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Chapter 69 – Keep Chasing And I Won’t Be So Nice Anymore

“WAH!!!” Ye Xiu still didn’t know whether he had gotten his Blood Rifle yet, when he heard a sudden explosion of gasps erupt from around him. Even Chen Guo, who was concentrating on playing Whack-a-Mole, was startled by these gasps.

Many guests in the Happy Internet Cafe all stood up and all headed towards a certain direction. There were even quite a few who threw down their games and ran over.

“What happened? What happened?” Chen Guo jumped out from the reception desk and headed towards that direction while asking.

“Lord Grim completed another first kill.” A guest said excitedly.

“Why are you so excited for him!” Chen Guo was speechless and asked: “What did he first kill?”

“Blood Gunner!!” The other side said.

Wild BOSS! Chen Guo was astonished. This thing was even harder to first kill than dungeons. She had once seen the process of hunting a wild BOSS. Each big guild fought until smoke filled the air. While they attacked the BOSS, they also plotted against each other. The people watching couldn’t tell if it was a BOSS hunt or a guild war. In this sort of major event, ordinary guilds had no qualifications to participate. Going up was a death sentence. Players without guilds even more so.

Although the Blood Gunner was a low-leveled BOSS, this was a representation of the guild’s grade and had nothing to do with low-leveled or high-leveled.

Chen Guo followed after a crowd of people rushing toward Ye Xiu’s computer. But when they arrived, everyone heard Ye Xiu yell out: “Run run run! Hurry and run!!”

Hushing sounds. With the way he was yelling, it seemed like there was something wrong! It looked like there were quite some problems grabbing the first kill.

In the end, a few tenth server players found a bit of information on the situation and gathered it together to gossip with everyone: “I heard he stole it right from under the Three Great Guild’s noses.”

“D*mn, so amazing?” Everyone was amazed and suddenly felt that his shout “Run run run” was nothing. It didn’t affect how they perceived him as the embodiment of bravery and wisdom.

Everyone stared at Ye Xiu’s screen and saw his character running for his life. From time to time, Lord Grim would turn his head and look back. As a result, everyone saw a large army of chasing soldiers; these were the Three Great Guild’s players.

“Stealing the BOSS really isn’t easy!!” Everyone bitterly said.

“Do we have anyone here from the tenth server’s Three Great Guilds?” Someone suddenly asked around in interest.

No one said anything.

“They’d probably be furious!” Some made fun of them.

“Lady Boss, go look and see if anyone’s fainted in front of his computer. Call 911!” Seeing Chen Guo, they joked around.

Chen Guo didn’t utter a word. Many others didn’t utter a word either. These people all stared at the screen not saying a word. They wanted to know whether Ye Xiu could escape from the danger or not. It wasn’t so easy to get away from the Three Great Guilds. He was only Level 20 yet he had already offended all Three Great Guilds in one move. Some people didn’t think of him as brave or wise. They thought of him as a complete idiot……

What would happen to the idiot? That’s what they wanted to know.

Chen Guo? She was perhaps the only one who was simply there for the excitement. Seeing Ye Xiu madly hitting his keyboard to run away. She felt a little worried for him.

“You guys run first. I’ll hold them off!” Suddenly, everyone saw Ye Xiu swiftly type this out in the party channel.

“Wah, a true man!!” Everyone praised him. Through Ye Xiu’s screen, they could all see Ye Xiu’s teammates. The eight of them were all faster than him by a wide margin. They had no idea how this situation was brought about.

Lord Grim turned around and four players just happened to reach his back. His battle lance sweeped across. The four players clear didn’t anticipate that Lord Grim would suddenly stop to attack. None of them could avoid this.

Lord Grim immediately followed up with a short leap. He pulled out a sword in mid-air and slashed downwards. Falling Light Blade’s shock wave hit the four players.

“He moves so quickly!!” A few spectators cried out in alarm. Falling Light Blade could only be used in the air. Lord Grim didn’t jump high, so when this skill was used, it didn’t look like the blade “fell”.

Of the four players, three fell to the ground. The other player successfully used a Quick Recover and rolled forward. While he got up, he executed a Sky Strike.

Thousand Creations!

This guy deserved to be called an expert-level character. Although Quick Recover was considered a basic skill, it wasn’t easy to fully grasp. In that instant, it’s not that the three other players didn’t think of using Quick Recover, it was just that Lord Grim’s Falling Light Blade was too quick, or they missed the timing, so they evidently lost.

Only Thousand Creations was left. Not only did he successfully quick recover, he also counter attacked.

But before the Sky Strike was completed, Lord Grim kicked him to the ground.

Interrupt Attack!

Interrupt was a type of priority attack. Chain hits, aerial attacks, back attacks, these were all priority attacks too.

Interrupt, as the name implies, interrupted the opponent’s attack.

When Thousand Creations tried to use Sky Strike, Lord Grim used Punisher to interrupt it, forming an Interrupt Attack.

“Ha ha ha ha……” When the gun fire shot out, the spectators behind Ye Xiu all laughed at Thousand Creations.

But those with skill didn’t laugh.

To be able to Quick Recover from that sort of Falling Light Blade. This Thousand Creations was very skilled. The Sky Strike after the forward roll was already the fastest counterattack possible. But he was still interrupted. This Lord Grim’s skill was even higher.

If they were in his place, what would happen? Many players who thought of this, weren’t able to laugh.

The four players, who were defeated in the blink of an eye, were all Battle Mages. This could be seen from their Neutral Chasers’ increased movement speed that allowed them to be in front of everyone else. If not, then as new characters in the new server, they didn’t yet have equipment with these added properties, so their movement speed would have all been the same.

Although the four players were on the ground, Lord Grim didn’t have the chance to kill them. Everyone could clearly see that at this moment, Lord Grim was completely out of mana.

“If you keep chasing, then I won’t be so nice anymore!” Lord Grim suddenly crouched. It looked as if he were saying this into Thousand Creation’s ear. Everyone heard Ye Xiu say this.

The spectators sniggered. This was a bluff! He had no mana and was trying to scare them.

Lord Grim got up and continued running. The spectators were all anxious. They all wanted to know whether those four players were chasing him again, but Lord Grim wouldn’t turn his head! Everyone knew that Ye Xiu wore headphones and could hear the footsteps behind him. Seeing him so calm, they supposed that the pursuers really had been scared stiff.

How could they not have been scared stiff? Lord Grim was so strong. These pursuers understood this better than any of the Internet Cafe spectators. Three players had been easily knocked down. The highly-skilled Thousand Creations, who tried to counterattack, was also knocked to the ground. Continuing to chase him was the same as running to their deaths. They could only wait for the others to catch up.

“Did you catch up?” Blue River messaged them.

Thousand Creations gloomily replied: “We caught up, but we couldn’t beat him.”

“Then…… retreat back!” Blue River messaged.

Thousand Creations watched as Lord Grim ran farther and farther away. He didn’t move. The other three of the same class also reacted in roughly the same way.

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