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Chapter 690 - Do You Have Any Willpower?

“How bold!” Ye Xiu praised. The three arranged themselves into a triangular formation with Deception in the center. 

“Yeah, extremely daring.” Steamed Bun Invasion threw a handful of sand at him.

“Confident too! Did you actually think that you could beat all three of us, even if we were weighed down by all the stuff in our inventories?” Ye Xiu said.

“You made a mistake. A very big mistake.” Steamed Bun remarked.

“That’s why I say that playing an MMO on your own is very difficult.” Ye Xiu said.

“That’s common sense. Don’t you even know that?” Steamed Bun said.

The two chattered and chattered, but Deception wasn’t listening. He turned his viewpoint slightly, examining their positions. With the two talking so much, it felt like there was an opportunity that he would be able to exploit. It was hard to avoid losing focus when talking.  


Deception formed the hand seals for the Underground Tunneling Technique to hide underground. However, Lord Grim and Soft Mist reacted quickly using their spears. Practically the moment he dug into the ground, their spears stabbed him, fishing Deception out and throwing him back above ground. 

“You still dare to run!” Steamed Bun was furious as he threw a brick at him. 

While Deception was in a dizzy state….. 

“Have you been busy scrap picking recently?” Ye Xiu asked.

“......” Deception didn’t say anything.

“How was your harvest?” Ye Xiu asked. 

“.....” Still no answer.

“Last time, I wasn’t able to finish talking by the time you died…… have you given any thought to what I said over the past few days? What do you think about joining our team?” Ye Xiu asked.

“......” Deception still didn’t reply.  

“He’s asking you a question!!!” Steamed Bun Invasion’s Brick was off cooldown, so he threw another one.

“Is he even there anymore?” Ye Xiu mumbled. Lord Grim smacked him with his umbrella. Deception fell to the ground.  

“Sigh.” Ye Xiu sighed, “He’s not a coward. Why does he have so little willpower though? He gives up so easily.” Lord Grim began attacking Deception.

Deception simply didn’t make any movement. He hadn’t actually left his computer this time. He really felt quite depressed at Ye Xiu’s comment. He had no way of beating them! What was he supposed to do? To say he had no willpower... He frequently had to lay low in hiding places, waiting until an opportunity presented itself, restraining himself from making any impulsive moves. How could that be called having no willpower?

Deception, who had given up resisting, was quickly killed. From start to finish, he hadn’t said a single word. After reviving, he decided to log off and switch accounts. He took up his cover and began to scrap picking again, but that disappointment in his heart…… he thought he would have been able to take revenge with that ambush. Instead, he was surrounded and killed. Apart from disappointment, what else did he be feeling?

‘This guy……” Ye Xiu was a bit helpless. It was hard to communicate with Deception. 

“Talk nicely! Every time you see him, you kill him.” Chen Guo said.

“I don’t even know if he’s still logged in or not. If he logged off, if I don’t kill him, he’ll disappear after awhile. If he realized that had happened, wouldn’t he laugh at us and call us idiots? I can’t allow him to be so happy.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then how are we going to do this?” Chen Guo asked.   

“We’ll just have to slowly wear him out!” Ye Xiu said. He was clearly prepared for a long drawn-out battle. Deception was too different from normal players. He wasn’t interested at all in the professional scene. He wasn’t different in a simple sense like Steamed Bun was either. Pulling him into the team was very difficult. Why else had so many guilds given up? Deception was an incredibly skilled player. He wasn’t like Little Cold Hands who needed someone like Ye Xiu to dig out his hidden potential. A talent like Deception was someone the big guilds certainly wanted to recruit. He wasn’t just someone useful to the guild, but a potential recruit for a pro team. Even so, he still wandered around alone. It could be seen that whatever recruiting methods the guilds attempted towards him didn’t work. Deception was truly a difficult person to deal with.

The three players continued their scrap picking. With Blue Brook Guild’s elite group sweeping the field, the equipment piled up like a mountain. More and more scrap pickers gathered. Beggars can’t be choosers, but Ye Xiu’s group was more picky. They wouldn’t even look at normal equipment and only picked up the best equipment they could find.    

After scrap picking for a while, Lord Grim suddenly stopped. Ye Xiu adjusted his viewpoint and looked ahead. 

Amidst the fierce battlefield, a lone Assassin was nimbly moving about, dodging all sorts of attacks, while choosing which equipment to pick up. Yes, choosing. This person was actually the same as Ye Xiu’s group. He only picked the most outstanding equipment. Common equipment wouldn’t enter his eyes.   

And the way he picked up equipment was very bold. In a fierce battlefield, very few players dared to charge through the field. There was a limit to not being afraid of death. Rushing into the battlefield like that was practically the same as rushing to your death.

That Assassin ran around and quickly traveled through the field. From the number of times, he crouched down to pick up an item, it seemed like his harvest was quite good.

