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Chapter 733 - More Damage

Not everyone recognized this voice, but everyone immediately realized who it had come from because the pitch it had was very particular. 

Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud, with Blue Brook Guild’s tag above his name, shouted while slaughtering his way through the crowd like a whirlwind. He was following the very path that Ye Xiu’s team had torn open. How could the remaining leftovers stop Lu Hanwen? All they saw was a flash of light and Flowing Cloud was already amongst them. 

"Kid! You’ve got a bright future ahead of you! Keep charging forward!" Ye Xiu saw this unexpected arrival and his spirits instantly rose. Skill? Lu Hanwen had it! Damage! Flowing Cloud wore a full set of Orange equipment, top-tier in the game. Their team was lacking damage, but the addition of this kid would certainly fix that problem. 

"What? You guys are in here too?" Lu Hanwen looked in astonishment at Enlightened Lord’s group.  

"We’ve been here for awhile now. You’re late! Hurry! We need to seize this opportunity." Ye Xiu shouted. He was afraid that Lu Hanwen wouldn’t be able to control himself and would furiously attack them on sight. Not only would he be not helping them, he would spell disaster for their little team.

Reality gratified him. This fourteen year old kid didn’t act impulsively. He calmly asked: "I heard the enemy commander is Senior Zhang Xinjie." 

"Yes." Ye Xiu said.

"Then I can’t be careless this time!" Lu Hanwen said. His Flowing Cloud rushed forward. During this time, he activated Shadow Steps. His character flickered and split into one, two, three, four, five, six shadows.  

Lu Hanwen only released six shadows, but this time, none of them could instantly be distinguished. These six shadows were perfectly created.

"What a little demon!" Ye Xiu was amazed, not because Lu Hanwen could control six perfect shadows, but because of his temperament.

Lu Hanwen didn’t employ eight shadows like he had before and instead only used six, indicating that he was well aware of the flaws in his technique. Thus, after confirming that his opponent was God Zhang Xinjie, he switched from eight shadows to six. When he fought against Ye Xiu, he realized that his eight shadows was no better than four in front of a God.

This hyperactive kid was actually very serious and calm when it came to battle.

With all six shadows being indistinguishable, Tyrannical Ambition could only test each one out one by one, but under Lu Hanwen’s incredible control, these six shadows crossed over each other mystifyingly. Those that had been found out were switched around until they were hidden again, making it even more difficult for Tyrannical Ambition to identify the fakes. Flowing Cloud neared, but Tyrannical Ambition’s players didn’t know where to defend. Six shadows but only one was real. It was too difficult to guess!

"Who is this person!" When Zhang Xinjie saw Flowing Cloud, who had Blue Brook Guild’s tag above his name, he didn’t pay too much attention to him. He thought that Flowing Cloud was just some random player, who had gotten lost in the midst of battle. He thought Tyrannical Ambition would quickly dispose of him, but by the time he saw Flowing Cloud go along the path set by Ye Qiu’s team and the six perfect shadows, Zhang Xinjie realized: an unexpected variable had intruded. 

"Third from the left!!"

Lu Hanwen’s shadows crossed over each other rapidly like a blur to everyone else, but for a God like Zhang Xinjie with practiced eyes and experience, he was able to identify the real one. Zhang Xinjie wasn’t certain, but he needed to pick out one. Tyrannical Ambition couldn’t cover all six.  

Third from the left was actually correct.

But by the time he shouted at the warning and Tyrannical Ambition’s players counted, Flowing Cloud had already arrived. His sword danced and Tyrannical Ambition’s formation started to crumble.

"Charge!" Ye Xiu wasn’t going to let this opportunity slide. He gave the order and the small team started attacking.

"Nice synergy!" Lu Hanwen shouted.

"Join our team so you can receive heals!" Ye Xiu decisively split the team. They originally had eleven players, only one extra from the limit. As a result, Ye Xiu set up two teams and moved the positions around before throwing an invite to Lu Hanwen.

"Okay!" Lu Hanwen was straightforward and accepted. As soon as he entered the team, Ye Xiu cast a heal on him.

"Your heal sucks!" Lu Hanwen saw his health barely go move and shouted. He had been trained with a pro team, so his eyes weren’t ordinary. The amount of healing that a character with trash equipment could do naturally seemed like nothing to Lu Hanwen.

"Kid, you talk too much!" Loulan Slash wasn’t happy. That little punk was talking to God Ye Qiu. How could he say that his healing sucked?

"It’s not a problem that skill can fix, but rather his equipment!" Lu Hanwen spoke the truth.

"Stop chatting. Are your pretending that this is easy?" Ye Xiu said. Although they had broken through, they were still within Tyrannical Ambition’s core forces. This was just the first step. Next, they needed to stir up trouble. They couldn’t be careless!

"Where’s Zhang Xinjie?" Lu Hanwen asked.

