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Chapter 71 – Weapons and Skills

Ye Xiu looked at the the equipment editor’s material library. Inside were a few uncommon materials that he had recently gathered. He couldn’t use them yet. Ye Xiu closed the material library and confirmed the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s modifications. After the modify bar completed, he withdrew from the editor.

Returning to the game, he opened up the Thousand Chance Umbrella to see the changes. The Thousand Chance Umbrella’s original form was still Level 5. But after this modification, the Thousand Umbrella’s Sword Form and Gun Form all rose to Level 15. The weight didn’t change and the attack speed stayed the same. But the Physical Attack and Magic Attack was very different from the Level 15’s Lance form.

Thousand Chance Umbrella (Sword Form), Physical Attack: 240; Magic Attack: 265.

Thousand Chance Umbrella (Gun Form), Physical Attack: 238; Magic Attack: 210.

Lance, Sword, Gun, these different class weapons naturally had a difference in attributes. Even if they were of the same class, the weapon would still emphasize different attributes.

For example, within the Sword class, Greatswords had the highest Physical Attack, but usually had an Attack Speed of 1, the slowest; Short Swords had the highest Magic Attack and usually had an Attack Speed of 5; Lightsabers had the highest Attack Speed, usually with a speed of 9. The other two kinds were the Broadsword and the Tachi. The Broadsword had high Physical Attack, not as high as a Greatsword, but had an Attack Speed of 3, slightly faster. Tachis had high Magic Attack, not as high as a Short Sword, but had an Attack Speed of 7, slightly faster.
In this way, Swordsman Classes had to choose weapons based on their different habits and requirements. For example, Spellblades and Ghostblades were two classes that relied mainly on Magic Attack, so very few chose to use Greatswords as weapons. Berserkers and Blade Masters mainly relied on Physical Attack, so if the Short Sword didn’t have any special effects, then they wouldn’t consider using it.

Lightsabers were a special existence. Only Blade Masters could use this weapon. The game explained that only Blade Masters, who pursued the limits of the sword, could grasp these lightning-quick Lightsabers. Because their Attack Speed was high, Lightsaber attributes were similar to Tachi’s, but a bit lower in Physical and Magic Attack.

At this moment, the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s attributes were similar to a Tachi’s, but its Attack Speed was 5, the same level as a Short Sword. Compared to same-leveled Tachis, its stats were lower by a grade. But looking at the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s Lance Form, with 290 Physical Attack, this was the Lance with the highest Physical Attack among Mage class weapons. It was equivalent to the Greatsword among the Sword class weapons. The Lance and the Greatsword originally had the same Attack Speed of 1, but now the Attack Speed was 5. The Thousand Chance Umbrella’s Lance Form was definitely a grade higher than same-leveled Lances.

Ye Xiu examined each form again. After discovering that the editor had changed the forms, he opened up Lord Grim’s skill list.

At Level 20, skill points would reset once. Although Lord Grim was an unspecialized character, he also enjoyed this same benefit. However, at Level 50, other classes would have another skill point reset during their Class Awakening. Unspecialized characters didn’t. As a result, starting from now, skill points had to be used cautiously. But with Ye Xiu’s ten years of Glory experience and being the person who was once called a textbook, Ye Xiu was already extremely familiar with all of the skills. Right now, he only had to verify Lord Grim’s plan on skill matching.

With regards to unspecialized players, all of the skills they could learn was already in front of them. Glory had six basic classes, which each class having four specialized classes for a total of 24 classes. On average, each class had 5 or so skills under Level 20, for a total of 120 skills. These were the skills that unspecialized characters could learn. There was an impressive amount of skills they could learn, but because they were all low-leveled skills, their formidability naturally couldn’t compare to mid to high-leveled skills.

And among these 120 low-leveled skills, he still had to choose cautiously, because skill points were truly limited.

Although low-leveled skills didn’t need a lot of skill points, all under 30 points, due to the inherent problem of low-leveled skills, if he wanted to match them up, then he needed to plan it out well. If not, even if he had the max 5000 skill points, it wasn’t possible to max out all 120 skills. Ye Xiu currently hadn’t confirmed the final plan. But he would first learn the skills that he considered must-learns. As he leveled up, he was already prepared to go through a period of time to test things out in real combat.

He checked the skill list once more to see if he missed anything. Suddenly, Ye Xiu smelled a whiff of tea and stared blankly. He lifted his head up and looked. It was Tang Rou holding a tea cup, standing outside the reception desk.

Ye Xiu was distracted for a second. His habit of all-nighters stemmed from long ago. In the past, Su Mucheng always brought him green tea when he stayed all night. That girl insisted that people who pulled all nighters needed to drink green tea.

And today……

Today, he saw Tang Rou drink a sip from her teacup.

Ye Xiu started sweating. He clearly felt a bit nostalgic. He even thought Tang Rou was Su Mucheng bringing him tea.

“What are you doing?” Tang Rou asked.

“Looking at skills.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, I can also learn skills.” Tang Rou said.

“Sky Strike and Dragon Tooth?”


“These are two very useful skills. However, leveling skills depends on your habits. First, get familiar with these two skills!” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Tang Rou carried her tea cup and left. The smell of tea lingered in the air, keeping Ye Xiu distracted. After silently lighting a cigarette, he continued to ponder over the skills.

At this moment, Blue River looked at his friends list and clicked on the online Lord Grim. He felt an unprecedented confusion in his heart.

The Blood Gunner battle was really too unexpected.

Blue River’s invitation to Lord Grim was so that they could be around together more and establish a friendship. He didn’t even think that Lord Grim would show respect and help him. Kill stealing the BOSS was a guild-scale activity. How much of a difference could one man’s strength make?

In the end, Lord Grim’s performance made everyone present shocked. He led a few players , who they reckoned he didn’t know, and killed off the Blood Gunner. He had beaten the Three Great Guilds black and blue. Herb Garden’s guild leader Plantago Seed even died in the line of duty.

Blue River didn’t know how the other two guild leaders felt about Lord Grim. In any case, it made him admire this person even more. He already recognized that this person’s skill was above his. At least, in that situation, Blue River definitely didn’t have the ability to bring the Blood Gunner away, even if he was like Lord Grim and fully used the conflict between the Three Great Guilds. Particularly, while they fought against the Undead Legion, his party of players almost killed off the Blood Gunner. This sort of damage output was even higher than their guild’s elite party. Eighty percent of all this had to be credited to Lord Grim’s leading.

But admiration was admiration. In reality, Blue River also didn’t feel too good in his heart.

He didn’t suffer many losses, but he lost a lot of face.

It had to be known that he was the one who brought this player over. This player, in the end, made him feel as if he made a wasted and futile effort. Blue River felt that what Lord Grim wasn’t proper and didn’t give him any face.

Blue River decided that he needed to speak properly with Lord Grim. He opened Lord Grim’s chat window and sent a message: “Brother, what you did today wasn’t very nice, no?”

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