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Chapter 691 - That’s Not How You Scrap Pick

Blue River’s Blue Bridge Spring Snow was one of Blue Brook Guild’s Five Great Experts. Him being a part of Blue Brook Guild’s elite group wasn’t anything unusual. Even though he hated how the guilds were always trying to deceive one another, Blue River was still a loyal Team Blue Rain fan. This was something that had never changed.

Team Blue Rain had been crushed by Team Samsara in the finals. Blue River also needed some way to vent his emotions. PK war? In the minds of guild leaders like Changing Spring, this was something that would only result in injury. It was best to avoid it if possible. However, in Blue River’s heart, he wanted to participate in this unnecessary war.

There were no schemes or planning required. All he had to do was curse at Samsara and start hacking away. As a result, Blue River was very eager to fight. His original reason for taking up heavy responsibilities in the guild was to support Team Blue Rain, but he had since become tired of such work. Fighting mindlessly was an activity that he happily welcomed. He didn’t need to consider things from a long-term perspective. He didn’t need to consider the guild’s interests when he fought like this. He didn’t need to think about whether this was good or bad for the team. By releasing his pent up emotions, he could show his passionate support for the team.

However, he still had to go along with the elite group, so he hadn’t encountered any troubles during the fighting. Their group swept away everyone in their path. And from their group chat, he knew that Samsara’s elite group was doing the same on the other side of the battlefield. Blue River impatiently wanted to fight them, but in his heart, he knew that the guild wouldn’t allow for such a confrontation to happen.

The much more dedicated Changing Spring kept his rationale. He set an example as the leader of the guild, while avoiding real confrontations to preserve the guild’s strength. Samsara clearly had the same thoughts. Blue River didn’t know whether Changing Spring had kept in contact with Samsara’s Three Realms Six Paths. In any case, the elite groups of the two guilds seemed to not know that the other existed and focused on exerting all their strength to bully the normal members of the opposing guild.

How boring…...

Blue River thought to himself. Once one became a core elite member of the guild, could that still be considered as playing the game anymore? Truthfully, Blue River felt like he had been bound because of his support for the team. If he didn’t do these tasks, it felt like he wasn’t doing enough to support his team. Blue River’s support for the team had never changed, but he really didn’t like that feeling.

I’m not suitable for playing in a guild….. 

Blue River was killing Samsara fans to vent his anger, while sighing to himself in sorrow. At this moment, he saw Lord Grim’s group chasing someone. Their target just happened to pass him. Blue River saw that he wasn’t from Blue Brook Guild, so he attacked him. Lord Grim soon caught up, ended that person’s life, and picked up all the equipment that dropped. This scene made Blue River speechless.

“Not White….. Remember this name.” Ye Xiu said to Tang Rou and Steamed Bun. Blue River’s Blue Bridge Spring Snow hadn’t even left yet. He shuddered when he heard these words. How did this guy manage to offend God Ye Qiu? Because he was scrap picking? What a deep grudge! They were going to imprint his name into their minds just because of that?

Ye Xiu also messaged the four allied guild leaders to help him take note of this character. When he turned around, he saw that Blue Bridge Spring Snow was still standing there.

Blue Bridge Spring Snow was currently located in the midst of the Blue Brook Guild elite groups. Quite a few Blue Brook Guild players noticed Lord Grim, including their guild leader, Changing Spring.

“What’s he doing here?” Changing Spring began to feel fearful. For Changing Spring, nothing ever good happened whenever Lord Grim appeared.

Seeing Blue Bridge Spring Snow talking with that guy, Changing Spring didn’t hesitate to ask Blue River.

“He’s just here to scrap pick…..” Blue River replied to his guild leader.

Scrap pick…… Quite a few people were waiting for an answer, most of which were experts like Ice of Dawn and Chilling Nightfall. They were like their guild leader. Whenever they saw Lord Grim’s name, the first thought that came to mind was: not good!

As for what was not good, wasn’t that being asked right now? But this answer made them think deeply. How would scrap picking affect their guild?

Blue Brook Guild clearly had a bad impression of Ye Xiu. In any case, whenever they saw him, they were certain that he was up to no good. As for how exactly this was bad for them, they needed to go find out.

“Scrap pick?” At this moment, a witness, who saw that scene, began speaking, “How is that scrap picking? Isn’t he just stealing?” This witness quickly described the scene that he had just seen.

F*ck! All of the experts were alarmed. He wasn’t picking up scraps, but directly stealing instead? The old experts with top quality equipment immediately became uneasy. How could they be opponents for God Ye Qiu? Who could actually stop him?

“It’s just three people! They can’t be looking to attack us, can they?” Someone said.

“We can’t be careless!” Changing Spring said in a solemn voice.

There were two hundred elite players, who could be considered peak experts of the Heavenly Domain, facing Ye Xiu’s group of three, yet they were the ones who were actually worried. They felt that their worries were completely deserved too. They weren’t ashamed at all. Blue Brook Guild had been completely eaten up by the shadow in their hearts.

