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Chapter 729 - High Level Confrontation

Lu Hanwen was helpless. It wasn’t like there was no counterplay to Knight taunting skills, but Blade Masters had no such method. Lu Hanwen could only quietly watch as his Flowing Cloud dashed towards that Knight. The Knight couldn’t avoid the attack,  but he was able to disrupt the enemy’s rhythm. Taunt skills were quite useful in PvP.

Roar wasn’t a skill limited by time. The target had to hit the target once to dispel Roar’s effects. This Knight was quite smart. After roaring, he immediately ran in the other direction. He clearly wanted to delay Lu Hanwen from doing anything for as much time as possible. Lu Hanwen obviously knew what Roar did. Since he had no ways of dispelling the effects on his own, he actively chased after the Knight. He used Triple Slash to close the distance and his sword flew towards the fleeing Knight.

The Knight ran, while turning his head back from time to time. But when he turned around, how come Flowing Cloud wasn’t heading towards him?

The onlookers saw things more clearly. Flowing Cloud closed the distance with Triple Slash and the tip of his sword slashed upwards. No one could tell if the attack hit or not, but Flowing Cloud had already turned around and left.

If he turned his head to leave, then his attack clearly hit. But the Knight, who had been hit by the attack, didn’t even notice it. He was still looking back foolishly. How light was that attack? That kid really didn’t want to waste any time.

Flowing Cloud headed towards Enlightened Lord again, but before he could even take three steps, Flowing Cloud turned around again and went back.

“Ah ah ah ah ah, who is it this time!!” Lu Hanwen cried. This time, Flowing Cloud had been Provoked. That Knight from before didn’t have any taunt skills off cooldown yet, but there were plenty of Knights among the alliance troops to take his place…..

Provoke’s duration was based on time and not by an attack. This time, Lu Hanwens Flowing Cloud didn’t charge towards the provoker as decisively. Instead, he made sure Flowing Cloud didn’t rush out too much. As he moved around, he hacked wildly at the hurrying players, but they all ignored him.

A lone individual’s strength compared to a group of players could be seen here. No matter how skilled Lu Hanwen might be or how powerful his equipment was, facing such a huge army, if the army chose to ignore you, there was nothing you could do about it.

The troops finally realized why Ye Xiu ordered them to completely ignore Lu Hanwen.

If they tried to kill Flowing Cloud, they might have more numbers, but they might not be able to catch himt. Instead, they might even be lead around by the nose. But if they completely ignored him and treated him as a pesty fly who constantly tickled them, the fly would never be able to kill them, so they could still endure it. They practically played the game for a living, yet they didn’t have as much in-game experience as a pro God? But they soon felt at ease. They might be familiar with the game, but they had never encountered such a high level expert before, so they obviously had no idea how to deal with one. For this type of battle, someone who was familiar with both the game and the pro scene like God Ye Qiu was more suited to lead.


Lu Hanwen was certainly in a pitiful position. The alliance troops continued to hurry over, but Flowing Cloud? The Knights were all lined up to deal with him. After one Provoke ended, another Provoke would come. After one Roar ended, another Roar came. Once their skills went on cooldown, boom, Knight’s Spirit activated and their skills would refresh. And the cycle continued….. Every Knight could taunt him four times. And how many Knights were there in the four guild alliance’s troops? Lu Hanwen was stuck in an infinite loop. Flowing Cloud ran around  and jumped about left and right, hacking and slashing, but all it led to was the other side laughing out loud. 


After understanding the reason why, the players no longer thought of him as annoying, rather they found it hilarious messing around with him.

Lu Hanwen constantly shouted” Ah ah ah!!” in anger, but what could he do? It had nothing to do with him not being good enough. Blade Masters just didn’t have any way of dealing with taunt skills. Ye Xiu and Little Cold Hands were personally supporting everyone too. Every time Lu Hanwen happened to grasp an opportunity, Ye Xiu and Little Cold Hands always found some way to take it away.

Lu Hanwen was tossed about back and forth. In the end, he failed to delay them for very long. The alliance troops soon reached the battlefield. Blue Brook Guild hadn’t been able to move the boss anywhere because they had enemies!

Samsara and Seaside had arrived as well. The three sides were fighting with each other and for the boss. Blue Brook Guild arrived first though. Their guild was stronger too, so the boss was currently in their grasp. However, trying to move the boss away, while facing two enemy guilds wasn’t very likely. In addition, most guilds wouldn’t think of moving a level 55 boss anyways. They killed the boss quickly. The hardest part was the PvP. If they could just hurry and kill the boss off, there wouldn’t be any problems. There was no need to go into a you live or I die situation with the other guilds.

