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Chapter 677 - Just Kill More

Let’s put the boss aside…...

Even if Parade wanted to stop, the boss had to agree too! Bosses couldn’t speak or communicate though. Under the hungry gazes of the three allied guilds, Parade continued to defend against the boss as their sweat drenched their backs. Martial Awareness knew that they wouldn’t be able to win this time.

Their group had the terrain advantage, yet they were still instantly crushed by their opponents. Such a powerful force wasn’t something that Martial Awareness could contend against, especially when a God was the one leading the enemy’s forces. What exactly was going on?

“What do you want?” Martial Awareness spoke hoarsely. In this type of situation, he already had intentions of shrinking back, but as a guild leader, his pride couldn’t bear it. The other side was too cruel and direct, not leaving him any room to move. After crushing my forces, he wants me to sit down and chat? What the f*ck is there to talk about? We’ll have to listen to anything you say anyway.

“Let’s be allies! We’ll split the boss drops equally.” Ye Xiu said.

“Hm?” Martial Awareness felt like he had heard incorrectly. What type of situation was this? They could simply step over Parade’s corpse and take the boss. Why was he talking about being allies and splitting the boss?

Martial Awareness wondered. Is this some sort of trick? But did the other side even need to play any tricks in a situation like this? Clearly not.

What’s more….. The three guilds standing next to each other were already a bit weird. Along with a God like Ye Qiu leading them, Martial Awareness suddenly realized that it might not actually be a joke.

“Not just now, but later. We’ll kill them together and split the loot.” Ye Xiu followed with the main point.

“Oh?” Martial Awareness understood that this was the key point. Was this going to be a long-term alliance? That doesn’t sound too bad!

“Hurry up and decide! The boss is about to die. If you don’t agree, we’ll have to steal it.” Ye Xiu said.

So direct and domineering…… Ye Xiu displayed such an attitude, after displaying their overwhelming strength. Did Martial Awareness have any choice? None. Even if he wasn’t certain, he should still agree for now and see what the other side would do first.

“Okay, I agree.” Martial Awareness quickly replied.

“Then, this boss will be split between us five.” Ye Xiu said.

“Five…..” Martial Awareness repeated this number and realized that Ye Xiu counted as his own separate entity.

“Yes. Do you need help killing this boss?” Ye Xiu asked.

“No need. More people will only make it messier.” Martial Awareness said. Even though the sudden attack had previously killed several of their members, they quickly regained their foothold. Relying on their current troops, killing Sword Master Kayou wouldn’t be too difficult. However, if more groups joined, they would need to worry about not accidentally injuring one another. More than one group fighting only worked when they were all from a single guild with good tacit coordination. A bunch of guilds swarming around would make things much more difficult.

“Okay, then we’ll watch.” Ye Xiu said. Sure enough, the three guilds didn’t go up and help. They didn’t surround them and stop them from escaping either. They really did just stand there, quietly watching from the sidelines..

They’re really confident!

Martial Awareness thought. They were letting him kill the boss. When the boss was killed, he could quickly pick up all the loot. Even if he died, how many would drop? He wouldn’t lose out either way!

This reasoning is very simple, but the other side was still allowing it to happen. What are they relying on?

Martial Awareness felt somewhat uneasy. With the boss almost dead, he didn’t need to lead his guild anymore. They could do it on their own. After Martial Awareness pondered for a bit, he immediately understood.

The other side was waiting for him to express his sincerity!

Allying together to kill a boss wasn’t a trap! It really was what he’s planning. After killing the boss, I need to share the loot with everyone for the alliance to be formed. If I try and take advantage in front of their eyes, I would still profit, but I would lose out on being apart of that beautiful scene.

Yes, a beautiful scene. Four guilds allied together led by God Ye Qiu. If they joined the wild boss competition, what would that scene be like? Martial Awareness was already looking forward to it. Everyone needed wild bosses, but their small guilds had another name for killing wild bosses: poaching!

Not competing or fighting for one, but poaching. Utterly despicable stealing.

But what could they do? They wanted to compete with the big guilds, but the big guilds would simply crush them. They couldn’t call that situation competing, but gifting them free equipment.

The small guilds could only avoid competing against the big guilds. Picking out the ones that no one noticed and stealthily killing them, wasn’t that what poaching was?