But after Ye Xiu spoke to Blue River for a bit, the three characters left. Everyone in Blue Brook Guild heaved sighs of relief, but they soon discovered that he hadn’t gone far.

Of course Ye Xiu’s group wouldn’t go far. They were here to pick up scraps. Blue Brook Guild’s elite group swept away everything in their path, killing people and littering the floor with equipment. Of course, scrap pickers would hang around nearby. However, most scrap pickers picked up equipment when the other side wasn’t paying attention. They would rush over to pick up the equipment, run, and perhaps die. No one was as arrogant as Ye Xiu’s group. They just calmly followed the elite group from a short distance away. They didn’t think that their movements would put Blue Brook Guild under a huge amount of pressure.

He still hasn’t left!

He still hasn’t left!

Why isn’t he leaving?

Blue Brook Guild would fight for a bit and then turn around to check. All they saw was Lord  Grim’s group following them closely, which added to their fluster. Everyone was worried that the other side had targeted them. The other side was probably waiting for them to get low before attacking, right? As a result, the healers were very busy. Everyone was shouting “HEAL HEAL HEAL!!!” But when the healers went to heal, what was there to heal? Their had only health dropped five percent and they were crying for their life! What was wrong with them?

“What’s going on? Why has Blue Brook Guild suddenly slowed down?” Ye Xiu had no idea what was happening, so he criticized them for being so slow. Little did he know that it was because of him.

It’s over. They’ve definitely locked onto us! Look. They’re even following us wherever we go!

Blue Brok Guild’s elite group kept on killing, but those three kept following them like ghosts.

This was similar to the saying: death is nothing to be afraid of. Waiting for death to arrive was what was scary. Right now, Blue Brook Guild’s elite group felt like they were waiting for death to arrive.

“Why are they bullying us!!” Changing Spring couldn’t bear it. He had to endure a lot over these past two days. He was Blue Brook Guild’s leader and a huge fan of Team Blue Rain. How could he be happy seeing Team Blue Rain lose so tragically? He wanted to let out his emotions too, but he had to control himself. He had to consider things from a management perspective and couldn’t give in to his heart’s desires. After all, he wasn’t purely a fan anymore.

Changing Spring couldn’t bear having Lord Grim’s group of three following them around like ghosts. Isn’t he just a God? What’s there to be afraid of? It’s just three people. We have two hundred. Why should we be afraid of you?

“Everyone, up!” Changing Spring grinded his teeth and gave the order.

Many of the people in the guild were still afraid, but with the order given, they had to follow the order as the elite group, even if they were afraid.

As a result, Blue Brook Guild’s players turned around and charged at Ye Xiu’s group.

“Huh? What’s this…..” Ye Xiu stared blankly. Why was Blue Brook Guild suddenly charging at them? What were they trying to do?

“Careful!” Ye Xiu had his suspicions about the other side’s intentions, but he couldn’t understand why. Ye Xiu’s thought the process was a bit wrong. He thought that he was scrap picking like everyone else, but who scrap picked with such high profile? This type of scrap picking put Blue Brook Guild under a lot of pressure!


When Blue Brook Guild’s first attack came out, their intentions were completely exposed.  

“What?” Tang Rou was puzzled, but she was excited, hearing this. This girl didn’t like to scrap pick, but a fight was good. Blue Brook Guild’s players, equipment, and skill were all at the top of the game. They could be considered as powerful opponents. Tang Rou really wanted to fight them to see how much she had progressed.

“Hurry up and run!”

But instead, she heard Ye Xiu order for a retreat. Tang Rou didn’t have the experience to examine the other side’s strength, but Ye Xiu did though. Three people against two hundred elites was impossible. Breaking through an encirclement or accomplishing some other purpose was still possible, but a fight to the death wasn’t. 

“Let’s just fight for a bit….” Tang Rou didn’t want to leave.

Ye Xiu thought about it again. Right! Fighting shouldn’t be a problem. At worst, they would die and lose some of the equipment they had picked up and some experience. Their opponents were all experts in the game. They would be good practice targets.

After thinking about it, Ye Xiu replied: “Mm, then you guys go and fight. I’ll transport your equipment. Hurry up and trade with me.”

Blue Brook Guild was closing in. Ye Xiu’s group ran, while completing the trade. The two gave the equipment on themselves and the ones in their inventory to Lord Grim.

“Okay, go ahead! Good luck!” Ye Xiu encouraged them. He felt a bit distracted too. This sort of feeling was like sending his team members off onto the stage! 

“Senior, you go ahead first. We’ll protect you!” Steamed Bun shouted heroically. As expected, he had the completely wrong idea.

Ye Xiu didn’t try to explain to him. His Lord Grim continued to run away, while Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion turned around after completing the trades and charged resolutely towards Blue Brook Guild’s two hundred players.

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