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Chapter 734 - Triggering An Enraged Boss

Red Ribbon Janna’s ripped upper garment fluttered in the wind. He crashed to the ground with the force of 30,000 catties. Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud rolled backwards to dodge the fists, but Red Ribbon Janna wasn’t going to stop just because he missed once. His fists slammed into the ground. 

A huge explosion boomed like thunder. Everyone in Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite watched as their screens shook from the shaking caused by the impact. Those within 30 units of Red Ribbon Janna’s attack experienced it to a vastly different extent. The quake threw them into the air.

“Earthquake Mountain Sway! An Enraged attack? The boss has already hit red? That fast?” Blue River immediately understood what was happening when he felt the trembles. He was astonished. It hadn’t been long since the boss battle had begun. Despite having a level advantage over the level 55 wild boss, the boss still shouldn’t be dying so fast.

While he was in awe, he saw numerous players bounce into the air along with countless rocks. Earthquake Mountain Sway wasn’t finished yet though. Red Ribbon Janna roared. He struck out with both of his arms and suddenly spun 360 degrees. The surrounding air within 30 units of him began to churn. A tornado began forming with him as the eye of the storm. The rocks and players in the surrounding area were swept away by the tornado, unable to resist.

Red Ribbon Janna once again raised his arms and slammed the ground. A boom erupted from where he had struck and the rocks within the tornado disintegrated. As for the players flying inside? They also disappeared.

A level 55 wild boss might be 15 levels lower than the players, but a powerful Enraged move was still more than enough to instantly kill. During the level 55 era, Red Ribbon Janna had been the most difficult boss to kill. After using Earthquake Mountain Sway, all those within 30 units were instantly killed. Nothing had changed compared to the past.

Tyrannical Ambition had originally formed a prison for the boss, but their formation had already been broken apart, either from dying or avoiding the attack. As for Red Ribbon Janna’s aggro? Once he finished his Enraged attack, he headed towards Blue Brook Guild.

Blue River wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip. He hastily called his Knights to receive the boss, while searching for Flowing Cloud.

No signs.

Blue River looked around, but soon received a message from Lu Hanwen, who cried: “I died.” 

“Were you hit by that attack?” Blue River sighed. Even an expert wouldn’t be able to escape if he were hit by that attack. 

“I got duped by Ye Qiu!” Lu Hanwen said.

“What?” Blue River was startled.

“I was the one who triggered the boss’s Enraged mode!” Lu Hanwen said.

“Oh…. no wonder….” Blue River had been with the guild the entire time. He was also one of the guild’s core experts, so he had a good understanding of dungeon and wild bosses. He knew very well what the conditions were to trigger a famous boss like Red Ribbon Janna to become Enraged. One way for it to happen was if an individual’s DPS was excessively high. A melee class like a Blade Master would need to be very close to the boss in order to deal that much damage, so it wasn’t difficult to imagine why he wasn’t able to escape the tornado’s range.

“Don’t worry. You didn’t die for nothing. Triggering the boss’s Enraged mode has benefited us greatly.” Blue River said.

“Tyrannical Ambition’s forces have all scattered, right?” Lu Hanwen said.

“Of course, but apart from that, Enraging a boss generates a lot of aggro. With this, our lead has become very stable. If we defend well enough, we’ll be able to take down this boss.” Blue River was excited. Stealing a way a boss from two Gods would be a huge honor, but a part of that victory was because of having an expert on their side. A pro player was truly extraordinary.

“That’s good!” Lu Hanwen was happy, hearing Blue River’s words, but soon afterwards, Lu Hanwen suddenly thought of something and sent a crying emoji to Blue River.

“What?” Blue River was puzzled.

“When the boss was Enraged, I wasn’t in Blue Brook Guild’s group, but Ye Qiu’s team. He told me to join, so he could heal me!” Lu Hanwen said.

“F*CK! THAT SWINDLER!!!” Blue River was furious. Triggering Enrage generated an enormous amount of aggro. However, the boss’s follow-up Enraged attack was extremely strong. It was too difficult to deal with. The nearby players couldn’t survive it. Very few used such a method to generate aggro. It was good for Ye Qiu though. He cheated a Blue Brook Guild player and had him trigger the Enrage.

Ye Qiu’s team was was the one to do it, but the person to die was their own and the aggro generated wouldn’t belong to them either.

Blue River looked around. He couldn’t stay calm. He wanted to immediately find Ye Qiu and whack him a hundred eighty times. It was too, too, too, too, too despicable of him.

Blue River wanted to vent his anger, but the boss still needed to be dealt with! Tyrannical Ambition had been thrown into disarray by Red Ribbon Janna’s attack. Blue Brook Guild received the boss smoothly though. Blue River immediately ordered his troops to defends the boss. Tyrannical Ambition was still reorganizing themselves, when Ye Xiu led his team to once again cause chaos.

