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Chapter 727 - Ambushed

Ye Xiu’s group was almost at Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite, but midway through, Parade’s guild leader, Martial Awareness, received a report that the player ahead, who had discovered the boss, had been killed.

The scouts in the Level 55 areas were actually oftentimes the more trustworthy part-time players, because Level 55 areas usually didn’t have any players, so they naturally wouldn’t receive any kind of information. The dead player at Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite was someone Martial Awareness knew of. This player’s skill and equipment weren’t bad. He was just one person though. If the other guilds noticed him, of course he would die. As a result, Martial Awareness didn’t think too much of his death. The sacrificed player knew the risks involved, so Martial Awareness didn’t say any consoling words. Instead, he immediately asked: “Which guild arrived first?”

“Blue Brook Guild.”

“Oh, Blue Brook Guild. That’s fine.” Martial Awareness let out a sigh of relief. They were only worried about Tyrannical Ambition. If it was just Blue Brook Guild, they shouldn’t run into much trouble with God Ye Qiu leading the group.

The other side soon replied: “Blue Brook Guild has an expert on their side!!”

“Expert? How skilled is he?” Martial Awareness snorted disdainfully. With God Ye Qiu watching over their battle, let alone an in-game expert, even a normal pro player wouldn’t be an issue. Last week, Team Howling Heights had the Best Rookie, but didn’t he get swept away by God Ye Qiu?

“In any case, I was still trying to figure out what was going on when I died. It probably took him around ten seconds to kill me. He made his move so quickly.” The scout replied in an instant, as if he wanted to show that his hand speed was nothing to scoff at.

“Ten seconds!” Marital Awareness immediately refocused when he heard that number. For a normal player, let alone an actual human opponent, most probably wouldn’t be able to even beat a sandbag in ten seconds. This “expert” truly wasn’t simple.

Martial Awareness immediately told Ye Xiu and the other three guild leaders.

“Ten seconds!” Sure enough, everyone was shocked by this number.

“What class?” Ye Xiu finally asked.

“Uh……” Martial Awareness didn’t know, so he hastily asked the scout.

“Blade Master.” Martial Awareness soon replied.

“Could it be Huang Shaotian?” White Stream blurted out. A Blue Brook Guild Blade Master killing someone in ten seconds. It would be strange if they didn’t think of Huang Shaotian.

“He says it probably isn’t.” Martial Awareness had clearly asked the scout beforehand.

“How does he know?” White Stream asked.

“Because when that guy attacked, he was silent the entire time.” Martial Awareness said.

“Oh…..” Everyone reacted instantly. White Stream nodded his head: “Then it probably wasn’t him.”  

“Was it an ambush?” Ye Xiu asked.

“No…..” Martial Awareness replied, “It was my guy who ambushed the Blade Master,  but the Blade Master dodged it and fought back……”

“The Blade Master’s name?” Loulan Slash asked.

“Flowing Cloud.” Martial Awareness said.

Loulan Slash immediately flipped through his archives. Online documents were very convenient. He CTRL-F’ed Flowing Cloud and returned to the game in five seconds: “I don’t have any information on him. What about you guys?”

The other guild leaders did the same thing. They all replied in the same manner: “No idea. Never heard of him.”

“He was able to kill an expert from the Heavenly Domain within ten seconds. He must be a pro-level player, but if it’s Blue Rain, who else could it be but Huang Shaotian?” Ye Xiu couldn’t think of anything.

“Let’s hurry. We can’t lose the boss.” Yue Ziqin said. They only had one scout at Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite, and he just died. If Blue Brook Guild started attacking the boss without any other guilds interfering, they could lure the boss to who knows where.

“We should hurry.” Ye Xiu said. During this discussion, they were still moving forward. They soon reached the entrance to Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite. After passing through the gate with the word “武” on top of the scarlet cloud insignia, they ran to the boss’s last known location. It would take time for Blue Brook Guild to lure the boss away. In the best case scenario, another guild will have started fighting with Blue Brook Guild.

“It’s just up ahead. Everyone, hurry!” Martial Awareness called out. The information came from his guild, so he remembered the coordinates the best. As they approached, a wooden on their group’s right side suddenly splintered. A person, bent like a small shrimp, flew out the window. While in the air, he straightened his body and a sword light slashed towards them.

The group suddenly went into an uproar. None of them expected an ambush. Speaking of which, they were usually the ones who did the ambushing.

The sword light came swiftly. It could be seen just how fast this ambusher was. The players directly in the path of it were in a fluster, stumbling to the left and right. The sword light passed by them and a small gap now appeared in the formerly compact troop formation.

