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Chapter 695 - Four Player Representative Group

Loulan Slash and the other three guild leaders gathered together, but Lord Grim was still missing from their friends list. Ever since they became allies, they promised to meet up at a certain time everyday. However, when the four met up at the designated time, God had yet to log on. They suddenly became very anxious.

“Why hasn’t God arrived yet?” The four were worried. After hearing about the reports for the three battles last night, they all knew that God’s existence was indispensable. They wouldn’t be able to do anything without him!

At this moment, all four guild leaders received a friend request at the same time. The friend requests were all from a player called Enlightened Lord. They also saw the reason for the request: Lord Grim.

“Hm?” The four were puzzled, but they still accepted the friend request. 

“It’s me.” The Enlightened Lord guy messaged as soon as he was added. 

“God?” The four expressed their uncertainty all at once. 


“Why did you change accounts?” The four couldn’t understand. 

“It doesn’t matter.” Ye Xiu replied unhurriedly. Of course, there was a reason for using an alternate account. Ye Xiu reckoned that if they fought for bosses, the moment Lord Grim came out to the front, all of the big guilds would go over and eliminate him at all costs. This was very disruptive towards the balance! Everyone was there to snatch bosses. It wouldn’t be convenient to provoke everyone to kill him first. As a result, Ye Xiu decided to use an alternate account if he really needed to.

They had a quite a lot of alternate accounts. Wei Chen and Chen Guo bought them with Wei Chen’s earnings. In the end, Chen Guo gloomily discovered: why did she ask others to help build a guild?! Couldn’t she just make up for their lack of numbers with all of these alternate accounts?

Thus, Guild Happy was established once they gathered all these side accounts together. However, it was quite lonely because apart from Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze and the Battle Mage who left Excellent Era with her, Forest Landscape, there weren’t any other live players in the guild. Everyone else was just alternate accounts. The account cards were lying neatly in the drawer, without any trace of life or use. 

It still hadn’t been five days since Lord Grim, Soft Mist, and Steamed Bun Invasion left Heavenly Justice. The friends that Chen Guo urged to join weren’t enough as well.

Today was good though. A third live name had finally been added to the guild: Enlightened Lord, a Cleric among the bundle of accounts they bought. The original equipment on him was pretty bad. The three had gained quite a lot from their diligent scrap picking during these past few days. However, Ye Xiu was to lazy to pick equipment from their harvest, so he asked Chen Guo for some gold so he could directly buy his equipment from the market. Just like this, he gathered together a some mediocre equipment. 

After that, he sent friend requests to the four guild leaders. After the request was accepted and everyone was now in touch again, they were ready to kill any bosses that appeared.

After Samsara and Blue Brook Guild calmed down, everyone finally stopped fighting. Even though there were still a few clashes from time to time, the scale of the conflict between them wasn’t big enough for a scrap picking ground. Ye Xiu’s group of three had free time since there was nothing to do. Ye Xiu was casually walking around with his Enlightened Lord, while Tang Rou and Steamed Bun were practicing.

Yes, practice. Those two were no longer casually mucking around like normal players in the game. Ye Xiu was researching and organizing a set of specialized training programs.

Pro teams had their own training programs, but practice naturally relied on a variety of programs through the computer. Ye Xiu didn’t have any of the programs on hand, but he understood the reasoning behind the practice drills. As a result, he adopted a primitive method by using Glory’s in-game environment to design different kinds of drills. Although they weren't as targeted or effective as those specialized programs, he didn’t have a better way. 

Tang Rou and Steamed Bun needed these kinds of repetitive systematic training methods in order to strengthen and consolidate their skills. It also helped to raise their awareness in the game. These drills weren’t effective if they were only practiced for a day or two. Like exercising the body, they required repetition. These repetitive practices were relatively dull, after they passed their phases of newness. However, hard work was necessary if one wanted to become a true professional player.. If one only played for fun, they could only become a skilled online player at best.

Professional player. The word before player was professional. If one wanted to become a pro player, he or she must have a professional attitude. These kinds of repetitive drills would build up one of the required attitudes for a professional players. These drills would accompany the player throughout their whole career. The players relied on these training methods to improve and strengthen their skills, while older players needed them to adjust and maintain them. It seemed as if Ye Xiu never specifically trained for these? This was because with his skill level, he was able to apply the theory into practice. As long as he was aware, he was able to complete these practices daily, through killing mobs, PK, and even when he was hurrying along his way. He didn’t need to use things like computer software. For him, training opportunities were everywhere.

Tang Rou and Steamed Bun were still new to the training, so they were enthusiastic. However, the two didn’t practice for long today before Martial Awareness, Parade’s guild leader, sent everyone some news. A boss had spawned.

Level 70 Wild boss, Dolaki Stadium, Gladiator Vitalivis. 

This boss was based off of the Assassin from the Night Walker class. However, it possessed a shield, similar to  a Knight. It was a boss’ speciality to have different skills from a multitude of classes. The players had gotten used to it, so they didn’t have too many sentiments. Like facing every other wild boss, the boss itself was never the hardest part. The hard part was snatching the boss from the grasp of the other guilds.

