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Chapter 73 – Sand Toss

Truthfully, the Three Great Guilds’ reaction made Ye Xiu surprised. They appeared magnanimous and mature and deserved to be called towering Great Guilds. Tyrannical Ambition reacted the fastest. It wasn’t very long after the Blood Gunner incident when that Endless Night sent a message. He didn’t mention the incident at all and directly invited him to kill the Goblin Merchant. The pay was easy to handle, but the most important part was the guarantee that Tyrannical Ambition would grab the Goblin Merchant’s first kill.

Ye Xiu didn’t object. He also had requirements from the Goblin Merchant. He had originally planned on buying the materials from the market, but now that an opportunity appeared, he obviously wouldn’t let it go. Upgrading the Thousand Chance Umbrella truly required a wide variety of materials. He was already Level 21, but he still hadn’t upgraded the every form of the Thousand Chance Umbrella to Level 15. Fortunately, this was a Silver weapon, or else it would have become outdated already.

Tyrannical Ambition responded quickly, while Blue Brook Guild was slightly slower. From Blue River’s words, Ye Xiu could see his confusion. Ye Xiu completely understood him. Unfortunately, because of his state of mind at this time, Blue River lost a significant opportunity.

As for Herb Garden, Ye Xiu didn’t receive any messages. Herb Garden’s players had never contacted him face to face.

The BOSS respawned at random times. So for killing the Goblin Merchant, he couldn’t say when. However, after all these years, everyone knew how to deal with it. In any case, they had to do what they had to do first. After finding the wild BOSS, they could go over.

So when 12 o’clock arrived, everyone still formed parties to dungeon. Ye Xiu received Seven Field’s message asking whether he was going to Frost Forest.

Brother expert had actively called for them to kill the Blood Gunner, which moved these few players. They felt that they had gotten closer with brother expert. Seeing that it was 12 o’clock and they had dungeon entries again, they immediately contacted him.

“Are you missing players?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Yeah, we’re missing one.” Seven Fields said.

“Oh, then I’ll be there right away.” Ye Xiu said. Dungeons were work that had to be done everyday. They were the main source of experience and money. Even if he hadn’t received Seven Field’s invite, Ye Xiu would have joined a random party. At least with these few brothers, he had priority over his requirements. Getting this benefit wasn’t easy.

After Lord Grim moved to Frost Forest, Ye Xiu unexpectedly saw that noob Brawler Steamed Bun Invasion.

“Why is it you?” Ye Xiu was baffled. Sweeping over everyone, he saw that Sleeping Moon wasn’t there again. Did that little guy still hate him? Ye Xiu didn’t know. Sleeping Moon hadn’t added him as a friend yet.

“It’s me, it’s me. I’m following these big bros to learn.” Steamed Bun Invasion was very modest.

Although Ye Xiu knew that this guy was a noob, his hand speed was quite quick.

“Sleeping Moon played all day, so he went offline. Immersed Jade also couldn’t pull an all-nighter again.” Seven Fields explained.

“Oh, I can’t do it tomorrow either.” Sunset Clouds regretfully said.

“And you, brother expert?” Seven Fields seized the opportunity to hear about Ye Xiu’s work and rest. From these three days, he could see that brother expert played all night every day.

“I’ll still be playing during the night.” Ye Xiu laughed.

They formed a party and the five entered the dungeon. Although this Steamed Bun was a noob, he was the highest level among the five of them, Level 23. Everyone chatted and asked about this. Then they knew that this guy played too crazily. When the server opened, he played for 24 hours without resting. On the second day, he carelessly slept a bit and then continued playing. From the start to now, it had been 48 hours. He spent 6 hours eating and sleeping, so he played for 42 hours. That was comparable to the Great Guilds rotating.

Everyone sighed and then began killing monsters. As before, Ye Xiu led them and everything went smoothly.

“After Sand Toss, it’s best to not immediately rush up and attack. These are only monsters, so it’s a bit better. But if this was PK, as soon as they lose vision, experienced players would definitely use a horizontal sweep or a similar attack in front of them.” Ye Xiu found time to instruct Steamed Bun Invasion.

“Then what should I do?” Steamed Bun Invasion consulted.

“Stupid, go around the back to attack. They can’t see anyways.” Seven Fields and the others also spoke as instructors.

“Going around the back is one method.” Ye Xiu didn’t directly deny Seven Fields and the other’s teaching, “However, that method takes time, wasting some of the precious seconds of Blind. Actually, the best method is not to use Sand Toss as an opener. It’s best to use it in the middle of a combo. When fighting hand to hand, it’s best to use Sand Toss to catch them off guard. At the same time, you guarantee that even if you miss the Blind, you still have other options.”

“So you’re saying that it’s best not to completely place your hopes on the Blind?” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“Correct, opening up with a Sand Toss’s Blind and then attacking is an outdated method. Besides new players, no one uses it like that anymore. Besides new players, no one would fall for it either.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then if you’re opening with a sneak attack? Then can you use Sand Toss?” Steamed Bun Invasion asked.

“This…… you can…….” After Ye Xiu replied, he started sweating. New strategies really did replace the old ones as time went on. Nowadays, even a noob’s reasoning was so despicable.

“But I also can’t completely place my hopes on Blind for the follow up attack!” Steamed Bun Invasion summarized the main point.

“Yup.” Ye Xiu said.

“I understand now.” Steamed Bun Invasion felt that he learned this and was very satisfied. After that, he started practicing on monsters. While testing his attacks, he looked for an opportunity to use Sand Toss. Stupid NPC monsters wouldn’t turn their head away like players would to avoid the Blind method. Steamed Bun Invasion used Sand Toss pretty well.

“Brother expert, when are you going to bring us to kill the Goblin Merchant?” Seven Fields and the others asked. These guys were also very greedy.

“Ah, that. I already agreed to help Tyrannical Ambition!” Ye Xiu said.

“Tyrannical Ambition?” Seven Fields and the others became gloomy, “Are you going to join them?”



“I’m just going to help them kill the Goblin Merchant.” Ye Xiu said.

“Hired?” Seven Fields and the others asked. They were familiar with this term too. Dungeoning parties often had hired players. These mostly appeared in medium to small guilds. This was because these medium to small guild’s strength wasn’t enough, so they couldn’t beat a few dungeons. In order to obtain equipment to raise their stats, they would sometimes hire experts to help them.

But hiring never showed up in the Three Great Guilds. How could the Three Great Guilds not have experts? What type of dungeon couldn’t they clear? What BOSS couldn’t they beat? They were the game’s peak team strength. If even they couldn’t do it, then no outside hired hand could help.

But now, brother expert was actually hired by these Three Great Guilds. This wasn’t selling himself to slavery. This felt like they were asking a celebrity to tour around with them; he was a star that demanded a fee to appear on stage.

Seven Fields and the others were both envious and in admiration. Thinking of the beginning when they tried to rope brother expert into their Full Moon Guild, they really were ashamed. Even the Three Great Guilds payed him to appear on stage. For their Full Moon Guild, fiftieth ranked in the Heavenly Domain, even giving brother expert the guild leader position wasn’t sufficient!

While they talked, a message flashed. Ye Xiu opened it. It was Endless Night: “The Goblin Merchant has appeared!!”

“I’m in the middle of a dungeon!” Ye Xiu regretted.

“Same. Everyone’s in a dungeon. Let’s contact after we come out!” Endless Night said.

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