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Chapter 682 - Dispatching Troops

They were only able to get so many drops from scrap picking because of this particular occasion and their superior skill. In these intense battles between elite groups, every player was expert player. If a normal player tried to scrap pick, the player would simply end up as a cannon fodder.

It had been a fruitful day. Of course, it could have gone better. Deception never logged on.

The night passed.

The next day, while the big guilds were still busy killing each other, they continued to scrap pick and sweep through any remaining wild bosses that week. When night came, the game gradually calmed down.

The second round of Glory’s season eight championship finals would take place tonight. This match would also be the final match of the entire season and the season’s conclusion. This season’s champion would also be decided by the end of today.

As for the individuals excited about killing wild bosses, whether to continue paying attention to any wild bosses or watch the final match of the year was a difficult choice. In the end, Ye Xiu displayed the air of a God and simply said: “Let’s watch the match. There will be bosses in the future.”

“Ahem…..” Loulan Slash coughed. For the previous round, if he recalled correctly, God Ye Qiu told him to take this chance and grab a few more bosses. How come he changed his mind this time? It seemed like he didn’t feel too confident of their future with just the two of them cooperating. Now that five parties had allied together, he was very confident of their future!

Everyone wanted to watch the finals very much. When they heard God Ye Qiu give his opinion, they tossed the game to the side and began waiting for the finals to begin.

For the final match, the broadcast arranged about an hour of time to show some highlights and give some introduction.

Such as the first round’s highlights, their viewpoints on the current circumstances of each team, what the two teams had prepared during these two days of rest, and even the war going on in the game.

Overall, they did everything they could to hype up this match and gave their thoughts on what might occur.

After the first round of the finals, Team Samsara led Team Blue Rain with 7.5 points to 2.

In the two rounds of the finals, a total of 19 points could be won. As long as one side was able to win 10 points, that side would be the victor. As a result, in the second round, as long as Team Samsara won the group arena or team competition, they would win. The individual competition didn’t matter too much for Team Samsara.

Of course, if Team Samsara won all three rounds in the individual competition, they could also win. Otherwise, they would only win one or two points, which was completely pointless because they would still need to win either the group arena or team competition. As a result, it was quite obvious how Team Samsara would approach this final match.

As for Team Blue Rain, if they wanted to win, they had to ensure that they didn’t lose every match in the individual competition. They also needed to sweep through the group arena and team competition. Their situation was rather grim. How Team Blue Rain’s players handled the immense pressure would be very important.

Glory’s competitive format using points was very fitting in the regular season. Because the winner would be decided on the total number of points obtained, each team would try their best to win every point in every match, so every match could be enjoyed. However, in the playoffs, where every match would be spectacular, the elimination formation made people worry not just about who won or lost.

For example, in the finals, Samsara had a huge lead. If Team Samsara actually swept through the individual competition and beat Team Blue Rain three to zero, the winner would already be decided. The following group arena and team competition didn’t need to be played.

Thus, there would instantly be two fewer confrontations. How could the Alliance bear that?

When the competitive scene was still beginning, no one cared too much about this issue. But now, every single confrontation was worth a lot of money. For a high-level match like the finals, two fewer matches was a significant loss, so the Alliance was thinking of changing the tournament format to keep the suspense going all the way through. However, they clearly hadn’t been able to come up with a satisfying answer this season, so the finals continued to use the old format. The streaming platform and the advertising companies had already specially asked for a condition: if the winner was decided in the individual competition or the group arena, the price that they paid would be drastically reduced. If the team competition needed to be played out to decide the winner, then they would pay the full price.

The Alliance couldn’t do anything about it because it wasn’t their first time encountering this awkward situation. Since it had happened before, how could the advertising companies and stream platforms ignore this? As a result, the two sides had put in clauses in their contracts specifically to counter these issues. And because of this reason, the Alliance finally decided that they needed to change the format. It affected their revenue!

They said this, but the competition still needed to be played, so everyone was worried. The streaming platform and advertising platforms may have come up with specific clauses to deal with this issue, they’d rather not have to save that chunk of money. Otherwise, why would they even bother spending money in the first place?

