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Chapter 696 - Guild Feature

“What’s the situation like over there?” Ye Xiu’s Enlightened Lord didn’t stop moving, after meeting up with the four players. He continued to head towards the Stadium, while asking them. Loulan Slash and the other three respected figures in the game purposefully stood to the left and right of Enlightened Lord, placing him in the center. Afterwards, Parade’s guild leader, Martial Awareness, who had first discovered the boss, explained the situation.

“The situation is looking grim. Three guilds located the boss before us. From our observations of the teleport formation, three other guilds are en route.” Martial Awareness introduced.

“Six guilds? That’s okay. That’s not too many.” Ye Xiu said.

For wild bosses, there were usually be around ten or so Club guilds with the strength to compete. Only six guilds participating could be considered a small number.

“Six guilds is just for now.” Martial Awareness expressed.

“Yeah, I know. Stay on the lookout. Have the three guilds ahead made any movements yet?” Ye Xiu said.

“They haven’t for now. They haven’t finished gathering their troops together.” Martial Awareness said. 

“Which three guilds arrived first?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Tyrannical Ambition, Misty Castle, and Howling Heights.” Martial Awareness said.

“How strong are these three guilds exactly?” Ye Xiu asked. He didn’t have a deep understanding of the game. He knew that Blue Brook Guild, Herb Garden, and Tyrannical Ambition were the strongest guilds and had been christened the Three Great Guilds. He only knew about these sorts of common knowledge. As for how each guild stacked against each other, Ye Xiu believed that no one knew better than the guilds competing against them.

As expected, Martial Awareness replied clearly: “Tyrannical Ambition is a bit stronger than the others. In a large-scale PK battle, Tyrannical Ambition stands out. If you compare Misty Castle to Howling Heights, Howling Heights is slightly stronger.”

“What are the class compositions of each of the three guilds’ elite teams?” Ye Xiu asked.

“That……” Martial Awareness wasn’t sure. Yue Ziqin and White Stream were also stunned. It wasn’t difficult to find out the class composition of the three elite groups, but it was just that their smaller guilds rarely competed against the top guilds. Their wild boss hunts were considered “poaching.” Directly competing was called snatching.

They could get information on these guild elite groups, but they just never placed much importance on it. None of the three guild leaders could answer. However, Loulan Slash stood out. His team’s original intention had been to become champions. He arrogantly considered the strongest three guilds as their rivals and had thoroughly prepared to fight against them.

“God, I’ll send the information over to you!” Loulan Slash said as he forwarded the document to Ye Xiu on QQ. Ye Xiu took a quick look. It was information on the elite groups of every Club guild. Not just the class composition, but even the names of each of the characters.

“That should be fairly accurate as to what they have.” Loulan Slash said. He wasn’t completely certain. Groups sometimes changed players.

“Mm, let me see!” Ye Xiu continued to rush forward with Enlightened Lord, while skimming through Loulan Slash’s document. Loulan Slash had done quite a diligent job with this document. He even had information on what equipment many of the group members wore. These details were a tad bit excessive. Finding the composition of the group was more than enough for Ye Xiu.

“Who will be the first one to finish gathering all of their members?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Tyrannical Ambition.” Martial Awareness said.

“Tyrannical Ambition will probably try to kill it quickly as possible. Let’s hurry.” Ye Xiu guessed.

No one questioned him. The four guild leaders began to urge everyone to speed up. Sprinting used up stamina. No one could keep sprinting for extremely long periods of time. Speeding up required switching between sprinting and recovering at appropriate intervals, as well as utilizing stamina potions. As a result, there were a lot of differences between different characters. Ye Xiu and the other guild leaders ran at the front. When Ye Xiu turned around to look, he discovered that Little Cold Hands was actually able to keep up.

“Not bad!” Ye Xiu praised.

“You talked about this in the materials that you gave me. I thought that it would be useful in the future, so I’ve been practicing.” Little Cold Hands said.

Little Cold Hand’s strong points were his ability to judge the situation and his surroundings. His mechanics weren’t anything special. It was only because he had played the game for longer that he was much better than someone new, like Concealed Light. As a result, he had also given Little Cold Hands a training plan to follow, similar to the one he had given to Concealed Light. These two had poor mechanics. They were far from being at Tang Rou or Steamed Bun’s level. Their starting points were completely different.

The training plan that Ye Xiu had given Little Cold Hands was more fundamental, but also more well rounded. For example, something like utilizing stamina optimally was naturally very basic. It was one of the items talked about in the training packet. Ye Xiu never told Little Cold Hands which of these things he should prioritize. Little Cold Hands learning how to utilize stamina without being told to do so showed his attentiveness and insight. He had clearly thought of how he would only be able to keep up with everyone else if he could maintain his movement speed. If he couldn’t keep up, then there was no point in talking about any sort of coordination. He was a Cleric. If he wasn’t with the team, then he was completely useless.

