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Chapter 693 - Award Ceremony

Blue River wanted to die. How could he have known that someone with the status of God would bluff like a third-rate player? Blue Brook Guild had panicked at the slightest threat and made a big fuss out of nothing. Since God didn’t have any intention to make good on his threat, the four guild alliance and Samsara weren’t anything to worry about. Why did Samsara make a move? Blue River was an experienced player. After thinking about it for a bit, he guessed.

This made him feel even more ashamed. There originally hadn’t been any issues. He had regarded God Ye Qiu’s words as truth and nervously notified his guild leader. How could he have known that this would create such a huge misunderstanding? How was he supposed to explain this to Changing Spring?

In any case, he had to say what he had to say. Blue River could only muster up the courage and explain to Changing Spring.

Changing Spring felt depressed at the explanation too, but he didn’t blame Blue River. After thinking about it for a bit, if he had been in Blue River’s position and God Ye Qiu said something like that, he would have also been nervous like Blue River. Now that they discovered that it was all a misunderstanding. From this point of view, it was Samsara who had reacted to their movements. Blue Brook Guild should hurry and disperse their teams to prevent Samsara from taking the initiative to attack them. After winning the championships, Samsara would certainly be very excited and worked up. Who knew what they might do?

When Changing Spring thought about how he had to order everyone to disperse, he felt a headache coming. He had roared at everyone to hurry and gather together. Without doing anything, everyone suddenly needed to disperse? Was this a joke or something? Changing Spring couldn’t think of any excuse to give. In the end, he could only say it was a misunderstanding and had everyone scatter.

Samsara had already fallen for the misunderstanding. Changing Spring was afraid that having everyone scatter wouldn’t be enough of an explanation for the other side, so he sent Samsara’s guild leader Three Realms Six Paths a message: “It was a misunderstanding. Don’t make a big deal out of this.”

Three Realms Six Paths was just about to deliver a speech to everyone, when he suddenly received the message from Changing Spring. He suddenly froze. Changing Spring was so annoying. His messages were always so short, which made it difficult to make things clear. Three Realms Six Paths didn’t ask for further details and instead asked Blue Brook Guild’s Flying Brushstroke. He was a core member of Blue Brook Guild and one of the Five Great Experts. Three Realms Six Path reckoned that if Changing Spring knew about it, the other core members would know too.

Flying Brushstroke obviously knew about it, but it was so embarrassing! They had panicked at a casual threat from God Ye Qiu. How could that be anything glorious? Of course, it wasn’t. As a result, Flying Brushstroke didn’t want to tell him the truth. He just said they had a misunderstanding with someone, not towards Samsara. If Samsara had gathered their troops to defend against them, then they didn’t need to!

He didn’t want to talk about it in detail.

Three Realms Six Paths obviously didn’t want a huge battle with Blue Brook Guild. Their guild’s strength was weaker than Blue Brook Guild by a little bit! However, Blue Brook Guild wasn’t explaining things clearly, which made it difficult for him to relax. Thus, he didn’t mobilize the troops, but he had everyone stay, just in case…...

However, since Samsara didn’t disperse, Blue Brook Guild became nervous. Their players had all left! If Samsara didn’t comply, were they planning on attacking them? As a result, Blue Brook Guild continued to ask Samsara what was going on.

The two guilds went back and forth all because of a few words that Ye Xiu casually said. He had no idea though. He was just waiting for the elites to start fighting, so he could pick up equipment. Seeing that there weren’t any movements, he lost his patience and pestered Blue Bridge Spring Snow: “Are you guys going to fight or not?” “Are you fighting or not?” Blue River wasn’t in the mood to answer him anymore. He just pretended like he was dead.

While the two guilds were talking, the elites just stood there. They weren’t even bullying normal players right now either. Then again, Samsara had gathered a thousand players. Normal players weren’t so stupid as to provoke such a huge army. A perfectly good opportunity to scrap pick had become something that scrap pickers could only sit and wait for.

“F*ck. What’s going on?” Wei Chen was completely puzzled. He was a group leader, but he had no idea what the higher-ups wanted from him. It made feel very awkward.

Ye Xiu was helpless. He handed over a cigarette to Wei Chen and glanced at his screen. He saw a figure flash by his Warlock.

“Hey hey hey!! Turn to the left!” Ye Xiu hastily cried out.

“What?” Wei Chen was currently lighting his cigarette. Hearing Ye Xiu’s cry, he put the cigarette in his mouth and swiped his mouse to the left.

Ye Xiu looked at Wei Chen’s screen and immediately discovered something. 

“That punk! Keep an eye on him for me!” Ye Xiu pointed.   

Assassin, Not White.

Deception knew that Ye Xiu was scrap picking on Blue Brook Guild’s side, so he didn’t dare to go over there again. There were two hold lands for scrap picking at the moment, one at Blue Brook Guild’s side and the other at Samsara’s side. Since he couldn’t go to the Blue Brook Guild one, Deception ran over to Samsara. 

But because of this incident, there wasn’t anything to scrap pick for now. Deception patiently waited for an opportunity. When he saw so many Samsara players gather, he knew that something big was about to happen. The bigger the battle, the better the scrap picking. How could Deception bear to leave? After wandering around the nearby area, Ye Xiu happened to notice him on Wei Chen’s screen.

“Who’s this?” Wei Chen asked.  

“That’s Deception’s alternate account.” Ye Xiu said. Deception was a talent that Ye Xiu wanted to recruit, so Ye Xiu had introduced him to Wei Chen before.