Amidst all of the clamor, the second round of the finals grew nearer and nearer. The stream had already switched to a view of the stadium. The individual competition would begin in ten minutes. The two sides had publicly announced their list of players before the match started. Right now, the commentator and guest were analyzing their possible arrangements. As soon as Team Samsara lost a round in the individual competition, the other two rounds could be considered as a waste of energy. If Team Samsara emphasized the individual competition and stacked their players there, if they couldn’t sweep through it, it would affect the group arena because players couldn’t play in both the individual and group arena competitions.

“So I think, Samsara will emphasize the group arena more. That is where the match will be decided.” The guest confidently stated.

“Your analysis is spot on! Then what do you think Team Blue Rain will do?” The commentator asked.

“Team Blue Rain is in a more difficult situation. They need to correctly guess Team Samsara’s possible arrangements. However, my guess on what Team Samsara would do is quite likely, so Team Blue Rain probably won’t invest too much into the individual competition either. They will also emphasize the group arena. However, they might still need to place one strong player into the individual competition for safe measure.” The guest speaker continued to analyze.

“Ha ha, do you think this strong player will be Yu Feng?” The commentator asked.

“Possibly!” The guest smiled, but his confident look said: yes, exactly.

In this tournament format, even though it was possible for a match to be decided early on, nothing was absolute. The strategic arrangement of which players to send out was something that was very important. An arrangement that countered the other side’s arrangement could be the deciding factor in a match.

Ten minutes of their chattering soon passed. The players sent out from the two teams came out and the individual competition started. The players were announced. For the away team, the first player to come out from Team Samsara was like a slap to the honored guest’s face.

Emphasize the group arena instead of trying to sweep through the individual competition?

He was wrong.

Samsara wanted to directly crush Blue Rain in the individual competition. Their ace player Zhou Zekai being announced for the individual competition was proof. A team’s ace player would usually be the anchor in the group arena. The ace player could win a large advantage in the group arena, but in the individual competition, the ace player would only be able to win one round at best.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Zekai was the first to come out in the individual competition. Samsara’s confidence and spirit could be seen from their arrangement.

The second player in the individual competition would be Lu Boyuan and his Grappler Chaotic Cloudy Mountain.

The third player was vice-captain Jiang Botao and his Spellblade Empty Waves.

Outsiders couldn’t be certain, but Team Samsara knew very well that these three characters were the three characters with maxed skill points. Cloud Piercer and Empty Waves were All Star level characters. Their equipment was mighty as well. As for Chaotic Cloudy Mountain, because of his skill points, his strength had improved a lot. Even though his equipment wasn’t outstanding in the competitive scene, the player Lu Boyuan was in his peak condition.

The character wasn’t everything. The player controlling the character was more important. A player’s outstanding performance could make up for a character’s lacking stats. Lu Boyuan was currently in his best condition, so Samsara naturally gave him the responsibility of winning.

When Samsara’s line-up came out, the commentator said a long “Oh”. Who knew what that meant. The guest’s expression paled. His analysis being off by a bit wasn’t anything. More importantly, he had been too confident. He wanted to go back in time. His requirements weren’t large, he just wanted to go back ten minutes…...

After being slapped in the face, the guest wasn’t able to say anything for a moment. Afterwards, Team Blue Rain’s line-up gave the honored guest light up a bit because Team Blue Rain had done what he analyzed.

Team Blue Rain didn’t dare invest too heavily into any one competition. They valued stability. They invested one strong character in the individual competition, which was Yu Feng. They obviously hoped he would be able to take one point, so they wouldn’t just lose before the group arena even started.

Now that the line-ups of the two teams had come out, everyone fell silent.

Team Samsara’s intentions were clear. Team Blue Rain’s line-up was at gun point.

Correct, gunpoint!

Glory’s Great Gunner, Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer!

Yu Feng, who Team Blue Rain needed to win a point, was up against Team Samsara’s ace player, Zhou Zekai…...

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