“Is it that guy?” Ye Xiu thought to himself. Deception’s alternate account must be scrap picking in this area. If not, he wouldn’t have known their whereabouts. Bumping into him here was a possibility,.and his scrap picking skills were very outstanding. Even if this person wasn’t Deception, he was still quite an expert!

Ye Xiu thought about it and had Lord Grim head over. After that Assassin ran out of the battlefield, he suddenly saw Lord Grim running towards him. His footsteps suddenly haltered. 

This small detail didn’t escape Ye Xiu’s eyes. He was now certain that this person was Deception’s alternate. After failing his ambush, he decided to switch to his alternate account and keep scrap picking.

“Steamed Bun, Little Tang!!” Ye Xiu shouted as Lord Grim began sprinting. 

Those two were having a very fun time, picking up items, when they heard Ye Xiu call out to them. They turned to look and saw Lord Grim rushing towards an Assassin called Not White. 

Tang Rou immediately understood the situation. It was hard to know if Steamed Bun did or not. In any case, he followed Soft Mist and ran over.

Chasing after someone in a chaotic battle was much harder. Ye Xiu didn’t hurry and act. He just made sure to keep the Assassin within his field of view. Deception’s Assassin had much worse equipment compared to his Ninja. His movement speed wasn’t as fast. He was only able to not get caught by relying on his surroundings.

Deception clearly understood this, so he didn’t run outside of the battlefield and stayed inside. Ye Xiu said he had no willpower. Now this guy seemed to be refuting, saying that he would persevere. It would be hard to shrug his pursuers off by running around like this, so it would be a test to see who would lose their patience first.

Let’s see who can persevere longer!

  Deception thought, when a sword light suddenly flashed towards him. 

A random attack coming at him wasn’t anything strange amidst this type of battlefield. Deception played his Assassin quite well and immediately jumped up. He jumped again in mid-air, using an Assassin’s unique Air Jump to dodge the sword light.

Scrap pickers like him had no relation with the battle. Even though they were annoying, the battle was so fierce that no one paid attention to them. Usually, if someone noticed a scrap picker, he would attack, but if he didn’t hit the scrap picker, then he wouldn’t bother trying again .Very few people would continue chasing after one. 

As a result, Deception didn’t pay too much attention to this attack. After dodging it, he continued to run. Who would have thought that as soon as he landed, another sword light would fly towards him? The other side actually attacked him after missing the first time.

Usually, Deception wouldn’t be afraid, but there were three scary people chasing after him from behind! A second of hesitation could carve his death in stone.

Thus, Deception didn’t dodge it. He took the attack and attacked to try force the opponent backwards in an attempt to create a gap for himself to escape. 

Who would have thought that the opponent would have the same thoughts as him? The opponent didn’t block his Double Stab and ate the attack. This guy was planning on sticking to him, whether he died or not!

Deception panicked. He didn’t have the time to fight with this guy! This opponent was quite skilled too! His opponent wasn’t someone who could be shrugged off that easily, especially since he was being so shameless and running at him without regard for his life.

This brief delay was enough for Lord Grim to catch up. Deception still hadn’t been able to escape from his current entanglement yet! 

“Thanks! Go on with your work!” Ye Xiu thanked the Blade Master for helping him as he closed in on Deception’s Assassin.

“What did this guy do to offend you?” Blue River asked. 

“Ha ha, he caught my attention!” Ye Xiu laughed, as he entangled Deception. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had the equipment advantage over Deception’s Assassin. How could he not win this fight? Without Tang Rou and Steamed Bun needing to help,  Deception was beaten up. By the time the two arrived, the fight was already about to end. This was under the situation, where attacks would occasionally fly towards them too.

“Did you think that switching to an alternate account would make a difference?” Ye Xiu grinned. He was certain that his person was Deception. Why else would he run? Even if they were foes as people of the same trade, scrap pickers wouldn’t go so far as to run as soon as they saw each other.  

“Don’t scrap pick! Come with me and play in the Professional Alliance!” Ye Xiu smiled.   

“Shut up!” Deception didn’t log off this time. He clenched his teeth and struggled. He even activated Life-Risking Strike.  

But the attack didn’t hit. The fight ended without any suspense. Lord Grim easily killed him. With a crash, a bunch of items dropped as if a boss had died.

“You got quite a lot of stuff!” Ye Xiu was moved. It was as if he had killed a boss as he picked up all the equipment on the ground. The equipment on Deception himself wasn’t anything noteworthy. He had come to scrap pick, so he had a lot of stuff in his inventory. This time, he dropped a lot of equipment. They were all high quality equipment that Deception had specifically chosen. Now, Ye Xiu took it all.

Amidst the fierce battlefield, Blue River wasn’t able to clearly hear what the two were talking about. All he saw was Lord Grim kill him off and pick up all of the equipment that dropped.

F*ck…… he’s stealing from people of the same trade? The scrap picking business is really cruel……. 

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