“Oh oh, that guy? Perfect. Let me go see how good he is.” Wei Chen said.

A few minutes later, Wei Chen let out a sigh: “F*ck, he really does have some skill. He almost escaped.”

Ye Xiu looked at Not White’s corpse as well as Samsara’s elite players moving about on Wei Chen’s screen. He couldn’t help but sigh: “You really are a brute. Was there really a need to gather so many people…..”

 “I’m a group leader. I have a group following my orders, why wouldn’t I utilize them? You want me to run over and duel him? That doesn’t follow the game’s rules!” Wei Chen said righteously. He said he had wanted to see how good Deception was for himself. Instead of having his Warlock face him head-on, he called his entire second elite group to take up the task.

It was a hundred players versus one, but this time, it was different from Tang Rou’s and Steamed Bun Invasion’s situation. Tang Rou and Steamed Bun charged forward to fight them, but Deception wanted to run. However, Wei Chen was still able to lead his team and kill him off without much suspense. He could still tell that Deception wasn’t simple though.

“This guy’s worthy of being recruited. Keep whittling him down. I’ll help you by keeping a lookout for him.” Wei Chen said. Ye Xiu had talked to him about Deception’s circumstances. Recruiting someone who wasn’t interested in the pro scene was a difficult task. It was as if a football club went to an NBA player and said: “Hey, why don’t you come with us and win the UEFA Champions League?” The NBA player would think the club was insane, no? In addition, Deception didn’t have a good understanding of the pro scene, nor did he want to negotiate either. Their only choice was to whittle him down until he did by killing him over and over again.

“He might have other alternate accounts. Take note.” Ye Xiu said.

Mm, for a player like him, hiding his alternate accounts would be difficult.” Wei Chen nodded his head.

As a result, Ye Xiu brought Tang Rou and Steamed Bun over to Blue Brook Guild’s side. Wei Chen continued to sit on Samsara’s side. If Deception wanted to continue scrap picking, he would have to give up on these two big locations.

“We’re here to scrap pick again. Don’t make this a big deal!” Ye Xiu led Tang Rou and Steamed Bun over to an area near Blue Brook Guild’s elite group, but this time, he gave Blue River a heads up.

Changing Spring felt his hands shake at the information. Scrap pickers didn’t have a good name. Usually, they wouldn’t bother with them and kill them if they were in passing. To think a scrap picker would actually give them a heads-up…...

Endure….. Changing Spring endured it. Even though the previous incident had been a misunderstanding, he was well aware of this God’s abilities. However, allowing him scrap pick without any worries was too shameful. Changing Spring gave the order to pay attention and pick up any dropped items. He didn’t want Ye Xiu to have it so easy.

The day passed by like this. In the end, Samsara and Blue Brook Guild didn’t fight. A misunderstanding was a misunderstanding. As long as no one took advantage of it, it was easy to resolve. Blue Brook Guild didn’t gather everyone or attempt any ambushes. Samsara also dispersed their army and continued to display their might by bullying normal players. 

Ye Xiu’s group scrap picked for the rest of the day. Blue Brook Guild saw it clearly, but pretended to not notice. However, they still listened to their guild leader’s orders. They picked up equipment like crazy, especially when they saw those three heading in their direction. They immediately stopped what they were doing and pick up anything around them. Oftentimes, those three left with nothing to show for it, making Blue Brook Guild’s players very happy.

After this day ended, the week officially ended. As the curtain fell, season eight of the Glory Pro Alliance was also put to rest. 

Team Samsara was this season’s champions. Their team captain and ace player, Zhou Zekai, was proclaimed the MVP of the regular season and the MVP of the finals. At the same time, he also won the Team DPS Star and Most Reliable Player in the Group Arena. All of these came from the statistics gathered throughout the regular season.

There were other awards as well.

King of Duels, which was based on the number of wins in the individual competition, was awarded to Team Tiny Herb’s Liu Xiaobie and his Blade Master, Flying Sword.

One Hit One Kill, which was based on the number of finishing blows in the team competition, was awarded to Team Blue Rain’s Huang Shaotian and his Blade Master, Troubling Rain.

Best Sixth Player, which was based on the achievements of the sixth player in the team competition, was awarded to Team Misty Rain’s Lu Yizhu and his Sharpshooter, Worse Coverup. 

Team Void’s Li Xuan and Wu Yuce won Best Pair for their Ghostblade Duo. Team Hundred Blossom’s Tang Hao won Rising Star. There was also the Best Rookie award. This award was given based on evaluation of the matches throughout the year. Season eight wasn’t as spectacular as Sun Xiang’s rookie year last season. Sun Xiang had played a leading role in his team and was a fierce opponent.

Team Thunderclap’s Dai Yanqi, Team Wind Howl’s Zhao Yuzhe, Team Royal’s He Weitang were often mentioned. In the end, Team Wind Howl’s Zhao Yuzhe took home the Best Rookie award.

Team Wind Howl ended ninth this season and failed to make it to the playoffs. Their team captain and ace player Lin Jingyan’s condition was declining due to his age. After the duel between him and Tang Hao at the All Star Competition, which he lost, the title of Number One Brawler was no longer his. Their team’s other All Star, Fang Rui, had a strong start, but a weak finish this season. The All Star Competition had been the start of his decline. On the other hand, Zhao Yuzhe’s performance had been steady all throughout the year, so he won the Best Rookie award.

After the season eight awards were given, the two relegated teams had to be mentioned. 

Team Excellent Era and Team Mysterious Fantasy. Because these teams placed second-to-last and last in the regular season, they had both been relegated.

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