“Let's hurry.” They had already lost three bosses last night due to God’s absence. Now that he, along with the other four guilds were here, they could finally strike at maximum power. In addition, this was after their period of convenient pickings. They could finally formally compete with the big guilds for a wild boss. 

Level 70 wild bosses. It went without saying that the big guilds would go all out for this. Their success or failure this time would truly determine whether their alliance was strong enough. 

“Let's set off!” Ye Xiu called for Tang Rou and Steamed Bun and advanced with his Cleric, Enlightened Lord. Tang Rou and Steamed Bun also switched to their alternate accounts. Even though Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion drew less enmity than Lord Grim, the big guilds would definitely know that these two were God Ye Qiu’s sworn followers. They wouldn’t be any better, when they were on the battlefield. Ye Xiu felt that it was better to stay low-key. After the three had switched to their smurf accounts, did they have to hide their title as part of Guild Happy? Although it was recently established in the Heavenly Domain, the news must have spread from the tenth server. The big guilds most probably knew who this guild belonged to. 

This time, there were no longer only three people who represented Guild Happy. There was a fourth person. 

Little Cold Hands. 

He had already left Tyrannical Ambition and was considered to have transferred to Happy officially. However, his character was similar to Lord Grim’s. It still hadn’t been a full five days since he left, so he couldn’t join the guild just yet.

He was already a member of the team, so Ye Xiu didn’t hide the current situation of the guild. The wild bosses were also something they had to compete for in the game. After hearing that Guild Happy was about to fight, Little Cold Hands hurried over, despite not being part of the guild yet. 

Dolaki Stadium was near Maluo City and the teleportation portal there was a destination that had to be passed, so the two sides agreed to meet up here. By the time Little Cold Hands arrived, he saw many players carrying the tags of the big guilds. Players with exceptional equipment were constantly teleporting here and rushing towards the same direction. 

 Little Cold Hands saw these players and knew this was going to be a big event. Then, he spun around, searching for the person who called him to come here and soon heard a voice: “Little Hands, this way!”

Little Cold Hands spun around once again. He could hear the voice, but he couldn’t find the owner of it. However, he soon received an invitation to join in their group. The invitor was Enlightened Lord.

“Hm?” Little Cold Hands spun around again and finally three characters at the foot of the wall appeared beside the portal. Enlightened Lord was a Cleric among the three, alongside a Battle Mage and a Brawler. The three players together seemed unalarming, yet scary. If someone told him in the past, that these three were prepared to snatch a wild boss with such equipment, he would definitely die of laughter. 

After accepting the invite , Little Cold Hands saw a message in the group chat that put any doubt he had to rest: “It’s us.”

Little Cold Hands walked over to meet with them. Ye Xiu took the initiative to explain: “Our main accounts were too obvious. We need to stay low-key.”


“Alright, let’s set off!” Ye Xiu said. 

“Just the four of us?” Little Cold Hands asked. 

“The allied forces will arrive soon.” Ye Xiu said. 

“It’s just the four of us?” Little Cold Hands obviously didn’t treat the allied forces as his own people. 

“Do you have a problem with that?” Ye Xiu asked. 

“No…… aren’t our numbers a bit too few?” Little Cold Hands began to sweat. A bit too few? It was way too few! All of the leveling areas near Maluo City were Level 70. The wild boss would definitely be Level 70 as well! Even though Little Cold Hands had never joined such a high-level battle, coming from a big guild, even if he had never eaten a pig, he had still seen one before. The guilds would definitely send out their strongest elite groups to fight for the Level 70 wild boss and they were planning to compete with just four of them?

“It’s quite a lot. There were only three of us before you joined.” Ye Xiu said. 

“......” Little Cold Hands didn’t know what to say. Could this be the temperament of a professional team?

As they traveled, Ye Xiu got in touch with the four guild leaders. After asking everyone for their locations, they chose a place and soon met up. Loulan Slash, Yue Ziqin, White Stream, and Martial Awareness were only leaders of a medium sized guild in the eyes of top guilds, such as Blue Brook Guild, Herb Garden, and Tyrannical Ambition. On the other hand, in the eyes of normal players, they were worthy of being looked up to..

The four guild leaders brought their troops with them. They all valued this boss, so they brought their strongest elites. This could be seen just from their equipment. In comparison, Guild Happy only had four people and their equipment only got worse with each character you looked at. This was called…… a five guild alliance? Little Cold Hands was in a trance. Of course, he knew very well that they weren’t a part of the alliance because of the guild’s strength, but rather because of God Ye Qiu’s existence. Even so, now that everyone had gathered together, just from the sheer number of players alone, their own side seemed much weaker. As for the other three on his side, they didn’t seem to feel any discomfort towards this matter at all. 

Yes…… They even had more people this time!

Up until now, they only ever had three players.

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