“Charge charge charge! Charge towards the boss! Kill whoever is attacking the boss!”

Their strategy hadn’t changed, but their assault was more tyrannical than before. Blue Brook Guild didn’t have a God like Zhang Xinjie commanding. Ye Xiu led his team and clashed head-on. Blue Brook Guild was thrown into chaos not longer afterwards. Blue River had originally wanted to whack Enlightened Lord a hundred and eighty times. Instead, Ye Xiu’s team charged straight into their troops and made a mess of things.

Tyrannical Ambition hastily reorganized to try and snatch the boss once more, but the defensive line holding back the four guild alliance crumbled.

Yue Ziqin, White Stream, and Martial Awareness led the four guild troops into battle for the boss.

“Over here!” Ye Xiu had told them where to go awhile ago. He called over the majority to convene.

The four guild alliance’s troops suddenly poured in like a tide with frightening momentum. Zhang Xinjie was quite calm though. Although the situation had already surpassed what he could have predicted, he didn’t think that Ye Qiu held any sort of advantage.

“Don’t rush. The boss’s aggro is still mainly with us and Blue Brook Guild. They started too late. It won’t be easy for them to steal away the boss!”

Zhang Xinjie raised the morale of his troops and once again began going for the boss. This time, it was Ye Xiu’s turn to return the favor though. Ye Xiu didn’t just tell team one or team two to go. He directly called for “Conquering Cloud and Parade” to form a great wall, blocking Tyrannical Ambition from going over.

“Don’t worry. We can go slowly. They started late. If we attack steadily, they’ll only be able to help us in the end.” Zhang Xinjie had their troops attack Conquering Clouds and Parade wave after wave, shaking their defenses.

In comparison, Blue Brook Guild was in an extremely miserable state. Blue River had initially been telling Lu Hanwen that they would drag the battle on to stabilize their lead, but Ye Xiu’s elite team tore through their troops like a bullet, disrupting their formation. The injuries weren’t large, but their troops had been thrown entirely into disarray. They wanted to chase after and kill the small team too. All of their troops were on back side. 

Be passive on the defense and active on the offense.

Blue River failed to do what Ye Xiu and Zhang Xinjie were trying to do. Heavenly Justice and Radiant swarmed the disorganized Blue Brook Guild troops, immediately making the Blue Brook Guild players to feel like it was every man for himself. Everywhere they looked seemed to be someone from a different guild. It was like all of their allies had died.

The boss was still in Blue Brook Guild’s hands, but when these two guilds arrived, they started slaughtering everything around them. The elite team sliced their way through and dissected the Knights. Heavenly Justice’s Knights began to get Red Ribbon Janna’s attention. Ye Xiu had given precise orders for this specific Knight team to come out. This was because Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud had been a part of this team when he Enraged the boss. The boss’s aggro was on Flowing Cloud. Once he died, the aggro wouldn’t completely transfer to the team, but the amount of aggro generated by Enraging the boss could be said to be a small amount of capital, yet large profits.

Apart from these guilds, Samsara and Seaside were still there. After seeing Red Ribbon Janna become Enraged, they suddenly wanted to try fishing, but once they saw the four guild alliance charge in, the two went silent and became cheerleaders.

“Strikers, Ferocious Tiger Flurry! Push forward!”

Team 2, 3 left. Team 4,5 right.”

“Fewer on the rear. Watch their tail.”

“Pull back! 2 o’clock, charge!”

Zhang Xinjie calmly commanded the troops. Bit by bit, they broke through the wall and returned to the battlefield. Zhang Xinjie checked the time and was quite satisfied. Ye Qiu wouldn’t be able to snatch the boss in just this amount of time. Perhaps Blue Brook Guild’s hold on the boss might have lessened, giving Tyrannical Ambition a stronger hold.

But once the troops broke through and Zhang Xinjie checked the situation, he couldn’t help but be surprised. Ye Qiu’s troops had trapped the boss. That wasn’t anything surprising. What was surprising was that the boss’s aggro was clearly on the four guild alliance’s troops. How did they stabilize the aggro so quickly? Even Tyrannical Ambition wasn’t able to do it! Stealing away the boss’s aggro will be more difficult now too, because that Blue Brook Guild kid Enraged the boss and generated a huge amount of aggro, but how could they have taken away the aggro from Blue Brook Guild so quickly then? Is everyone in Blue Brook Guild dead?

Enraged the boss? Wait…..

Zhang Xinjie suddenly realized something.

The reason that the four guilds could gain an aggro advantage so fast could only be because they were the ones to receive the aggro generated by Enraging the boss.

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