Ye Xiu didn’t know he had done this kind of practice before. He didn’t know how long it took for  him to reach this level, where he could completely keep up with Ye Xiu and the others.

“Not bad, not bad. As a Cleric, flexibility is extremely important. Only by being flexible can you cover a wider range. If the Cleric is flexible, the rest of the team can also be flexible. A good Cleric doesn’t require his team members to deliberately track his position. A good Cleric will always appear where he needs to appear.” Ye Xiu gave a lecture.

“Tyrannical Ambition has started attacking the boss!” Martial Awareness said.

Martial Awareness also kept up with them. After all, he was a guild leader and utilizing stamina was just the basics. In reality, players in the Heavenly Domain paid attention to their usage. It just depended on their level of skill.

“As expected.” Ye Xiu wasn’t surprised, “What are the other two guilds doing?”

“They’ve also started fighting.” Martial Awareness said.

“The three guilds are all fighting?” Ye Xiu asked.    

“It seems like it.” Martial Awareness wasn’t at the scene. He was just receiving reports.

“Let’s step it up.” Ye Xiu didn’t say anything else. They weren’t there yet. Saying anything more was pointless.

As Gladiator Veta attacked the surrounding players. The three guilds began fighting with each other too.

The first to move was Tyrannical Ambition. Their players were the first to arrive, so they had many more players. In addition to this, they were slightly stronger than the other guilds, so they didn’t care too much about Misty Castle or Howling Heights. Jiang You gave the order, and the elite group began fighting the boss. Even if the other two guilds didn’t attack, Tyrannical Ambition wouldn’t just ignore them either. As soon as Tyrannical Ambition attacked, they also attacked the other two guilds. Tyrannical Ambition seemed to be quite confident in defeating the boss and the other two guilds.

Tyrannical Ambition had the qualifications to be confident. The Three Great Guilds weren’t called that for no reason. Whether it was the number of players they had, their guild storage, uncommon materials, or their elite group’s strength, they undoubtedly stood at the top. Especially because these things all complemented one another. If their elite groups weren’t strong, how could they compete for materials? Without a huge number of players as their foundation, how could they build up their guild storage to equip their elite groups?

After Jiang You gave the order, his Elementalist, Wandering Shockwave, also entered the fray. He personally acted, all the while building up morale. His magic exploded, specifically aimed towards Misty Castle’s Elementalists.

Team Misty Rain’s ace character was also an Elementalist. Influenced by this, their guild had more Elementalists than most guilds. In their elite group, Elementalists were their main source of damage.

Glass cannon classes like Elementalists had explosive firepower. Jiang You himself was an Elementalist, so he was well aware of their weaknesses. However, he didn’t cower. He personally led his long-range attackers to fire at the Misty Castle Elementalists.

The Elementalists of Misty Castle were outstanding and the Clerics of Tyrannical Ambition were exceptional.

The stars of the teams influenced which classes gathered around each respective guild. It had already become a feature of the big guilds. Their elite groups displayed this feature.

With the support of skilled Clerics, Jiang You didn’t fear the attacks from Misty Castle’s Elementalists. His decision was clearly correct. After the two sides fought, Misty Castle couldn’t hang on. Tyrannical Ambition also had skilled Strikers, just like Han Wenqing, who they admired. They imagined themselves as the King of Fighting and quickly tore their way through Misty Rain’s formation. Once they got close, Misty Castle’s Elementalists were practically trampled to death.

Misty Castle wasn’t able to win. Their leader quickly ordered everyone to retreat. Misty Castle’s guild leader, Misty Lock, hadn’t even arrived yet!

 After quickly defeating Misty Castle, Jiang You felt very good. He turned around and was about to give Howling Heights a similar lesson, but when he looked, he saw an Elementalist standing high on one of the stone pillars of the stadium. He was dressed in a blue-green robe. Jiang You recognized it as the Level 70 Orange equipment, Clear Sky Magic Robes. To be able to wear a full set of Orange equipment, this person wasn’t ordinary.

But this person….. Guild Howling Heights. His name: Hazy Scene.

Even though Howling Heights wasn’t considered one of the Three Great Guilds, they were at least a guild that would often compete with them. Jiang You recognized their experts, but he didn't recognize this name, but seeing his arrogant appearance, Jiang You felt an indescribable anger. As Tyrannical Ambition’s guild leader, Jiang You was someone who stood at the top of the game. Just by wearing a full set of Level 70 Orange equipment and standing at a high point, did he think he could scare him?  

No, definitely not!

Jiang You was just about to order his troops to kill this arrogant guy, when that Elementalist moved first. He lifted his hands, pointed his staff towards Jiang You’s Wandering Peak, and fired a Fireball.

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