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Chapter 684 - Champions

Brilliant Edge fell.   

In front of Zhou Zekai, even an All Star player and character was thoroughly defeated. Yu Feng hadn’t made any obvious mistakes. It was simply because Zhou Zekai was better. 

Such a brilliant performance was enough to move anyone. Usually, even if this was Team Samsara’s away game, even if Team Blue Rain’s fans made up the majority of the audience, such a splendid display would still win an explosive applause. 

However, the entire stadium was silent.

Those who weren’t fans of Team Blue Rain held back their polite applause because this fight was too crucial. Team Blue Rain’s strategic arrangement was very obvious. Yu Feng had been sent out specifically to win them at least one round of the individual competition. With Yu Feng defeated handily, how would Team Blue Rain fare against Team Samsara’s remaining line-up?

Under this situation, how could any of Team Blue Rain’s fans cheer for their opponent’s beautiful performance?

The fans of Team Blue Rain looked at their two remaining players on the screen and their hearts fell. These two players couldn’t even be considered as part of Team Blue Rain’s main force. Team Blue Rain’s captain, Yu Wenzhou, rarely appeared in the individual competition. Xu Jingxi’s character was a Paladin. Even though Paladins excelled at defense, their offense was weak. Healers like Paladins rarely appeared in the individual competition or the group arena.

Thus, of the six main Team Blue Rain players used in the team competition, only four remained. 

Yu Feng had been put in the individual competition as insurance. The remaining three would naturally be participating in the group arena. As for the individual competition, the other two players could only be considered as second-string substitute players.

And these two substitute players would be facing Samsara’s Lu Boyuan, who was at his peak condition, and Samsara’s vice-captain and All Star, Jiang Botao.

When the second round of the individual competition began, the fans were even somewhat distracted.  The commentator and guest had talked for a while, before the audience refocused. They just remembered that this was when their team needed the most encouragement!

Everyone began cheering.


This single word popped up on the big screen and the stadium once again fell into silence.

Lu Boyuan’s Grappler Chaotic Cloudy Mountain finished his opponent with a throw into the air. When his opponent crashed into the ground, his opponent was killed. Team Samsara now lead 2-0.

The third round of the individual competition suddenly became match point.

If Team Samsara won, they would directly be named the season eight champions. If Team Blue Rain won, they still had the possibility of winning. If they won both the upcoming group arena and team competition, they would catch up to Team Samsara. In the first match of the finals, Team Samsara had beaten Team Blue Rain in this third round. Originally, people thought that Team Blue Rain had the ability to fight tooth and tooth with Team Samsara, but now that the competition had reached this step, very few people favored Team Blue Rain.

Team Samsara’s following player was their vice-captain and All Star, Jiang Botao.

As for Team Blue rain? The player’s name was Lin Feng, a Thief. It’s said that top teams have no weak players, so even a second-string player like Lin Feng couldn’t be considered bad, but against a formidable adversary like Jiang Botao and his Spellblade, Empty Waves, it truly was difficult to compare the two.   

“Lin Feng! You can do it!!!” This time, the fans of Team Blue Rain didn’t hesitate. It was their final chance. Thinking too much would be meaningless.

Would Lin Feng become Team Blue Rain’s saving grace?

The commentator and guest began a lengthy discussion. What pressure? What critical moment? The audience was starting to get angry hearing them speak. They knew that these two were speaking the truth, but their words only made them aggravated. The audience was cheering harder and harder. The commentator and guest were speaking into a mic, but their words were drowned out. Fortunately, the round soon began. The noise gradually lessened. Many of the nervous fans forgot to cheer.

Even the audience was feeling nervous from the pressure. What were the players feeling?

Lin Feng was a second-string player on Team Blue Rain. He probably never thought he would one day be the focal point in the finals. Victory seemed to be entirely in his hands. His opponent, Jiang Botao, didn’t receive as much attention. Most people clearly hoped the competition would continue and Team Samsara wouldn’t just win at this point.  


As the focal point of this round, the commentator and guest analyzed how this pressure might affect each player.

As for Lin Feng?  

He didn’t tremble because of the pressure, but he was still affected by the pressure. He played extremely carefully. He knew his loss would end their chance at becoming champions this season, so he always wanted to be in a strong position. Defense first and always pay attention to his retreat path.

Was that the correct choice?