But with an alliance, their four guilds could compete with everyone else. It wasn’t like the small guilds had never thought of it before, but with the struggle between the guilds, establishing an alliance wasn’t easy. They would always scheme against one another, unable to cooperate. Like that, they couldn’t compete against large Club guilds. It wasn’t like there hadn’t been any precedent.

But it was different this time. Martial Awareness turned around and glanced at that top-heavy guy. The difference was that this time, they had a God.

God Ye Qiu’s status was too overbearing. They did not like it, but they couldn’t deny that his skill far surpassed their own. Only words that came out of someone like him would be able to persuade anyone. Only someone like him could be trusted.

Of course, more importantly….. The wild bosses were practically being monopolized. The small guilds kept throwing medicine at a dead horse trying to break this monopoly. To make this happen, as long as the method sounded plausible, they would be willing to try it.

After Martial Awareness thought about it for a bit, he decided that he wouldn’t be someone who lacked foresight. He would have Parade join the alliance and split the wild boss’s rewards among everyone.

The boss fight was nearing the end. When Sword Master Kayou dropped to 10% of his total health, the situation became a bit messy because of his Enrage, but Martial Awareness led his group and held on. Despite the casualties, they let the others know that they weren’t so bad as to be unable to take down a wild boss by themselves.

Finally, Sword Master Kayou fell. Parade didn’t express any joy though. There were six hundred players watching them. How could they be excited? The boss died, but they could still die at any moment.

“Okay, the items are here.” Martial Awareness didn’t immediately pick up the items and instead called out to the three other guild leaders and Ye Xiu.

He was being thorough with his actions. If he immediately picked up the items, only he would know what items dropped. If that happened, Martial Awareness could say what had dropped and hide items that he didn’t want to give away. The drops from wild bosses weren’t fixed. With good luck, there would be more drops. With bad luck, there would be fewer drops. There could be a difference of ten between the best and worst luck.

Martial Awareness stayed far away and didn’t pick up any of the items. Instead, he called for them to come over. The others couldn’t pick any of them up, but they could still look at them and see how many there were and what had dropped. Martial Awareness was very careful in his actions.


The others replied and came over to look. The three guild leaders and Lord Grim went up to Sword Master Kayou’s corpse and checked the drops.

“A total of 21 items.” Martial Awareness said.

“Our luck’s pretty good! The last one we killed only dropped 19.” Ye Xiu said.

Forest Guardian Vich. Martial Awareness knew which boss they were talking about. When a wild boss was killed, the system would announce it. Thinking of how the the big guilds were busying PKing and unable to do anything else, he saw, as one of the small guilds, that the big guilds looked down on them and took these bosses one after the other. It made Martial Awareness feel overjoyed. He checked the global chat again and again, enjoying the announcement saying “Guild Parade has killed Sword Master Kayou.”

“21 drops split between five guilds. Parade can take the extra one. After all, they were the ones to kill it.” White Stream said. He hadn’t gotten anything from Forest Guardian Vich. Seeing the drops displayed in front of him, he was starting to feel impatient.

“An extra one? How shameful! They did all the work. We didn’t do anything at all and we’re just going to give them one extra? Thats no good!” Conquering Cloud’s Yue Ziqin wasn’t greedy and spoke fairly.

Martial Awareness heard them speak and he thought of the future. He laughed: “It must have been tiring coming all this way from so far. No worries. We’ll split it that way!”

“What are your thoughts?” Loulan Slash was still annoyed at his overthinking from before. Now, he wanted to hear from Ye Xiu. So what if he acted like a b*tch or a little kid?

“I say there’s no need to be so picky. There are plenty of bosses. We can just kill more.” Ye Xiu said.

How domineering!!

The four guild leaders quietly thought.

Snatching wild bosses was an extremely difficult task in Glory and he just casually said “Just kill more.” It was as if they were eating together and someone said “Just eat more.” Such a casual and nonchalant reply really made the four guild leaders respect him. That was air of a God.

“Okay! We’ll split it between everyone and Parade will take the extra!” Loulan Slash said.

The other two didn’t say anything. Martial Awareness heard God’s words and picked an item. The others took turns taking an item. They didn’t bicker over the details. Why? Because Ye Xiu’s words had knocked them off balance. After killing a boss, there was no need to bicker over who should get more or less. Just kill more. The more they killed, the more total drops there’ll be. Every small difference in drops would average out in the end and become negligible.

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