"His character’s called Misty Mountains. If you see him, don’t be nice." Ye Xiu sold Zhang Xinjie out in an instant.

"Kill that Knight!" Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud was the first to break into the core. He headed straight for the Knight which held the boss’s aggro. He swiftly slashed down a few times. The Knight tried to block, but he wasn’t Lu Hanwen’s opponent. However, his body constantly glowed with white light. Despite Lu Hanwen’s fierce attacks, the Knight’s health refused to budge, even with the boss attacking him.

"An expert’s healing him!" Lu Hanwen shouted.

"Who would have thought? Didn’t I say Zhang Xinjie was here?" Ye Xiu replied sarcastically.

"Where is he?" Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud looked around.

"Don’t bother looking for him. Attack the boss!" Ye Xiu suddenly said.

"Boss?" Lu Hanwen didn’t understand the reason behind his order. He clearly didn’t have unconditional respect for Ye Qiu either.

"I just looked at a guide..."

"Cough..." Loulan Slash couldn’t help but cough. They were in such an intense predicament, yet God Ye Qiu was giving them an order based off a guide that he had just skimmed through. Despite God Ye Qiu always being reliable, it still felt wrong.

"I checked the conditions for making this boss get enraged. You can do it. Enrage him!" Ye Xiu finished his words.

"How do I do it?" Lu Hanwen asked.

"Damage. Deal as much damage as possible." Ye Xiu said. Then, he called out to others: "Protect him. Little Qiao, Sword Formation. Thousand Leaves, Holy Commandment."

Everyone did their assigned tasks. Thousand Falling Leaves cast a Holy Commandment. Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash lay down a Sword Formation. Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud acted at this moment. Double Stab, Rising Dragon Slash, Sky Strike, Falling Phoenix Slash, Headwind Strike... Skill after skill rolled forth, each hit tearing blood from Red Ribbon Janna’s character model. The storm of attacks made it impossible for the boss to ignore his existence. The boss turned around and grabbed at Flowing Cloud. Red Ribbon Janna was a Grappler with terrifying grabs. 

"Dodge one unit farther. The boss has an extended grab range!" Ye Xiu immediately reminded. A young player like Lu Hanwen might have never encountered this Level 55 Heavenly Domain boss before.

"It truly deserves to be a boss!" Lu Hanwen replied. Sure enough, Flowing Cloud dodged farther than before. Red Ribbon Janna missed and then swiped. Lu Hanwen reacted quickly. Flowing Cloud crouched and rolled back to his previous location. He started attacking furiously again.

Ye Xiu knew Lu Hanwen was more than skilled enough to handle the boss, so he wasn’t worried. He turned around, checking the surroundings.

"Attack that Blade Master! Knights, pull him away by force." Zhang Xinjie saw Flowing Cloud’s movements. After a moment of surprise, he realized the reason and immediately passed down an order.

Pulling away by force told the Knights to use their taunt skills to pull him away. However, Lu Hanwen had been toyed with by this tactic all day and was very wary of it. As soon as he saw the Knights begin move, his character immediately dashed about unpredictably to prevent them from clicking on him.

At this moment, Ye Xiu suddenly shouted: "Move left two units."

Lu Hanwen didn’t know why, but he still listened to the shout, when he heard a Roar. He had been hit! A Knight had successfully cast Roar on him.

"I’ve been hit by Roar!" Lu Hanwen was furious.

"It was intentional!" Ye Xiu replied. 

Lu Hanwen regained his calm and looked around in delight. He had been taunted, but so had the boss. Both of them were headed in the same direction, meaning that the two couldn’t be separated for now. Ye Xiu told him to move two units to the left, so Flowing Cloud and the boss would both be in range.

Tyrannical Ambition’s Knights had to adjust again. Ye Xiu shouted again: "It’s about to be Enraged. Let’s scatter. Little Lu, you’re on your own!"

"What! Where’s your sense of brotherhood?" Lu Hanwen jumped up and down in anger.

"Yeah! Don’t forget that we’re still enemies!" Ye Xiu said. Their team rushed out. Lu Hanwen just happened to reach the boss’s Enraged conditions. Red Ribbon Janna waved his arms and roared. His upper garment tore apart.

"At least tell me what his Enraged skills are!!!" Lu Hanwen had no idea what this Level 55 wild boss did.

"No time. Baidu it yourself!" Ye Xiu replied. His team fled swiftly. Tyrannical Ambition’s players were hastily pulling away under Zhang Xinjie’s orders as well. Lu Hanwen looked at the situation and knew that running far away from the boss was what he should probably be doing, so he hastily ran as well, but he had been the one to Enrage the boss. The boss’ attention was focused entirely on him. Red Ribbon Janna leapt high into the air with both fists clenched, smashing straight for Flowing Cloud.

Level 55 wild boss, Red Ribbon Janna Enraged skill: Earthquake Mountain Sway.

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