he should find out. Immediately afterwards, he asked the group: “Does anyone here see Enlightened Lord?”

Everyone in the group was running away with their tails wagging behind, but they could still take a glance around them. Soon, someone actually responded and sent a set of coordinates, indicating Enlightened Lord’s current position. This player could only express helplessly: that’s the case for now, but trying to stay around or get closer is too difficult.

The 42 players still alive had survived by running into gaps. They would hurry and run to where there was a blank space. Directly killing anyone in their way was something only Lu Hanwen had the ability to do. Blue River had to put in a lot of effort to reach Lu Hanwen.

“Does anyone want to come with me?” Lu Hanwen asked in the group chat in high spirits.

“That’s a bit difficult…..”

‘Give it a try! Maybe you’ll survive.”

“Too far. Good luck!”

Everyone replied in Blue Brook Guild, but Lu Hanwen was just randomly asking. There wasn’t any actual purpose to his words. His Flowing Cloud turned directions directly towards the reported coordinates. Blue River followed behind, feeling the pressure lessen. Lu Hanwen was opening the path over. He just needed to not go astray.

Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud soon reached the previous coordinates, but he didn’t see Enlightened Lord. It wasn’t like Ye Xiu was just sitting there the entire time.

After asking again in the group chat, this time, no one knew. Blue Brook Guild’s numbers had fallen to 36. Another six had died.

“Look around!” Lu Hanwen pursued justice with no second thoughts. He went around in a circle, but didn’t see him.

“How about I go and Enrage the boss?” Lu Hanwen discussed with Blue River.

“Alright!” Blue River didn’t mind. With so few numbers left, he knew that Blue Brook Guild had no hopes at snatching the boss back, so it didn’t matter what happened. The two The two safely raised their shit sticks. The boss wouldn’t end up in their hands, but the two leading guilds weren’t going to take it so easily.

“Charge!” Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud charged. The boss was quite easy to see. Just like how Flowing Cloud’s sword was like a propellor blade, the boss had powerful moves too. Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud stabbed forth like a dagger. The defense that Tyrannical Ambition had been trying to break through was being done by him alone!

This obviously didn’t mean Lu Hanwen was equivalent to that many of Tyrannical Ambition’s troops. The main reason was because the direction he was advancing towards wasn’t given much attention. The four guild alliance put most of their attention onto Tyrannical Ambition.

However, now that Flowing Cloud had gotten this far, it would be unwise if they didn’t start taking notice.

“The kid’s come back. He’s quite spirited. It seems like he wants to Enrage the boss again?” Ye Xiu also saw Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud and figured out his intentions. He immediately ordered his troops to stop him. As a result, breaking through became more difficult for Lu Hanwen. The reason was actually the same as when Ye Xiu’s small team tried to get through Zhang Xinjie’s defenses: his damage wasn’t enough.

No matter how skilled Lu Hanwen was or how incredible his equipment was, a single person’s damage output would never be able to compare to a team’s. Ye Xiu’s small team had broken through due to their combined efforts. Right now, a lone individual trying to tear through an iron wall would only feel powerless.

“Hm? Ye Qiu!!!” Through a small crack in the defense, Lu Hanwen saw Enlightened Lord in the midst of battle. It wasn’t like he could break through the defense anyways, so he turned around and immediately dashed towards Enlightened Lord.

“Hm? He’s coming towards me?” Ye Xiu soon noticed. Flowing Cloud was the most noticeable character apart from the boss. 

“I’M HERE FOR REVENGE!!!!” Lu Hanwen rampaged his way through quickly. His sword glinted and arced towards Enlightened Lord.

Ye Xiu immediately had Enlightened Lord turn to dodge the attack. Lu Hanwen reacted fast. Flowing Cloud’s second attack followed afterwards. It was only now did Blue River’s Blue Bridge Spring Snow begin his first attack.

“Hm? You’re leading again?” Ye Xiu saw Blue River.

Blue River was depressed! It seems like his team looked really weak in Ye Qiu’s eyes. Ye Qiu failed to even notice who had been leading. In any case, they were easily defeated.

“You’re too shameless. To think you’d trick Little Lu.” Blue River angrily rebuked.

“That’s not completely correct. At that time, if no one healed him, he wouldn’t have been able to Enrage the boss. I say, is this the tactic you came up with? Have one person charge around violently? The first time, he tried to ambush alone, fine. But to think he didn’t learn his lesson and tried again. Don’t you have any sense of teamwork? You can’t do everything in Glory again.” Ye Xiu said.

Blue River couldn’t help but pause. What the heck? Why does it seem like I’m wrong? But what normal player could keep up with Lu Hanwen’s pace? Lu Hanwen charging straight through wasn’t my idea anyways. Is it my mistake or is it because I gave him too much free reign? But try and order around a pro-level player? Blue River started to sweat. Ye Xiu seemed to know what he was thinking though: “Even if he’s a pro player, he has to obey orders no matter what team he’s in and try his hardest with everyone together!”

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