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Chapter 72 – Taking Advantage of Everyone

Lord Grim replied quickly: “Yeah, a little.”


He actually confessed to it! Blue River was in total confusion. How am I supposed to reply? I should continue criticizing him or it’d seem like I wasn’t a man; I should just let it go, but it’s hard to make that stifling feeling go away! Blue River felt a sort of feeling, as if he had been instantly killed.

Fortunately, they were chatting through messages. There was a way for him to express his speechless frame of mind. Blue River quickly returned a bunch of ellipses as well as a sweating emoticon.

“Try harder next time!” Ye Xiu replied.

Blue River coughed blood. This guy didn’t even take this matter to heart! What he said was true though. Wild BOSSes were just like looting from wasp nests. If you were stolen from and refused to accept it, then just steal it back. Criticizing others’ mistakes was something only noobs would do.

Wait a second. He wasn’t mad about him stealing away the Blood Gunner! He was mad because this person didn’t give him any face. The problem was that he himself was the one to invite Lord Grim to come. But instead, Lord Grim was the one to kill the Blood Gunner. He himself didn’t get anything out of it. Seeing everyone’s discussion in the guild channel, this was the main reason for everyone’s unhappiness with Lord Grim. As for the BOSS being stolen, that was everyone for themselves. For example, if Herb Garden or Tyrannical Ambition had killed it, then although they’d be unhappy, it was a different type of unhappiness, not something to be at a loss about.

Perhaps the reason he was at a loss now was precisely because Lord Grim was different from those two guilds. If those two guilds had stolen it, Blue River could hold back his feelings and take revenge later. But what should he do with Lord Grim? Blue River tore at his hair. As it turns out, this was the reason why he was so at a loss.

“How do you see this situation, Bound Boat?” Blue River didn’t message Lord Grim again and privately messaged Bound Boat.

“It looks like it won’t be possible to rope Lord Grim in.” Bound Boat said.


“From this Blood Gunner incident, I think I can see his position.” Bound Boat said.

“What do you mean?”

“The Three Great Guilds are all here and all want to rope him in. But he won’t help any of them. He brought a random group of players not from the Three Great Guilds and like this, smoothly killed the Blood Gunner.” Bound Boat said.

“So you’re saying that his skill is so great that he doesn’t need to join a guild?” Blue River said.

“I think a more accurate way to say this is: the guilds need him, but he doesn’t need a guild.” Bound Boat said.

Blue River stared blankly.

“Frankly speaking, he only wants to be hired and do every guild’s work.” Bound Boat said.

“With his skill……”

“Considering his skill, from the way he’s doing things, we can see that his appetite is large, his requirements are huge.” Bound Boat said.

“Pro-player? Is he thinking of relying on this to make money?” Blue River said.

“It’s possible.” Bound Boat said.

“But if he continues like this, there will be a time when he’ll be at his limits. First kills, setting new dungeon records, there’s a limit to all these things. If no one invites him, then what’s he going to do?” Blue River said.

“It’s a new server……” Bound Boat said.

Blue River started sweating. He forgot about this.

“Speaking of this, if we look at previous servers, I’ve never even heard of a person like this.” Blue River said.

“If there was a person like this, I’m afraid that he would have already been noticed.” Bound Boat said.

“Then what is this guy’s background?” Bound Boat racked his brain.

“I dont know. We can’t see how deep his strength goes. We can’t see his reason. Up until now, he also hasn’t changed classes yet…….” Bound Boat said.

“Then what type of attitude should we have for him?” Blue River said.

“Stay in contact and continue watching him.” Bound Boat said.

“May we should continue roping him in? Those were all just inferences we made, right?” Blue River said.

“Okay.” Bound Boat agreed and added: “Even if we can’t rope him in, if we can establish a stronger relationship with him, then at least we’ll have some sort of place in his mind.”

“It seems like everything’s reversed and we’re the ones currying favor with him.” Blue River sighed.

Bound Boat remained silent. No matter how skilled an expert was, guilds would rope the expert in to use for themselves. But what about Lord Grim? Why did it seem like everyone was revolving around him? Why did he seem to give off a feeling that he was the one waiting for them to give him candy? There was something wrong with this thinking!

Blue River’s thoughts had cleared. After breathing in deeply two times, he contacted Lord Grim again.

“Brother, are you going to dungeon at 12?” Blue River asked. At 12 o’clock, everyone’s dungeon entry limit was reset and they could all begin bustling again.

“Maybe later!” Ye Xiu said.

“Together!” Blue River invited.

“No need!” Ye Xiu started sweating. This person was very persistent. He still wanted to rope him in after having the BOSS stolen from him? Indeed, Ye Xiu stole the BOSS to indicate his attitude towards them: he didn’t want to be tossed around by the Three Great Guilds. That way, no one would needlessly express their goodwill to him. If they did, then even if he insisted on refusing them, after some time, he would still feel that he owed them favors.

“Brother, don’t be so polite.” Blue River said.

“I’ve already asked others…….” Facing Blue River, who was acting just as he had been in the past, Ye Xiu had no choice but to make up an excuse.

“Who?” Blue River immediately went on guard. Could another guild have beaten him to it?

“Friends……” Ye Xiu said.

Blue River wanted to ask “What friends?”, but he felt that that was a little excessive, so he could only say helplessly: “Then next time when there’s a chance!”

“Next time, next time.” Ye Xiu said half-heartedly.

Blue River angrily received the message. Just when he received it, he suddenly thought of something: “Brother, help us first kill the Goblin Merchant.”

Goblin Merchant was the Frost Forest’s wild BOSS, but it hadn’t appeared yet.

“This time, I really did make a deal already.” Ye Xiu said.

As it turned out, what he had said before really was a lie. This guy really didn’t hide anything when he spoke. Blue River asked him while coughing blood: “Who?”

“Tyrannical Ambition.”

“F*CK!!!!” Blue River slammed the keyboard. Confused confused f*ck my confusion! Now someone beat him to it! Blue River regretted his own hesitation. Seeing the chat box, he didn’t know how to reply. Sure enough, Lord Grim was the same as how Bound Boat and Blue River had analyzed him. He wanted to eat up all the guilds! But Tyrannical Ambition’s players really were magnanimous. While he was confused, they had already let the matter go and made a deal with Lord Grim.

Sigh! Blue River let out a sigh. In the end, he maintained his elegance and replied: “Then when that time comes, we’re going to be enemies.”

“Yup. There’s no need to show any mercy.” Ye Xiu said.

“Brother, for future wild BOSSes and all of the dungeon records, can I reserve them all?” Blue River said.

“Let’s talk about that when the time comes…… At my level, I can’t keep up with your pace!” Ye Xiu said.

“Brother, hurry up and level!” Blue River saw that this really was a problem. He was Level 24 right now. Tonight, he would definitely be Level 25 after a few dungeon runs. But this Lord Grim was still Level 21. The greater the level difference, the harder it was to make up for the gap. When they were all challenging Level 30 dungeons, this person would still be puffing and blowing at the Level 20 dungeons. At that time, if his records were broken, then even if Blue River wanted to turn back, he couldn’t! His level would be too high….

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