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Chapter 70 – Copy Upgrade

In the end, the Three Great Guilds stopped chasing him. After heaving a sigh of relief, Ye Xiu took off his headphones and turned around. He had already felt the liveliness from the crowd of people behind him long ago.

“Brother, you’re awesome!!” Everyone praised.

Ye Xiu laughed: “Lucky, lucky.”

“What did it drop?” Someone asked curiously.

“I got a Blood Rifle.” Ye Xiu said. When Ye Xiu saw that this item dropped, he immediately clicked on it. Seven Fields and the others saw this and took note of it. They obviously wouldn’t compete for it with brother expert. But the question was, what about those three noobs?

In Glory, equipment didn’t have any bindings. Even if you couldn’t use an equipment, you could still take it and sell it. As a result, in random parties, dungeons were always a mess. If you had demands for equipment, random parties weren’t a good choice. If you had demands, then it’d be better to look for a guild or friends. Forming a party this way would give you priority for your class’s equipment. Random parties were for gaining experience and making money.

As a result, after hearing Ye Xiu’s demands, although Seven Fields and them didn’t roll for it, they didn’t renounce it. They had to see what those three strangers were going to do. If any of those three rolled for it. Then they would also roll for it and help brother expert get the item. They had more people, so they had a higher chance of winning it.

But in reality, they were too suspicious. Those three players swiftly renounced the Blood Rifle. After Seven Fields and the others renounced it too, the Blood Rifle fell into Lord Grim’s inventory.

They didn’t have time to carefully examine the other items. Brother expert kept urging them to “Run run run”. Everyone just randomly rolled. They didn’t even know who got what.

They were still extremely happy with getting equipment that dropped from a wild BOSS that only respawned three times every week. Just then, it had dropped four pieces of Blue equipment, all Level 25. Actually, their luck wasn’t that good. If it was, they would have had a chance to obtain a Purple equipment from the wild BOSS.

In comparison, the first kill made them feel more wonderful. Seeing how those players of the Three Great Guilds were going insane from rage, how could they be in that state because they stole away four Blue equipment? Seven Fields and the others constantly admired their names on the leaderboards. They were so happy that they couldn’t stop smiling.

And Ye Xiu, he also had many people standing around him and watching. But at this moment, he said a few words to free himself from the crowd. Everyone else wasn’t very familiar with him. After casually chatting for a bit, they saw that there wasn’t anything else really interesting, so they dispersed. Only Chen Guo still stood there.

“Boss…….” Ye Xiu greeted her. Looking at the time, he immediately logged out of the computer: “I’ll be going to the reception desk.” It was almost 11, it time for him to take over for the night shift.

Seeing Ye Xiu like this, Chen Guo felt too ashamed to say that she wasn’t here to call him for the shift, but rather to see what all the noise was.

11 o’clock. The Internet Cafe emptied out all of a sudden. Quite a few people, who had just been spectating Ye Xiu, quickly left. Although the enthusiasm for Glory’s new server was still there, many guests had studying or work to do, so there would never be too many idlers that played games all night.

Due to the employees handing over their shifts and leaving, Chen Guo felt that the Internet Cafe became even emptier. Only Ye Xiu sat at the reception desk, sitting there all alone. Chen Guo went over to look and this guy had already entered the game again. He truly was exceptionally disdainful. Besides sleeping and eating, this guy only knew how to play games all day long.

While Chen Guo derided him, she headed to a different part of the Internet Cafe. She took a look and Tang Rou was still in front of the computer, concentrated on playing the game. The screen suddenly flashed in front of her face, but Tang Rou didn’t even blink.

Chen Guo went up and saw Tang Rou was still focused on her task at hand. This girl was fairly unfortunate. She happened to play at the peak period of player activity. Completing quests was exhausting. Now that there were fewer players online, the situation improved a bit, making completing quests more fun.

Chen Guo patted her. Tang Rou turned her head and faced Chen Guo, asking in a loud voice: “What are you doing?”

Chen Guo pulled off her headphones: “It’s 11 o’clock.”

“What? It’s 11 already? I didn’t know at all!” Tang Rou was astonished.

“What level?” Chen Guo asked.

“Level 6.” Because she was playing during the peak time, Tang Rou really did level slowly.

“You’re still not going to sleep?” Chen Guo said.

“You go first! I’ll wait a bit.” Tang Rou put on her headphones again and returned to the game world.

“Then I’ll be going first. Sleep early.” Chen Guo said, but Tang Rou didn’t respond. Clearly, after putting on her headphones, she could no longer hear Chen Guo’s words. Chen Guo left while feeling at a loss. She had originally been the Internet Cafe’s craziest fan for Glory. Once Ye Xiu came and Tang Rou was brought along, seeing how these two were playing with insane energy, was she no longer as enthusiastic for it? While Chen Guo though about this, she first returned to the second floor to rest.

There really weren’t any people just idling about. Everyone sat at their station and focused on playing.

After Ye Xiu re-entered the game, Seven Fields and the others immediately asked questions. Seeing that brother expert suddenly went offline, they all thought something bad happened to him.

“It’s nothing. I’m quite good. But you guys also need to be careful.” Ye Xiu replied to everyone.

“Don’t worry about it!” Seven Fields and the others disdained as if it were beneath their contempt. Their strength of character was closely related to Ye Xiu. Before, they had regarded the Three Great Guilds as gods and worshiped them. But after mixing in with Ye Xiu a few times, they found out that their initial scope was too narrow. Compared to brother expert, how could they be considered gods? Now, they had also successfully followed brother expert in stealing the BOSS from the Three Great Guilds. These guys even felt dignified enough to put these Three Great Guilds under their feet. The delight in their hearts far surpassed their worries.

As for Immersed Jade, Steamed Bun Invasion, those other guys, these noobs had no idea what their gains and losses were. Though when they split the equipment just a moment ago, they felt extremely happy.

“I’m going back to town.” Ye Xiu informed everyone.

“Oh oh. See you later brother expert.” Everyone replied hurriedly.

“Everyone be careful.” Ye Xiu once again reminded them. Lord Grim ran back to Bulls. The small town was a safe zone. He couldn’t receive any attacks there, so he felt at ease putting Lord Grim aside and opened the equipment editor. He put in the Blood Rifle that he just obtained into the editor.

In these two days, he had easily gathered quite a few materials. The Thousand Chance Umbrella had several parts that could be upgraded. After opening the blueprint, from the opened umbrella form, Ye Xiu began carefully dismantling the umbrella canopy. The umbrella canopy had a total of eight parts. The umbrella ribs linked them together to form a whole canopy.

He randomly chose a canopy part and put it into the copy template. On another side, he opened up the material library and clicked on five Strong Spider Silk.

The copying started. After the progress bar finished, the five Strong Spider Silk transformed into the umbrella canopy’s appearance. Soon after, he copied it another seven times. Eight Strong Spider Silk were weaved into umbrella canopy parts.

The new canopy was put together. The gun and hidden sword parts were next.

The umbrella pole was dismantled. It was divided into two parts: the pole and the hidden sword in the pole. Both parts were put into the copy template.

In copying the pole, he added in the Blood Rifle and the Skeleton Warrior’s Saber Sheath.

The hidden sword used the Skeleton Warrior’s Saber.

He clicked copy. After it finished, he carefully reassembled the Thousand Chance Umbrella.

Ye Xiu worked extremely meticulously the entire time. But it didn’t look too difficult. Apart from the dismantling and reassembling of the umbrella, all he did was click around and press copy.

But if he didn’t have the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s original template, then how could there be a copy function?

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