No one could say. Winners were praised and the losers were vilified. If he won, people would say he was being calm and collected. If he lost, he would be criticized for being too conservative.

The guest Li Yibo was an experienced old fox. In the beginning, when he talked about Lin Feng’s playstyle, he just casually said a few surface words like an advisor who said nothing of importance. As the battle continued and he saw Jiang Botao seize the upperhand, Li Yibo began taking the side of whoever was winning and bravely spoke: “Tsk, Lin Feng is being too conservative! But I can understand where he’s coming from. He has too much of a burden on him. A second-string player like him rarely has to handle such pressure. Team Blue Rain originally tried to relieve this kind of pressure, so they sent Yu Feng out first. However, the heavy burden is now on Lin Feng’s shoulders.”

Li Yibo was originally a pro player and was now a famous commentator. Even though he would occasionally mutter something incomprehensible, not look at things thoroughly enough, say incorrect things, for Li Yibo to be sitting there right now, he had the matching ability. He could see that Lin Feng’s situation was not looking good.  

Everyone’s hearts thumped loudly and wouldn’t relax. 

This fight couldn’t be considered as great. There weren’t any flashy or intense moments. The audience as well as the commentator and guest were mainly focused on Lin Feng. In truth, Lin Feng’s opponent Jiang Botao was also playing this fight carefully. As long as he didn’t lose, they would be the champions. He was also under a lot of pressure.

There was a famous saying amongst the players called the nameless round in the finals.

Because in these crucial and decisive fights, most people would be very careful. They didn’t want to make any mistakes. Completely ignoring everything and playing with vigor required bravery and courage.    

This third round of the individual competition definitely wouldn’t be a famous one.

Both players were playing very carefully, but Jiang Botao still had the advantage.

The pressure on him was less. His skill level and his character were higher than Lin Feng’s in the first place.

If Lin Feng wanted to win, he needed to play explosively and surpass himself. If he continued to carefully play without any sudden surprises or tricks, victory would go to whoever would win on paper.

In the end, Lin Feng’s Thief couldn’t hold on. When he was down to the last few hitpoints, Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves bravely attacked. Perhaps it was because the two had been fighting each other cautiously the entire time. Lin Feng had gotten used to this careful rhythm, so Jiang Botao’s courageous attack caused Lin Feng to stumble.

He originally wasn’t as good and now, he was panicked.  

Jiang Botao quickly took advantage. His magic formations covered the field and the magic undulations from his attacks finally ended Lin Feng’s Thief.

Lin Feng wasn’t able to create a miracle. The word GLORY appeared on screen and Li Yibo sighed: “He was playing too passively!”

“How insightful……” The commentator said.

The match ended. In the individual competition, Team Samsara beat Team Blue Rain 3-0; With a total point tally of 10.5-2.5, the champion had been decided.

An early end to the finals had actually happened.

The majority of the stadium was silent. There were a few cheers and applause too though. Team Blue Rain’s home stadium wasn’t entirely made up of Team Blue Rain’s fans. Many of them were neutral and some were Team Samsara’s fans. The people, who were happily cheering, were Team Samsara’s fans. Only they wouldn’t mind an early end to the finals.

Because this meant that Team Samsara was that much more superior.

“If I’m remembering correctly, this is the first time in Glory history that a finals has ended early…..” The commentator said. He had obviously prepared this beforehand. With this being a possibility, he must have made preparations to say, when this possibility occurred.

“Yes, you’re right.” Li Yibo nodded his head: “This is the first time.”

“Let’s give our congratulations to Team Samsara for Glory’s season eight champions! This is also the fifth team in the Alliance to win a championship. There were previously four teams, which had won the championships before. One of them is Team Excellent Era, which won the first three championships in a row. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing them next season.”

“Team Tyranny broke Team Excellent Era’s streak and became the season four champions. Those who are familiar with Team Tyranny back then would know that the person sitting next to me, Li Yibo, was one of Team Tyranny’s former members. He retired the summer after Team Tyranny won the championships.”

“Haha.” Li Yibo laughed in modesty.

“Team Tiny Herb made it into the finals three years in a row. They once had the opportunity to establish their own era. Unfortunately, they were usurped in season six by Team Blue Rain, who stopped them from becoming the champions three years in a row.”

“Now, let’s congratulate our season eight champions, Team Samsara!!!”

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