The ambusher dropped down from the small window. He wasn’t done attacking yet. He raised his sword and countless shadows suddenly leaped out.

Formless Phantom Blade!

This ambusher was able to complete such a complicated high-level move in such a short amount of time. He executed the skill as soon as he touched the ground. Sword light covered the ground. This high-level skill didn’t wasn’t targeting a specific person, but rather the small gap in their troop formation. The troops still hadn’t recovered from seeing the ambusher immediately use a high-level skill, when the sword light struck them. A spurt of blood flew out from everyone. Formless Phantom Blade’s final attack was sent out. The strong blow away effect knocked back one player, who sent the entire line of players behind him crashing to the ground.

Fast. Too fast. It was so fast that they weren’t able to keep up.

Using Formless Phantom Blade in a group of enemies wasn’t a wise move. The high-level skill had little starting lag and was a fierce attack, but the long ending lag was an issue. After the Blow Away effect ended, the Blade Master sheathed his sword. He looked quite cool, actually. But to the players right now, it made them feel disgusted.

Because they were stunned by the sudden ambush, Formless Phantom Blade was a success. By the time everyone recovered, the Blade Master could move again. The Blade Master jumped lightly. He just barely left the ground before immediately landing with a Falling Silver Blade. The shockwave dispersed outwards and the circle of players nearby crashed to the ground. The Blade Master then utilized a Triple Slash to chase after the players who had been sent flying by Formless Phantom Blade’s final attack. Those players were just about to get up, when they were knocked to the ground again with a light tap.

The four guild alliance troops were split in two by just a single person. Many of them suddenly felt like they woke up from a dream. When they looked around left and right, they saw that apart from that attack, it was completely silent. The ambush had been done by just one person?

Flowing Cloud.

This Blade Master was Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud. Ye Xiu and the others, who were at the very front of the troops, looked back and immediately identified him. They also saw how he had split apart their troops. This person was very frightening.

“Ignore him. Keep advancing. Clerics, keep up the healing.” Ye Xiu ordered.

“Ah?” The four guild leaders were surprised. This little guy was brave enough to ambush all of them by himself. No matter how skilled he was, he wouldn’t survive if they all attacked. They thought that they should teach this arrogant guy a lesson, but God Ye Qiu unexpectedly gave a different order. Was even God Ye Qiu scared of him?

The four guild leaders may have a lot of thoughts, but they still followed Ye Xiu’s instructions. The troops were in an uproar, when they heard the order, but they also complied. Ye Xiu said to the four guild leaders: “You guys keep going. I’ll go provide support to the rear.”


“Little Hands, come with me.” Ye Xiu didn’t explain himself to the four guild leaders. He called for Little Cold Hands.

Little Cold Hands didn’t say anything and followed behind Ye Xiu’s Enlightened Lord to the rear. After Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud split apart the troops, he didn’t stop to take a break and attacked the left side. But it was as if the troops couldn’t see him and just continued forward. Only the Clerics were doing something by healing the injured players.

Lu Hanwen was also surprised. He attacked once, twice, thrice, but everyone just ignored him. These troops seemed to only care about running forward. It was as if his attacks were like scratches from low level monsters. However, Flowing Cloud wasn’t lacking in damage. He had a full set of Orange equipment. In the game, he was most definitely at the top. Every single one of his attacks made the Clerics suck in a cold breath. Even so, everyone was able to endure the attacks without any signs of fighting back.

Because the four guild leaders had given them clear orders: “Ignore him and continue forward. Clerics, heal the injured.”

“Why aren’t you guys fighting back?” Lu Hanwen finally asked in bewilderment. Everyone was astonished by his voice. This person was clearly still a little kid!

At this moment, someone replied to him: “Because we have more important things to attend to.”

Lu Hanwen located the source of the words. Two Clerics were walking towards him. Blue River had informed him that Enlightened Lord was one of God Ye Qiu’s alternate accounts.

“Senior Ye Qiu?” Lu Hanwen asked.

“That’s me. Who are you?” Ye Xiu asked.

“My name is Lu Hanwen.” Lu Hanwen introduced himself rather loudly.

“Lu Hanwen?” Ye Xiu was sure that he had never heard of this name before. He was clearly a new player that Team Blue Rain was raising. He was probably from the training camp, so the public wouldn’t know of him.

Team Blue Rain has found quite a talented player! Ye Xiu sighed. Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud suddenly charged towards him. 

“Eight shadows!!!”

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