The battle for the boss was fairly normal. Blue River was very worried about Ye Qiu’s group though. After Lu Hanwen heard about his worries, he volunteered to delay them and win Blue Brook Guild some time. Blue River thought about it. Lu Hanwen was very skilled. Even though he was alone, he should be able to give them some trouble. Even if the other side killed him, it should take them quite a bit of time to do so. If they could be delayed, they had a much higher chance of snatching the boss!

As a result, Lu Hanwen was sent out. His ambush was indeed sharp and incisive, but he failed to accomplish his goal. The enemy troops completely ignored him and continued to hurry over. Lu Hanwen knew why he had come here, but he couldn’t do anything! Being controlled by such a disgusting method was quite sad.

Blue River immediately noticed the alliance troops arriving. His heart thumped.

That was quick! Did Lu Hanwen fail? Blue River thought to himself. He soon saw Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud though. He was in the middle of the enemy troops being tossed around by a bunch of Knights like a dog.

Blue River immediately understood. Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud was being completely controlled through this method! Thinking of how the little kid had been played around with like a toy, Blue River wanted to apologize.

I was too careless! How could I underestimate Ye Xiu! Lu Hanwen is still just a child and I pushed him into a bunch of bullies. I sent a sheep to a tiger’s den!

Seeing how pitiful of a situation Flowing Cloud was in, Blue River hastily dispatched people to rescue him.

A few classes had skills, which could negate the effects of Provoke and Roar. For example, Knights had Immoveable Mountain, Qi Masters had Calm and Composed, which nullified taunts.

Blue River was about to go personally rescue him, but when the alliance troops arrived at the battlefield, they suddenly scattered. He no longer knew Flowing Cloud’s location. Before he could find him again, another guild had arrived: Tyrannical Ambition.

No guild would ever give up on a wild boss, but Ye Xiu was left speechless, when he saw the Cleric leading Tyrannical Ambition’s troops.

“Are you serious, Zhang Xinjie? You’re leading the troops for the Level 55 wild boss? Can’t you give us poor people a way out?” Ye Xiu shouted at them.

Misty Mountains.

This Cleric on Tyrannical Ambition’s side wore a full set of top in-game equipment too. After fighting all day yesterday, all of the guild learned of the news. This Cleric was Team Tyranny’s Zhang Xinjie. How else could Tyrannical Ambition have been so dominant yesterday?

When Ye Xiu shouted at Tyrannical Ambition, Blue River also noticed them. He immediately wanted to run away. F*cking hell. Two bosses spawn at the same time and both Gods run over for the level 55 one. Are you serious? Both of you want the easy pickings? Instead of going for the harder level 65 boss, you all ran to fight with our reserve troops??

Blue River turned his head to look at his troops. Their side only consisted of reserve troops. Not just Blue Brook Guild. Samsara and Seaside weren’t using their elite troops either. Blue River was an elite player. He often met with the other guild elites, so he was very familiar with them.

Zhang Xinjie’s Misty Mountains led the way. When he looked at the enemy troops, he saw Enlightened Lord. He was also surprised, when Ye Xiu shouted at him.

“There’s something I need from here.” Zhang Xinjie’s reason was the same as Ye Xiu’s.

“Hm? You need something from here? Is Old Han switching equipment?” Ye Xiu guessed. Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite’s Red Ribbon Janna mainly used Grappler skills, but the boss also knew a few Striker skills. Although the materials that dropped from a boss didn’t necessarily depend on the boss’s class, they often were. Just because Zhang Xinjie needed something from Red Ribbon Janna, it didn’t mean that Team Tyranny wanted to create new Striker equipment, but since Zhang Xinjie was personally leading the troops, Ye Xiu was obviously thinking higher. Team Tyranny’s Striker, Desert Dust, was their most powerful character.

“Team secret.” Zhang Xinjie didn’t tell Ye Xiu. As he spoke, he already gave orders to his troops. Tyrannical Ambition didn’t bring their elite troops either. Zhang Xinjie clearly thought that they wouldn’t encounter anyone too troublesome for a level 55 boss, so it should be more than enough if he led the troops. But when he saw Ye Xiu unexpectedly there, he felt his head ache a bit.

Yesterday, the alliance wasn’t able to beat Tyrannical Ambition in any of the fights. But that wasn’t because of Zhang Xinjie alone. Ye Xiu wasn’t any worse than him in leading. As a result, the deciding factor was Tyrannical Ambition’s overall greater strength. However, he didn’t bring Tyrannical Ambition’s elite troops with him, while the other side brought their core forces. Tyrannical Ambition had no advantage right now.

Blue Brook Guild, Samsara, and Seaside were in an even more awkward situation…… they were still attacking the boss, while Tyrannical Ambition and the alliance argued with each other as if they didn’t exist. But with Ye Qiu and Zhang Xinjie there, so what if they were being ignored? How could they object? They were currently fighting the boss though. Wouldn’t it be a bit too shameful to suddenly flee?

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